Paper Series

Conference Paper Series

Conference papers are research/policy papers written and presented by academics at one of ATINER’s academic events. ATINER’s association started to publish this conference paper series in 2012. All published conference papers go through an initial peer review aiming at disseminating and improving the ideas expressed in each work. Authors welcome comments.

2754COLEDU2023-2754Obstacles Facing the Use of Qualitative Research and Suggestions to Overcome Them "Bibliometric Study"Tharaya Sulaiman Al Shabibi & Amira Sulaiman Al ShabibiPDF
2753TOU2023-2753SOFIA: An Interreg Italy-France Project to Promote Accessible TourismAndrea Giachetta & Linda BuondonnoPDF
2752EDU2022-2752Education Students with Special Needs Meet the Academic Staff for an Authentic and Open Discussion of Difficulties in AcademiaRula Kurd-Badarneh, Irena Shtivelman-Veremeykin, Edna Green-Kapel, Ofira Jacobson & Or Oren-NetzerPDF
2751TRA2022-2751Comparing Transport Corridors Based on Total Economic CostAlwyn J. Hoffman, Crynos Mutendera & Willem C. VenterPDF
2750CIV2022-2750Identification of Factors Affecting Building Information Modelling (BIM) Adaptation for the Turkish Construction IndustryHande Aladağ, Gökhan Demirdöğen, Alperen Taha Demirbağ & Zeynep IşıkPDF
2749PLA2022-2749The Challenge of Transforming Post-Industrial Landscapes in GreeceAntonia KoukouvelouPDF
2748EDU2022-2748Considering the Vocabulary of Internationalization:
A Content Analysis at One University
Paulette R. Hébert & Hebatalla Nazmy PDF
2747TRA2022-2747In Depth Analysis of Trip Chains and Tours Based on the National Travel Survey Database in AustriaRoman Klementschitz & Timon Schlemmer PDF
2746CIV2022-2746Dry Construction Systems for Sustainable Buildings in Mediterranean Context: An R&D Project in South ItalyFrancesco Spada, Giuseppe Canestrino, Giancarlo Giaquinta & Laura GrecoPDF
2745IND2021-2745Implementation of Single Minute Exchange of Die Techniques and an Individualistic Die Design to Shorten Change-over Time in a Roll Forming EnvironmentTheolan Pillay, Glen Bright, Christian Ivan Basson & Avern Malcom Athol-Webb PDF
2744COLEDU2022-2744Teaching for Expediency or Effective LearningBrita L. WilliamsPDF
2743POL2022-2743Myths, Fallacies, and Realities of Populism: Towards a New TypologyJosé Filipe PintoPDF
2742EDU2022-2742Religion, Culture & Society: The Key to Understanding DiversityCarolyn KingPDF
2741LIT2022-2741Death Behind the Curtain - Contemporary Death-acceptance Creative Nonfiction: Carla Valentine and Sue BlackCristina BotîlcăPDF
2740ART2022-2740Seeing Blackness through Black Expressive Culture: A Reading of Zanele Muholi’s Somnyama Ngonyama – Hail the Dark LionessMbali KhozaPDF
2739ENG2021-2739X-ray Diffraction with the New Cos-α-method to Determine (Residual) DtressesEckehard MuellerPDF
2738EDU2020-2738Reduction of Socio-economic Diversity through Standardisation of Language: Reflections and ChallengesKevin NorleyPDF
2737SOS2021-2737Dating Violence Perpetration among College Students: The Effects of Child Maltreatment and Auditory StatusLaVerne McQuiller Williams, Judy Lee Porter & O. Nicholas RobertsonPDF
2736HUM2022-2736From Design Thinking to Designing Inclusive CollaborationsFranz Christian SchneiderPDF
2735PHY2021-2735Solar Flare Effect on Geological Radiometric Dating Methods Based on Thorium DecayYael Peleg, Jonathan Walg & Itzhak OrionPDF
2734EDU2021-2734Using Formative Assessment to Improve Student Achievement in Reading: Reflections from the FieldToyia Curry & Sharon Kay WallerPDF
2733PSY2021-2733Developing Human Capital in an At-risk School Population: Pairing Social Justice Initiatives and Pre-professional ExperiencesPatricia Oswald & Katherine ZaromatidisPDF
2732MAT2021-2732Towards Generating Real-World Datasets for Teaching Statistics in Industrial EngineeringFarida Saïd, Iehann Eveno & Jeanne Villaneau
2731EDU2021-2731Queen of the Mountain: It’s All About TypeAngela FarmerPDF
2730SOC2021-2730Italian Migrants in Shanghai: Is it a Skilled Migration?Grazia MoffaPDF
2729PHI2021-2729Existential Authenticity and the Challenges of the Postmodern SocietyBârliba Ionuț-Alexandru & Ana Maria HojbotăPDF
2728EDU2021-2728Preconditions for Tolerance Development at Higher Educational Institution Romalda Kasiliauskienė PDF
2727SCI2021-2727A Waste Energy Recovery Management for Electricity Generation from Two Temperature Grades of Energy Sources in Subcritical Organic Rankine SystemsAli. H. TarradPDF
2726PHI2021-2726A Counterfactual Argument for Environmentalists to Endorse Non-Instrumental Value in NatureLars Samuelsson & Niclas LindströmPDF
2725MEC2021-2725Compact Shaft-Rotating Swerve Drive with Prong Structure for Highly-Maneuverable and Agile RobotsMiles Vranas & Nikos J. MourtosPDF
2724SCI2021-2724Students’ Understanding of Outliers in the Context of Boxplot and Scatter PlotLukanda KaloboPDF
2723LNG2021-2723Compositional Disambiguation of Biaspectuality in Languages with Verbal Aspect: On Russian and Bulgarian DataKrasimir KabakčievPDF
2722LIT2021-2722Trauma and Emotional Manipulation
in Jane Eyre
Cristina-Mihaela BotîlcăPDF
2721PHI2021-2721Crime as Language I – Narcissism and Sophistry, an Elective Affinity?Claudia Simone Dorchain PDF
2720LNG2020-2720The Importance of Teaching ESP for Scientific StudentsAbdelfattah MazariPDF
2719SOC2021-2719The Structural Conditions for the Expansion of COVID-19 in PeruJan LustPDF
2718MDT2020-2718The Implementation of the Quality Process in Higher Education: A Critical ApproachSaid Al GhawielPDF
2717SME2020-2717Integration of Agile Approaches in SME’s Product Development: Demand Analysis and Concept DevelopmentManuel Niever, Han Jennifer Trinh, Roman Kerres and Carsten HahnPDF
2716DEM2020-2716Teaching in a Global World: Challenges and Opportunities for Small-sized Universities. Insights from ItalyBarbara ZagagliaPDF
2715EDU2019-2715Effectiveness of Multimodality in Teaching Literature in High SchoolKaterina PapasotiriouPDF
2714MKT2020-2714Global or Local? Egyptian Consumers' Perceptions and Preferences of Global vs. Local BrandsIman Boseila PDF
2713MEC2020-2713Hybrid Air-Breathing Rockets & their PotentialTyler Borda, Mark Guerrieri and Periklis PapadopoulosPDF
2712POL2019-2712Polarization as a Threat for Democracy Analysis of the Media System of GeorgiaNatia KuprashviliPDF
2711SMESMC2019-2711Significance of Academic Entrepreneurship and Edupreneurship in Sustainable Development of an Entrepreneurial EcosystemRaihan Taqui Syed and Hesham MagdPDF
2710PLA2019-2710Geostories: A New Landscape-Ring between Italy, Slovenia and AustriaAdriano VenudoPDF
2709NUR2020-2709The Views of Nursing Students about the Purposes of Internet Use and the Effect of Technology on Educational ActivitiesEmel TuğrulPDF
2708ENGEDU2019-2708A Relationship between Operational Status of Equipment and Technical Proficiencies of Aeronautical Engineering Students: A Case StudyKatherine Minarik, Peng-Hao Wang and Sergey DubikovskyPDF
2707MEC2019-2707Design of a New Generation Supersonic Transport AircraftChaKaria Hunter and Nikos Mourtos
2706HUM2018-2706Begleria: From Individuality to Authentication and the Internet of Things (IoT)Christopher SternPDF
2705ART2019-2705A Design Perspective on Animated Puppets’ Materiality. How Design can Provide New Interpretation Tools in the Analysis of Animated Puppet FilmsVincenzo MaselliPDF
2704PLA2019- 2704The Emergence of Moscow, Russia:
A Progressive, Cosmopolitan World City within an Autocratic State
Richard JelierPDF
2703SOC2019- 2703The Prestige of Interpreters in Hungary – Second Part: A Quantitative StudyEva Pataky and Johanna GicziPDF
2701SPOLEI2019- 2701Helping others Evaluate Leisure Time: The Free Time Test (FTT)Donald RobersonPDF
2700SOS2018-2700Income Smoothing over the Life Course in the Baltic CountriesRomas Lazutka and Aušra ČižauskaitėPDF
2699ECO2018-2699Style of Question Matters: An Experiment with Questions on Gender ViolenceManoranjan Pal, C. S. Biswas, S. Bannerjee, A. Ghosh, S. Chakraborti, S. Guha and P. BharatiPDF
2698EDU2018-2698Integrative Studies: Heeding the Lessons of Multicultural Education's Rise and FallLiza Cerroni-LongPDF
2697ART2019-2697The Deterioration of Domestic Wooden Surfaces of Historical Buildings in Upper EgyptMahmoud Ali PDF
2696EDU2019-2696Think-aloud Verbal Protocols as a Research Tool to Explore Foreign Language Anxiety when Learning Pronunciation as a Distance LearnerDaniel BosmansPDF
2695MKT2019-2695A Conceptual Framework to Investigate the Relation between Socio-cultural, Geographical and Financial Factors on Tourist’s Overall Satisfaction of Township Tours in the Western Cape, South AfricaAdéle Potgieter PDF
2694TRA2019-2694Transport Policy to Create a Western Balkans Market: How to Mirror the EU's ExperienceRiste Temjanovski and Monika ArsovaPDF
2693INL2019-2693China, the United States and the Contemporary GlobalizationLubomir W. ZyblikiewiczPDF
2692MED2019-2692The Social Media Revolution in Political Communication: A Case Study about the Turkish Local Elections of March 2019Mihalis Kuyucu PDF
2691EDU2019-2691Formation of Parental Educational Decisions before and after the Reform of the Education System in Baden-WürttembergOliver Semmelroch and Thomas WiedenhornPDF
2690SOS2019-2690The Importance of the Socratic Debate in the Academic Education. The Case of the University of TrentoMarco Mazzocca and Paolo SommaggioPDF
2689SPOLEI2019-2689Social Significations and Promotion of Dan’straditional GamesBi Tizie Emmanuel Gala and Roland Bini KoffiPDF
2688HUM2020-2688Improvisation and the Quantum Classroom: Musical and Scientific Metaphors to Guide Teaching and Learning in the 21st CenturyGeoffrey ScheurmanPDF
2687MDT2019-2687Mountains of the Mediterranean Sea and the SnowGiuseppe RestifoPDF
2686ARC2019-2686Sustainable Skyscrapers: The Standard Bank Centre, JohannesburgChristo VoslooPDF
2685LIT2019-2685Corfiots and the Poems of Ossian by James Macpherson in the Nineteenth Century Greek-Speaking WorldKathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
2684ENV2019-2684Protecting the Environment by Acquintance and Learning Hen Friman, Netser Matsliah, Maxim Bandel, Yafa Sitbon, Ifaa Banner and Yulia EinavPDF
2683PLA2018-2683Signum and Visual IdentityRuggero TortiPDF
2682SOC2019-2682The Historical Sociology of Long-Term Social Change: Notes on the Contribution of Christopher Chase-Dunn to World-System AnalysisDomenico MaddaloniPDF
2681ECO2019-2681Foreign Direct Investment and Tax: OECD Gravity Modelling in a World with International Financial InstitutionsFabian J. BaierPDF
2680PSY2019-2680Coping Resources for Distress and Well-Being of Filipino Catholic Migrants in Taiwan: An Incremental Validity AnalysisInna Reddy EdaraPDF
2679SPO2019-2679Unsuccessful Transitions: Understanding Dropout from the Athletes’ PerspectiveGeorgios Andronikos, Tony Westbury & Russell J.J. Martindale
2678ECO2019-2678Intangible Assets and Goodwill Valuation IDOPVladimir KulilPDF
2677ECO2019-2677Economic Prosperity under Varieties of CapitalismRainer PrzywaraPDF
2676HEA2019-2676Association between Emergency Department Visits and Predisposing, Enabling, Need, and Reinforcing Social Factors in an Acute CareOmar B. Da’ar, Khalid Alahmary & Majid AlsalamahPDF
2675SPO2019-2675Regional Appearance of Health Determinants Concerning Health Behavior Factor of National EconomicBeatrix Faragó, Ágnes Kovácsné Tóth, Csaba Konczos, Zsófia Pápai and Zsolt SzakályPDF
2674POL2019-2674Othering Muslims? A Content Analysis of the Spanish Press CoverageRafael DuránPDF
2673PLA2019-2673Understanding the Mechanisms and Impact of Growth on the Urban Form and Functioning of Cities: An Application to the Case of LimassolIlaria GeddesPDF
2672ECO2019-2672Biotechnology, Crop R&D and Public Policy: The Case of CanolaStavroula Malla and Derek G. BrewinPDF
2671MEC2019-2671Aircraft Dynamic Stability & Control Analysis for an Advanced Military Trainer Conceptual DesignRoyd Johansen and Nikos MourtosPDF
2670TOU2019-2670Connecting Nautical Tourism and Agro-food
Industry as a Way to Boost Competitiveness and Sustainability of Mediterranean Destinations. The Case of Cambusa Project
Gavino Balata, Veronica Camerada, Enrico Panai, Gavino Mariotti and Alessio TolaPDF
2669PLA2018-2669Some Problems of Interpreting Spatial Analysis ResultsBenjamin KaiserPDF
2668ENG2019-2668Two Case Studies Involving Connection Properties for FEA in Catia v5Nader ZamaniPDF
2667PHA2019-2667Leveraging the Centrifugal Spinning Production Boom for Gel-Like Spun Preparations of Vitamin C for Potential Acne Treatment: From Process-Formulation Optimization to Thermal and in vitro Release CharacterizationEsra’a Albarahmieh, Bayan Zakaria and Emad Alzubi
2666TRA2019-2666Predicting Passenger Volume from the Regional Airport Mário de Almeida Franco to City-PairsMatheus Zamboni Zaffalon and Viviane Adriano FalcãoPDF
2665SPO2019-2665Fields of Vision:
Arts and Sport Communities and Methods of Practice
Lisa StansbiePDF
2664ECO2019-2664Digitization Levels Consumers Transaction CostsIris Boeschen and Barbara Henman-SturmPDF
2663ACC2019-2663Misperceptions of First Year Business StudentsRoger Hussey and Audra OngPDF
2662PLA2019-2662Ecological Resilience Assessment and Optimization Suggestions to Yangtze Middle Reaches MegalopolisXiao ZhangPDF
2661MAT2018-2661Teaching Ridge Regression in Polynomial Data FittingDiarmuid O’DriscollPDF
2660COM2019-2660Kinetosis Analyzation of the Symptoms Occurrence in combination with Eye TrackingFabian Deuser, Hannah Schieber and Carsten LeconPDF
2659REL2019-2659Reorientation in the Field: Why Religion MattersWendy FelesePDF
2658LIB2019-2658Metrics of Informational Competencies in the Higher Education in the Context of Mobile LearningDavid Caballero Mariscal, David Jose Guerrero Quesada, Maria Pinto Molina, Dora Sales Salvador and Rosaura Fernandez PascualPDF
2657REL2019-2657“Personae Non Gratae”- The Successful Intervening of a Catholic State in the Papal Elections of 1903Alice ReiningerPDF
2656PUH2019-2656"Poverty is our Biggest Enemy": Canadian Nursing Students’ International Learning Experiences (ILEs)Hannah Ashwood-Smith, Lorelei Newton and Renate GibbsPDF
2655NUR2019-2655A Worksite Health-Monitoring Program:Effectiveness on Detection, Intent to be treated and Follow up Care for Cardiovascular Diseases/Risk FactorsThomas A. MackeyPDF
2654NUR2019-2654Development of Multiprofessional Simulation-based Education in South Ostrobothnia, FinlandMari Salminen-TuomaalaPDF
2653MEC2019-2653Multi Criteria Decision Making of Power Diode Based Process Parameters in Laser Beam Machining using Taguchi–Dear MethodologyS. Vasanth, T. Muthuramalingam and L. Ganesh BabuPDF
2652ENGEDU2019-2652A Platform for Teaching PLC System Integration and PLC Systems Data AccessTom Wanyama, Ishwar Singh and Omar DantPDF
2651GEO2019-2651Geofusion: Cities, Regions, Nations in the Geoeconomy Age. The Power of GeographyNorbert CsizmadiaPDF
2650COLEDU2019-2650Is Collegial Cooperation Turning Toxic:
Implications for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
Maria Vincent Kaguhangire-Barifaijo and James Luyonga Nkata
2649MDT2019-2649Identity Contestations in the Turkish Cypriot Community and the Peace Process in CyprusEnver GülsevenPDF
2648MDT2019-2648Implementing Quality to Assess the Performance of the Educational System. A Preliminary Case Study at the Libyan University Al Jabal Al GharbiSaid Al GhawielPDF
2647EDU2019-2647Student-Athlete to Professional Athlete: Confronting the Brutal Facts
Angela S. FarmerPDF
2646MDT2019-2646The Contribution of Archaeologists to the Multi-disciplinary Approach in Managerial Studies on Resilience: The Experiences of Sara SantoroMassimo BianchiPDF
2645DEM2019-2645Quantifying the Community Effect on Contraceptive Use in EgyptNoura AnwarPDF
2644TOU2019-2644Tourism Entrepreneurs with Nature-Based Businesses in Sweden – The Role of the Lifestyle and the PlaceAnna Sörensson, Maria Bogren and Annika CawthornPDF
2643CBC2018-2643The Impact of Financial Crises on the Informal Economy: The Turkish CaseNeslihan Kahyalar, Bazoumana Ouattara and Sami FethiPDF
2642MDT2019-2642National Cultural Constructs and Consumer Socialization Effects on Adolescent’s Influence on Family Vacation DecisionsJoão Paulo BaíaPDF
2641MDT2019-2641Singular Factors behind the Growth of Innovation in IsraelRaphael Bar-El, Dafna Schwartz and David BentolilaPDF
2640COM2019-2640Flexible Search Function for Online Courses in the Sense of Attribute GrammarsCarsten Lecon and Marc HermannPDF
2639MDT2019-2639Intergenerational Perceptions of Gender and Premarital Sexuality in Morocco Rabat as a Case StudyAhmed Kadiri Hassani Yamani PDF
2638ANT2019-2638Sacred Landscape and Settlement Patterns in Nahua and Otomi Communities of Northern Puebla, MexicoAlberto Diez Barroso RepizoPDF
2637SOC2019-2637Corbyn’s Ideology: Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, or Left Populism?Burak Cop PDF
2636EDU2017-2636Erasmus Students’ Opinions about the Programme: A Case Study of TurkeyBasak ErcanPDF
2635MDT2019-2635Singular Factors behind the Growth of Innovation in IsraelRaphael Bar-El, Dafna Schwartz and David BentolilaPDF
2634FIN2018-2634Public Finance Management: Challenges and OpportunitiesLiudmila TkachenkoPDF
2633MDT2019-2633The History of Music Distribution and its Effects to Audience in the Sample of TurkeyMihalis KuyucuPDF
2632HUM2019-2632Transgeography. Art as an Element of Communion between PeoplesMario SaviniPDF
2631MDT2019-2631Israel and the Arab World – Renewal of the Alliance of the PeripheryEyal ZisserPDF
2630TRA2018-2630Dry Ports Development: A Pivot Strategy to Enhance Sustainable Transit Traffic via West African CorridorsSewodo Augustin Degbe and Bingliang SongPDF
2629MAT2018-2629Grit and MathematicsGheorghita FaitarPDF
2628MED2018-2628Apologia as a Self-Defense Strategy to Support the Public Persona in Crisis Communication ProcessInci CinarliPDF
2627HUM2019-2627Emotional Pleasantness of Malaysian Chinese towards the Cultural Heritage of MalayNasir YusoffPDF
2626LIT2016-2626Literature Reads the City: Italian Writers Facing the Changes of Milan during the Italian Economic BoomDino Gavinelli and Giorgia SchiappadoriPDF
2625PLA2017-2625The Urban Landscape in the Graphic Representations of the Cathedral of PalermoStarlight VattanoPDF
2624ZOO2018-2624Use of Pilou and Shannon Diversity Indexes in Description of Edaphic Fauna in Forests in South AmericaVirginia de Souza Bueno and Francisco FambriniPDF
2623CBC2018-2623U.S. Initiated Human Resource Accounting and Its Contribution to Improved Employees’ Morale and the Quality of Worklife – Case Study #1: Gypsum Texas PlantJoseph VanVoPDF
2622EDU2018-2622The Flipped Classroom: Effects on Students Performance in MathematicsDiana AudiPDF
2621PHY2018-2621Assembling Large Entangled States in the Rényi-Ingarden-Urbanik Entropy Measure under the SU(2)-Dynamics Decomposition for Systems Built from Two-Level SubsystemsFrancisco Javier DelgadoPDF
2620ARC2018-2620Body Challenges – Between Architectural Scale Models and Architectural ObjectsJoão Miguel Couto DuartePDF
2619ELE2018-2619Human Activity Recognition Making Use of Long Short-Term Memory TechniquesRichard Wainwright and Alex ShenfieldPDF
2618PLA2018-2618Complexity vs Simplicity: The Contrasts of Architectural Language in the Past and in the PresentPatrizia Burlando and Sara GrilloPDF
2617ENV2018-2617Matching the Spatial Distribution of Upland and Lowland Pollen Grains with the Temperature and Humidity in the Columbia BasinPeter Siska, Vaughn Bryant, I-Kuai Hung and Pierre GoovaertsPDF
2616LNG2018-2616Language Contact in Colombia: A Pilot Study of Criollo SanandresanoMargarita María Chamorro Díaz and Cristina Suárez-GómezPDF
2615CIV2018-2615Parametric Study for Performance of R.C. Wall with Opening using Analytical F.E. ModelAlaa Morsy and Youssef IbrahimPDF
2614CIV2018-2614Wheel Load Distribution in Four-Sided Concrete Box CulvertsElie Awwad, Mounir Mabsout, Kassim Tarhini and Hudson JacksonPDF
2613CBC2018-2613Sustainability: Lenders Know Best - A Practitioner’s ViewRobert Brian SmithPDF
2612CBC2018-2612Collective Construction and Sharing of Information and Products from the Brazilian Cartographic Olympiad: Data Acquisition, Access and AvailabilityAngelica Carvalho Di Maio, Kellen Milene Gomes e Santos, Luis Augusto Koenig Veiga, Juliana Marques de Souza, Juliana Magalhães Menezes and Hullysses Sabino PDF
2611HUM2019-2611Current Approaches to Textile Design EducationBasak OzkendirciPDF
2610ECO2018-2610The Effect of Allocative Efficiency of Free Markets on Entropy and Its Implications on TaxesStephan UngerPDF
2609CUL2018-2609Priceless or Bankrupt: Problems and Prospects from a Built Heritage Conservation PerceptiveJohari H.N. Amar and Lynne ArmitagePDF
2608MED2018-2608About University Students’ Transmedia ProfileJuan Gonzalez Martinez, Meritxell Estebanell Minguell, Moisès Esteban-Guitart, Elisabet Serrat-Sellabona and Carles Rostan-SanchezPDF
2607ACC2018-2607The Effects of International Financial Reporting Standards on Financial Reporting QualityWafaa Salah and Abdallah Abdel-SalamPDF
2606CHE2018-2606Adaptation of the Questionnaire that Measures Students’ Motivation toward Science Learning (SMTSL) into Bulgarian Version of Students’ Motivation toward Chemistry Learning Questionnaire (BG SMTCLQ)Vesela Todorova and Milena KirovaPDF
2605ARC2018-2605Experiencing, Knowing, and Building Architecture Rui Manuel Reis AlvesPDF
2604ART2018-2604The Introduction of Netflix in Turkey: How to Fit (or is it possible to fit) in an Audio-visual Landscape marked by Piracy and Local Taste?Ece VitrinelPDF
2603SOS2018-2603Climate Finance by Multinational Development Banks - with Special Attention to EuropeMaria BabosikPDF
2602ARC2018-2602Designing a Village Museum Ecologically: Reuse of Historic School BuildingÖzlem KarakulPDF
2601ARC2018-2601Genius Loci: Place as a Mean to Develop Inter and Transdisciplinary Skills for Architecture StudentsAnke Vrijs and Karine DuprePDF
2600ELE2017-2600A Call for Generalized Aggregation Functions for Modelling Complex Decisions with a Mixture Categorical and Continuous DataAmos OlagunjuPDF
2599CUL2018-2599Structural and Architectural Damage Aspects of Historic Renaissance Buildings in Egypt and the Proposed Rehabilitation MethodsMohamed Abdelmegeed PDF
2598PLA2018-2598Potential for Online Conversion of Services in Urban and Suburban Neighbourhoods. Examples of Wrocław and Siechnice in PolandLukasz Damurski, Jacek Pluta, Jerzy Ladysz, Wawrzyniec Zipser and Magdalena Mayer-WydraPDF
