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Saturday 7 March 2020

13:15-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 Registration

14:30-15:00 Session I

Gregory T. Papanikos, President ATINER. Welcome and Opening Speech: Philoxenia and Xenophobia in Ancient Greece.

15:00-15:45 Session II

Chair: Gregory T. Papanikos, President ATINER.

    1. Nuno Almeida, Professor, Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal. Tourism Entrepreneurs and the Promotion of Local Experiences.
    2. Hassan Refaat, Lecturer, Luxor University, Egypt & Sabreen G. Abd Eljalil, Dean & Professor, Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt. Boutique Hotels and Local hospitality: A New Approach to Promoting Cultural Heritage of the Hosting Community.

15:45-16:30 Session III

Chair: Georgios Zouridakis, Lecturer, University of Essex, UK & Research Fellow, ATINER.

    1. Vincenzo Asero, Assistant Professor, University of Catania, Italy. In Search of ‘Authenticity’ in Film Tourism Experience.
    2. Ahmed Y. G. Rashed, Professor, The British University, Egypt. Civilization Rights and Responsible Tourism.

16:30-17:15 Session IV

Chair: Olga Gkouda, Researcher, ATINER.

    1. Daissy Moya, Professor, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Colombia. Importance of the Replies to Reviews for the Online Reputation of Hotels in Latin America.
    2. Georgios Zouridakis, Lecturer, University of Essex, UK & Research Fellow, ATINER. The Rise of Short-Term Rentals in Greece: Some Thoughts on the Recent Judicial Response.

17:15-18:30 Session V: Short Interventions, Questions and Dialogue

Chair: Gregory T. Papanikos, President ATINER.


1.  George Gekos, Business Consultant, Greece.

2.  Panagiotis Kokkalas, GrecoPaths, Greece.

3.  Evangelos Kritikos, Hotel Business Consultant, Greece.

4.  Christos Mantakas, Hotel Owner, Greece.

5.  Daphne Mavrommati, Hotel Owner, Greece.

6.  Elina Menounou, Municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini, Greece.

7.  Basil T. Patkos, Patkos Law Offices, Greece.

8.  Vivian Patkos (cv), International Business and Maritime Lawyer, Greece.

9.  Lampros A. Pyrgiotis, Research Fellow, ATINER, Greece.

10.  Sotiris Theodoropoulos, Professor, University of Piraeus, Greece.

11.  Mary Tsemetzi, Hotel Owner, Greece.

12.  Stavroula Tsirikou, GrecoPaths, Greece.

18:30-20:30 Session VI: Open Public Forum

Chair: Lampros Pyrgiotis, Senior Research Fellow, ATINER

20:30-22:30 Official Dinner of the Symposium

The working language of the Symposium is English. If you are interested in participating, fill the participation form.