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Small Symposiums-Panels-Streams organized as part of the
10th Annual International Conference on Urban Studies & Planning, 1-4 June 2020, Athens, Greece
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11-4 June 2020Teaching Urban Planning in a Global Context
Academic Responsible: Dr. Jesus J. Lara, Academic Member, ATINER & Associate Professor, The Ohio State University, USA.
The objective of this symposium is to highlight current and emerging issues related Planning Education in a global context. In this session, we invite planning practitioners, academics, students and others to engage in a discussion about the following questions:
1) How do we prepare future planners to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, hyper-urbanization, immigration, or persistent racial segregation, which seem to demand new ideas and strategies?
2) How can Planning education contribute to the creation of effective partnerships between universities and the communities they serve?
3) How do we educate our students to succeed in the profession and job market that exists, while setting them up to be visionary about the future of the communities, cities, world in which they work?
4) How do we reorient our teaching and research in response to the current global political, social and environmental movements affecting our world?
Deadline: 18 May 2020
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