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Panels and Streams organized as part of the
4th Annual International Symposium on Religion & Theology, 27-30 May 2019, Athens, Greece
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27-30 May 2019
Philosophy of Religion: New Perspectives
Stream Leader:
Dr. Steven Kepnes, Professor of World Religions & Jewish Studies and Director of Chapel House, Colgate University, USA.

The aim of the stream is to allow for presentations on new research in the Philosophy of Religion covering such topics as “Scripture and Philosophy,” “Science and Religion”, “Philosophical Theology”, “Continental Philosophy and Religion,” and “Analytic Philosophy of Religion.” Presentations should address new approaches to Religion and Theology as they emerge from contemporary philosophical perspectives on knowledge and truth. Approaches and presentations from diverse geographical areas outside of North America and Europe are welcome.
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27-30 May 2019
African Biblical Hermeneutics: The West African Experience
Stream Leader:
Dr. Olubiyi Adeniyi Adewale, Full Professor of Biblical Studies, Department of Religions, National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria.

African biblical hermeneutics is the rereading of the Christian Scripture from a premeditated Afrocentric perspective. Since the wave of postcolonial hermeneutics and the 1966 Consultation of African Theologians Conference held at Ibadan, Nigeria, African hermeneutics have grown from the humble beginning of the contextual approach, said to be marred by subjectivism and little reliance on the scriptures, to the arts and science of hermeneutics and seeks to systematize African hermeneutics. However, most articles and publications have thrived more in South Africa than any other part of the continent. This panel seeks to focus attention on the hermeneutical experience of the West African block. Contributors are expected to focus on theoretical and practical topics ranging from methodologies to Old and New Testament genres.
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