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17th Annual International Conference on Psychology, 22-25 May 2023, Athens, Greece
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22-25 May 2023
Romantic Relationships
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Selin Onayli, Research Fellow, ATINER.

Relationships, especially close relationships, have a significant place in human being life. It is one of the basic human needs and a romantic relationship is one of these close relationships that has the power to increase happiness (Hendrick, 2004) and life satisfaction (Argyle, 1987). Adults search a romantic relationship and then they try to maintain it. Some factors as intimacy level, involvement, similarities between partners and physical attractiveness, can affect the maintenance of a satisfactory relationship. Some people continue their relationship with high satisfaction and this relationship could be helpful to have some other positive results such as well-being and life satisfaction. Some people could not maintain their relationship satisfactory because of some incidents such as infidelity. In this session the participants will be presenting subjects related the romantic relationships and will be showing how a relationship could be reason of happiness or how a relationship could be source of pain.
Deadline:11 April 2023
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