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17th Annual International Conference on Politics, 17-20 June 2019, Athens, Greece
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17-20 June 2019
Stream Leader: Mr. Jan Reid, Academic Member, ATINER & President, Coast Economic Consulting, USA.
The aim of the stream is further the understanding of populism and populist electoral parties by academics and by members of the general public. We define a populist political party as one that seeks to mobilize an unrepresented segment of the population against an institution or gov­ernment, usually in the defense of the unrepresented. Whether left-wing or right-wing, populist parties seek to unite the uncorrupt and the unsophisticated against the corrupt dominant elites. Examples of populist political parties include Syriza in Grece, the National Front in France, and the Green Party. We solicit papers on populist political parties, populist movements inside establishment parties (e.g., the Sanders campaign in the United States), and the social movements which led to the formation of populist political parties.
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