2597SPO2018-2597The Elite of “Kalos Kagathos” in PolandMałgorzata TomeckaPDF
2596NUR2017-2596Understanding and Addressing Aggressive and Related Challenging Behaviors in Individuals with DementiaDimitra LoukissaPDF
2595CUL2018-2595Exposing Neoliberal Ideologies in Children’s Books and Films through
Critical Media Literacy
Johanna EsquivelPDF
2594SME2018-2594Cooperative Marketing Innovation: A Study Applied to Portuguese CompaniesJacinta Raquel MoreiraPDF
2593WAT2018-2593Water Quality Management in the Wildlife Lodge Industry: A Multiple Case Study in South Africa, Namibia and BotswanaJacobus J. Grobler and Kevin F. MearnsPDF
2592ECO2018-2592Spillover Effects from the ECB‘s Unconventional Monetary Policies: The Case of Denmark, Norway and SwedenArthur KorusPDF
2591AGR2018-2591Application of Passive and Active Solar Thermal Technologies as an Alternative to Traditional Drying Systems in Agricultural Production Units in the Northern Region of Costa RicaTomás Jesús Guzmán-Hernández, Freddy Rodriguez-Araya, Guillermo Castro-Badilla, Javier M. Obando-Ulloa and Cristian Moreira-SeguraPDF
2590CIV2018-2590EnergyPlus vs. Monthly ISO 13790 for Israeli Climatic ZonesSamuel HassidPDF
2589ARC2018-2589Francesco Venezia: Time, Memory, Senses as Elements of ArchitectureRaffaella MaddalunoPDF
2588EDU2018-2588The Effects of Preschool Music Education on the Level of Melodic and Rhythmic Abilities DevelopmentBarbara Sicherl Kafol and Olga DenacPDF
2587ARC2018-2587Thinking as Drawing – Reflections on a Drawing that No Longer ExistsTeresa Belo RodeiaPDF
2586EDU2018-2586Teachers’ Perceptions of their Professional Identity in Relation to their Experiences in Two Deprived Rural Districts of Northern GhanaRoger Abogzuah AyinselyaPDF
2585HEA2018-2585Imaging and Stroke Outcome – Evidence from Upper AustriaKlaus Buttinger and Harald StummerPDF
2584CIV2018-2584Electrochemical Healing Techniques for Concrete Reinforcement RestorationTomas Lovasi, Sarka Msallamova and Milan KourilPDF
2583PLA2018-2583Evolving Strategies for Housing Development at a Sub-regional LevelRatna Ghosh and Uttam RoyPDF
2582BLE2018-2582Opening Argentina to Public-Private Partnerships: Opportunities and Risks for Government Entities and Private InvestorsUlrich Schüle, Franz Liening-Ewert, Daniel Schäffer and Edith Zeppenfeld
2581MGT2018-2581The Role of Technology in Sustainable Food Industry: The Case of LebanonAline Al Am and Sami El Naddaf PDF
2580TOU2018-2580The Evaluation of Tourism Marketing Model within Moroccan Public Policy ManagementYassir LamnadiPDF
2579MED2018-2579Ambivalence Discourse of Sex in Boys Magazine (The Critical Discourse Analysis of Male Sexuality in Sexual Articles and Rubrics of Hai Magazine)Muria Endah SokowatiPDF
2578ARC018-2578Balcony Railings as a Representative Element of Collective Memory: Balcony Railings of Ankara Apartment BlocksZeynep Tuna Ultav PDF
2577ECO2018-2577The Interrelation between Manufacturing Productivity, Maximum Sectoral Employment and National Income Per CapitaRainer PrzywaraPDF
2576ECO2018-2576Identity and Perception of Risk for Entrepreneurs: Lessons from an Industrially Less Developed State in IndiaDebdatta SahaPDF
2575LNG2017-2575Selfies: From Technology to IconophiliaDina Maria Martins FerreiraPDF
2574SME2018-2574What are the Key Success Factors of Social Hubs? A Qualitative Survey of 20 Social Hubs in Europe and North AmericaRolf Meyer and Pieter PerrettPDF
2573PLA2018-2573Tools for a Better Liveability in Neighbourhoods: The “Environmental Island” Design Methodology and the Citizen Engagement ProcessLucia Martincigh, Anna Vincenzoni, Marina Di Guida and Giovanni PerrucciPDF
2572COM2018-2572An Exploratory Study of the Role of the Human Resource Information System ProfessionalSapora BradleyPDF
2571ART2018-2571Creating Sacred Spaces: The Power of Rap Music on the Religioius ConsciousnessBarbara B. PembertonPDF
2570STA2018-2570The Use of Principles of Learning Statistics to Promote the Teaching and Learning of Statistics at High School in South AfricaLukanda KaloboPDF
2569COLEDU2018-2569Ubuntu in the Transformation of a Learning Environment for Effective Mathematics TeachingZingiswa JojoPDF
2568EDU2018-2568Student Absenteeism in Higher Education Institutions: Evidence from First Week Lectures at the University of GhanaCharles Andoh and Margaret LaryeaPDF
2567FIT2018-2567Different Inertia Resistance Training on the Performance of the BicepsMin-Hao Hung, Chi-Yao Chang, Chien-Chia Kung and Kuo-Chuan LinPDF
2566TRA2018-2566Relationship between Efficiency of Bus Transit Operations and Accidents, using a Stochastic Cost Frontier ModelKyungwoo KangPDF
2565ARC2017-2565Despite Resemblance - Scale Models and the Representation of Architectural ObjectsJoão Miguel Couto DuartePDF
2564SOS2018-2564Digital Companies Facing the Challenges of Skill Adaptation: A Quantitative Analysis of the Uses of Training in FranceJean-Marie Dubois and Patrick Rousset PDF
2563COLEDU2018-2563The Entrepreneurial Canadian College: Grasping Opportunity Driven by Changing Government Policies and International Student NeedsNatasha MrkicPDF
2562ACC2018-2562Taxes and Economic Rents: The Role of Political Connectionin Chinese Listed Private FirmsKenny Z. Lin, Zhenyang Shi and Fang ZhangPDF
2561HIS2018-2561The Macedonian Tomb Façade Formation and its Significant Role and Critical Stage for the Development of Hellenistic and Late Classical Façade MorphologyNaif HaddadPDF
2560MGT2018-2560Risk Matrix Approach to Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance OrganizationAyşe Kucuk Yilmaz, Ebru Yazgan, Konstantinos N. Malagas and Nikitas NikitakosPDF
2559CBC2018-2559Bhoodan-Based Corporate Citizenship: Corporate Accountability Based on Serving and Empowering Land-Owners and UsersSiddharth Mohapatra and Pratima VermaPDF
2558SMESMC2018-2558Power Struggles between Top Leadership and Organizational-In-GroupSabah J. AlwanPDF
2557HEA2018-2557Catching up with or Lagging behind the EU15 Countries? Revealing the Patterns of Changes in Health Status, Health Spending and Health System Performance in Four Post-socialist EU CountriesEva OroszPDF
2556ARC2017-2556Haptic, Habituated and Higher Dwelling: The MOMA Exhibition “Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture”Sarah Breen LovettPDF
2555CIV2017-2555Bending Analysis of Castellated BeamsSahar Elaiwi, Boksun Kim and Long-Yuan Li
2554COM2018-2554A Concept of an In-Memory Database for IoT Sensor DataMarina Burdack, Manfred Rössle & René KüblerPDF
2553PSY2018-2553Does the Possession of a Kadazandusun Traditional Costume and the Capability to Play a Traditional Musical Instrument Differentiate an Individual’s Identity Orientation?Getrude Cosmas, Agnis Sombuling, Ben Anderson AK Melai & Andrew PonintingPDF
2552ENV2018-2552Study of Erosion Control Techniques Applied to Hydroelectric Power Plants Reservoir Margins Terezinha C. de Brito Galvao, Arnaldo Teixeira Coelho, Gustavo Borel de Menezes and Ênio Marcus Brandão de FonsecaPDF
2551CIV2018-2551Evaluation of Impacts of Crystalline Silica in Concrete on Construction SafetyKasim A. Korkmaz and Suleiman AshurPDF
2550ART2018-2550Using a Machine Learning Algorithm to Create a Computational Artwork: VariableSelçuk ArtutPDF
2549AGR2018-2549Brazilian Competitiveness and Food Security in the Animal Production Global MarketGustavo Bittencourt MachadoPDF
2548PLA2017-2548Rereading to Rewrite: Documentation and Requalification of Mediterranean Historical Centers, Jerusalem and Taranto CaseStefano Bertocci, Monica Bercigli, Matteo Bigongiari & Vincenzo MoschettiPDF
2547PLA2017-2547Architecture from the 1920’s in a Block of Avenida São JoãoRegina Helena Vieira SantosPDF
2546WAT2018-2546Geological and Geotechnical Study of Badush Dam, IraqVaroujan Sissakian, Nasrat Adamo, Nadhir Al-Ansari, Sven Knutsson & Jan LauePDF
2545ENG2018-2545A New Demerit Control Chart for Monitoring the Quality of Multivariate Poisson ProcessesJeh-Nan Pan, Chung-I Li and Min-Hung HuangPDF
2544ECO2018-2544Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro ZoneAyla Oğuş Binatli and Niloufer SohrabjiPDF
2543PLA2018-2543The Urban Park: Nature and Democracy as Components of a Planning StrategyCarolyn Aguilar DubosePDF
2542ENGEDU2018-2542KaLeP: A Holistic Case-based Action learning Environment to Educate Successful Future EngineersManuel Niever, Thilo Richter, Katharina Duehr, Miriam Wilmsen, Laura Lanz, Benjamin Walter, Albert Albers and Carsten HahnPDF
2541HUM2018-2541Is it Possible to Determine the Effectiveness of the International, National, and Private Agencies in Protecting Endangered Archaeological Sites Particularly in the Middle East from 1999-2015?Joshua AustinPDF
2540ECL2018-2540Legal and Statistical Framework of Climate Change from the EU and International Point of ViewAslı Gül Öncel and Theodore TzanakisPDF
2539EDU2018-2539Unified Fluid and Field Theory Solves Long Standing ControversiesHector A. MuneraPDF
2538ENG2018-2538The Evaluation of the Manufacturing and Functions of Complex Knitted FabricsChin-Mei Lin, Pei-Chen Hsiao, Chao-Tsang Lu, Hsing-Hua Cheng and Jia-Horng LinPDF
2537ENGEDU2018-2537Implementation of Concurrent Engineering Approach in MUSE (Master in Space Systems) Master’s Degree in Space EngineeringElena Roibás-Millán, Félix Sorribes-Palmer, Javier Cubas, Santiago Pindado, Marcos Chimeno, Gustavo Alonso, Ángel Sanz-Andrés, Javier Pérez-Álvarez, Sebastián Franchini and Isabel Pérez-GrandePDF
2536ENV2018-2536EPR for E-Waste Efficiency in Brazil and USA: A Comparative AnalysisGraziela Ferreira Guarda, Luiz Fernando Whitaker Kitajima and Beatriz Rodrigues de BarcelosPDF
2535ARC2018-2535The Somatic Landscape of Urban Migrant Identities: Mapping Emotional Engagements of Site, Dance and Body in Raval, Barcelona, as Case StudyAna Moya Pellitero and Victoria HunterPDF
2534SPO2018-2534Social Impacts of International Sport Events – Based on Experiences from European Youth Olympic Festival 2017 GyőrTünde MátéPDF
2533ARC2017-2533Manipulated Traces: Architectural Post-Productions’ Contemporary TechniquesFabio Sorriga and Ruggero LenciPDF
2532ARC2017-2532Ruins between Film and ArchitectureFrancesca CoppolinoPDF
2531LNG2018-2531Cross-Linguistic Collocations Used by Bilingual Native Speakers-A Case Study of Komi-Permyak-Russian BilingualsYuliya Leshchenko, Tamara Dotsenko and Tatyana OstapenkoPDF
2530ARC2018-2530The Aesthetics and Attainability of Cultural Cohesion: The Metaphorical Compositional Structure of Oresteia and Acropolis of AthensVladimir MakoPDF
2529TRA2018-2529Importance of Leadership Qualities on Board Ships with Emphasis on Crisis SituationsSrđanVujičić, Nermin Hasanspahić and Darijo MiškovićPDF
2528CIV2018-2528Efficient Dynamic Analysis of Structures to Earthquake Loading by Pole-Residue OperationsShuai Cong, Qian-Ying Cao, Hua-Jun Li and Sau-Lon James HuPDF
2527ARC2017-2527The Shift of the Valuation and Management Model in Japanese Protected Townscapes from a Tourism Point of View to a Local Community and Environment Point of View: Case Studies of Uchiko (1978-82), Kurayoshi (1998) and Ine (2004-05)Jon Alvarez Fernandez PDF
2526PLA2017-2526From Matter to Construction, Sustainable ArchitectureSara ErichePDF
2525ARC2017-2525The Pragmatic Role of Iconic Buildings in Promoting Social Engagement: A Case Study of Sage Gateshead Music Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, UKXi YePDF
2524SPO2018-2524Sustainability of Elite Sports: a Case Study of the Japanese Professional Baseball LeagueNorihide IshidoPDF
2523ARC2018-2523A Meta-Baroque Allegory for an Architectural ConceptMaria João SoaresPDF
2522EC02018-2522Analysis of Statistics of Violence by Homicide in the Members Countries of Mercosur, During the Period Extending From 2000-2012Luciana Aparecida Bastos, Janete Leige Lopes, Jesus Crepaldi and Badar Alan IqbalPDF
2521ARC2017-2521Some Typical Problems in the Design of Private House in Vietnam from the Perspective of Tropical Passive DesignDuc Vien Le and Qiang QianPDF
2520ARC2017-2520Concept, Site and Material, a Contemporary Strategy in Art and ArchitectureCarlos Manuel Lampreia da SilvaPDF
2519IND2017-2519Module Design Methodology for the Conceptualization of a Portable Unit for Providing Heat, Cold and Electricity in BEVs and BuildingsHaider Iqbal Hanif, Dennis Saul, Henrik Rüscher, Christian Bohn and Lars-Oliver GusigPDF
2518ARC2017-2518Architecture and Cancer: Enhancing the Appropriate Environment of a Cancer Rehabilitation Centre in SuzhouKe LiuPDF
2517WAT2018-2517Use of Molecular Techniques for Identification of Nitrate Contamination Sources in GroundwaterAngelantonio Calabrese, Vito Felice Uricchio, Massimo Blonda & Claudia CampanalePDF
2516LNG2017-2516Experiment in Non Word Repetition by Monolingual Arabic PreschoolersAmani Jaber-AwidaPDF
2515MED2018-2515Global Media Framing of a Diplomatic Rift in the Middle EastJohn Mark King and Meruyert King
2514COM2018-2514Motion Sickness in VR Learning EnvironmentsCarsten LeconPDF
2513COM2018-2513Computer Science and DigitalizationThomas FehlmannPDF
2512INL2018-2512Interdisciplinary Approach to Polemological ResearchMilena PalczewskaPDF
2511EDU2018-2511Thinking Outside of the Frame: Using Drama
and the Arts to Promote Metacognition
Alistair Martin SmithPDF
2510LIB2018-2510Doctoral Theses in Library and Information Science Accepted By the Indian Universities during 2008-2017: A Bibliometric StudyParveen KumarPDF

2508ECO20018-2508Optimal Pricing of Deposit Insurance: Aiming at Fairness and StabilityJean RoyPDF
2507FOS2018-2507Stochastic Forecasting of Demographic Components Based on Principal Component AnalysesPatrizio VanellaPDF
2506BLE2018-2506Cross-Border Conversions of Companies within the EU: The Lithuanian ExampleLina MikalonienėPDF
2505MKT2018-2505Marketing and Communication in the Creative Industries Today: How are Creative Companies Managing the Challenges of Addressing New Consumer Segments and the Generation Z?Aleksandra MarićPDF
2504MGT2018-2504Best Practices For Supply Chain and FTL Logistics AnalyticsMichael Gendron, Jeffrey Peck Jr and Tera BlackPDF
2503MGT2018-2503Transforming Industry Professionals into Effective Defined Term and Adjunct FacultyHenry Morelli and Michael GendronPDF
2502ENGEDU2018-2502An Exploration of the Confusion between Concept and Formalization amongst the Community of Teachers in PhysicsEddie Smigiel and Sandrine SimonPDF
2501EDU2018-2501Reason and Emotion – How Teachers Respond to Ethical ProblemsNiclas Lindström and Lars Samuelsson
2500EDU2018-2500The Role of Literacy in 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Themes, Issues, and New DirectionsVassiliki Zygouris-CoePDF
2499EDU2018-2499Summary Writing as a Means to Improve the Second Language, the Mother Tongue, and Mental OrganizationMaria Rosaria D’AciernoPDF
2498COLEDU2018-2498Aspects of Vocational Studies in Georgian Educational PolicyTamar KakutiaPDF
2497EDU2018-2497Impact of an Interdisciplinary Approach and the Implementation of Objectives of Arts and Cultural Education on Pupils’ Performance in Music Education and History, and Importance of Selected ValuesJerneja ZnidarsicPDF
2496EDU2018-2496The Writing of Educational Memories as a Significant Research DeviceInes Maria Almeida and Cleonice Pereira do Nascimento Bittencourt
2495EDU2018-2495The Project "Knowing the Global Environment to Act Locally: From Learning in Natural Areas to Urban Intervention (GLOCAL-act)"Antonio Almeida, Maria João Silva, Bianor Valente, Margarida Rodrigues and Vitor ManteigasPDF
2494GEO2018-2494Teachers’ Experiences of Teaching Practical Geography in Secondary Schools of UgandaAlice Merab KagodaPDF
2493AGR2018-2493Determination of Spraying Deposit Distributions of a Vision-based Real-Time Weed Detection and Control SystemÖmer Barış Özlüoymak, Ali Bolat, Ali Bayat and Emin Güzel PDF
2491GBH2018-2491Bridging Theory to Practice: Utilizing the Culture-Centered Approach (CCA) to Address
Gaps in Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Processes
Sydney Dillard, Agaptus Anaele, Rati Kumar & Raihan JamilPDF
2490EDU2018- 2490Using Oral Presentations as Part of the Writing Process to Reduce Instances of Plagiarism in Composition CoursesRudina GulekerPDF
2489EDU2018- 2489Education for Innovation (E4I):
A National Initiative Promoting Innovation in Canadian Schools
Daniel H. Jarvis, Maria T. Cantalini-Williams and Glenda L. BlackPDF
2488LIT2018-2488Jabra Ibrahim Jabra’s In Search of Walid Masoud. A Polyphony of (Un)Orchestrated Opus
Ibrahim A. El-HussariPDF
2487LIT2018-2487India’s Doctrine of Rasa and Neuroaesthetics: A Comparative Analysis of Bharatamuni’s ‘Subjectivity’ and Ramachandran’s ‘Universality’ of RasaRadha Krishna Murty GollamudiPDF
2486LIT2018-2486The Mythical Odysseus in Contemporary Croatian Poetry: A Representation of the Mythical-Symbolic ModeSanja KneževićPDF
2485LNG2018-2485Maxims and Generalisations in Modern Literary ProseMarija Liudvika DrazdauskienePDF
2484FIN2018-2484How Does the Socio-Economic Environment Influence Financial Literacy Comparison of the OECD 2010 and 2015 Research Results in HungaryErzsébet NémethPDF
2483EDU2018-2483Religious Influence in Schooling: How is Education contributing to Conflicts in West Africa?Anne M. SpearPDF
2482EDU2018-2482Metacognitive Awareness (or Lack Thereof) During Problem SolvingBrian D. BeitzelPDF
2481ART2018-2481The Elevator Scene in ‘Horse Money’: The Sound-imageEdmundo CordeiroPDF
2480HIS2018-2480Pausanias in the Athenian Agora: Touristic Interpretation Model Based On an Analysis of “Description of Greece”Fátima Mª Muñoz-Tejero and Nuria MorèrePDF
2479ECO2018-2479Time is Running Out for Halting Abrupt Climate ChangeJan-Erik LanePDF
2478BLE2018-2478Foreign Trade of Bangladesh-In the Context of the Growth Rates of Export and Import and Impact to the Country’s EconomyMohammad Rafiqul IslamPDF
2477REL2017-2477A Natural Ethics of GratitudeWilliam M. OʼMearaPDF
2476HUM2018-2476TALK THE TOK AND WALK THE WOK: How International Baccalaureate Subject Teachers Integrate Theory of Knowledge in their teaching (A Case Study in India)
Manuel CondoleonPDF
2475LIT2018-2475A Comparative Study of the Elements of Narrative Technique in the English Translation of Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Chekhov’s The GrasshopperJacqueline Carr-PhillipsPDF
2474LNG2018-2474On Non-Grammaticality, "Speaker Ghosting", and the Raison D’être of English Sequence of Tenses (SOT)Krasimir KabakcievPDF
2473LNG2018-2473Semiotics in the Study of Polish Émigré Composers’ Cultural Identity – the Case of Alexandre TansmanAnna Granat-JankiPDF
2472ART2018-2472Art Deco in American Song: Holland Robinsonʼs Loose Lyrics of Lovely Ladies and Mac Harshbergerʼs DrawingsDonald Callen FreedPDF
2471HIS2018-2471Investigation of the Corrosion of Islamic Lead-Glazed Pottery from Jordan and its DeteriorationFiras AlawnehPDF
2470BIO2018-2470An Evaluation of Visitor Facilities and the Visitor Perceptions of the National Zoological Gardens in South AfricaKevin F. Mearns and Jana LiebenbergPDF
2469ETH2018-2469On NGOs’ Role in the Development of Business Ethics in SlovakiaAnna Remišová and Anna LašákováPDF
2468EDU2018-2468Animal Experimentation in Scientific Education:
A Semiological Investigation Based On Circumstantial Indications
Marcela Teixeira Godoy and Carlos Eduardo LaburúPDF
2467EDU2018-2467Competence? Self-competence!Sebastian LerchPDF
2466LNG2017-2466Socio-pragmatic Transfer in Egyptian RefusalsAlaa DarwishPDF
2465MED2018-2465A Glance Backwards is Growth: By recognizing where Metropolitan Daily Newspapers Came From over the last 30 Years – A Strategic Business Model for the Future Can Be ProposedAdam PitlukPDF
2464AGR2017-2464Solar Energy as an Alternative Tool in Agricultural Units in Costa RicaJavier Mauricio Obando-Ulloa, Mikel Rivero-Marcos, María Fernanda Sánchez-Ramírez, Esteban Martínez-Mora, Guillermo Castro-Badilla, Freddy Araya-Rodríguez and Tomás J. Guzmán-Hernández
2463PSY2018-2463Integration and Incorporation of Pediatric Behavioral Health Services Within a Tertiary Care CenterTimothy Zeiger, Lidija Petrovic-Dovat, Pevitr S. Bansal, Christopher A. Petersen, Benjamin N. Fogel, Sarah M. Iriana, Cheston M. Berlin, Ying T. Chang, Jolene M. Hillwig-Garcia, Fauzia S. Mahr, Jasmine Marini, Beeta Verma R., Kristen G. Yost and James WaxmonskyPDF
2462LIT2018-2462The Imaginary Landscapes of Jim Crace’s ContinentPetr ChalupskýPDF
2461PSY2018-2461Neurofeedback Training: An Innovative Technique to Self-Regulate Stress and AnxietyChua Bee Seok and Jasmine Adela MutangPDF
2460SOC2018-2460Revival of Hindu Nationalism: Interplay of Religion and Caste in 21st Century’s IndiaAniket NandanPDF
2459HIS2017-2459Prehistoric Interactions in Eurasia: A Re-evaluation of Bronze Age Remains in the Oases on the Southern Rim of the Tarim BasinMarcella FestaPDF
2458MGT2016-2458The Challenges of Managers in dealing with Paradoxes of Production and Management in the 21st CenturyLuciano Ferreira da Silva and Karina Ribeiro FernandesPDF
2457REL2018-2457The Freemasons and the Roman Catholic Church in the 18th Century; the Beginning of a Conflicting Relationship Marked by Misunderstandings, Conspiracy Theories and Campaigns of DefamationAlice ReiningerPDF
2456ART2017-2456The Lupo Legacy: Agents for ChangeB. Glenn ChandlerPDF
2455SOC2018-2455Mothers, Daughters and Fear of CrimeSevgi CobanPDF
2454SOC2018-2454Teacher Education in EFL: a Critical View from a Collaborative Group of WorkRodrigo Avella RamirezPDF
2453BYZ2018-2453The Amazonomachy on Attic and Tarantine Funerary NaiskoiValeria L. Riedemann PDF
2452MED2018-2452Public Diplomacy in the Belt and Road Initiative within the New Media: Theories and PracticesLi HongxiuPDF
2451HSC2017-2451The Validity of a Health Education Program in Prevention and Increasing Awareness of Some Prevalent Health Problems among Children at Remote Areas in South SinaiGamal A. Yamamah, Mohab M. Salah, Hany Shehata, Ahmed M. Omar and Hasaneen M. HasanienPDF
2449CHE2017-2449Highly Selective and Sensitive Dual Channel Schiff Base Chemosesnsors for the Detection of Al(III), Fe(III) & Cu(II)Santhi Sambamoorthy and Amala SubbiahPDF
2448PHY2017-2448Characteristics of the Turbulence Processes in the Magnetohydrodynamic EnvironmentLiudmyla Kоzak, Bogdan Petrenko, Elena Kronberg, Elena Grigorenko and Antony Lui
2447CBC2017-2447Creating Commodities Based on the Design ThinkingYuko OkiPDF
2446NUR2017-2446Determining the Use of Herbal Medicine among Hospitalized Patients of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation UnitZeliha Koç, Asuman Şener and Zeynep Sağlam
