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5th Annual International Symposium on Religion & Theology, 25-28 May 2020, Athens, Greece
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25-28 May 2020
Ethical / Responsible Consumerism and Sustainable Economic Development as Forms of Lay Spiritualities
Stream Leader:
Jitka Cirklov√°, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing Communication, University of Finance and Administration, Czech Republic.

Contemporary models of lay spiritualities seek personal growth not apart of the world but develop patterns that support the spiritual growth of individual within the world, through the relationships and institutions of daily life. The paradox of increasing connectivity and diversification of local and global markets enable us to monitor the impact of socio-demographic identities and their associated value models not only on new forms of lifestyles but also on consumer behavior and consumer culture in general. Consumer culture is understood as a coping mechanism that is used to regain stability, certainty, and a sense of identity. The sources of Ethical / Responsible consumerism are anchored in the self-reflexive consumer practices, their daily experience and decision-making therefore is possible to investigate relationship between the personal religious beliefs and consumer practices. One of the widely accepted approaches to consumer culture suggest that consumerism can be understood as a value that consumers gives to material objects and purchasing behavior and should be studied within the context of the larger value systems that individuals hold. Also was found that a confident person who is temporarily exposed to self-doubt, will often seek products (and brands) that symbolize and reinforce their identity. The aim of this panel is to investigate the patterns of influence between personal beliefs, spiritual practices and consumer culture.
Deadline: 21 October 2019
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