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3rd Annual International Symposium on Animal Science & Zoology
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15-18 July
Animal Nutrition
Stream Leader:
Dr. Akbar Nikkhah, Distinguished Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran.

Quality animal protein is increasingly demanded as world population increases. The increase is incremental as life is improved. This is of utmost significance for animal scientists since animal production efficiency must increase globally. With an adult individual requiring a minimum of 1 g daily quality protein for each kg of body weight (a half of which coming from animal sources), the importance of efficient animal nutrition for effective animal protein production in form of meat and milk will be rising. Nutrition of both ruminant and non-ruminant animals need to be improved to keep high versatility for animal protein consumers. New technologies must be innovated for higher quality animal protein production. Collaboration among animal nutritionists from different parts of the globe will be a great help. This stream is a platform for critical discussion of various aspects of global animal nutrition to come up with future implications and interventions. Both classic and modern nutritional approaches to animal nutrition are covered to tackle problems in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fashions. Nutrition is required to receive aids from physiology, management and genetics for multidisciplinary and timely advances. Regional policies must take into account global requirements for progress in both animal science and industry. This meeting is where thoughts and innovations come together for bright future prospects.
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