2445SOC2018-2445Innovations from the Margins: Creating Inclusive and Equitable Academic-Community Research Collaborations
Sara Cumming, Michael J. McNamara and Jessica Pulis
2444EDU2017-2444Attitudes of Saudi Foundation Year Students towards Learning English: A Qualitative StudyRolla MassriPDF
2443LIT2017-2443Humour in Multicultural South African Texts: Finding Common GroundLynn Wood, Alicia Van Der Spuy, Lakshmi Jayakrishnan and Vasti Pienaar
2442MDT2018-2442Mothers’Perceptions of Adolescents’ Influence on the Purchase Decisions of Family VacationsJoão Paulo BaíaPDF
2441SOC2017-2441“It’s too soon to tell”: Understanding the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race and its ConsequencesTrevor HarrisonPDF
2440PSY2017-2440Intergeneration Trust in the Context of Health and Wellbeing in DiasporaMaria-Irini Avgoulas and Rebecca FananyPDF
2439LIT2017-2439Ruptures in Harmonizing Discourses: Exemplifications in some Works of Black and White Writers in a Democratic South AfricaLesibana J. RafapaPDF
2438TOU2016-2438The Impact of Mega Events on the Local Economic Development through the Development of Social CapitalGrazyna Chaberek-Karwacka and Julia Ziolkowska
2437DEM2017-2437The Impact of Research Evidence on Global Developmental Objectives Regarding the Future Demographic Goal SettingAvramov Dragana and Cliquet RobertPDF
2436SOS2017-2436From the Backs of the African Mine Workers’: Working Time, the Racialised Value of Labour Power and Organised White Labour on South African Gold Mines: 1933-1978Paul StewartPDF
2435ARC2017-2435Contemporary Chinese Architects and Type: Courtyard based Case Studies in Shanghai AreaIoanni Delsante and Cong Zheng
2434LNG2017-2434Effects of the Signalling Principle on EFL learning: A Study of Explicit Presentation of Frequent Grammar Mistakes Using an Adapted Functional Teaching ApproachFrancisco Matus PDF
2433NUR2017-2433Assessing Knowledge Regarding Vulvovaginal Candidiasis among Female University StudentsAbeer OrabiPDF
2432POL2016-2432Crimea in Turkish-Russian Relations: Identity, Discourse, or Interdependence?Fulya Ereker and Utku Özer
2431MDT2017-2431A European Fleet to address the Migration Challenge in the Mediterranean? The EUNAVFOR MED/Sophia between Lights and ShadowsGian Lorenzo ZichiPDF
2430IND2017-2430Importance of Simulations of Hadoop/MapReduce-Based Platform to Support its Usability of Big Data Analytics in HealthcareDillon Chrimes, Hamid Zamani, Belaid Moa & Alex Kuo
2429PLA2017-2429Research on a Nationwide Area-Based Management Survey in JapanJun Mitarai and Naphasinee Suebsuk
2428COL2017-2428An Examination of the Relationship between the Toy Preferences and Play Skills of 4-5 Year OldOnay Budak and Özlem ErsoyPDF
2427LNG2017-2427Toward a Discovery of Truth in the Study of Verbal MeaningMarija Liudvika DrazdauskienePDF
2426EDU2015-2426The Collaborative Experience (PLC) with Tablets: Moving Forward in a Language ClassroomJune Srichinda, Kate Price and Iria Vazquez Marino
2425EDU2017-2425Language Choices of Multilingual Learners of German in a Texas Border TownAnnabell SahrPDF
2424EDU2017-2424Visual Thinking Routines: Classroom Snapshots Alain GholamPDF
2423EDU2017-2423Is Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) Reliable to Promote Students’ Mathematical Reasoning?Richard S. KitchenPDF
2422EDU2017-2422A Narrative Inquiry into EFL Teacher Change in Chinese Primary SchoolsXiaohui Sun and Shaoqian LuoPDF
2421ENGEDU2017-2421The Inverted Classroom Model in a Master’s Degree Program for Civil EngineersFelicitas RädelPDF
2420COM2017-2420Flexible Serious Game to Train Business Processes in Higher EducationMarina Burdack and Manfred Rössle
2419RUS2017-2419Father Paul Florensky: Philosopher, Christian Thinker, Scientist and MusicianTatiana SamsonovaPDF
2418CIV2017-2418The Effect of Wind Loads on the Seismic Performance of Tall Buildings Shilpa Nirman Thilakarathna, Naveed Anwar, Pramin Norachan and Fawad Ahmed Najam
2417MEC2017-2417Agile Management in Hardware Related Design ProjectsChristoph Maurer, Lars Brehm and Anne BergnerPDF
2416ART2017-2416Correlating Methods of Teaching Aural Skills with Individual Learning StylesChristine CondarisPDF
2415EDU2017-2415"You Say Praise, I Say Encouragement" - Negotiating Positive Behavior Support in a Constructivist PreschoolVictoria Carr and Mary BoatPDF
2414LIT2017-2414The Challenges Faced By the Mother- Tongue Lecturers at the Tertiary LevelSingatwa MonaPDF
2413LIB2017-2413Orphan Works and Diligent Search Procedures in EuropeRosario Arquero-Avilés, Brenda Siso-Calvo and Gonzalo Marco-CuencaPDF
2412CBC2017-2412Global Economy and E-Commerce: Development of E-Commerce in Turkey and its Global Position in Today’s Global EnvironmentMihalis KuyucuPDF
2411NUR2017-2411Functional Health Literacy of Asylum Seekers and Refugees – A Pilot Study in ItalyGiulia Marchetti, Milena Sorrentino, Anna Rita Marucci, Giovanni Galeoto, Maurizio Marceca and Julita SansoniPDF
2410NUR2017-2410Management of Nursing Homes and Sheltered Housing in FinlandSirpa Salin and Hannele Laaksonen PDF
2409PHI2015-2409Rethinking the Concept of Suggestion within SuggestopaediaSeçil Besler TürközPDF
2408MDT2017-2408Impacts of Tourism in an Urban Community: The Case of Alfama
Ana CastelaPDF
2407EDU2017-2407Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display Used In Online & Distance EducationMichele Domenico Todino, Stefano Di Tore, Giuseppe De Simone and Maurizio SibilioPDF
2406REL2017-2406"Not Three Gods, but One" – Why Reductionism Does Not Serve Our Theological DiscourseFinley LawsonPDF
2405MDT2017-2405Empires in the Near East and Mediterranean Regions: Steps towards Globalization?Nuno ValerioPDF
2404MED2017-2404Uses and Gratifications of Internet Use Among the Elderly in TurkeyNazlı Aytuna and Yeşim Ceren ÇaprazPDF
2403LIT2017-2403Caecilia, Calpurnia, and Their Dreams of Political Importance Patterns of Constructing Gender Relations and Female Scope for Action in Ancient Roman SourcesAnna Katharina RomundPDF
2402SOS2017-2402An Outlook on Attitudes towards Different Cultures at Schools Conductıng Alternative Educatıonal ApproachesMehmet Şanver and Özgür ErakkuşPDF
2401LIB2017-2401Nudging Higher Education Libraries: The Portuguese RecommendationsTeresa Costa and Tatiana SanchesPDF
2400LIB2017-2400The Impact of Specialized Certificate Program on the Performance of School Librarians in the Sultanate of OmanKhalfan bin Zahran bin Hamed Al-Hijji, Salwa El-Saeed Abdel Karim and Maymouna bint Humud Al-ShabibiPDF
2399LIT2017-2399Food as a Marker of Identity in My Beautiful Death by "Eben Venter"Alicia van der SpuyPDF
2398EDU2017-2398The Relationship between Teachers' Perceptions of Emotional Labor and Teacher Burnout and Teachers' Educational LevelRacheli Zaretzky and Yaacov J KatzPDF
2397EDU2017-2397Application of Team-Based Learning at a Health Science Course: A Case StudyElif BengüPDF
2396MGT2017-2396Consumers’ Perception of Eco-labels in South AfricaMiemie Struwig and Chris AdendorffPDF
2395LNG2017-2395Sounds, Signs and Hearing: Towards a Semiotics of the Audible FieldRodrigo Mero Sarmento da Silva, Amanda Lys Matos dos Santos Melo and Filipe da Silva DuartePDF
2394CIV2017-2394Prototypes of an Air Incorporating Bioadditive Derived from Castor OilRodrigo Mero Sarmento da Silva, Amanda Lys Matos dos Santos Melo and Filipe da Silva DuartePDF
2393ARC2017-2393Architecture: An Heirloom in the Context of Chettinad, IndiaAsmita PatwardhanPDF
2392SOC2017-2392A Synthetic Indicator to Measure Social Capital in the Different Italian Regions: A Before and After Comparison of the Economic CrisisMarco CarradorePDF
2391SME2017-2391National Culture and Company`s Risk Management: A Survey on Risk Management Practices in Turkish and German SMEsRalph Schuhmann and Farzaneh Soleimani ZoghiPDF
2390EDU2017-2390Transitional Bilingual Education and Two-Way Immersion Programs: Comparison of Reading Outcomes for English Learners in the United StatesPaul Polanco and Doris Luft de BakerPDF
2389MEC2017-2389Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Curved Square Duct with Longitudinal Triangular Rib Using Al2O3/Water NanofluidFatih Celen, Omer Evran, Oguz Turgut and Burak TigliPDF
2388SOC2017-2388Lifestyle Migration: Italy in the Southern European ContextPaolo Diana and Domenico MaddaloniPDF
2387MED2017-2387Link between Successful Aging and Selected Communication-demographic Characteristics of Filipino EldersCarmencita P. Del VillarPDF
2386EDU2017-2386Challenges of Principal Succession – Examining the Challenges of Hiring Internal vs. External CandidatesLou L. Sabina and Chris ColwellPDF
2385ARC2017-2385The First Decades of the Cinema and the New Society: Influences on ArchitectureSusana Tavares dos SantosPDF
2384ARC2017-2384Projection Surface and Architectural SpaceAmos Bar-EliPDF
2383ARC2017-2383Towards a Definition of ‘Place’. Interdisciplinary Methodology for Integrating Architectural and Sociological Data in Claremont Court, EdinburghNadia Bertolino and Sandra Costa SantosPDF
2382SOS2017-2382Educate through Debate. The Project "A Suon di Parole"Paolo Sommaggio, Alvise Schiavon and Marco MazzoccaPDF
2381IND2017-2381An Assessment of Biomass Supply Chain: A DEA ApplicationIsotilia Costa Melo, Athanasios Rentizelas, Paulo Nocera Alves Júnior, Jessica Suárez Campoli and Daisy Aparecida do Nascimento RebelattoPDF
2380ELE2017-2380Considerations of the Experimental Verifications of the Numerical Model of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Mounted in the Wheel of an Electric BicycleSilvia-Maria Diga, Leonardo-Geo Manescu, Adelaida-Mihaela Duinea and Nicolae DigaPDF
2379POL2017-2379Has the Brexit Vote Affected the United Kingdom’s Largest Trading Partners?L. Jan ReidPDF
2378MEC2017-2378An Overview of Additive Manufacturing Methods for Biomedical ApplicationsBinnur SagbasPDF
2377ECO2017-2377Technical and Environmental Efficiency of Wheat Farms in Saline Irrigated Areas of Central IraqMohammed Jabar Abdulradh, Boubaker Dhehibi, Osamah Kadhim Jbara and Kamel ShideedPDF
2376LNG2017-2376Teachers’ Strategies to Promote Reading in English First Additional Language: A Focus on Challenges and Approaches in Language Transitioning in a South African ContextFesi Liziwe and Adele MoodlyPDF
2375CIV2017-2375Experimental Results of Accelerated Long-term Durability Performance of E-glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite MaterialsJonathan Trovillion, Hector Estrada, Hugh McManus, Ashok Kumar, Larry D. Stephenson and William LewisPDF
2374ARC2017-2374Scrutinizing the Role of Cultural Spaces as a Common Factor in Tangible and Intangible Cultural HeritageDevakumar ThencheryPDF
2373MDT2017-2373Crisis and Change within the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Water Sociotechnical System: Toward Self-Reliance?Marcia R. Hale and Stephanie S PincetlPDF
2372ARC2016-2372A Transdisciplinary Dictionary of Architecture: A First ApproachClara Germana Goncalves and Maria Joao SoaresPDF
2371MDT2017-2371Why we continually Misinterpret Classical Tragedy: Ancient Greek Law within the Tragic TraditionJ. Lynn AdamsPDF
2370MEC2017-2370Nondestructive Bolt Preload MeasurementPéter Horváth and Péter TóthPDF
2369PLA2017-2369The Drawn Landscape in 3D Databases: The Management of Complexity and Representation in the Historical CitySandro Parrinello, Francesca Picchio, Pietro Becherini and Raffaella De MarcoPDF
2368SOC2017-2368Public Politics in matters of Crime and Health. Prevention, Rehabilitation, Readaptation Criminological AnalysisMartha Fabiola Garcia AlvarezPDF
2367LIB2017-2367The Research Support Role of the Library of the Lithuanian University of Educational SciencesRamute Grabauskiene and Irena KuzminskienePDF
2366ECL2017-2366The Sustainability Nexus: Developing Resilient Communities in Emerging Nations via Clean Energy AccessEbun Akinsete and Victor OsuPDF
2365MKT2017-2365Trade Marketing, ICT and Loyalty: Some Possible Intersecting Points between Food Industries and RetailersLorenzo Nardi and Daniele ScattoliniPDF
2364CIV2017-2364Reuse of Gypsum Residue in the Manufacturing of 3D Decorative Wall Covering PanelsJesimiel Pinheiro Cavalcante, Eliedson Rafael de Carvalho and Lucas Willian Aguiar MattiasPDF
2363PHI2017-2363Free Will, Grace, and God: The Problem of Predestination of Human Beings according to John Duns ScotusMartyna KoszkałoPDF
2361PLA2017-2361Restructuring of Peri-Urbanization around Railway Stations in Some French Urban AreasAnissa BenaichePDF
2360COM2017-2360A Strategic Model for Forensic ReadinessJan ColliePDF
2359EDU2017-2359Reflections of Teacher Trainees Experiences of Microteaching: A case study Geography Teacher Trainees School of Education, Makerere University, UgandaAlice Merab KagodaPDF
2358MED2017-2358Uses and Gratifications of Online News among Young Adults in BahrainHatem AlsridiPDF
2357EDU2017-2357Teaching the Whole Brain in Performance-Driven School Culture: Immersing Affective Behavioral-Cognitive Instruction within the Constructs of the Academic CurriculumRebekah Granger Ellis and Richard Speaker Jr.PDF
2356EDU2017-2356Case of Four Prospective Adult Class Teachers' Mathematical Identity WorkPaivi PerkkilaPDF
2355TRA2017-2355Travel Patterns and Preferences of Urban University StudentsVirginia SisiopikuPDF
2354EDU2017-2354Personal Learning Environments as a Strategy to Promote the Use of Digital Technologies in EducationPatrícia Scherer Bassani, Cristina Ennes da Silva and Inajara Vargas RamosPDF
2353SPO2017-2353Simulation of a Probabilistic Model for Multi-Contestant RacesKonstantinos Gakis, Panos Pardalos, Chang-Hwan Choi and Jae-Hyeon ParkPDF
2352HIS2017-2352A Re-Evaluation of the Application of Keynesian Economic Theory to Classical AthensKenneth MoorePDF
2351POL2017-2351Energy Sources in the Eastern Mediterranean: Contributor to Solve the Problems in Cyprus, Turkey, and Israel Triangle?Ilksoy AslimPDF
2350ZOO2017-2350Reproductive Performance of Rabbit Does Fed Moringa Oleifera Leaf Meal (Molm) as a Protein Substitute to Soya Bean MealJulius Enow Tabot, Kingsley Agbor Etchu, Annabella Abongwa Ngengwi and Olivier Sandra GhomsiPDF
2349LEI2017-2349Jean Piaget's Unrecognized Epigenetic Ontogenesis of the Logical-Mathematical ThoughtZelia Ramozzi-Chiarottino, Gladis Franck-Cunha, Jose-Jozefran Freire and Alexandre Augusto FerrazPDF
2348IND2017-2348The Supply Chain Value Stream ModelHubertus Franke and Katharina LankoPDF
2347EDU2017-2347Student-Centred Teaching in Laboratories Supported with Online Components in the Orientation Program MINTgruenFranz-Josef Schmitt, Christian Schröder, Züleyha Yenice Campbell, Marcus Moldenhauer and Thomas FriedrichPDF
2346MEC2017-2346Force Measurements Supporting the Set-up Process in Roll FormingTilman Traub, Christoph Miks and Peter GrochePDF
2345SOC2017-2345Welfare State Programming in the Least Developed Nations: In Search of a Conceptual FrameworkMd. Mahmudur Rahman BhuiyanPDF
2344INT2017-2344Teaching Web Programming based on Interdisciplinary Projects: An Experience ReportLuciana Brasil Rebelo dos Santos, Renan Cavichi de Freitas, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues Junior, Lucas Venezian Povoa and Adilson Marques da CunhaPDF
2343EDU2017-2343Ethical Formation: A Philosophical Reflection on Forgiveness from the Peace Processes in ColombiaClaudia Giraldo Agudelo and Ángela Niño CastroPDF
2342ARC2017-2342Vacuum Appropriation Strategies between Patio and Pavilion Archetypes Hybridization in Two Classical Masters Works of Modern ArchitectureSimone SolinasPDF
2341ARC2017-2341The Concept of Energy Conservation in Architectural Design and the Creation of Modern Thai Architectural IdentityRungrat TengkaoprasertPDF
2340COM2017-2340Influence of Cloud Computing Technologies on Achieving Agility in Organizations: An Empirical InvestigationFaisal AburubPDF
2339EDU2017-2339Developing and Implementing Instrumentation for Digital High School Curricula: A Regional Study of a Rubric for Instructional QualityRachel Vannatta Reinhart and Savilla BanisterPDF
2338EDU2017-2338Teaching Ethics to Non-Philosophy Students: A Methods-Based ApproachLars Samuelsson and Niclas LindstromPDF
2337COL2017-2337Perspectives of Millennial SLP Graduate Students during Clinical Peer Learning: Pilot Student Survey ResultsElisabeth A. Mlawski and Deborah A. DeLucaPDF
2336HUM2017-2336Platonism as a Philosophical MethodIgnacio García PeñaPDF
2335DEM2017-2335Scientific Literacy and the Future of Ethnic Minority Groups in the United States: The Unfinished Civil Rights MovementHenry Lee AllenPDF
2334IND2017-2334New Experiences in Welding Magnesium AlloysPeter Boehm and Jannis MarionPDF
2333ENGEDU2017-2333The UPMSat-2 Satellite: An Academic Project within Aerospace Engineering EducationSantiago Pindado, Elena Roibas-Millan, Javier Cubas, Andres Garcia, Angel Sanz, Sebastian Franchini, Isabel Perez-Grande, Gustavo Alonso, Javier Perez-Alvarez, Felix Sorribes-Palmer, Antonio Fernandez-Lopez, Mikel Ogueta-Gutierrez, Ignacio Torralbo, Juan Zamorano, Juan Antonio de la Puente, Alejandro Alonso and Jorge GarridoPDF
2332ARC2017-2332The Phenomenon of Being Distinguished in Architecture; A Study on Pritzker PrizeBurcin Basyazici and Belkis UluogluPDF
2331LIB2017-2331A Comparison of the Metadata Used in Some European Archives with Special Reference to Ottoman RecordsElif Yılmaz ŞentürkPDF
2330ARC2017-2330Traditional Rural Architecture in Eastern Black Sea Region: Case Study on Rize-F?nd?kl?-Hara VillageSeda CengizPDF
2329EDU2017-2329In Vino Veritas: The GameEliane Schlemmer, Wagner dos Santos Chagas and Cleber PortalPDF
2328ARC2017-2328Remodeling the American Suburb, Obesity, Parklets and Social MediaMichael O’ BrienPDF
2327COM2017-2327An Architecture for Reliable Industry 4.0 AppliancesTill HaenischPDF
2326MKT2017-2326Developing Positive Brand Image of Talents Mentor Perspective from International Case CompetitionBill Proud, Vesna Damnjanovi? and Milos MilosavljevicPDF
2325MKT2017-2325Role of Social Media in Managing Organization Crisis- A Case Study of Nestle Maggi in IndiaAarti Saini and Ruchi GuptaPDF
2324MGT2017-2324A Practical Integrated Model Approach to the Complexity of Strategic AlignmentArthur Pantelides and Omari LomiashviliPDF
2323MKT2017-2323Neuromarketing for Investment Decisions: Investment Decision Making Supported by NeuromarketingJuan Carlos Chica MesaPDF
2322MGT2017-2322A Model of Cultural Influence Factors in Chinese Enterprises Developing Foreign Market by the Belt and Road Initiative - An Exploratory Study based on Grounded TheoryZheng Fan, Peihua Fan, Leyun Sheng and Qinli FanPDF
2321FIN2017-2321How Efficient is the Foreign Exchange Market?Ioannis N. KallianiotisPDF
2320FIN2017-2320Megatrends of Financial Markets Regulation and Russian BankingGalina PanovaPDF
2319MED2017-2319Media Manipulation 2.0: The Impact of Social Media on News, Competition, and AccuracyNeill FitzpatrickPDF
2318PLA2017-2318Analysis of Tools for Revitalization and Rehabilitation of BrownfieldsJiri KuglPDF
2317ARC2017-2317The Design Studio as a New Integrative and Experimental Learning Space: The Pedagogical Value of Implementing BIM, Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication in Architectural EducationMarta Masdeu and Josep FusesPDF
2316HUM2017-2316Plato, Environmental Sustainability, and Social JusticeMark StonePDF
2315ARC2017-2315Kleinwohnung vs Existenzminimum: Social Housing Types from Inter-war YearsAlessandro PorottoPDF
2314AGR2017-2314Bangladesh Trade with India: Trends and PatternsAnisul M. IslamPDF
2313ELE2017-2313A Novel Method of Teaching a Capstone Final-year Design Course in Electronic Engineering over a Two-Semester IntervalScott GrenquistPDF
2312AGR2017-2312Selection of Photovoltaic Systems to the GreenhousesEugenio Romantchik and Eduardo RiosPDF
2311GEO2017-2311Two Decades of Evolution in Cluj-Napoca's SuburbsPaul MuticaPDF
2310EMS2017-2310The Professional Learning Situated in an Interdisciplinary Practice of the Prospective Mathematics TeachersJenny Patricia Acevedo RincónPDF
2309AGR2017-2309Sensitive Detection of Aspergillus tubingensis Causing Heart Rot in Pomegranate (Punica grantum L.) and its Biocontrol by Indigenous Phyto-extractsMuhammad Farooq Hussain Munis and Sundus Maria AshfaqPDF
2308ENV2017-2308Fishing Gear and Set Methodology Models for Target Species Fishing Success in Gulf of Mexico Longline Reef FishingAlexandria E. Rivard and Wyndylyn von ZharenPDF
2307 MED2017-2307Death Coverage of Political and Cultural Leaders in Israeli Newspapers 1904 - 1995Barack Bar-ZoharPDF
2306MGT2017-2306The Impact of Terrorism on the Economic Sustainable Tourism Development of the Island of CreteSakina BoulalPDF
2305TOU2017-2305Yachting - Nautical Tourism in the 2020 Moroccan Tourism Strategy: An Analysis of the Models of Sa?dia and Bou-RegregmarinasMohamed BoukheroukPDF
2304NUR2017-2304Physical Assessment Skills among Nursing students and Interns: A Gap Between What is Taught and What is PracticedMona H. AfifiPDF
2303PLA2017-2303Understanding Gaziantep's Traditional Spatial Organization in the Context of Socio-cultural EffectsEsra Gurbuz YildirimPDF
2302ENV2017-2302Study of PM2.5 and PM10 Mass Concentration in Kor?a CityRaimonda Totoni, Edlira Baraj, Vanela Gjeca and Gjystina FushaPDF
2301IND2017-2301Does Wearing a Smoke Hood Impede one's Ability to see Stairs while Descending?Rong Huangfu, Conner Lusk, Leslie Gunter, Jerry Davis and Yousif AbulhassanPDF
2300IND2017-2300An Interactive Model of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donning and Doffing TimesLuAnn Carpenter, Jerry Davis, Richard Sesek, Sean Gallagher and Mark SchallPDF
2299FIT2017-2299Health Status and Behaviors of Greeks and AmericansMildred Naquin, Janet Jones, Wynn Gillan, Marie Zannis, Ifigenia Georgiadou, Corinne Cormier and Jessica FrileyPDF
2298MED2017-2298Sport as a Mean of Communication for PrisonersBlerina Gjerazi and Rejnaldo GjeraziPDF
2297ARC2017-2297Modern Movement Migrations: Architecture in Angola and Mozambique (1948-1975)Ana MagalhaesPDF
2296ARC2017-2296Structural Consolidation of Aghios Konstantinos Church, AthensDanae Phaedra Pocobelli and Maria Grazia TurcoPDF
2295PLA2017-2295Representing the Identity of a Territory: The Drawing [a Tool] to Investigate, Systematize and Know. The “Bacino delle Acque Albule”as a Case StudyLaura Farroni, Giovanna Spadafora and Silvia RinalduzziPDF
2294ARC2017-2294Changing Urban Pattern of Eminönü: Reproduction of Urban Space via Current Images and FunctionTuba SariPDF
2293SOC2017-2293Academic Degree in France Military Profession Officer Graduated: A Professional Group in the MargeAxel AugéPDF
