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22nd Annual International Conference on Politics & International Studies
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17-20 June 2024
Migrants and Refugees in the Mediterranean: Issues of Politics and Policy
Academic Responsible: Dr. Domenico Maddaloni, Head, Sociology Unit, ATINER & Professor, University of Salerno, Italy.
In the new century, the Mediterranean has increasingly been the crossroads of major migratory movements, not only from the global South in the direction of Europe, but also between Eastern and Western Europe. This has provoked social and political debates and conflicts in countries long accustomed to substantial ethnic homogeneity. What is new in more recent years is that this phenomenon has increasingly been accompanied by a change in the political framework, with the emergence and development of movements strongly marked by anti-immigrant rhetoric. What are the causes of this change? What consequences does this change produce in the national and European political framework? To what extent does it affect national immigration policies and the service system? The purpose of this session is to discuss these aspects of political life in the countries bordering the shores of the Mediterranean.
Deadline: 14 November 2023
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