Research Projects

Current Research Projects
How National Media Covered the War in Ukraine
Project Leaders:
Dr. John Pavlik, Head, Mass Media and Communication Unit, ATINER & Professor, Rutgers University, USA.
Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos, President of ATINER.

Resilience and Burnout in Healthcare Workers/Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Project Leader:
Dr. Vickie Hughes, Director, Health & Medical Sciences Division, ATINER & Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
China's New Role in the World Affairs
Project Leaders:
Dr. Peter Koveos, Head, Finance Unit, ATINER & Professor of Finance, Syracuse University, USA.
Dr. Nathalie Homlong, Professor, Volda University College, Norway.
The Stylistics of Drama
Project Leader:
Dr. Stavroula Varella, Research Fellow, Arts, Humanities and Education Division (AHUMED), ATINER.
Project Description:
Theatre, true to its origins as a politically motivated art form, has most recently become a platform for activism, giving voice to marginalised or underrepresented groups and yielding productions that cover themes such as disability, gender and race. In its initial phase, this project will review the popularity and impact of plays inspired by issues of diversity, inclusion and identity, in both the UK and in Greece. In its second phase, the project will focus on theatrical form, assessing whether the current trend towards political (and/or politically correct) theatre is affecting the structure of dramatic text and the poetic and rhetorical qualities of dialogue in plays.