2292MDT2017-2292Orientalism and the Study of the Pre-modern Middle EastWalter D. WardPDF
2291LIB2017-2291Discovering the Efficient Path to Every Scientific Research: The New Bulgarian University Library experienceRadostina Todorova and Mariya PartulovaPDF
2290ARC2017-2290Lorenz Stoer and the Metaphor of Creative Power in ArchitectureVladimir MakoPDF
2289ARC2017-2289A Sustainable Impact of Retrofitting the Educational Buildings in Chiang Mai University, ThailandSumavalee ChindapolPDF
2288MDT2017-2288Cultural Reconciliation and Music: Musical Dialogues Direction to Reconciliation between Turkish and Greek Communities in CyprusUmut AlbayrakPDF
2287ARC2017-2287The Effects of Interior Design Parameters on the Design Quality of Nurse StationsCigdem Cetin, Zeynep Tuna Ultav and Gulnur BallicePDF
2286GEO2017-2286Between Ruins and Permanence: The Heritage in the Urbanization’s Specificity of Goiás (Brazil)Luana Nunes Martins de Lima and Everaldo Batista da CostaPDF
2285ARC2016-2285Fernando Távora: The Journey as an Instrument of Experience and Transmission of the Architectural DisciplineRaffaella MaddalunoPDF
2284NUR2017-2284What are the Barriers to Effective Nurse Leadership? A ReviewVickie HughesPDF
2283CIV2017-2283Test of All-Bolted Angle Connections for Catenary ActionYanglin GongPDF
2282EDU2017-2282Paradigms, Principles, and Perception: Building Leadership Competencies from the Inside-outChristie SweeneyPDF
2281SPO2017-2281Where are they now? – A Review of the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee Sports Administrator CoursesSherlan Cabralis, Cornell Foo & George SchaeferPDF
2280PLA2017-2280Changing Structure and Functions of Urban-Rural Fringes in a Process of Urban Stability in TurkeyOzan Hovardaoglu and Seda Calisir-HovardaogluPDF
2279TRA2017-2279Analysis of the Metro Night Service Usage in Vienna, AustriaRoman Klementschitz and Matthias RiederPDF
2278SME2016-2278SMEs Attitudes to “Information Assurance” and Consequences for the Digital Single MarketRichard Henson and Joy GarfieldPDF
2277TUR2017-2277The Fall of Kemalism and the New Face of Political Islam: 20 Crucial Years in Turkey's History (1980-2002)Maria Chiara CantelmoPDF
2276STA2017-2276Effectiveness of Teaching Strategies in MathematicsElizabeth StojanovskiPDF
2275TRA2017-2275CNN-based Vehicle Logo Classification for Vehicle Manufacturer RecognitionMario Jimenez-Garcia and David Fernandez LlorcaPDF
2274MED2017-2274Austria's Legacy in Early Radio Broadcasting: Lessons for Audio Media in the 21st CenturyJohn V. PavlikPDF
2273MED2017-2273Gender Bias in Canadian Politics: A Content Analysis of a Canadian Prime Minister's Speeches in 2015Scott Archer, Jamie Malbeuf, Taylor Merkley and Amanda Seymour-SkinnerPDF
2272COM2017-2272Quality Prediction on Die Cast Sensor DataManfred Roessle and Rene KueblerPDF
2271CIV2016-2271Numerical Modelling of Lean Duplex Stainless Steel and Assessment of Existing Design MethodsNajib Saliba and Johnny IssaPDF
2270IND2017-2270Influence of Material Moisture during Laser Joining of Polyamide 6.6 to AluminumChristian Lamberti, Inmaculada Peral Alonso and Peter PlapperPDF
2269CIV2017-2269Asphalt Mixtures that Dissipate EnergyJosef Zak, Jan Suda, Ondrej Dasek and Petr SpacekPDF
2268AGR2017-2268The Status of Drought in the Winterveldt Area: A Case of Smallholder Farmers, South AfricaPhokele Maponya, Sonja L. Venter, Ian Du Plooy and Erika Van Den HeeverPDF
2267PHI2017-2267The Essence of God and the Identity of GodTennyson SamrajPDF
2266CBC2016-2266Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Small and Medium Enterprises Development: A Case of Jigawa State, NigeriaGambo Babandi GumelPDF
2265EDU2017-2265Teachers Responding to the Challenges of Educating Refugees in Sweden and the U.S.R.D. NordgrenPDF
2264PSY2017-2264The Relationship between Students' Psychological Sense of Community in the Classroom, Aggressive Behavior, and Academic CompetenceHelen Vrailas BatemanPDF
2263PLA2016-2263Post-Revolution Urban Landscape: Transforming Public Spaces after 2011 RevolutionsAna Medina GavilanesPDF
2262TOU2017-2262Relation between Tourism and Health: Case Study AIDS in LebanonViana Hassan and Samar NoamanPDF
2261PSY2016-2261Self-Compassion as a Mediator of the Relationship between Rumination and Trait AnxietySelin Onayl? and Ozgur Erdur-BakerPDF
2260NUR2017-2260Terrifying but Amazing: The Use of Supported Performance Simulation to Enhance Student Nurse?s Ability to Learn and Articulate Ethically Sound PracticeAmy Dopson, Pat Colliety, Stuart Andrews, Teresa Hughes and Sharon MarklessPDF
2259LNG2017-2259The Proof is in the Pronoun: Grammatical and Semantic Gender in Anglo SaxonJohn M. RyanPDF
2258LIT2017-2258Achilles and Rāma, Protagonists of the Iliad and the Rāmāyana: A Comparative AnalysisGRK MurtyPDF
2257BLE2017-2257Abuse of Dominant Position: An analysis of Indian ScenarioSayali Ganu-DabakePDF
2256MED2017-2256Online Media Surveillance: Coverage of Meningitis Outbreaks in GhanaMarquita S. Smith and Gilbert K. M. TietaahPDF
2255MED2017-2255How Does the Help Desk Quality Improve Customer Satisfaction?Ivan Pogarcic, Sanja Raspor Jankovic & Rusudan SeturidzePDF
2254EDU2017-2254The Tablet as a Classroom Musical InstrumentAdam HartPDF
2253EDU2016-2253An Insight into a Whole School Experience: The Implementation of Teaching Teams to Support Learning and TeachingCharmaine Agius FerrantePDF
2252MKT2017-2252Past and Recent Conceptualisations of Sociomateriality and its Features: ReviewAleksandra BavdazPDF
2251FIN2017-2251Analyst Activity and Impact before and During the 2008 Financial CrisisRousseau LötterPDF
2250HUM2016-2250Adaptation or "Appropriation": Re-narrating the Victorian Past as an Ethical DecisionAleksandra TrynieckaPDF
2249NUR2017-2249Active Learning Methods in Nursing Education - A New Paradigm?Maj-Helen Nyback and Irén VikströmPDF
2248MGT2017-2248The Impact of Internet Marketing on the Export Development in Food Companies (Case Study: Iranian Food Companies)Abdolrahim RahimiPDF
2247MED2017-2247A Strategic Communication Model for Sustainable Initiatives in Higher Education InstitutionsLucille Mazo and Iain MacphersonPDF
2246CBC2016-2246Science and Art: Ongoing Changes in the Process of GlobalizationSalvatore LorussoPDF
2245PLA2017-2245The Morphology of Abu Dhabi's Superblocks: A Modernist VisionApostolos Kyriazis, Ahmed Almehairi and Ibrahim Al SeriPDF
2244CBC2016-2244The Split between Criminal Policy and Social Sciences: the Development of “Punitivism”Manuel Portero HenaresPDF
2243EDU2016-2243Building Vicarious Bridges through Colour Workshops for Pupils with Visual ImpairmentFilomena Agrillo, Paola Aiello, Iolanda Zollo, Erika Marie Pace and Maurizio SibilioPDF
2242HIS2017-2242The Relationship between Women's Sport and the Show Business in the 1920th ChinaYukiyo HoshinoPDF
2241SOS2016-2241Philosophical Challenges to the Sociology of ScienceGaeta Rodolfo, Nélida Gentile and Susana LuceroPDF
2240TUR2017-2240The Role of Investment in Human Capital in Economic DevelopmentŞevkinaz Gümüşoğlu and Naz Hazal GümüşoğluPDF
2239ANT2017-2239Identity Entrepreneurs among Immigrant Minority GroupsRachel SharabyPDF
2238SOS2016-2238International Trading of Big DataDavide BorelliPDF
2237TRD2016-2237International Trade Sanctions related to Dual-Use Goods and TechnologiesIlaria Anna ColussiPDF
2236ANT2017-2236Anthropology of Education and the Understanding of Cultural DiversityJarema DrozdowiczPDF
2235LIT2017-2235The Second Coming of the Gods Postmodern Uses of Ancient Myths in German and Austrian Literature - or from Literature to SociosemioticsWilhelm KuehsPDF
2234SOC2017-2234The Adoption of Children from the Perspective of Post-ModernityIreri Báez Chávez, Aristeo Santos López and Karina Reyes PricilianoPDF
2233ENGEDU2017-2233Teaching Sustainability in Mechanical Engineering CurriculumRoy IssaPDF
2232EDU2017-2232The Urban School ExperienceStephen BenignoPDF
2231MDT2017-2231The Wolf, the Bear, the Master of the Winds: On the Nordic Roots of OdysseusMarco DuichinPDF
2230BLE2017-2230Resource Integration in the IoT Era: Focus on Smart CommunityStella Care and Maria ColurcioPDF
2229INT2016-2229Faculty Modeling Co-Teaching and Collaboration Practices in General Education and Special Education Courses in Teacher Preparation ProgramsLeila Ansari Ricci and Joan C. FingonPDF
2228CUL2017-2228Building and Diffusing the Image of Cultural Heritage: Pausanias in Ancient Greece and the Voyages Pittoresques et Romantiques in 19th Century FrancePaul Claval and Colette Jourdain-AnnequinPDF
2227MDT2013-2227Public Private Partnerships: An Analysis in the Italian ContextMatteo Rossi and Renato CivitilloPDF
2226EDU2016-2226Challenges in Education System Affecting Teacher Professional Development in OmanAmira Al Shabibi and Heikki SilvennoinenPDF
2225EDU2017-2225School Counselors' Role: Supporting the Developmental Transitions of Immigrant and African-American StudentsNeffisatu Dambo and Louis A. AkainyaPDF
2224EMS2017-2224Strategy to Overcome Mistakes by New Primary Mathematics Teachers in Saudi Arabia in Teaching GeometryYahya Al ZahraniPDF
2223MKT2016-2223Conceptualising Customer Experience in B2B ServicesAhmed Almoraish, Spiros Gounaris and Beverly WagnerPDF
2222EDU2016-2222Working with Emotions: Teachers' Work, Stress and Coping Strategies in Eastern GalileeYonit NissimPDF
2221CBC2016-2221Pursuing Sustainability in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: The Role of Agricultural FinanceMargherita MoriPDF
2220EDU2017-2220An Investigation of State Superintendents in the United States: Ethical Leadership Perspectives, State Leader Demographics, and State Education CharacteristicsDenver J. Fowler, Raymonnesha Edwards and Hsien-Yuan HsuPDF
2219EDU2017-2219Games to Assist People with Mobility Limitations in the School Inclusion ProcessRegina Heidrich, Marsal A. Branco, João B. Mossmann, Anderson Schuh and Emely JensenPDF
2218HUM2017-2218Stoics and Epicureans for the 'Modern Market': How Athenian Educators Re-Tooled the Old City's 'Modernist Schools' for Republican Rome. One of a Trilogy of Studies in the Marketing of Athenian Education to a 'newer' Ancient WorldDavid P. WickPDF
2217HSC2017-2217The 50s Are the New 30s: And You Can Still Have Kids due to Oocyte CryopreservationVera Lúcia RaposoPDF
2216HSC2017-2216Peer Mentorship for the Internationally Educated Nurse: An Appreciative InquirySharon Ronaldson, Kim Macfarlane, Denise Thomas, Patricia Woods, Alix Andreychuk, Sarah Ehinger, Christine Lichuk and Melissa MillerPDF
2215ERT2016-2215Diffusion of Iodide in Low Permeability Clayey SoilsDerya Ayral-Cinar and Avery H. DemondPDF
2214EDU2017-2214Virtual/Augmented Reality in Education Analysis of the Potential Applications in the Teaching/Learning ProcessAlfred KlampferPDF
2213MED2017-2213The Press and Coverage of Overpopulation - Media Ignore what some Scientists Call the Most Important Problem Facing the World TodayBradley WilsonPDF
2212EDU2016-2212The Right to Inclusive Education of Persons with Disabilities in Italy. Reflections and PerspectivesSara CarnovaliPDF
2211EDU2016-2211Jordanian Pre-service EFL Teachers' Perspectives about Phonological Awareness: Contributions to Reading DevelopmentYousef AlshaboulPDF
2210HIS2016-2210The Socio-political Meanings of the Conflict between the Muslims and the Christians around the Western Balkan in the 15th CenturyJayoung ChePDF
2209COM2017-2209The Role of Mathematics for Success in BusinessThomas FehlmannPDF
2208EDU2016-2208Student Engagement through Visual Thinking RoutinesAlain GholamPDF
2207EDU2016-2207Creative Learning. Embodied Education through a Multimodal InterfaceNazario ZambaldiPDF
2206MED2017-2206Press Releases as a Tool of Media Relations: An Analysis towards Public Relations News on NewspapersGaye Aslı SancarPDF
2205BLE2017-2205Use of Force and Human Rights under International LawKamal Ahmad KhanPDF
2204MED2017-2204Fact or Fable: What Makes Negative Political Ads Effective?Chris UnderationPDF
2203TUR2016-2203The Relationship between Early Literacy Experiences, Receptive Language and the Phonological Loop: Assessment of Turkish Children Aged 48-66 MonthsGözde Akoğlu and Çiğdem KızılözPDF
2202INT2016-2202Identifying and Supporting Numeracy Needs of First Year Undergraduate Education StudentsFiona Budgen and John WestPDF
2201EDU2016-2201The Relationship of Preschool Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs, Perceptions of Organizational Justice and Support, Learned Resourcefulness and BurnoutÖzlem Erkal Çil and Kamile DemirPDF
2200SOC2016-2200Social Cohesion in the Time of Crisis: An Empirical Research on EU Member StatesFelice Addeo, Paolo Diana, Gianmaria Bottoni and Maria EspositoPDF
2199SOC2016-2199Neoliberal Discourse in Italy and European Integration: The Jobs Act and the Pensions ReformLuca BifulcoPDF
2198MED2017-2198People on TV: A Mediated Public SpaceFrancisca S. P. da SilvaPDF
2197MED2017-2197Financialization of Canadian MediaMarc EdgePDF
2196CBC2016-2196The Offshore Delivery of Australian Transnational Higher Education (TNHE) in South East Asia: Some ChallengesRama VenkatasawmyPDF
2195HIS2016-2195Alexander the Great: Head to Head with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)Alexandra F. MorrisPDF
2194MDT2017-2194The Nordic Origins of the Iliad and Odyssey: An Up-to-date Survey of the TheoryFelice VinciPDF
2193MDT2017-2193The Oceanographic Achievements of Vito Volterra in Italy and AbroadSandra LinguerriPDF
2192PHA2017-2192Structural Analogue of Peptide Apelin-12 in Cardioprotection against Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryOleg I. Pisarenko and Irina M. StudnevaPDF
2191TUR2016-2191Women's Fashion in the Ottoman Constitutional Period (1908-1918)Yeliz UstaPDF
2190NUR2016-2190Effectiveness of a Planned Educational Program on Preeclampsia for Primigravida WomenAbeer Orabi and Pushpamala RamiahPDF
2189CBC2016-2189The Digital Self: the Construction of Self and Social Recognition in the Global Digital SocietyFederica BuongiornoPDF
2188CBC2016-2188Cultural Differences across the Countries in University-Business Cooperation in EuropeBalzhan Orazbayeva and Thomas BaakenPDF
2187ECO2016-2187Introducing Sliding Modes in EconomicsCintia Martinez and Eduardo CireraPDF
2186LNG2016-2186Variable Particle Positioning in Transitive Phrasal VerbsManuela C. de OliveiraPDF
2185CUL2016-2185Drawing Value from Culture and the TerritorySalvatore Lorusso and Andrea NataliPDF
2184EDU2016-2184From Behavioural Drilling Towards Social Cognitive LearningJuha MattilaPDF
2183TUR2016-2183Intellectual Property Legislation in the Ottoman Era and its Effects on Knowledge ProductionBuket CandanPDF
2182MKT2016-2182Causal Layered Analysis of South Africa's Inclusion in BRICSChris. M. Adendorff, Theodore Kokkoris and Brink BothaPDF
2181LIB2016-2181Assessing the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education through Effective Librarian-Faculty CollaborationDavid Prescott and Ahmed AlwanPDF
2180MED2016-2180A Study on Instructional Communication Effects of Teachers' Nonverbal Immediacies among Chinese University StudentsWenying Wu, Qiaolei Jiang and Yue ChaiPDF
2179PSY2016-2179Conflicted Identity across the Generations of Greek Australian Women: The Greek Diaspora in Melbourne, AustraliaMaria-Irini Avgoulas and Rebecca FananyPDF
2178TUR2016-2178Spatial Reflections of Social Change: The Change of Urban Pattern in the Ottoman EraFulya Üstün DemirkayaPDF
2177EDU2016-2177Theoretical Markers in Studying Rural Learners in a Semi-Urban Schooling ContextDesiree Pearl LareyPDF
2176DEM2016-2176The Stable Bounded Theory. An Alternative to Project the Net Migration. The Case of MexicoJavier Gonzalez-Rosas and Iliana Zarate-GutierrezPDF
2175PUH2016-2175The Relationship between Medical Practitioners and Consumers in South Korea: Referring Alternative Dispute Resolution for Medical MalpracticeJayoung ChePDF
2174LNG2016-2174Developing Language Teachers in Distance Learning CoursesSolange Maria Sanches Gervai and Maria Aparecida CaltabianoPDF
2173ARC2016-2173First Aid Center Fotomena, CameroonLuca Venturi, Maurizio Biolcati Rinaldi and Sindy Melissa Godinez de LeonPDF
2172ARC2016-2172Ordinary Domestic Interiors: An Original Observation Inside Italian HomesLucia FrescaroliPDF
2171ART2016-2171Fostering Creativity in an Educational EnvironmentMeaghan A. DeePDF
2170EMS2016-2170A Socio-cultural Approach of Objectification Processes of the Concept of VariationJosé Luis LópezPDF
2169MGT2016-2169A Conception on the Cross-cultural Big Data Platform System for Chinese Enterprises “Going Global” StrategyZheng Fan, Shujing Cao, Yan Li, Qinli Fan, Yu Pan, Leyun Sheng and Xiaodong WangPDF
2168EMS2016-2168Self-instructions for Applying Writing as a Metacognitive Tool in Problem ResolutionLuz Graciela Orozco VacaPDF
2167TUR2015-2167Between Mamluks and Ottomans: The Worldview of Muḥammad Ibn ṬūlūnChaim NissimPDF
2166MKT2016-2166Perceived Benefits and Issues of Student Learning in Business Case Competition Comparison Study of Serbia, Australia and ThailandVesna Damnjanović, Bill Proud and Nopporn RuangwanitPDF
2165MDT2016-2165The Role of Interoperability for the Management of the Refugee FlowGeorg Neubauer, Marianne Hörlesberger, Roman Grüner and S. SchirnhoferPDF
2164TRA2016-2164Transformation of City Space and Housing Estates Associated with Changes in Lifestyle of InhabitantsOlga SkoczylasPDF
2163EDU2016-2163Are We "There" Yet?: A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian Standards on the Corporal Punishment of Children inCaroline Locher-LoPDF
2162ENGEDU2016-2162Correlation Analysis of the K-CESA Core Competencies and Course Grades for Engineering Students at the University of SeoulJiwon Hwang, Ohsung Song and Hakjin KimPDF
2161STR2016-2161Assessing Response of Structural Key Elements to Blasts and ImpactsFarhad MohammadPDF
2160EDU2015-2160Education and Enlightenment of Jewish Population in Slovakia until 1945. An Example of Microhistory of Pre?ovEduard LukáčPDF
2159ARC2016-2159Business and Culture - Time of Great Changes in the 1980’s in Finland, Lahti as an ExampleRiitta NiskanenPDF
2158STREMS2016-2158Research on Seismic Performance of Hectometer Reinforced Block Masonry High-rise BuildingsWeifan Xu, Fenglai Wang, Yan Zhao and Xujie SunPDF
2157EDU2016-2157Equipping Students with Entrepreneurial Skills for Self-Employment in Globalized World: A Survey of Nigerian Universities' EffectivenessBasil A. AkuegwuPDF
2156AGR2016-2156Essential Oil of Campomanesia phaea (O. Berg.) Landrum (Cambuci)Giovanna Fachini Dellaqua, Marcelo Machado Leao, Marcia Ortiz Mayo Marques, Roselaine Facanali, Marta Helena Filet Spoto and Jose Otavio BritoPDF
2155REL2016-21552 Timothy 4:6-8 as Paradigm of the Apostle Paul's LegacyLuc BulundwePDF
2154EDU2016-2154The Gap between What is Needed and Offered in Project Management EducationSteven NijhuisPDF
2153CIV2016-2153Serviceability Limit State for Wind-Sensitive Buildings in MexicoAdrian Pozos-Estrada and Adrian Lopez-IbarraPDF
2152EDU2016-2152The Improvement of the Educative Level That the National Quality Graduate Program Promotes In Mexico: Perceptions of Professors in the Specialty of EndodonticsMyriam Mercedes Espinosa de los Monteros Godínez, Martha Judith Arias Merino and Martha Elena Vázquez AriasPDF
2151LIB2015-2151From Accredited Qualification to Certified Skills: The Summer Knowledge Academy - New Educational Approach in the State University of Library Studies and Information TechnologiesTereza Trencheva, Stoyan Denchev, Dobri Boyadzhiev, Diana Stoyanova, Elena Ignatova, Konstantin Kazakov, Mariela Nankova, Nikolay Mitev and Vasil ZagorovPDF
2150EDU2016-2150Production and Sharing of Learning Activities with Technologies: Designing for Learning in Teacher Formation CoursesPatrícia Scherer Bassani and Rafael Vescovi BassaniPDF
2149POL2016-2149European Security Strategy in the 21st Century: The Blair Doctrine RevisitedEvanthia BallaPDF
2148LNG2016-2148Assessing the Legal English Skills of Italian Lawyers in a Perspective of Lifelong Learning - The EFLIT End-of-course Exam and University Testing: An Attempt to Cater for Real World NeedsAnila R. Scott-MonkhousePDF
2147ENGEDU2016-2147Robotics as Part of a 21st Century School CurriculumDalene Gelderblom and Alta GreeffPDF
2146ENGEDU2016-2146How to Keep Science and Technology Curricula for the Senior Phase (RSA) Relevant to 21st-Century Demands on Teaching and LearningJaco de Kock and Alta GreeffPDF
2145ARC2016-2145The Concepts of Space in the Spanish Translations of Vitruvius (1564, 1582, 1761 AND 1787). Their Differences from Gottfried Semper’s Idea of Space as Developed in Der Stil (1861, 1863)Daniel Davila RomanoPDF
2144EDU2016-2144A Botanic Trail as a Complementary Tool to Master Class in Physiology. A Comparison of Students' Impression in Different GradesBeatriz Gal, Cristina Sánchez-Camacho, María Gracia Morales, Jose Miguel Biscaia, Guillermo Benítez , Rosa Belén Mohedano and Clara AzpeletaPDF
2143CIV2016-2143An Experimental Study to Reduce Sediment Entry into an Intake CanalAnanth Wuppukondur, K. B. Ranjith and Venu ChandraPDF
2142CIV2016-2142Investigation of Self-compacting Mortars with Fly Ash and Crushed BrickAleksandar Savic and Marina AskrabicPDF
2141LIB2016-2141Information Needs, Sources and Resources for Fifth Year Medical Students During the Integrated Longitudinal Clinical Clerkship (ILCC)Nombulelo Chitha, Wezile Chitha, Sikhumbuzo Mabunda, Lizo Godlimpi and Siyonela MlonyeniPDF
2140CIV2016-2140Detection of Excessive Moisture within Bituminous Pavements using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)Robert EvansPDF
2139ENGEDU2016-2139Computer-based and Screencasts Approach in the Signal Processing Basics Electrical Engineering Course: Does Blended-learning Work to Motivate Students?Sonia M. Gomez Puente and Piet C.W. SommenPDF
2138CIV2016-2138Influence of Coarse Demolition Waste Aggregates on Physical and Mechanical Properties of ConcretesSafiullah Omary and Elhem GhorbelPDF
2137EDU2016-2137Immersive 3D Technology in the Indigenous Scholar EducationAlvino Moser, Yuri Berri Afonso and Germano Bruno AfonsoPDF
2136CBC2016-2136Can Transformational Leadership be used to Pursue Gender Parity in South African Organisations? An Analysis of the Status of African WomenMaria Matshidiso KanjerePDF
2135ECL2016-2135Future of Internet, Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Regional DevelopmentAlexandre Chikalanov, Maiyana Lyubenova and Roumen NikolovPDF
2134EDU2016-2134Curriculum in the Digital Culture and the Educational Process: A Mediated RelationshipRoseli Zen Cerny, Marina Bazzo de Espíndola, Carla Cristina Dutra Burigo and Nayara Cristine Müller TosattiPDF
