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17th Annual International Conference on Sociology
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1-4 May
Southern European Migrants and First Peoples of the Anglo-sphere
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Academic Member, ATINER & Fellow, Deakin University, Australia

What are the distinct or unique aspects of growing up with blended First Peoples-Southern European families, and how does a dual heritage impact upon experiences in schools, communities, work life, places of worship, and the wider society?
What role did Southern European migrants play in influencing and allowing, as well as questioning and confronting, racist and colonial ideologies on national, community, familial and interpersonal levels?
Is there evidence of Southern European migrants ‘importing’ colonial and racial attitudes and convictions acquired in their homelands and colonies, such as Italian colonies in North Africa? Is there evidence of colonial racist attitudes learned from employers, neighbours, churches, schools and media in Australia, Canada and the US? In what ways did Southern European migrants counter or resist colonial racist attitudes imported from their home nation or adopted within their host nation?
How do migrant memorial, monuments and/or heritage projects recognise or erase First Peoples? Give examples of such recognition or erasure, and ensuing ramifications.
Deadline: Open
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