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12-15 June 2023
Israeli-Turkish Relationship: The Regional Dimension
Academic Responsible: Dr. Orna Almog, Deputy Head, Politics & International Affairs Unit, ATINER & Senior Lecturer (Retired), Kingston University, UK.
The aim of this symposium is to analyse and discuss the nature of Turkish-Israeli relations since 2019 against the wider background of regional and national developments.
Ever since the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident, the relations between the two parties were identified by suspicion, mistrust and ‘bad blood’. While Turkey’s quest for growing leadership role in the region failed, Israel’s regional position has improved dramatically. It further solidified relations with Greece and Cyprus and increased cooperation with Egypt and Jordan. Furthermore, thanks to US’s initiative, Israel signed the ‘Abrahams accords ‘; the peace agreements with the UAR and Bahrain in the summer of 2020 followed by the peace treaties with Sudan and Morocco in autumn- winter 2020.
Some of the maim questions to be addressed are – what the main reasons behind Erdogan’s policy change towards Israel and neighbouring countries? How central is the Iranian question to the improvement of the relations? What are the main obstacles to rebuilding an open trustworthy relation between Israel and Turkey? What, if at all, are the implications of closer relations with Ankara on Israel’s relations with Cyprus and Greece? Do we witness a new dawn in Turkish-Israeli relations? And could the war in Ukraine and the countries’ similar dilemmas vis- a-vis Russia contribute to a better future understanding.
Deadline: 14 November 2022
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