2133EMS2016-2133A Stochastic Approach of Dynamical Systems by Means of CocyclesCodruta StoicaPDF
2132ARC2016-2132Latin American Collaborators at Le Corbusier's Studio: The Case of Rogelio SalmonaIngrid Quintana GuerreroPDF
2131STA2016-2131A Bio-statistical Study for Exploring the Predictors of Survival in HIV Positive Patients after Initiation of ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) TreatmentSmita PatgaonkarPDF
2130EDU2016-2130Centrality of Internship in Teacher Training: Insights of Interns on Their LearningMaria Isabel de Almeida, Selma Garrido Pimenta and José CrchiFusariPDF
2129EDU2016-2129Academic Motivations of Undergraduate Students of GerontologyMartha Elena Vazquez Arias, Elva Dolores Arias Merino, Martha Judith Arias Merino and Neyda Ma Mendoza RuvalcabaPDF
2128CIV2016-2128Optimization of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using FEA, Multibody Dynamics and Wind Tunnel TestingJihad Rishmany, Michel Daaboul, Issam Tawk & Nicolas SabaPDF
2127CBC2016-2127Trade in Intermediate Goods, Armington Elasticity and Exchange Rate Pass-throughFumihide TakeuchiPDF
2126STA2016-2126Teaching College Probability for Higher AchievementIrini PapaieronymouPDF
2124CIV2016-2124Thermally Modulated Superelastic SMA Dampers for Vibration ControlSourav Gur and George FrantziskonisPDF
2123ARC2015-2123Interdisciplinary Knowledge for Conservation of Ruins: Stratigraphic Investigations of San Giovanni Battista Church (Sardinia, Italy)Donatella Rita Fiorino, Silvana Maria Grillo and Elisa PiliaPDF
2122LNG2016-2122Intercultural Competence through Brazilian University Students LensDllubia Santclair and Barbra SabotaPDF
2121ENG2016-2121University Campus Architectural and Urban Quality: Research Projects at CEFET-MG - BrazilMaria Cristina Ramos de Carvalho, Flavio Antonio dos Santos, Manfredo Frederico Felipe Hoppe, Paulo Emilio Barcelos Carneiro and Katherine Hernandez MateoPDF
2120SOS2016-2120Family Emergency: For an Innovative European Fiscal ModelAnnalisa PacePDF
2119CIV2016-2119Extension of the Short Time Fourier Transform for Nonlinear SystemsGuillermo Manuel Flores Figueroa, Juan Alejandro Vazquez Feijoo and Jose Navarro AntonoPDF
2118EMS2015-2118Revisiting Some Design CriteriaDiarmuid O’Driscoll and Donald E. RamirezPDF
2117SOS2016-2117Factors Associated With Suicide Attempts amongst the Young People in Soshanguve, South Africa: A Social Work StudyJohannah Sekudu, K. Monageng, Goitsemang Botes, S. Moloko and M. KabiniPDF
2116MED2016-2116“Do Activities” as Effective Means to Enable Lifelong LearningMyrene MagaboPDF
2115SOC2016-2115Female Sociology as Academic Discipline: Problems and Gender based Marginalisation against Female SociologistsLejla MušićPDF
2114INL2016-2114What Does BRICS Mean for Africa?Tatiana DeychPDF
2113RUS2016-2113The Peculiarities of Vascular-Platelet Hemostasis at Different Stages of Physiological PregnancyAndrey P. Momot, Vyacheslav V. Romanov, Dina A. Trukhina, Irina A. Taranenko and Nadezhda A. SemenovaPDF
2111ERT2016-2111Flood Inundation Mapping of Risk Zones in the Future Flood Events in Alfet River – Oued Al Abid Watershed – Using GIS Techniques and HEC-RAS ModelIsmail Karaoui, Abdelkrim Arioua and Abdelkhalek El Amrani IdrissiPDF
2110POL2016-2110Geopolitical Management through Irregular ActorsDe Leon Petta Gomes da CostaPDF
2109SOC2016-2109Remigration of Nigerian Professionals in Diaspora: Benefits and Ethical ChallengesMarcellina OffohaPDF
2108CHE2016-2108Transport of Chloride Ions Evaluation through Modulated Concrete MicrostructuresBatric PesicPDF
2107LIT2016-2107Cursing and Carnal Imagery in Coriolanus; Reading between the LinesJohn MaunePDF
2106SOS2016-2106Neuro-civilization: a New Form of Social EnhancementPaolo SommaggioPDF
2104ENV2016-2104Monitoring of Ozone Ground Concentration at Temperature Inversions in the Atmosphere using Different AnalyzersEgor Iasenko, Vladimir Chelibanov & Alexander MaruginPDF
2102ARC2016-2102Experiential Learning in Interior Architectural Education: Experiences and Case Studies in Environmental Psychology CourseBanu GaripPDF
2101ARC2016-2101The Role of Experiential Learning Strategies in Interior Design Education: Environmental Design Course and Case Studies in Yenikapi Coast Landfill Area, IstanbulErvin GaripPDF
2100MDT2016-2100Refugee Related Organisations in Greece and their Cooperation Networks in the Context of the European Asylum RegimeAnna Gansbergen and Tobias BreuckmannPDF
2099LNG016-2099Interpersonal Metadiscourse Markers in Turkish Election Rally Speeches Delivered by Pro-Turkish and Pro- Kurdish LeadersElcin EsmerPDF
2098EDU2016-2098On the Meaningful Learning Determinants in Advancing Responsible Citizens in Indonesia SettingsMaximus Gorky SembiringPDF
2097PHA2016-2097Lessons from the Past: How the Clinical Pharmacy Practice was established in the Jordanian Governmental Hospitals?Laila J. BadranPDF
2096ARC2016-2096Experiential Entrepreneurial Learning in ArchitectureChristo VoslooPDF
2095ENG2016-2095The Use of 1% Nano-Fe3O4 and 1% Nano-TiO2 as Partial Replacement of Cement to Enhance the Chemical Performance of Reinforced Concrete StructuresMariana d’Orey Gaivao Portella Braganca, Kleber Franke Portella, Camila Marcal Gobi, Evandro de Mesquita Silva and Emerson AlbertiPDF
2094PSY2016-2094Life Skills and Adolescents in a Position to Host with Intellectual DisabilitiesDaniella Simoes Benetti and Fatima Elisabeth DenariPDF
2093EDU2016-2093Measuring the Effectiveness of Using Print Resources to Teach Dialogic Reading StrategiesDiana BrannonPDF
2092BLE2016-2092Strengthening of Indigenous Jurisdiction in the Context of Overcrowded and Inhuman Prison Conditions in ColombiaAngélica María Pardo López PDF
2091GEO2016-2091Predicting Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield in Oued El Abid Watershed, MoroccoEl Mouatassime Sabri, Ahmed Boukdir, Rachid El Meslouhi, Mustapha Mabrouki, Abdallah El Mahboul, Vivien Romaric Ekouele Mbaki, Abdelhamid Zitouni, Wissal Baite and Zhour EchakraouiPDF
2090LNG2015-2090Do the Descendants of European Immigrants Still Speak their Ancestral Languages in Paran? (Brazil)?Clarice Cristina CorbariPDF
2089RUS2016-2089Biological Activity of Streptomycetes Isolates from Soils of R. MoldovaSvetlana Burtseva, Maxim Byrsa, Iulia Bereziuk and Nicola SasanelliPDF
2088PHA2016-2088Skin Wound Healing: From Mediterranean Ethnobotany to Evidence based PhytotherapyEfthymia Eleni Tsioutsiou, Elisabetta Miraldi, Paolo Governa, Marco Biagi, Paolo Giordani and Laura CornaraPDF
2087PSY2016-2087The Relationship between Sexual and Emotional Promiscuity and InfidelityRicardo Pinto and Joana ArantesPDF
2086ACC2016-2086Ethics, Globalization, and the Role Educators PlayBarbara L’Huillier and Blaine T. GarfoloPDF
2085MED2016-2085Socio-cognitive Systems of Organizational Culture and Communication. An investigation into Implicit Cognitive ProcessesKay Mühlmann, Günther Schreder, Manuel Nagl and Lukas Zenk PDF
2084CIV2016-2084Optimization of the Production Process of an A-Pillar using a Differential Thickness Profile Approach via FEANicolas Saba, Jihad Rishmany, Issam Tawk and Michel DaaboulPDF
2083GEO2016-2083For Whom The Mediterranean Sea is "Our Sea"?Paul Claval and Colette Jourdain-AnnequinPDF
2082HIS2016-2082The Varying Impact of Land Use and Climate in Holocene Landscape Dynamics in the MezzogiornoPeter Wigand and Myles McCallumPDF
2081LNG2016-2081Investigating the Relationship between Vocabulary Size and Cultural Competence in English-Arabic TranslationMaha Aldhahi, Lloyd Davies and Maria Fernández-ParraPDF
2080HSC2016-2080Hypnotic Focused Analgesia Obtained Through Body Dysmorphism Prevents Pain and its Cardiovascular EffectsEdoardo Casiglia, Panagiota Rempelou, Valérie Tikhonoff, Margherita Giacomello, Antonio M. Lapenta, Francesco Finatti, Jacopo Favaro and Enrico FaccoPDF
2079ENG2016-2079Optimizing DNA-Alignment Algorithms for an Embedded SoC/FPGA PlatformChristian Rohrandt, Pay Giesselmann, Ulrich Jetzek and Franz-Josef MuellerPDF
2078ÁRT2016-2078Signifying Women - Politics of Gesture in Three Modern Dance PioneersHeather Roffe WiktorskiPDF
2077MDT2016-2077Citizenship and the Social Position of Athenian Women in the Classical Age. A Prospect for Overcoming the Antithesis of Male and FemaleJayoung ChePDF
2076EDU2015-2076Development of a Questionnaire to Measure Risk-taking in Decision-making by School PrincipalsKaren TrimmerPDF
2075ENGEDU2016-2075Entrepreneur Education for Engineers - A Case Study of Academic Working Capital ProgramDiogo D. Dutra, Marcos R. P. Barretto and Jose Reinaldo SilvaPDF
2074STA2016-2074Limitations of the Least Squares Estimators; A Teaching PerspectiveDiarmuid O’Driscoll and Donald E. RamirezPDF
2073PSY2016-2073Effects of Psychoeducational Intervention and Teleassistance in Children and Adolescents with Neuromuscular DiseaseJuan Francisco Lopez Paz, I. Amayra Caro, E. Lázaro Pérez, O. Martínez Gutiérrez, S. Berrocoso Cascallana, P. Parada Fernández and M. Pérez AlvárezPDF
2072COM2016-2072Deduction of a Comprehensive Model of the Bhutan Power System for Network Stability InvestigationsAxel Holst, Pravakar Pradhan & Cheku DorjiPDF
2071COM2016-2071Speech Synthesis of Central Mexico Spanish using Hidden Markov ModelsCarlos Franco, Abel Herrera Camacho & Fernando Del Rio AvilaPDF
2070PLA2016-2070Understanding the Relationship between Energy Consumption and Urban FormBruno Osorio, Nick McCullen, Ian Walker & David ColeyPDF
2069ARC2016-2069In Search of Fundamentals of Thai Architectural Identity: A Reflection of Contemporary TransformationVimolsiddhi HorayangkuraPDF
2068ART2016-2068Iznik Ceramics: The Integral of Production/History/Present-DayEzgi GökçePDF
2067MED2016-2067Countryside Fantasy in the Context of Urban-Rural Divided post-Mao ChinaCheng HanPDF
2066IND2016-2066Product Development Process Requirements in Non-electrical Explosion Protection Require InnovationsSabrina Herbst, Frank Engelmann and Karl-Heinrich GrotePDF
2065EDU2016-2065On the Educational Task of Mediating Basic Values in an Individualist SocietyLars Samuelsson and Niclas LindströmPDF
2064MED2016-2064Local Communication in the New Technologies’ EraEwelina Kancik-Ko?tunPDF
2063COM2016-2063Extending the Language of the Web for Dynamic Content IntegrationPeter Stoehr and Christin SeifertPDF
2062ENG2016-2062Collaborative Process Optimization - An Approach to Individual Packaging HollowsChristian Schuh, Bernd Rosemann and Oliver OechslePDF
2061EMS2016-2061Self-instructions for Applying Writing as a Metacognitive Tool in Problem ResolutionLuz Graciela Orozco VacaPDF
2060PSY2016-2060The Role of Elders and Trustees in Settlement of Collective DisputesArmindokht Ahmadi, Seyed Mehdi Saberi and Ehsan Farzin AbdehgahPDF
2059COM2016-2059Organizing Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IoT)Thomas FehlmannPDF
2058ECO2016-2058Choice Feminism and Adult Worker Model in Neoliberal Era. Some Effects of Inclusive PoliciesSerena Marceno and Alessandra PeraPDF
2057TUR2016-2057Carbon Stock and Land Use Changes: The Case of AritBirsen Durkaya, Tugrul Varol and Ali DurkayaPDF
2056ART2016-2056Dance/Movement for Integrated Populations: Curriculum Design and Best PracticesJoan Meggitt and Barbara Allegra VerlezzaPDF
2055EDU2016-2055The Geo-School Project: Local Knowledge on Geosciences for Brazilian Teachers of Basic EducationCelso Dal Ré Carneiro, Ronaldo Barbosa, Joseli M. Piranha and José Roberto Malaquias JrPDF
2054CIV2016-2054Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of a New Warm-Mix Asphalt using Sylvaroad AdditiveDai Xuan Lu and Mofreh SalehPDF
2053MDT2016-2053The Democratic Eastern Federation and the Poems of Ossian: EgyptKathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
2052ENG2016-2052Fresh State Properties of Self-compacting Concrete with Recycled Aggregates - A Literature ReviewSara Almeida Santos, Pedro Raposeiro da Silva, Jorge de Brito and Luis EvangelistaPDF
2051LNG2016-2051Mobility in a Writing Classroom: College Students' Attitudes and Self-Efficacy of Mobile LearningFadwa Murdaah AbdallahPDF
2050HUM2016-2050The Relevance of Liturgies in the Courts of Classical AthensVasileios AdamidisPDF
2049LNG2016-2049Towards a Redefinition of "Context" - Some Remarks on Methodology Regarding Historical Sociolinguistics and Texts of AntiquityFlavia PompeoPDF
2048ARC2016-2048Light as an Intangible Layer of Architectural EnvironmentMerve Ascioglu and Alpin Koknel YenerPDF
2047EDU2016-2047Formal and Non-formal Education on European Issues. Examples from Romanian Educational SystemCristina MatiutaPDF

2046PSY2016-2046The Big 12: The Most Important Character Strengths for Military OfficersOle Boe and Henning BangPDF
2045EDU2016-2045Application of Life Experiences in the Creation of a Narrative Structure for a Short Animation FilmAsadul IslamPDF
2044SOC2016-2044Populism and the Italian Electorate towards a Democracy without Parties?Domenico FruncilloPDF
2043ARC2016-2043At and with the Sea: Le Corbusier's Path towards a “Desiring-Machine”Maria Joao Soares and Clara Germana GoncalvesPDF
2042ECL2016-2042Environmental Performance Indicators of Canned Sweet Corn IndustryPhairat Usubharatana and Harnpon PhungrassamiPDF
2041LNG2016-2041Traces of "Weaving" in Hittite: a Brief OverviewMarianna PozzaPDF
2040PLA2016-2040Water as Vehicle of Cultural Spread for Mediterranean IdentityFrancesca GuerrucciPDF
2039TRA2016-2039A Sustainable Development Analysis for a Market Penetration Scenario of Electric Vehicles with Range Extenders in the Stuttgart Metropolitan AreaRoman Klementschitz and Juliane StarkPDF
2038ART2016-2038Babel Re-Play: Preliminary Findings of a Collective South-African/Swiss Art Research ProjectCynthia Kros, Georges Pfruender and Margarete JahrmannPDF
2037MDT2016-2037Bronze Age Center of Oriental Civilization in the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan) and its CoBronze Age Center of Oriental Civilization in the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan) and its Connections with Mediterranean Worldnnections with Mediterranean WorldNadezhda A. DubovaPDF
2036PHA2016-2036Feasibility on the Use of Acid Value for Evidencing the Esterification of Glycerol with Caprylic Acid Catalyzed by LipaseMichele Vitolo, Juliana Neves Rodrigues Ract and Sara Anunciacao Braga SilvaPDF
2035FIT2016-2035Original Approach to the Use of Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Education in the Sphere of Health Restoration and Preservation of Children with Orthopedic Pathology in Lviv RegionSvitlana Stupnytska, Olena Shyyan and Olha RiabukhaPDF
2034EDU2016-2034Psychomotor Assessment in Teaching and Educational Research
Ilaria Viscione, Francesca D’Elia, Rodolfo Vastola and Maurizio Sibilio
2033IND2016-2033Risk Assessment Case Study: A Wiring Harness Assembly LineDemet Gonen, Hilal Atici, Ali Oral and Bunyamin KayaPDF
2032CHE2016-2032Fabrication of High Sensitive ZnO Gas Sensor for LPG Gas DetectionHassan Shokry, Abdel Hady Kashyout, Iman Morsi, Abdelmenem Nasser & Ibrahim AliPDF
2031CHE2016-2031Nano-tube Zirconium Tungesto-vanadate as Cation Exchanger for Lead Decontamination from Polluted WastewaterMarwa Elkady and Hassan ShokryPDF
2030ENV2016-2030Mass Concentrations and Elemental Compositions of PM10 in Duzce, TurkeyZehra Bozkurt, Fatih Taspinar, Beyhan Pekey, Hakan Pekey, Ozlem Ozden Uzmez, Tuncay Dogeroglu and Eftade O. GagaPDF
2029ART2016-2029Rumi, Mevlevi, and Whirling in Plastic ArtsGökçe UysalPDF
2028PHA2016-2028Oxidative Stress in Skeletal Muscle: The Role of Nrf2 and Effect of á-lipoic AcidAnna Goraca and Beata SkibskaPDF
2027IND2016-2027Virtual Hybrid- and Meta-Optimization of Forming ProcessesRolf SteinbuchPDF
2026HIS2016-2026Prehistoric Cultures in Xinjiang: Retrospect and ProspectMarcella FestaPDF
2025EDU2016-2025New Perspectives on Picture BooksLisa Ciecierski, James Nageldinger, William P. Bintz and Sara D. MoorePDF
2024HIS2016-2024The Adventurer of the Desert Prince Kamal Eldin HusseinEnas Fares YehiaPDF
2023BIO2016-2023A Highly Quantitative Multi-Well Format Assay for Studying the Effect of Extracellular Matrix Mechanics on the Bacterial Infection of Endothelial CellsEffie Bastounis and Julie A. TheriotPDF
2022WAT2016-2022Managing Water for Tourism in the Phinda Private Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaKevin Mearns and Hannes GroblerPDF
2021MED2016-2021Design and Evaluation of Future 5G Mobile Network Transport ProtocolIvan Petrov and Toni JanevskiPDF
2020MED2016-2020Bias on the side of Truth: Cultural Influence and the Framing of Fuel Policy Crisis in Nigeria, 1999 -2007Vitalis TorwelPDF
2019NUR2016-2019Reflecting on Clinical Training Instruction: Improving New Instructors' CapabilitiesHiroko Tokumoto, Katsura Goto and Makiko AraiPDF
2018CBC2015-2018Social Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning in an Unfamiliar CultureBonnie L. Robeson and Dipankar ChakravartiPDF
2017ARC2016-2017The Aesthetics of TransformationVladimir MakoPDF
2016ARC2016-2016Improving Architectural Pedagogy toward Better Archistructural Design ValuesSawsan Saridar MasriPDF
2015AGR2016-2015Solar Energy in Agricultural Systems. Results of a Local Pilot Program in the Northern Region of Costa RicaTomas Jesus Guzman Hernandez, Freddy Rodriguez Araya and Guillermo Castro BadillaPDF
2014MED2016-2014Embryo of Identity Embroiled in the Imbroglio Materialized by the Fabricated World of Video GamesSwati JoshiPDF
2013AGR2016-2013Economic Mechanism of Agro-Industrial Complex Sustainable DevelopmentPugach SvetlanaPDF
2012ENV2016-2012Heavy Metal Pollution and Use of Microorganisms for BioremediationHannah Johnson and Madhusudan ChoudharyPDF
2011NUR2015-2011Coping, Perceived Stress, Eating Behaviours, and Sleep Patterns (CoPES) of Undergraduate Nursing Students While in PracticumEfrosini A. Papaconstantinou, Sue Coffey, Hilde Zitzelsberger, Leslie Graham, Evelyn Moreau and Mark McPhersonPDF
2010ENV2016-2010Hourly Predictions of PM10 Emissions for Emergency Episode Perception Comparatively using ANN and SVM-R TechniquesFatih Taspinar, Zehra Bozkurt and Fatih AktasPDF
2009BIO2016-2009Development and Initial Characterization of a Staphylococcus Collection Obtained from Healthy Student VolunteersJeremiah J. DaviePDF
2008ARC2016-2008Public Space as a Public Good: Some Reflections on Public Space to Enjoy SolitudeUrsa KomacPDF
2007MDT2016-2007Homer's Ogygia: An Imaginary or a Historiography?John VellaPDF
2006LNG2016-2006Language and the Senses of "Nacionalism" and "Identity" in Brazil at the end of the Nineteenth CenturyMariângela Peccioli Galli and André Luiz JoanilhoPDF
2005ARC2016-2005Towards Authenticity: Greece in Modern Architecture since 1900Macarena de la Vega de LeónPDF
2004PLA2016-2004Transnational Cooperation in Europe: The Example of Integrated Spatial and Transport Development along the Hamburg-Athens CorridorAna Peric and Bernd SchollPDF
2003ENGEDU20016-2003Engineering Learning through Aerospace Engineering LaboratorySam Power, Anne Nortcliffe, Karen Vernon-Parry and Torsten SchenkelPDF
2002ARC2016-2002A Research on Preservation and Renovation Strategies of Spatial Pattern in China’s Urban Historical Blocks against the Background of “the Belt and Road”: A Case Study of Ayidun Historic Block in Yining City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous RegionYan Bo, Chen Zhuo and Tan WenyongPDF
2001PLA2016-2001Place Attachment among Ethnic Minorities: In the Case of Sisli DistrictYuzyil Nevin Aydin and Elmira GurPDF
2000PLA2016-2000Desecration of Public Monuments and Places: The Causes and SolutionsNyametso Johnie KodjoPDF
1999IND2016-1999Elaboration and Characterization of Thin Water Molecule Sensitive Layers Deposited from HexamethyldisiloxaneNoubeil GuermatPDF
1998HIS2016-1998An Essay on Hittite Cultic Calendar Based Upon the FestivalsSerkan DemirelPDF
1997SOC2016-1997Paradoxes of the Knowledge Society Some Considerations on the Italian SituationGerardo PastorePDF
1996ERT2016-1996Static Corrections for Weathering Layer using Wave Equation Datuming and Delay Time TechniquesCatalina A. Perea Pineda, Jose David Sanabria Gomez and Camilo Andres GonzalezPDF
1995LIB2016-1995Information Systems: Secure Access and Storage in the Age of Cloud ComputingMarcos A Rodrigues and Mohammed M SiddeqPDF
1994COM2016-1994A Comparative Study of Segmentation Techniques for Brain Magnetic Resonance ImagesHeba Mohsen, El-Sayed Ahmed El-Dahshan, El-Sayed El-Horbaty and Abdel-Badeeh M. SalemPDF
1993AGR2016-1993The Potencial of Campomanesia phaea O. Berg Landrum (Cambuci) as Natural Source of VitaminMarcelo Machado Leao, Giovanna Fachini Dellaqua, Marcos David Ferreira, Silviane Zanni Hubinger, Marcia Ortiz Mayo Marques and Marta Helena Filet SpotoPDF
1992LNG2016-1992Mycenaean Textile Memories in Homeric TerminologyValentina GasbarraPDF
1991TRA2016-1991Optimization Process for Berth and Quay-Crane Assignment in Container Terminals with Separate PiersNeven Grubisic and Livia MaglicPDF
1990REL2016-1990Radical Capitalism as a Coherentist PhilosophyAndreas LindPDF
1989IND2016-1989Detection of Delamination Damages in Thin Composite Plates using Noncontact Measurement of Structural Dynamic BehaviorChristian Pongratz, Matthias Schlamp, Bastian Jungbauer and Ingo EhrlichPDF
1988IND2016-1988Transformation of the Mechanical Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Tubes from the Cartesian Coordinate System into the Cylindrical Coordinate System for the Application of BendingMarco Siegl and Ingo EhrlichPDF
1987MED2016-1987Media Usage, Citizenship Norms, and Political Participation of Transition to Democracy in IndonesiaRasul NajmuddinPDF
1986COM2016-1986The Effects of National Culture on the Implementation of ISM Standards based on the ISO 27001Bahareh Shojaie, Hannes Federrath and Iman SaberiPDF
1985TRA2016-1985Redirection of the World Traffic Flow Far East – Europe via the Adriatic SeaSerdjo Kos, Sinisa Vilke and David BrcicPDF
1984EDU2015-1984Art and Science: Articulating a Contemporary Dialogue Using the Perspective of the Renaissance (Relation Galileo-Cigoli Rediscovered)Marcos Cesar Danhoni Neves and Josie Agatha Parrilha da SilvaPDF
1983ART2016-1983Woman Icon Used for Ceramic SurfaceHasan İnPDF
1982EDU2016-1982Comparison of Croatian Foreign Language Teachers’ General Propensity towards the Use of ICT and Its Impact on the Foreign Language Teaching ProcessKrunoslav Mikulan, Vladimir Legac and Predrag OreskiPDF
1981TRA2016-1981Reliability Design of Residential-Sized Refrigerators Subjected to Repetitive Random Vibration Loads during TransportationSeong-Woo Woo and Michael PechtPDF
1980MDT2016-1980The Accountability of and for United Nations Peacekeepers: A Study of the Theory, Norms and PracticesKesolofetse Olivia LefenyaPDF
1979MDT2016-1979Between the Walls of Recognition, a Philosophical Analysis of the Film The Class (Entre les Murs)Kobi AssoulinPDF
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Leila Maria MansanoSarquis, Juliana Perez Arthur and Taísa Tatiane de Souza Santos
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1844FIN2015-1844Tax Arrears and Their Recovery Performance in PolandMałgorzata Magdalena HybkaPDF
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1838ARC2015-1838The Place of Sustainability in Architectural Education: Discussion and SuggestionsBasak GucyeterPDF
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1836SME2015-1836The Possible Effects of Transatlantic Agreement (TTIP) on The Foreign Trade of TurkeyBaki Yilmaz, Mehmet Burak Ceran and Metehan OrtakarpuzPDF
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1833ARC2015-1833Bioclimatic Performances of Traditional Straw Construction in Italy and in PortugalNicolina Mastrangelo, Dora Francese, Paulo Mendonca and Francisca AmorimPDF
1832MGT2015-1832A Dual Perspective on ManagementKarin BrunssonPDF
1831SPO2015-1831Media-based Social Solitude: An Exploratory Study of Students in a CoffeehouseSusan Barnett and Irene Ingeborg van DrielPDF
1830MGT2015-1830New Business Philosophy in Mobile Internet EraZheng Fan, Peihua Fan, Qingli Fan, Junzhi Huang, Leyun Sheng and Yinan ZhouPDF
1829POL2015-1829Comparing the Transition of Political Regime in Libya and EgyptAli Musbah Mohamed ElwahishiPDF
1828ARC2015-1828LCA Assisted Design as Approach to the Sustainable Product Development: Case Study of Acrylic LampFrancesco Tamburrino, Raffaella Aversa and Antonio ApicellaPDF
1827EDU2015-1827Widget Based Learning in Math and Physics Undergraduate Courses as Blended Learning ApproachFrancisco Javier Delgado CepedaPDF
1826ARC2015-1826Looking Ahead. A Theoretical Glance of the Teaching Activities in ArchitectureCarlo PozziPDF
1825ARC2015-1825Macro Cosmological Planning Concepts of Ming Beijing CityChen ChunhongPDF
1824AGR2015-1824PCR-RFLP Analysis of CAST Gene in one Bulgarian Sheep BreedMilena Bozhilova-Sakova and Ivona DimitrovaPDF
1823AGR2015-1823Transmission Electron Microscopic Analysis of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum of Mammary Secretory Cells in Rabbits during Lactation and Regression StagesSvatoslav Hluchy and Robert TomanPDF
1822EMS2015-1822Dimensions of Knowledge and Ways of Thinking of Irrational NumbersNina Hayfa and Layal SaikalyPDF
1821GEO2015-1821Cities, Public Space and Citizenship. Some Contemporary Mediterranean Urban Social MovementsCarles Carreras, Sergi Martinez-Rigol, Lluis Frago and Alejandro MorcuendePDF
1820LNG2015-1820The Morphosyntactic and Semantic Characteristics of the Genitive of Deadjectival Nominals in EnglishNenad MiladinovićPDF
1819SOS2015-1819The White Power Movement's Populist Connection to the Tea Party Movement in the United StatesBetty Dobratz and Lisa WaldnerPDF
1818POL2015-1818Terminating Currency Options for Distressed EconomiesShann TurnbullPDF
1817HIS2015-1817Physical Disability in Old Kingdom Tomb ScenesHeba Mahran and Samar Mostafa KamalPDF
1816LNG2015-1816Standardized Individual Output Development: Linguistic Approaches for Requirements Engineering Problems Through Cultural Differences - Case Studies from Requirements Engineering Education in the Context of E-Publishing at the Chair of Book StudiesJoern Fahsel, Ruediger Weißbach and Andrea HerrmannPDF
1815LIB2015-1815Information Users X Interactive Users: Different Subjects Challenging Different Information ProfessionalsEliane Cristina de Freitas RochaPDF
1814FOS2015-1814Working Towards Sustainable Development of Sugar Cane in the Agro Industrial Sector: Scenarios to Veracruz 2030María Tapia-Baranda and Guillermo Gándara FierroPDF
1813ARC2015-1813Immigration in the Mediterranean Cities: Comparison between Italy and TurkeyDora Francese, Funda Uz and Emanuela AdamoPDF
1812LIB2015-1812Models and Strategies for Information Management: Convergence of ImpactsPaula Ochoa and Leonor Gaspar PintoPDF
1811WAT2015-1811Evaporation from Water Surfaces of Dam Lakes in Arid and Semi-Arid Region of Northern AlgeriaAssia Meziani, Boualam Remini and Djamel BoutoutaouPDF
1810COM2015-1810Generalized Lead-Acid based Battery Model used for a Battery Management SystemPhilip Dost and Constantinos SourkounisPDF
1809PLA2015-1809Eleonas: Urban Voids as Opportunity for a Water Sensitive Approach to the Design of CitiesDimitrios Panayotopoulos-TsirosPDF
1808ACC2015-1808Quality Disclosure of Fair Value in the Financial Statements for Investment PropertyIonel Jianu and Iulia JianuPDF
1807SOC2015-1807Working against Exclusion: Design for All as a Tool for Improving Social ParticipationPaulina Rojek-Adamek and Gawron GrzegorzPDF
1806HIS2015-1806Aspects of Korea-Japan Cultural Exchanges Analyzed Through Tongshinsa Delegations during the National Seclusion PeriodKyungsin Hur and Youngsim ChoPDF
1805EDU2015-1805EFL Curriculum Design Based on Peirce Sign Theory to Foster Lexical Competence and Linguistic Performance in Young English LearnersGerman Correa Rios, Luisa Alfaro Lopez and Jonathan Orduna MejiaPDF
1804ANT2015-1804It Is Not What Is Said, But Who Says It: Implications for Classroom Dialogic EducationMotsaathebe SerekoanePDF
1803LIB2015-1803The Information Practices of Users of Veterinary Library of Algiers: What Reflection for the Establishment of a Digital Library?Radia Bernaoui and Mohamed HassounPDF
1802MED2015-1802How Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome (AS) Experience the Internet as a Communication MediumMania Alehpour and Bahareh Rajabi BehjatPDF
1801SME2015-1801Network Relationships and Internationalization of Niche SMEs in Specialty Food IndustryKaren Orengo-Serra and Gisela I. Carrero-MoralesPDF
1800ENV2015-1800Forest Biomass and Paper Industry, a Pathway to Green BiofuelsMiyuru Kannangara, Mariya Marinova, Michel Perrier and Jean ParisPDF
1799EDU2015-1799Gender and Literature Didactics. How Does the Choice of Texts Affect Reading Competence?Judita KanjoPDF
1798EDU2015-1798Reading, Literature, Education: Possible Encounters in the English as a Foreign Language ClassMaria da Conceição Vinciprova Fonseca, Adilson Pereira, Marcelo Paraiso Alves and Maria de Fatima Alves de OliveiraPDF
1797LNG2015-1797A Lexical Constructional Account of Position Verbs in EnglishCarolina Rodríguez-JuárezPDF
1796AGR2015-1796Camelina Pathology-Seed Mycoflora ExtensionStelica Cristea, Stefana Jurcoane, Florentina Matei, Paul Dobre, Anibal Capuano and Yuri H. YambanisPDF
1795HIS2015-1795The Collaborator Mesmerized by a Nationalist: The Narrative Configuration of Nationalism and Colonial Modernity in the South Korean Film, "Modern Boy" (2008)Min Koo ChoiPDF
1794AGR2015-1794The Influence of Selenium on Winter Wheat Resistance to Herbicide Activity in the Forest-Steppe of the Middle Volga RegionElena V. Nadezhkina, Ekaterina S. Nadezhkina and Valeria A. VikhrevaPDF
1793ENV2015-1793Food Allergy in the Students of Tirana CityAna Kalemaj and Mirela Lika CekaniPDF
1792AGR2015-1792Physiological Aspects of Biennial Bearing by Manipulating Crop Load in Apple TreesGiedre Samuoliene, Alina Ceidaite, Ramunas Sirtautas and Darius KviklysPDF
1791SME2015-1791Predicting Financial Crises: Draw Probabilities as Leading IndicatorsZeyu Jin, Demos Vardiabasis and Samuel SeamanPDF
1790LIT2015-1790From Divinity to Madness: Intersemiotic Translations of the Mythical Character of PasiphaeDaniella Amaral TavaresPDF
1789COM2015-1789E-Tutorials as an Addition to Higher Education Learning ScenariosCarsten Lecon and Bernd OderPDF
1788EDU2015-1788Teachers' Implicit Theories on Child Participation in PreschoolNada TurnšekPDF
1787LIT2015-1787The Point of View of João PorémMaryllu de Oliveira CaixetaPDF
1786SME2015-1786ERP (Enterprıse Resource Plannıng) and its Use in TurkeyMetehan Ortakarpuz and Mehmet Burak CeranPDF
1785SOS2015-1785Liberal Education Management in Malaysia Public Universities: Educators' and Students' PerspectiveAishah Tamby Omar, Asmiaty Amat and Anantharaman GovindasamyPDF
1784LIT2015-1784Similarities and Differences of the Themes and Motifs in Albanian and Anglo-Saxon BalladsDanela Bala-KrajaPDF
1783LIT2015-1783Marguerite Duras’ India Cycle: Women’s Trajectories, Word’s TrajectoryMaria Cristina Vianna KuntzPDF
1782AGR2015-1782The Role of Universities in the Provision of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Teaching in the Agricultural SectorChristopher Moon and Joseph GebbelsPDF
1781PHY2015-1781Active Galactic Nuclei as Feedback Source for the Host GalaxyErendira M. Huerta and Andres TorneroPDF
1780COM2015-1780Towards Measuring the Impact of Management Support Systems on Contemporary ManagementElvis C. FosterPDF
1779EMS2015-1779Surprising Investigation of Loci Using Dynamic SoftwareRuti Segal, Moshe Stupel and Victor OxmanPDF
1778NUR2015-1778The Effectiveness of the PLISSIT Model in Solving Postpartum Sexual Problems Experienced by WomenFatma Yörük and Zekiye KaraçamPDF
1777SOS2015-1777John Stuart Mill: On the Concept of Liberty and the Breaking of the Connection between Freedom and PropertyAnna JellamoPDF
1776AGR2015-1776Quality Management Level of Brazilian Coffee Business in Producing RegionsAntonio Bliska Junior, Fabio Ricardo Ferreira Correa, Patricia Helena Nogueira Turco, Ricardo Firetti and Flavia Maria de Mello BliskaPDF
1775EDU2015-1775Exploring Teacher Candidates' Views on Educational ReformPervin Oya TaneriPDF
1774ARC2015-1774Turda. Particularities and Potential Regarding the City Development as a Polarizing CenterClaudia Anamaria ChiforPDF
1773AGR2015-1773Ameliorative Effect of Dietary Zinc and Rumen Protected DL-Methionine on Nitrogen, Calcium and Lead Retention Alterations Induced by Lead Toxicity in GoatsDildeep Varadan, Babitha Vazhoor, R.S. Dass and A.K. GargPDF
1772SOC2015-1772The Idea of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities as a Response to the Challenges of Contemporary Demographic ChangesPaulina Rojek-Adamek and Gawron GrzegorzPDF
1771ECO2015-1771Innovation in Mexican Micro and Small Businesses: Individual Skills and KnowledgeMario Alberto García-Meza, Omar Neme-Castillo and Ana Lilia Valderrama-SantibáñezPDF
1770EDU2015-1770Challenges in Teaching Latin and French Loan Words in the Language of Diplomatic ProtocolArmenuhi Martirosyan and Marine MkrtchyanPDF
1769NUR2015-1769Maternal Mortality related to Pre-eclampsia/Eclampsia in Santa Catarina, Brazil: A Population-based StudySabiha Khanum, Rita de Cassia Teixeira Rangel, Maria de Lourdes de Souza, Anna Carolina Raduenz Huf Souza and Najma NazPDF
1768ARC2015-1768The Evolution of the Fabric of Inner City in China (1992-2012): A Case Study of the East Area of Shabei Street, Shapingba District, ChongqingTan Wenyong, Lu Junjie and Zhao YunfeiPDF
1767AGR2015-1767Impact of Fruit and Seed Maturity on GerminabilityJuan Martinez-Solis, Margarita Gisela Pena-Ortega, Juan Enrique Rodriguez-Perez and A. Lopez-HerreraPDF
1766CIV2015-1766E-Mobility: New Challenges for Urban and Transport PlanningDennis KnesePDF
1765ERT2015-1765Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Alternation of Dolerites from the Djavakheti Plateau (Georgia)Bezhan Tutberidze and Mariam AkhalkatsishviliPDF
1764FIT2015-1764Perceptions and Behaviors Regarding Seafood Consumption Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillMildred Naquin, Wynn Gillan, Ephraim Massawe, Caitlyn Haynes, Jessica Osborn and Marie ZannisPDF
1763SOC2015-1763Defending the Defenders: Attacks on Lawyers- A Problem in Search of SolutionsGill Boehringer, Stuart Russell, Kristian Boehringer and Julio MoreiraPDF
1762DEM2015-1762Immigrants' Circulation to HungaryS?ndor Illes, Mary Redei and Aron KincsesPDF
1761AGR2015-1761Towards a Viable Food Security Policy in AlgeriaSlimane Bedrani and Cherif GuermatPDF
1760EDU2014-1760Academic Trajectories and Labour Market Transitions of Mature Graduates: A Case Study from the University of AlgarveTeresa Goncalves, Helena Quintas and Antonio FragosoPDF
1759LIB2015-1759Understanding School Library Education and Library User Education in JordanRaid Jameel SuliemanPDF
1758GEL2015-1758Valorisation of Wastewater Treatment Plants and Aggregates Processing Sludge for Lightweight Aggregates ProductionBeatriz Gonzalez-Corrochano, Jacinto Alonso-Azcarate, Luis Rodriguez Romero, Agripino Perez Lorenzo, Avelino Tirado, Maria Fernandez Torio and Juan Jose Tejado RamosPDF
1757LNG2015-1757The Morphosyntactic and Semantic Characteristics of the Genitive of Deadjectival Nominals in EnglishNenad MiladinovicPDF
1756ECO2015-1756The Infrastructure Development in the Republic of GuineaXue Mei Lan, Ooi Bee Chen and Kim Seng LimPDF
1755HIS2015-1755Horizontally Shifted and Vertically Superimposed Ancient Cities: Comparing Urban Histories of Chang’an and RomeMeng-chi HsuehPDF
1754EDU2015-1754Nonverbal Communication and its Importance for the Development of Foreign Language Professional Competence in Medical and Dentistry StudentsMária Bujalková and Petra ZrníkováPDF
1753AGR2015-1753Examination of the Philosophy of Cooperative Action as Applied to Philippine Community ForestryFlorencia Charito SebastianPDF
1752CIV2015-1752Assessment of Mesh Size Refinement Influence on FEM Solution of Shear Wall Structural SystemsEnkeleda Kokona, Helidon Kokona and Altin BidajPDF
1751IND2015-1751A Benchmark of Service Providers in Additive ManufacturingStefan Junk and Steffen SchrockPDF
1750ENV2015-1750Identification of Representative Installations in the Best Available Techniques Determination Process: A Methodological ProposalDamien Evrard, Valerie Laforest, Jonathan Villot, Rodolphe Gaucher, Natacha Darmon and Sofia BouhriziPDF
1749SME2015-1749What Attitude Changes Are Needed to Cause SMEs to Take a Strategic Approach to Information Security?Richard Henson and Joy GarfieldPDF
1748EMS2015-1748Cross-curriculum Integration of Mathematics in Secondary SchoolsPraneetha SinghPDF
1747ARC2015-1747Between Permeability and Isolation: A Comparative Urban Life Study of Inner-City Railway Stations and their Node Precincts in ChinaShan HePDF
1746SOS2015-1746Political Unification and Independence in the Media: The Case of TaiwanJia-wei LiuPDF
1745FOS2015-1745Challenging the Future. Implications of the Horizon Scan 2050 for the Dutch Top-Industry Innovation PolicyPatrick Van der Duin, Vincent Marchau, Lars Van der Goes, Jacintha Scheerder, Rene Hoogerwerf and Silke de WildePDF
1744FOR2015-1744Exponential Dichotomy versus Exponential Splitting for Skew-evolution Semiflows in Infinite Dimensional SpacesCodruta StoicaPDF
1743SOC2015-1743Tracking Changes in Child Welfare: Using Quality Assurance to Monitor Child Welfare OutcomesSuzanne Sutphin and Asha PurohitPDF
1742LNG2015-1742Iranian University Professors' Evaluation of World English Series Published by CengageMohammad Amin Mozaheb, Abbas Monfared and Mostafa ShahiditabarPDF
1741PHY2015-1741Characterization of Off Stoichiometric Silicon Oxide by Thermo, Cathode, and Photo-LuminescenceCarlos Ruiz, Tom M. Piters, Dainet Berman, Rosa Lopez-Estopier, Jesus Alarcon-Salazar, Marco A. Vasquez-A, Jorge Pedraza and Mariano Aceves-MijarespdfPDF
1740ECO2015-1740The European Crisis: Repercussions on the Portuguese EconomyLeonida Amaral Tomas CorreiaPDF
1739IND2015-1739A New Input Constrained Quadratic Tracker for an Unknown Sampled-Data System with an Input to Output Direct Transmission TermC.-Y. Wu, J. S.-H. Tsai, L.-C. Chen, S.-M. Guo, L.-S. Shieh and T.-J. TsaiPDF
1738ARC2015-1738Kinetic Architecture and Foldable SurfaceVincenzo Sapienza and Gianluca RodonoPDF
1737EDU2015-1737Public Policies for Access to Higher Education in Brazil: Majors in Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Rural Education Undergraduate CoursesDaniel Fernando Bovolenta Ovigli, Ariane Baffa Lourenco and Pedro Donizete Colombo JuniorPDF
1736LNG2015-1736Etymology and Bilingual Dictionaries: The Case in African LanguagesMunzhedzi James MafelaPDF
1735EDU2015-1735Earth System Science as a Critical Knowledge for Educating Geographers and Other Professionals to Interact With EarthCelso Dal Re Carneiro, Jose Roberto Serra Martins, Pedro Wagner Goncalves and Allan Eduardo CanoPDF
1734HIS2015-1734The Pythagorean Symbolism in Plato's PhilebusKenneth R. MoorePDF
1733LNG2015-1733Can Second-Graders be taught Listening Strategies?Piri LeeckPDF
1732LIT2014-1732An Attempt at Periodizing Recent (Southern African) Afrikaans Poetry (1955-2012)Bernard OdendaalPDF
1731EDU2015-1731Collaboration of Parents and Care Professionals in Cases of Children Placed in Residential Care Homes – Parental PerspectiveJana Rapuš PavelPDF
1730PLA2015-1730The New Modelling Method in Urban Development: Case Study in RotterdamHung-Chu Chen, Bauke de Vries and Qi HanPDF
1729LIT2015-1729Modern experience in Poe, Baudelaire and Machado de AssisGreicy Pinto BellinPDF
1728PHA2015-1728Assessment of the Bio-Repellent Property of Methanolic Extracts of Some Plants against Anopheles MosquitoFunmilola Omoya, Abdul Momoh and Anuoluwapo AdeyemoPDF
1727PLA2015-1727Monitoring Cultural and Creative Activities and their Impact in European Cities' Development: Challenges and the Way ForwardPawel Stano, Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska and Michaela SaisanaPDF
1726ARC2015-1726The Typology of the Berlin Block: History, Continuity and Spatial PerformanceKatharina Borsi, Nicole Porter and Megan NottinghamPDF
1725POL2015-1725The Scenario of Globalised India: From Exclusion to Financial InclusionVarsha KhanwalkerPDF
1724POL2015-1724The Political Segregation of the United StatesL. Jan ReidPDF
1723ENV2015-1723Transforming the Recycling of E-Wastes with ThiosulfateYoung Hong and Marjorie ValixPDF
1722ERT2015-1722Microbial PLFA, Organic Carbon Fractions and Microbial Biomass in Soils under Different Windthrow Management in Biospheric Reservation of the TatrasPeter Hanajik, Milan Zvarik and Hannu FritzePDF
1721TEN2015-1721Using a LED Flashlight for High Speed Photography in Industrial SettingsTill Haenisch and Stefanie HaenischPDF
1720AGR2015-1720Influence of Mycorrhiza and Different Yeast Strains on Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Properties of Gra?evina (Vitis vnifera L.) WineValentina Obradovic, Josip Mesic, Brankica Svitlica and Maja Ergovic RavancicPDF
1719CIV2015-1719Damage Absorption of High-Impact Structural Systems using Time-Reaction of Hybridized Epoxy-Polyurea InterfacesThomas L. Attard and Hongyu ZhouPDF
1718PHY2015-1718Status of Science and Technology Education at Arab High Schools in IsraelMahmoud Huleihil and Huriya HuleihilPDF
1717SOS2015-1717Self-Representation of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Regular SchoolsRaclene Ataide de FariaPDF
1716DEM2015-1716A Micro Analysis of the Infant Mortality Decline in an Italian Sharecropping Community from 1900 to 1939Francesco Scalone, Patrizia Agati, Aurora Angeli and Annalisa DonnoPDF
1715ARC2015-1715Santa Fosca in Torcello and the Middle Byzantine churches in Eastern Greece: Preliminary Comparison and Remarks on Common Features and DifferencesAntonella ManzoPDF
1714BLE2015-1714Growth Potential of Publicly Traded Brazilian Companies: Accounting and Market OverviewEllen Cristina Baradel, Fabiano Guasti Lima and Alexandre Assaf NetoPDF
1713MED2014-1713Media and Political Tolerance in Egypt: Content Analysis of TV News ProgramsSarah ShawkyPDF
1712AGR2015-1712The Distribution of Alternaria sp. on Brassica napus and Sinapis sp. from the South Region of RomaniaLavinia-Mariana Berca and Stelica CristeaPDF
1711PHY2015-1711The Molecular Physics of Chain ClustersBoris SedunovPDF
1710CIV2015-1710Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Columns Subjected to Axial Compression and Biaxial Bending MomentsFouad A Mohammad and Dana A. SeyanPDF
1709PLA2015-1709A Tool for Quantifying the Urban GradientAgnes Lipovits, Laszlo Czuni and Gabor SeressPDF
1708WAT2015-1708An Optimum Design for Activated Sludge SystemsSaziye Balku, Magdi Buaisha and Seniz Ozalp-YamanPDF
1707TUR2015-1707A Driving Force of Economic Growth in Turkey: Human CapitalSumru Bakan and Seyit GökmenPDF
1706WAT2015-17063D Representation of (Buried) Water Supply Elements using Pre-Processed GPR ImagesDavid Ayala-Cabrera, Silvia J. Ocana-Levario, Joaquin Izquierdo and Rafael Perez-GarciaPDF
1705MKT2015-1705The Relationship Between Export Market Orientation and International Performance in the Context of SMEsGian Luca Gregori, Federica Pascucci and Sara BartoloniPDF
1704LNG2015-1704Gauging the Processing Times of Ambiguous Sentences: A Reaction Time Study on Persian Undergraduate StudentsMohammad Salehi and Nasim Mahboub BasiriPDF
1703PLA2015-1703North African Cities From Colonisation to Globalisation The Case of Blida, AlgeriaMustapha Ben-HamouchePDF
1702EDU2015-1702Topics of Ethics of Science in the Context of Philosophy of EducationMichal CernyPDF
1701EDU2015-1701Possible Applications of Creative Thinking within a Simplex Didactics PerspectiveIolanda Zollo and Maurizio SibilioPDF
1700BIO2015-1700Molecular and Genetic Structure of Polytene Chromosome Banding Pattern in Drosophila melanogasterTatyana Zykova Vatolina, Darya Demidova, Viktor Levitsky, Varvara Khoroshko, Elena Belyaeva, Elena Kokoza and Igor ZhimulevPDF
1699GEO2015-1699Social Networks, Place Attachments and Mexican Urban MigrationCrist?bal MendozaPDF
1698ECL2015-1698Ecological Relationships between Habitat Conditions, Plant Diversity and Geographic Location on the National Part, South KoreaJu Young Lee,Hak Cheol Kwon, Su-Nam Kim, Jae Wook Lee, Jin-Soo Park, Jin Wook Cha and Min Jung LeePDF
1697BIO2015-1697Potential Mutagenic Activity of Leachate from a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on Two Higher PlantsDitika Kopliku and Anila MesiPDF
1696PLA2015-1696Rail Village and Mega-structure - A Case Study of Hong KongCharlie Q. L. Xue and Yingbo XiaoPDF
1695EDU2015-1695The School-Museum Partnership in Brazil: What Does Researches Says?Pedro Donizete Colombo Junior, Daniel Fernando Bovolenta Ovigli and Ariane Baffa LourencoPDF
1694ECO2015-1694Tendencies and Characteristics of Financial Distress: An Introductory Comparative Study among Three Industries in AlbaniaZhaklina Dhamo and Vasilika KumePDF
1693WAT2015-1693Multi-Agent Approach to Biofilm Development in Water Supply SystemsEva Ramos Martinez, Manuel Herrera, Joaquin Izquierdo and Rafael Perez GarciaPDF
1692IND2015-1692Use of Additive Manufacture and Stirling Engines as Engineering Education ToolsDon Clucas and Stefanie GutschmidtPDF
1691GEO2015-1691Amazon Integration and Territorial Development: A New Perspective on the Tri-border Management between Peru, Brazil and BoliviaRoberto Chiarella QuinhoesPDF
1690ENV2015-1690Chemical Characterization of Airborne Particles Collected in an Underground Metro Station Platform in Delhi CityPraveen Babu, Mukesh Khare and Radha GoyalPDF
1689CIV2015-1689Surface Pre-Treatment of Batch-Galvanized Components for Adhesively Bonded AssembliesJohannes Stahl and Paul Ludwig GeissPDF
1688ENV2015-1688Bioindication of PAHs and Palladium Pollution from Road TrafficNathalie Clement, Bogdan Muresan-Paslaru and Denis FrancoisPDF
1687ECO2015-1687Multifunctionality of Family Farmer and Policies to Overcome the Extreme Poverty in the Brazilian SemiaridGustavo Bittencourt MachadoPDF
1686PLA2015-1686Increasing Public Transport Demand by Active Mobility Consultancy Campaigns (SMARTMOVE)Klementschitz Roman and Oliver RoiderPDF
1685SME2015-1685Sensory Branding: A Pilot Study of the Effect of Sensory Value on Branding in Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM)Brenda SarisPDF
1684EDU2015-1684Comparison of Change of Awareness Related to Ability in Blended ClassesIsao MiyajiPDF
1683ARC2015-1683Entrepreneurial Education and Training for ArchitectsChristo VoslooPDF
1682ARC2015-1682Libraries and Transformations. Late Changes in RomaniaRadu Alexandru ToncaPDF
1681ENV2015-1681All Abroad: The Wicked Problem of Marine Spatial PlanningJoan Mileski and Wyndylyn von ZharenPDF
1680LNG2015-1680Transformed Precedent Phrases in the Headlines of Online Media Texts. Paratextual AspectDarya MironovaPDF
1679LIB2014-1679Managing Access to the Internet in Public Libraries in the UK – The Findings of the MAIPLE ProjectRachel Spacey, Louise Cooke, Claire Creaser and Adrienne MuirPDF
1678HIS2015-1678The Political and Cultural Meanings of the Hittite Empire Period Rock MonumentsTurgut YigitPDF
1677HSC2015-1677Medical Genetics Core Competence Survey in Pediatric Residents at McMaster University Medical CenterChumei LiPDF
1676PUH2015-1676An Integrated Approach to the Prevention of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs): The Way Forward?Donald E. Stewart, Budi Laksono, M. J. Park and D. X. WangPDF
1675MED2015-1675The Alchemy of Sound: The Power of Spoken Language in a Very Visual WorldLucy BednarPDF
1674TRA2015-1674Optimum Training Sample Size for Travel Mode Detection using SmartphoneMuhammad Awais Shafique and Eiji HatoPDF
1673ARC2015-1673The Manifesto & the Hammer. A Review on How Contemporary Architecture Theories are being BuiltBeatriz Villanueva CajidePDF
1672EDU2015-1672Gamification in Hybrid and Multimodal Coexistence Spaces: Design and Cognition in DiscussionEliane SchlemmerPDF
1671PLA2015-1671Insights and Beliefs about Green Spaces: An International Comparative StudyFernando Nunes, Teresa Madureira, Helena Madureira, Jose Vidal Oliveira and Laure CormierPDF
1670ENV2015-1670Synthesis of Activated Carbons from Durian Peel and Their Adsorption Performance for Lead Ions in Aqueous SolutionsKamchai Nuithitikul, Sarawut Srikun and Samorn HirunpraditkoonPDF
1669COM2015-1669Tracing Forensic Artifacts from USB-Bound Computing Environments on Windows HostsJan ColliePDF
1668ECL2015-1668An Analysis of Decision Making Methods in Sustainable Waste ManagementNesli CiplakPDF
1667CIV2015-1667Seismic Response of Base Isolated Liquid Storage Tanks under Near Fault Ground MotionsSaman Bagheri and Mostafa FarajianPDF
1666SME2015-1666SMEs and Industry 4.0 – Introducing a KPI based Procedure Model to identify Focus Areas in Manufacturing IndustryMario Kleindienst and Christian RamsauerPDF
1665ACC2015-1665Financial Statements of the SMEs and their Role in Providing the Security of Business TransactionsAnna SpozPDF
1664PHA2015-1664Effects of Phthalates on Epithelial Mesenchymal TransitionDidem Oral, Belma Kocer-Gumusel, Ming-Wei Chao and Pinar ErkekogluPDF
1663ARC2015-1663Graphic and Explicit; Photography, punctum and Architectural AppearanceAndrew MetcalfPDF
1662ENV2015-1662Hydrogen Production from Renewable ResourcesRadostina Palcheva, Barbara Pawelec, Eric Gaigneaux, Jose Luis Fierro and Sonia DamyanovaPDF
1661LIB2015-1661Data Protection and Privacy Issues Concerning Facial Image Processing in Public SpacesMarcos A Rodrigues, Mariza Kormann and Mustafa Al-DulaimiPDF
1660IND2015-1660On-line Monitoring of the Laser Joining Process of Aluminum Alloy and Polyamide 6.6 by Acoustic Emission AnalysisPeter Boehm and Christian LambertiPDF
1659BIO2015-1659Evaluation of Novel Compound Benzoylphenyl-Indole-Carboxamide Effect on Hyperlipidemic and Hyperglycemic RatMahmoud Al-Shawabkeh, Abdulrahim Al Jamal and Omaymah Ghaleb Al-JamalPDF
1658ARC2015-1658Vernacular Architecture in Michoacán. Constructive Tradition as a Response to the Natural and Cultural SurroundingsEugenia Maria Azevedo-Salomao and Luis Alberto Torres-GaribayPDF
1657CHE2015-1657Fabrication of Porous Chitosan Affinity Membranes - A Kinetic StudyMervette El Batouti, Mona M. Naim and Nouran A. IbrahimPDF
1656ARC2015-1656Graphic Interpretation Eileen Gray and Charlotte PerriandStarlight Vattano and Giorgia GaetaPDF
1655ECO2015-1655Cyclical Dynamics of Unemployment: Portugal versus the Euro AreaLeonida Correia and Daniela CarvalhoPDF
1654GEL2015-1654Managing the Impacts of Planned Urbanization on Sustainable Agriculture in the Kurdistan Region, IraqSerwan BabanPDF
1653FIT2015-1653Stretching One's Limits: The Development of Self-Efficacy in a Senior Yoga CommunityLindsey E. JamplisPDF
1652WAT2015-1652Intensification of Salmonid AquacultureAsbjorn Bergheim and Arve NilsenPDF
1651ARC2015-1651An Alternative Approach to the Conservation and Fruition of the Phlegraean Fields Archaeological LandscapeMarco RussoPDF
1650ENV2015-1650Validation of a Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) Model in Complex Urban EnvironmentRallou Eleni Dadioti and Simon ReesPDF
1649ECL2015-1649Herbicidal Activity of Asphodelus microcarpus against Selected Weed Species (Chenopodium album) of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)Masarrat Migahid, Amal Fakhry and Azhar AhmadPDF
1648HUM2015-1648The Image of Woman in Contemporary Egyptian Drama. "Women Jail" as an ExampleHany SallamPDF
1647MGT2015-1647Marketing Strategy of ERP in Retailing EnvironmentHsiang-Ting Su, Hsin-Pin Fu and Cheng-Chang TsaiPDF
1646EDU2015-1646Profile of the Alumni of University of São Paulo - 2012Helio Nogueira da Cruz, Jose de Oliveira Siqueira, Emma Otta, Elizabeth Balbachevsky, Silvio Fernandes de Paula and Gisele Lopes Batista PintoPDF
1645TOU2015-1645Art Museums and the Global Tourist: Experience Centers in ExperiencescapesMark PenningsPDF
1644ART2015-1644A User Experience Evaluation of the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Visualising and Interpreting Roman Leicester 210AD (Ratae Corieltavorum)Nick Higgett, Yanan Chen and Eric TathamPDF
1643SME2015-1643Enhance Small Enterprises Assistance as Perspective TQMM. R. RamadanPDF
1642AGR2015-1642Effects of Proline Applications on Yield and Quality Parameters in Kapija Pepper Grown under Different Irrigation Levels-2Tolga Sariyer and Canan Oztokat KuzucuPDF
1641ARC2015-1641The Validity of the Mudejar in Cultural Discourses on Latin American ArchitectureMauricio Baros TownsendPDF
1640IND2015-1640New Developments in Industrial Robot ProgrammingPeter Hess and Maximilian WagnerPDF
1639EDU2015-1639Dichotomous Keys and Collections in Elementary EducationMaria Dolores Lopez Carrillo and Omar de la Cruz VicentePDF
1638INM2015-1638Hypnotic General Anesthesia vs. Hypnotic Focused Analgesia in Preventing Pain and its Reflex Cardiovascular Effects Margherita Giacomello, Antonio M. Lapenta and Enrico FaccoEdoardo Casiglia, Panagiota Rempelou, Val?rie Tikhonoff, Federica Guidotti,PDF
1637IND2015-1637Developing Empirical Donning Times for Smoke HoodsJerry Davis, LuAnn Sims, Richard F. Sesek and Sean GallagherPDF
1636MKT2015-1636South African Perspective of Extrinsic Wine Label CuesSalomien Boshoff and Petro-Mari MalherbePDF
1635EDU2015-1635Music Structural Problems and Conception of Mathematical Ratio in Teaching/Learning Contexts: A Historic/ Educational ApproachOscar Joao AbdounurPDF
1634EDU2015-1634Facing Complexity of Inclusive Classrooms through Reflection on Simplex PrinciplesErika Marie Pace and Paola AielloPDF
1633EMS2015-1633Making Use of Dynamic Software and Mathematical Tools in the Solution of Extremum Problems in Triangle GeometryVictor Oxman, Moshe Stupel and Ruti SegalPDF
1632HEA2015-1632A Study to Assess the Workload of Lady Health Workers in Khanpur UC, Pakistan by Applying WHO's WISN MethodNadeem Sajjad Kayani, Samina Naeem Khalid and Shamsa KanwalPDF
1631BIO2015-1631Physiological Feedback and Tolerance of Vicia faba L. to Cadmium and Zinc and their InteractionsAnila D Mesi and Ditika KoplikuPDF
1630PHI2015-1630Open Dynamic Educational Project (ODEP): Teaching Strategies for the ‘Big Questions’ Philosophy CoursesEvgenia CherkasovaPDF
1629NUR2015-1629The Effect of PEG Tube Feeding Simulation on Nursing Students’ Knowledge, Competence, Self-Reported Confidence and Satisfaction with LearningHala Mohamed Mohamed Bayoumy and Moradi A. Al JadaaniPDF
1628HIS2015-1628The University Archaeological Collections from their Inception until Today. The University of Graz as a Case Study for teachingMaria ChristidisPDF
1627TUR2015-1627Open Access Concept and the Viewpoint of Academic Staff in Turkish Universities to the Institutional RepositoriesBuket CandanPDF
1626BIO2015-1626Hepatotoxicity of Gasoline as an Environmental Pollutant on Albino MiceNawal El-Ghazaly, Awatef Ali, Samir Dekinesh, Azza Sedky and Sanaa KabeilPDF
1625EDU2015-1625The E-Activities to Support the Process of Teaching and Learning in Online ContextMaria de Fátima GoulãoPDF
1624PLA2015-1624The Origins, Processes and Emerging Outcomes of Neighbourhood Redevelopment in Gaziosmanpasa, IstanbulZeynep Ayse Goksin, Yasemin Erkan Yazici and Evrim TorePDF
1623FIN2015-1623Systemic Failure in US Capital Markets: Lessons Not LearnedSusanne TrimbathPDF
1622HAS2015-1622The Qing Lifanyuan and the Solon People of the 17th-18th CenturiesChia NingPDF
1621MED2015-1621From the Construction of Hegemony to State Crisis: Political Power and Social Media in TurkeyUtku Uraz Aydin and Can GulerPDF
1620MED2015-1620Rethinking Activist Journalism When Freedom of Press is Under ThreatCeren SözeriPDF
1619TRA2015-1619Evaluating the Contribution of Transportation and Logistics Industry to Turkey's Competitive PowerHalim Yurdakul and Avni Zafer AcarPDF
1618GEO2015-1618Revitalising Agriculture and Water Sectors in the Kurdistan Region, IraqSerwan BabanPDF
1617LNG2015-1617TPRS and L2 Total Immersion: Piloting a New CurriculumJeannette R. Dickens-HalePDF
1616CHE2015-1616Incorporating Fermentation into Undergraduate Laboratory CoursesClaire Gober and Madeleine JoulliePDF
1615LNG2015-1615Biographical Self-Reflexivity in the Postmodernist Novels of One British and One Turkish Writer-John Fowles and Orhan PamukSemra SaraçoğluPDF
1614ARC2015-1614Adaptive Reuse of Abandoned Monumental Buildings as a Strategy for Urban LiveabilityPier Francesco CherchiPDF
1613ARC2015-1613Madrid versus Barcelona: Two Visions for the Modern City and Block (1929-36)Jean-Francois LejeunePDF
1612SOC2015-1612Sister Founders in SociologyLejla MusicPDF
1611IND2015-1611Measuring the Motivating Potential Score of Academic Staff at the Lebanese International UniversityBassam Hussein, Hassan Khachfe, Amin Haj-Ali and Mona AridiPDF
1610PHI2015-1610Alternative Epistemologies and Normative DirectionalityAnupam YadavPDF
1609PHI2015-1609Hume on the Epistemology and Metaphysics of ValueTsarina DoylePDF
1608TUR2015-1608Creating an Enemy: Children's Magazines and Different Faces of Enmity (1913-1918)Atacan AtakanPDF
1607ARC2015-1607Conceptualizing Conviviality in Urban LandscapesMaria Beltran Rodriguez and Madlen SimonPDF
1606ARC2015-1606Places as Assemblages: Paradigm Shift or Fashionable Nonsense?Milica MuminovicPDF
1605MKT2015-1605Social Influence and Customer Referral ValueEvangelos XevelonakisPDF
1604EMS2015-1604Mathematical Education in the Italian Project FSTFEnzo BonacciPDF
1603EDU2015-1603The Competent Child: Alternatives in Preschool Education The Competent Child: Alternatives in Preschool EducationMarcela Batistic ZorecPDF
1602SOC2015-1602The Secularist Role in Forging National Identity in the Muslim Society: The Case of Xinjiang (Chinese Central Asia)David MakofskyPDF
1601MED2015-1601The Impact of Cybernetics on Contemporary EducationTiago Quiroga and Cláudia SanzPDF
1600PHI2015-1600Frege's Language and OntologyMaria de Lourdes Valdivia DouncePDF
1599BIO2015-1599Advancing Graduate Education and Faculty Development with Discipline Based Education Research and the SIMPLE Framework: Design Memos in Biology for Active Teaching Claudette P. Davis, Morgan Gostel, Chelsie Romulo, Lisa Schreffler,J. Reid Schwebach, Daria Gerasimova, David A. Luther, Anne B. Verhoeven, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer and Jill K. NelsonPDF
1598ART2015-1598The Labyrinth as Time ArtEloise PhilpotPDF
1597FIN2015-1597Using Neural Networks to Enhance Technical Trading Rule Returns: A Case with KLCIJacinta Chan Phooi M’ng and Azmin Azliza AzizPDF
1596EDU2015-1596Restructuring Teacher Education in the United States: Finding the Tipping PointBarbara L. BalesPDF
1595MKT2015-1595The Role of Consumer-Brand Experiences and Relationship in Contributing to Brand Equity for ServicesLeung Lai-cheungPDF
1594NUR2015-1594The Flipped Classroom: Motivating Student Nurses to Learn IndependentlyPhilip DaveyPDF
1593MED2015-1593An Introduction to Videogame Genre Theory. Understanding Videogame Genre FrameworkTulia-Maria CășveanPDF
1592HEA2015-1592Formal and Informal Volunteering and Health In Mediterranean EuropeDamiano Fiorillo and Nunzia NappoPDF
1591HISTUR2015-1591Use of Dance to Spread Propaganda during the Sino-Japanese WarYukiyo HoshinoPDF
1590BIO2015-1590Writing across the Curriculum in a Human Physiology Class to Build Upon and Expand Content KnowledgeAaron Bunker and Jeremy SchniederPDF
1589ARC2015-1589Architecture for Informal Tourism - Mild Occupation of Landscape through CampsitesXavier Martín TostPDF
1588MED2015-1588New Perspectives on Communication Education: Student Involvement and EngagementOya Şakı Aydın and Zeliha HepkonPDF
1587ARC2015-1587Public Policies Under Tension: Tourism and Environmental Protection - A Case Study in PatagoniaLiliana Lolich and Tomás GuevaraPDF
1586PUH2015-1586Convergence of Health Status in the European Union: A Spatial Econometric ApproachRenata StańczykPDF
1585ART2015-1585Theatrical Performance of Eastern European Holocaust Figures: Wiener, Korczak, SylvanusKaren BermanPDF
1584TRA2015-1584Possibilities of Using the Traction Transformer in Active d.c. Traction SubstationAlexandru Bitoleanu, Mihaela Popescu and Mircea DobriceanuPDF
1583ENV2015-1583Radioactivity in Seawater – A Review from KuwaitSaif Uddin, Montaha Behbehani and A. AbaPDF
1582HSC2015-1582The Assistant Practitioner Role – An Independent ReviewSimone BedfordPDF
1581EDU2015-1581“Talk About Chemistry”: A Voluntary and Effective Integration among the Players of Teaching ChemistryAdriana Vitorino RossiPDF
1580MED2015-1580The News Media as a Political Instrument: The Turkish CaseÖzge ErcebePDF
1579NUR2015-1579Providing Care in Occupational Activities to Community Health Agents of Rural AreasLucimare Ferraz and Wanessa FritschPDF
1578TOU2015-1578Social Tourism Qualify – A New Look for the SocialCinthia Rolim de Albuquerque MeneguelPDF
1577ART2015-1577Future Print: Re-envisioning Printmaking in a Post-print WorldKathryn MaxwellPDF
1576ANT2015-1576Fifteen Years After - An Anthropological Field from a Diachronic AngleMaria VivodPDF
1575TOU2015-1575The Financial and Economic Performance of Hotels in Spanish Beach Tourist DestinationsJuan Pedro Aznar Alarcón and Josep Maria Sayeras MasperaPDF
1574HEA2015-1574The Acute Care Services Production Process's Efficiency: A DEA Network Model for the Italian HospitalsClaudio PintoPDF
1573MED2015-1573Nature at Issue: A Study of Comments on Facebook about a Brazilian Environmental MovementErika Cristina Dias Nogueira and Lilian Aparecida ArãoPDF
1572EDU2015-1572Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Authentic Learning in a Capstone UnitRebecca Spooner-Lane and Donna TangenPDF
1571FIT2015-1571Autonomy and Physical Education Teacher Identity on the Curriculum of the State of São PauloTatiana Pereira de FreitasPDF
1570MDT2015-1570Eduard Schaubert's Collection of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiques at the National Museum in Warsaw and the University Museum in WrocławAgata KubalaPDF
1569EDU2015-1569Thinking about MOOCsGang Chen and Ruimin ShenPDF
1568LNG2015-1568Ongoing Dispersion in Austrian Standard German: A Sociolinguistic StudyMarjoleine Sloos and Mathea NeijmeijerPDF
1567LNG2015-1567Tracking the Features of Japanese Dialogue through Audiovisual Materials: A Pragmatic ProposalFrancesco VitucciPDF
1566PUH2015-1566Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable Asians in the United StatesDeborah Kim-LuPDF
1565ART2015-1565Designing of Information Grounds in a College Town as a Medium for Facilitating Communication and Social InteractionKyoungmee Kate ByunPDF
1564NUR2015-1564Advancing Interprofessional Collaboration in Nursing EducationJoanne S. HebertPDF
1563EDU2015-1563Practical Guide to Effective Leadership for School ManagersChristina TsiolakkiPDF
1562TRA2015-1562Indirect Current Control of a Filtering and Regeneration System used in DC Substations for Urban TractionVlad Suru, Alexandru Bitoleanu and Mihaita LincaPDF
1561TRA2015-1561Conservative Power Theory (CPT) Method Applied in the Indirect Current Control for Active D.C. Traction SubstationsAlexandra Preda, Mihaela Popescu and Mihaita LincaPDF
1560TOU2015-1560Strategic Alignment across a Tourism Business EcosystemWillem Selen and Robert OgulinPDF
1559EDU2015-1559Integration and Segregation in the Education of Roma MinorityMarek LukacPDF
1558EDU2015-1558Analysis of the Performance of Public Schools in Brazil: The Case of Public Policy Rural EducationClaudia Souza Passador and João Luiz PassadorPDF
1557PUH2015-1557Peer Support for Mothers with Postnatal DepressionFiona CustPDF
1556MED2014-1556Trade Unions, Communication Policies and Alternative MediaBarış ÇobanPDF
1555MGT2015-1555Reposition Conflicting Partners under Inventory RiskYenming J. Chen and Hsin-Wen KuoPDF
1554CBC2012-1554The Impact of Price Volatility of Agricultural Commodities in Poland on Alternative Incomes of Conventional, Ecological and Agritourism FarmsPiotr Bórawski, Wojciech Gotkiewicz, James W. Dunn and Theodore AlterPDF
1553LIT2015-1553The Carnivalesque Throughout CoriolanusJohn MaunePDF
1552TRA2015-1552Synchronous Reference Frame Method Applied in the Indirect Current Control for Active DC Traction SubstationMihaela Popescu, Alexandra Preda and Vlad SuruPDF
1551TRA2015-1551Administrative Weigh-In-Motion Systems in PolandJanusz Gajda and Justyna MichniakPDF
1550NUR2015-1550Hypertension Self-Management Support in Primary Care: A Quality Improvement StudyJean Ann Davison, Marva M. Price, Debra J. Barksdale and Katrina E. DonahuePDF
1549COM2015-1549The Case for a Functional Internet of ThingsTill HänischPDF
1548TEN2015-1548Modeling of Finned-Tube Evaporator using Pure and Zeotropic Blend RefrigerantsAli Hussain Tarrad and Ayad Khudhair Al-NadawiPDF
1547PUH2015-1547Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Functional Dyspepsia in AdolescenceCarlos Pereira, Nélio Veiga, Odete Amaral, Joana Pereira and Ilda BastosPDF
1546NUR2015-1546Exploring the Relationship between Perceived Stress and Academic Achievement among Critical Care Nursing StudentsSamah Anwar Mohamed Shalaby and Sara Mahdi Swaid AlDilhPDF
1545HEA2015-1545Impact of Electronic Health Records on the Hospital Bed Occupancy Rates in Surgical Units in France: Results from the E-SI (PREPS-SIPS) StudyMorgane Plantier, Nathalie Havet, Nicolas Caquot, Pierre Biron, Camille Amaz,
Thierry Durand, Irène Philip and Lionel Perrier
1544ARC2015-1544Rem Koolhaas and ?lvaro Siza in Asia: An Architectural ComparisonShuenn-Ren LiouPDF
1543LNG2015-1543What is Moving? Chinese TIME PASSING IS MOTION RevisitedShuping HuangPDF
1542COM2014-1542Efficiency Measurement of Epidemic AlgorithmsBlerina Zanaj, Elma Zanaj, Mirjeta Alinci and Ezmerina KotobelliPDF
1541TUR2015-1541Thrice a Stranger: Hellenism, Kemalism, ZionismSaffo PapantonopoulouPDF
1540FIN2015-1540Measuring the Globalization Degree of Trade from 2003-2013: Is Globalization of Economy Coming to an End?Bruno G. RüttimannPDF
1539SPO2015-1539The Impact of Sports on the Italian Economy: The Influence of Multi-Purpose Sports FacilitiesAlessandra Sorrentini, Davide Di Palma, Vincenzo Raiola and Maria TabourasPDF
1538PHI2015-1538The New Challenges and the Role of Philosophy according to Hans JonasAngela Maria MichelisPDF
1537LIT2014-1537Globalization and Multiculturalism: Defining the New Universalism in Selected Texts of Samuel Selvon, V. S. Naipaul and Anita DesaiSarah Anyang AgborPDF
1536TOU2015-1536Applying Sustainable Tourism Indicators to Community-Based Ecotourism Ventures in Southern AfricaKevin MearnsPDF
1535POL2015-1535Diversification of the International Criminal JudiciaryTijana SurlanPDF
1534LNG2015-1534Semantic Structure of Colour WordsIrina UstinovaPDF
1533LNG2015-1533Teaching and Testing Sociopragmatics in the Russian Language ClassroomWolfgang StadlerPDF
1532ART2015-1532Performing Bilingualism in Canada: Writing Autobiographically in English and French to Address Hybridity's ChallengesMarie VautierPDF
1531ENV2015-1531A Novel Ionic liquid for Carbon CaptureAmita Chaudhary and Ashok N. BhaskarwarPDF
1530ANT2015-1530Victim: an Identification Concept beyond the Internal Armed Conflict in ColombiaAura Angelica Hernandez CardenasPDF
1529ART2015-1529Autoethnography, Poetry, Memoir and PerformanceMary-Jane DuffyPDF
1528ECO2015-1528Central Bank Behaviour Concerning the Level of Bitcoin Regulation as Policy VariableBeate SauerPDF
1527MED2015-1527Social Media Use and Social Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Germany: A New Interdisciplinary FrameworkAlexandra Mittelstädt and Özen OdagPDF
1526ACC2015-1526Improving Performance Auditing Practice in the Libyan Public SectorSalem AmaraPDF
1525PSY2015-1525Pre-Performance Routines, Accuracy in Athletic Performance and Self-ControlInbal S. Perry and Yaacov J. KatzPDF
1524LNG2015-1524Applying Current Methods in Documentary Linguistics in the Documentation of Endangered Languages: A Case Study on Fieldwork in ArvaniticEfrosini KritikosPDF
1523MGT2015-1523Patient Positivity and Participation in Health Services: Examining the Mediating Effects of Self- and Other-EfficacyShih-Tung Shu and Ching-I ChenPDF
1522MDT2015-1522The Values of Honor and Shame in Mediterranean Society and Lysias' Oration, 'On the Murder of Eratosthenes'Jayoung ChePDF
1521TOU2014-1521Rural Tourism and Food Security: Possibilities for Sustainable Development in Parintins, Amazon, BrazilAlem Silvia Marinho dos Santos, Othon Henry Leonardos and Gildalberto Hose OliveiraPDF
1520ART2015-1520Hercules and Rinaldo: Annibale Carracci's Invenzione of Tasso's Epic HeroEsthy Kravitz-LuriePDF
1519MED2015-1519Thai Professionals Did Not Perceive Product Placement as UnethicalPanpilas KudilokPDF
1518MED2015-1518Eleanor Roosevelt, the United Nations and the Role of Radio CommunicationsAnya LuscombePDF
1517EDU2015-1517The Values Dimension of Quality Teachers: Can We Prepare Pre-Service Teachers for This?Elizabeth CurtisPDF
1516ART2015-1516Writer vs. Director: Who Authors Performance?Richard FinnPDF
1515EDU2015-1515Liberal Education as a Key for World CitizenshipValbona NathanailiPDF
1514DEM2015-1514Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Indian Immigrants in the Sultanate of Oman (1993-2010)Gamal M. HendawyPDF
1513PUH2015-1513Item Generation in the Development of a Harmony of Life Scale: A Qualitative StudyPatcharee Komjakraphan and Quantar BaltipPDF
1512ART2015-1512Field Theory in the Neoliberal Cultural IndustriesDavid BrittainPDF
1511MED2015-1511Contrasting Communication Styles in Don DeLillo's The NamesRichard GaughranPDF
1510HUM2015-1510Greek-Americans, Greek Subjects, and American Abstract ExpressionismGail LevinPDF
1509PLA2014-1509A Multi-Criteria Optimization Model for the Allocation Process in Land Readjustment ProjectsAhmet Yilmaz and Hülya DemirPDF
1508PHI2015-1508Circuit(s) versus Counter-circuit(s), a Challenge of the MindSander WilkensPDF
1507EDU2015-1507The Promise of Pre-Service Teachers in AlbaniaJeannette Ford and Gerda SulaPDF
1506EDU2015-1506Teacher Survey on Reading Competence and Reading Competence Promotion in Turkish Primary SchoolsOrhan Hanbay and Yakup TekinPDF
1505SOC2015-1505Characteristics of the Victims of Trafficking for Sexual ExploitationJorge Uroz and Carmen MenesesPDF
1504SOC2015-1504Needs of the Victims of Trafficking for Sexual ExploitationCarmen Meneses and Jorge UrozPDF
1503DIA2015-1503Impact of Selected Processing of Rice on Postprandial Glycemic and Insulinemic Responses in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes MellitusNeha Paharia and Kasturi SenrayPDF
1502PSY2015-1502Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Perspectives to a Model on Social Phobia Based on Plato's Dialogue of CritoGeorge VarvatsouliasPDF
1501PHI2015-1501Ideology of Governance. A Qualitative Analysis of the Right to Rule and the Ideal RulerIbrahim NooraniPDF
1500LIT2015-1500Verbal Politeness in Italian Twentieth Century. Books of MannersGiovanna AlfonzettiPDF
1499EDU2015-1499Identity Construction at Brazilian Public Universities in the Context of Recent Struggles and PoliciesVera Helena Ferraz de Siqueira, Gloria W. de F.Arrigoni, Daiane Agostini and Lucas de Almeida BritoPDF
1498TOU2015-1498Medical Tourism in Lebanon: An Analysis of Tourism FlowsViana HassanPDF
1497LIT2015-1497The Revisionary Influence: Neo-Victorian Fiction and the Past RedeemedAleksandra TrynieckaPDF
1496PHI2015-1496Creating the Anthropocene: Existential Social Philosophy and Our Bleak FutureDamon BoriaPDF
1495MKT2015-1495Relational BoycottBreno de Paula Andrade Cruz and Delane BotelhoPDF
1494MED2015-1494Moral Framing and the Development of Political Conflicts: An Analysis of New York Times’ Stories in the Build up to the 2003 Iraqi WarVitalis TorwelPDF
1493TOU2015-1493Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism: Panel Data Analysis of D7 CountriesCem IşikPDF
1492ART2015-1492Realigning Vertical Dance on a Horizontal ContinuumDanielle K. GarrisonPDF
1491ART2015-1491Theatrical Storytelling from Page to Stage: An Applied Study in Writing and Performing TechniquesGamal El-Sayed Hussein Mohamed YakoutPDF
1490ART2015-1490The Company Choir in Brazil – An Entrepreneurial Case StudyWilliam DiCosimoPDF
1489ART2015-1489Why Do Performing Arts Need Deleuze and Guattari? A Methodological InquiryChristina BanalopoulouPDF
1488MED2015-1488How a Turkish Bank Uses Corporate Social Responsibility to Construct Its Identity: A Case StudyEmel Özdora-Akşak and Şirin Atakan-DumanPDF
1487MED2015-1487A Study of Development Context of the Taiwan DocumentaryChu-fang Lin and Chan-li LinPDF
1486ART2015-1486Jean Philippe-Rameau and the Corps SonoreB. Glenn ChandlerPDF
1485SPO2015-1485The Sportization Process of the Equestrian Practices in Porto Alegre, BrazilEster Liberato Pereira, Carolina Fernandes da Silva and Janice Zarpellon MazoPDF
1484ART2015-1484The Lure of Wonder: The Miraculous in Popular Visual Culture Past and PresentPaul DuncumPDF
1483ART2015-1483Connoisseurship, the Arts and Leadership: Portrait of the Development of the Artistic Discerning EyeFenwick W. English and Lisa C. EhrichPDF
1482PHA2015-1482Reduction of Prochiralic Ketones by NAD(H)-dependent Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Membrane ReactorMichele Vitolo and Ester Junko YoriyazPDF
1481ART2015-1481The Arts as Portals for Understanding “The Other”Barbara PembertonPDF
1480ART2015-1480Creativity: The Myth and the Role of Research in Creative WorkHank HehmsothPDF
1479ART2015-1479The Play's the Thing: A Multi-text Approach to Acting ShakespeareLaura WaythPDF
1478MDT2015-1478The Revival of Classicism and the Myth of the Mediterranean between the two World Wars - Artists and Architects in Pompeii, Capri, and on the Amalfi Coast in the 1920s and 30sAdriana De AngelisPDF
1477EDU2015-1477Rural Education and Rural Extension: Paulo Freire Contributions to the Agrarian Residence ProgramLourdes Helena Silva and Elida Lopes MirandaPDF
1476ART2015-1476Ancient Greek Themes in Modern Hispanic TheatreNancy Lee RuyterPDF
1475TOU2015-147521 Century Travel using Websites, Mobile and Wearable Technology DevicesMichael ConyettePDF
1474MDT2015-1474Tuberculosis in Homeless Adults in BucharestNicoleta Valentina Cioran and Dana Galieta MincăPDF
1473MDT2015-1473Education as a Factor Influencing the Development of National EconomyVitalijs Jurenoks, Liga Kamola, Vladimirs Jansons, Konstantins Didenko and Viktors NesporsPDF
1472PHI2015-1472Concepts of Sensation, Feeling and Belief in F.H. Jacobi’s PhilosophyAlexey LyzlovPDF
1471NUR2015-1471Health Improvement Science (HIS) Description of Italian Participation in ISTEW (Improvement Science Training for Health Care Workers) European ProjectJulita Sansoni, AR. Marucci, E. Corvo and W. De CaroPDF
1470MDT2015-1470Shop-Window Lighting in Mediterranean Countries: The Use of Sun to Improve Visual Appeal and Reduce Energy DemandElena Anagnou, Helena Coch and Isabel CrespoPDF
1469CIV2014-1469Seismic Shear Response of Diaphragms of BuildingsChikara Iihoshi and Takayuki MinagawaPDF
1468SPO2015-1468Could Fewer Teams Make a League More Competitive? The Portuguese Football League CaseDaniel Magueta, Sérgio Gonçalo, Carmen Guimarães and Pedro PegoPDF
1467SPO2015-1467The Factors Influencing Fans’ Attendance at Football Matches in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMohammed Binjwaied, Ian Richards and Lisa-Ann O'KeeffePDF
1465PHI2015-1465The Οὐσία in Origen’s Commentary on John. About the Theological Interpretation of a Philosophical ConceptVito LimonePDF
1464BLE2015-1464The Casual Relationship between Debt and Profitability: The Case of ItalyMarco Muscettola and Francesco NaccaratoPDF
1463MDT2015-1463Research and Education in Classical Greek Art History in Korea: Present State, Obstacles, and SuggestionsHyejin KimPDF
1462NUR2015-1462Charting in a New WorldJulia A. GreenawaltPDF
1461NUR2015-1461Nursing Education Focused on Healthcare WorkersLucimare Ferraz, Vanderleia Muller and Leticia De Lima TrindadePDF
1460TOU2015-1460A Case Study of the Economic Impact of Seasonal Visitors to a Lake Watershed EnvironmentMichael Donihue, Sahan T. M. Dissanayake and Lucy O’KeeffePDF
1459EDU2015-1459Challenging Analogical Encoding under Real Conditions in Business EducationChristian Mayer and Oliver GansserPDF
1458ACC2015-1458Foreign Ownership and Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Spanish SubsidiariesBelén Gill-de-Albornoz and Simona RusanescuPDF
1457BLE2015-1457Social Justice in South Africa: Law and the Role of BusinessKarunanidhi ReddyPDF
1456SMC2014-1456Assessment of Slovak Rural Landscape Problems in Globalization and Economic TransitionZita Izakovičová, Milena Moyzeová and Magdaléna DubcováPDF
1455MED2015-1455A People's Choice: Persuasive Strategies in the Scottish Independence ReferendumCarlota M. Moragas-Fern?ndez and Arantxa Capdevila G?mezPDF
1454EDU2015-1454Education to Vocation: Considerations for Curriculum, Outcomes and Practices Leading to Greater Employability for Undergraduate StudentsJulia Underwood and Roxanne Helm-StevensPDF
1453SPO2015-1453Euro 2012 in Gdansk, Poland. Is it Worth Using Public Funds?Krystian ZawadzkiPDF
1452SPO2015-1452The Intergenerational Transfer Effects on Sport ActivitySeppo SuominenPDF
1451ENV2015-1451Hydrogen Production by Ethanol Steam ReformingAdriano Braga, Joao dos Santos, Jose Maria Bueno and Sonia DamyanovaPDF
1450SOC2015-1450Lifelong Learning Universities and Social Inclusion PoliciesGiuseppe Luca De Luca Picione and Lucia FortiniPDF
1449PHI2015-1449Carbon-Based Brain, Consciousness and Choice: A Phenomenological Update on the Concept and Reality of Free Will as an Existential Mode of Existence Exhibited in Human PraxisTennyson SamrajPDF
1448EDU2015-1448Nip & Tuck: The Humanities and Social Sciences under the KnifeCarolyn KingPDF
1447ENV2015-1447Effect of Epoxy Depolymerisation in the Leaching of Copper from Electronic WasteMarjorie Valix, Young Hong, Yee Shuen Loo and Alex Wai Hung CheungPDF
1446PHA2015-1446Biological Activity of Novel 17â-phenylcarbamiol-androst-4-en-3-one as Inhibitors of Type 2 5á-reductase EnzymeMarisa Cabeza, Yesica Medina, Berenice Alvarez, Isabel Moreno and Eugene BratoeffPDF
1445PHI2015-1445Connections between Seneca and Platonism in Epistulae ad Lucilium 58Omar Di PaolaPDF
1444SME2014-1444Entrepreneurial Features of Turkish Born Global SMEs: A Sectoral ComparisonEce Piskinsut Senguler and Metin SatirPDF
1443PHI2015-1443Scientific Knowledge in Aristotle's BiologyBarbara BotterPDF
1442SME2014-1442A Framework for Exploring the International Orientation of Entrepreneurial IntentionVitor Braga, Sónia Carneiro and Alexandra BragaPDF
1440EDU2015-1440Facilitative Training of Community Care Workers who Support Young Children Affected by Maternal HIV and AIDSMichelle Finestone and Irma EloffPDF
1439PHI2015-1439Relational Universe of Leibniz: Implications for Modern Physics and BiologyAbir IgamberdievPDF
1438PHI2015-1438The Psychology of the Eternal in Kierkegaard's Sickness Unto DeathMark A. Wells and Brad FairclothPDF
1437PHI2015-1437The Classical Notion of Knowledge and Interdisciplinarity of ScienceMonika WalczakPDF
1436PHI2015-1436Merleau-Ponty, From the Overcoming of the Epistemological Dichotomy to the Recognition of the Ontological DiplopiaGleisson Roberto SchmidtPDF
1435PHI2015-1435The Question of ConsciousnessEdouard AsseoPDF
1434MDT2015-1434Policy Overcomes Confessional Hurdles: A Policy Strategy Tackles Challenges in the Segmented Society and State of LebanonJoseph HelouPDF
1433EDU2015-1433Alternative Learning and Research Leading to DevelopmentJaime Jimenez- Guzman and Monica VelascoPDF
1432MDT2015-1432An Overview Focusing on the Relationship between Vocational Education and the Necessities of Turkish BusinessTolga YaziciPDF
1431MED2015-1431Migration of Television Audience to Digital Media: Impacts on TV Schedule and JournalismValdecir Becker, Daniel Gambaro, Aline Crisnir and Samara CoutinhoPDF
1430CBC2014-1430Institution Building to Foster Development: Cambodia's Trade Union Setting in DiscussionNathalie Homlong and Elisabeth SpringlerPDF
1429NUR2015-1429Development of Managerial Competencies of Nurses by Permanent Education ServicesPriscila Meyenberg Cunha Sade and Aida Maris PeresPDF
1428NUR2015-1428The Relationships Among Depression, Self-Care Agency, Self Efficacy, and Diabetes Self-Care ManagementBesher A. Gharaibeh, Byron J. Gajewski and Diane K. BoylePDF
1427NUR2015-1427What do Nursing Students have to Say about Occupational Health and Safety as University Undergraduates?Rose Boucaut and Lynette CusackPDF
1426TUR2014-1426A Comparative Analysis of the Past and the Present: Plateau Settlements and Semi-Nomadic Life in the Taurus Mountains (Turkey)Kemal Reha Kavas and İbrahim BakırPDF
1425EDU2015-1425Can Education resolve Nursing Shortage in China?Junhong Zhu and Sheila RodgersPDF
1424MDT2015-1424Mediterranean Mountains in the Mythological Paintings of European ArtSibel Almelek İşmanPDF
1423MDT2015-1423Labor Force Planning in Local Governments with Computer Software: Izmir SampleŞevkinaz Gümüşoğlu, Serpil Unal Kestane, Ozer Kestane and Burcu KaraözPDF
1422EDU2015-1422Literary TherapeuticsJuan Eliseo Montoya Mar?nPDF
1421MDT2015-1421Emanuele Crialese’s Nuovomondo and the Triumph of the Mediterranean HeritageSimonetta Milli KonewkoPDF
1420MDT2015-1420On a “Small” Mediterranean Language/Literature, “New Positivism”, and Cultural GlobalizationHelena PeričićPDF
1419NUR2015-1419Student Nurses’ Perceptions of a "Good" Mentor: A Questionnaire Survey of Student Nurses in Two Different CulturesZaid Al-Hamdan, John Fowler and Hala BawadiPDF
1418MED2015-1418Service Learning and International Internships in Journalism Courses: A Pedagogy of Transformative CitizenshipTwange KasomaPDF
1417PHA2015-1417Protective Effects of Different Antioxidants against the Molecular Toxicity, Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations induced by 3,5-dimethylaminophenol-A Review of the Recent WorkPınar Erkekoglu, Ming-Wei Chao, Belma Koçer-Gümüşel, Chia-Yi Tseng, Wenjie Ye, Laura J. Trudel, Paul L. Skipper, Steven R. Tannenbaum and Gerald N. WoganPDF
1416MDT2015-1416The Disintegration of the Democratic Eastern Federation and the Demise of its supporters 1885-1896 and the Poems of OssianKathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
1415HUM2015-1415The Hellenistic Features of Armenian Art in VI B.C. - III A.D.Maria LazarevaPDF
1413DIA2015-1413Organelles Stress and their Crosstalk within Diabetic MyocardiumDoina PopovPDF
1412HUM2015-1412Music and Dance Representations at the Crossroads of Humanities and SciencesLuiz NavedaPDF
1411HUM2015-1411Science and Religion: 21st Century Impacting FactorsLutricia E. SnellPDF
1410MDT2015-1410The Peasants during the Mamluk Period: How they have StruggledWan Kamal Mujani and Stuart J. BorschPDF
1408MDT2015-1408Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/IS) as a Systemic Threat on the Mediterranean Basin in the New World PerceptionHuseyin SurucuPDF
1407MDT2015-1407Screening for Iron Deficiency Anemia in Children Living at South SinaiGamal Abdel Naser Hasan Yamamah, Nehal Salah Hasan and Asmaa Mahmoud MohammedPDF
1406MDT2015-1406The Utilization of Lobsters by Humans in the Mediterranean Basin from the Prehistoric Era to the Modern Era – An Interdisciplinary Brief ReviewEhud SpanierPDF
1405MDT2015-1405The Arab Spring and the Mediterranean Basin: A Case Study of JordanAhmad Abdel-HadiPDF
1404HUM2015-1404The Change in the Political Message of Pink Floyd's / Roger Waters' The Wall from the Album to the Film to the Live Shows in the Dawn of the 80's via the Wall in Berlin in 1990 to the Live Shows of 2010-2013Vesa-Matti SareniusPDF
1403MDT2015-1403Music and Society in Cyprus: British Colonialism and the Emergence of European Music TraditionsAnastasia HasikouPDF
1402MDT2015-1402Practical Tools for Managing the Waste Pyrolysis Project in RussiaTatiana SmetaninaPDF
1401HUM2015-1401Walking, Sharing and Destruction: Poetic Reinventions of the Southern LandscapeAlice Jean Monsell, Raquel Andrade Ferreira and Eduarda Azevedo GoncalvesPDF
1400CBC2014-1400Comparison of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Practices Used GloballyShani D. CarterPDF
1399MDT2015-1399The BDFP and the Business Venture can be Closely RelatedMaria de las Mercedes de Obesso Arias, Esther Valbuena Garcia and Pilar SanchezPDF
1398MDT2015-1398Autobiographical Narrative: An Exploration of Identity Construction Processes in Relation to Gender and RaceNahla NadeemPDF
1397LNG2014-1397Phonetic Neutralization: The Case of Persian Final DevoicingZeinab Tofigh and Vahideh AbolhasanizadehPDF
1396CBC2014-1396Hodrick-Prescott filtering of Large, emerging Economies and Analysis of Russian GDP GrowthOlga V. Mezentсeva and Ann V. MezentcevaPDF
1395SPO2014-1395Prospects for the Turkish Gastronomy TourismMehmet SarıoğlanPDF
1394HUM2015-1394The Many Faces of Art in Global AfricaJean BorgattiPDF
1393PHI2014-1393Stoicism and Roman Law: The Rescripts of Emperor Marcus Aurelius on Family Law and The Law of LibertyPedro Savaget Nascimento and Andityas Soares de Moura Costa MatosPDF
1392HUM2015-1392Making the Statue Move. How Might Creative Writing Bear Witness to History? The East German Doping Scam: Theme 14.25Anne Lauppe-DunbarPDF
1391HUM2015-1391The Use of Color Imagery in the Novels of Toni MorrisonSaumitra ChakravartyPDF
1390LIT2011-1390Reflection of Time in Postmodern LiteratureTatyana FedosovaPDF
1389ARC2014-1389Cross-fertilization of Cultures and its Role in Formation of Venice: A Comparative Study between I?fah?n and VeniceElham SaffarzadehPDF
1388HUM2015-1388The Perils of Global Cultural Promotion: (Re-)Presenting “European Culture” in Asia through Spanish Cultural Promotion in the PhilippinesJosé Miguel Díaz RodríguezPDF
1387ART2014-1387Magic Reality: Grant Wood's 1930s WorksViviana BucarelliPDF
1386EDU2014-1386Technological Specialization Courses in Higher Education: Reflecting on Students’ Motivations and ExpectationsCatarina Doutor, Carlos Miguel Ribeiro, Antonio FragosoPDF
1385HUM2015-1385Reconsidering the Traveling Theater of Today's Japan: An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Stigmatized Form of Japanese TheatreYukihide EndoPDF
1384HUM2015-1384The Dilemma of the Artist in Contemporary British Theatre: A Theoretical BackgroundMajeed Mohammed Midhin and Clare FinburghPDF
1383LNG2014-1383Chinese College Students' Competence in Expressing Chinese Culture in Intercultural CommunicationJingjing WangPDF
1382LNG2014-1382Translation as an Irreplaceable Approach in Foreign Language Teaching and LearningHong RenPDF
1381ART2014-1381Teaching Contemporary Art in Primary SchoolsChor Leng Twardzik ChingPDF
1380PHI2014-1380Particularism in Buddhism: Morality without Frames?Shweta SinghPDF
1379ERT2014-1379REE in Sewage Sludge from Selected Pulp and Paper Plants in PolandPaulina Kostrz-Sikora, Izabela Bojakowska and Stanisław WołkowiczPDF
1378ART2014-1378The Street as Art's Memory PlaceLütfiye BozdagPDF
1377TEN2014-1377Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes / High Density Polyethylene Composites Produced by Extrusion MethodMustafa Tasyurek, Serafettin Ekinci and Murat MirikPDF
1376HUM2015-1376The Folk-Healing Recipes of the Thasian Monk Gymnasios LavriotisSteven M. OberhelmanPDF
1375CBC2014-1375Is there a World Market for Uighur Medical Tourism?Jens GraffPDF
1374COM2014-1374Quad-copter Self-positioning System for Precise Maneuvering during Landing ProcedureGrzegorz Baron, Piotr Czekalski and Piotr StoklosaPDF
1373HUM2015-1373Developing Motivation to Learn among Arab Students in Arab Colleges and Mixed CollegesBasma JarjouraPDF
1372LNG2014-1372Irony as an Impoliteness Tool: An Exploration of Irony's Intentionality, Cancellability and StrengthAikaterini TselikaPDF
1371WAT2014-1371Nitrogen Removal from a Secondary Effluent by Sandy Soil PercolationMaria Socorro Espino Valdes, Carmen Julia Navarro Gomez, Adan Pinales Munguia, Maria de Lourdes Villalba, Rodrigo De la Garza Aguilar and Humberto Silva HidalgoPDF
1370ARC2014-1370Narrative and the Substance of Architectural Spaces: The Design of Memorial Architecture as an ExampleChing-Pin TsengPDF
1369MDT2014-1369An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants and Growth of South African Export: 1980-2013Ireen Choga and Asrat TsegayePDF
1368HUM2015-1368Playing With ‘Others’: Strategies in Intercultural PerformanceDeclan PatrickPDF
1367ARC2014-1367Sustainable Development of Environment, Historical Places and Community in Bergama, TurkeyWan-Wen Huang and Tomoko KanoPDF
1366LNG2014-1366Approaches to Communicative Foreign Language TeachingMay Al-ShaikhliPDF
1365HUM2015-1365The Changing Face of Violence in Painting: 19th-20th CenturiesZuhre IndirkasPDF
1364MKT2014-1364The Roles of Forgiveness towards Repurchase Intentions from a Cross Cultural PerspectiveArirat Chueabunkoet Noth, Pensri Jaroenwanit and Rudolph BrownPDF
1363LNG2014-1363A Contrastive Study on the Ways of Lexicalization of Direction in English and Chinese Motion VerbsMeixia Li and Ruicheng LuanPDF
1362HUM2015-1362The Internal Passive and the Periphrastic Passive in Journalistic Modern StandardYehudit DrorPDF
1361CBC2014-1361The Economic Theory of European Competition Policy. Retrospectives and PerspectivesAndreas Stamate-Ștefan and Mihai-Vladimir TopanPDF
1360HUM2014-1360A Corporative Δημοκρατία: Dionysius of Halicarnassus as a Political ScientistEmanuele SantamatoPDF
1359LNG2014-1359Promoting Changes in the Process of Acquiring the English Phonological ComponentMaría Susana Waasaf and Nancy LeánezPDF
1358ARC2014-1358New Public Spaces in the Historic City Centre. The Verdi Theatre Area in Padua, Italy, as a Case StudyEnrico Pietrogrande and Adriano RabacchinPDF
1357CBC2014-1357The Economy of Football in the Global World: The Economic Evaluation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in BrazilMihalis KuyucuPDF
1356LNG2014-1356Resultative Verbs in Chinese are Compunds?Stefania AffatatoPDF
1355LAW2014-1355Hungarians and Citizenship in Croatia-Slavonia 1868-1918Ivan KosnicaPDF
1354CBC2014-1354Foreign Capital for Development: The Constraints of Foreign Borrowing with Particular Reference to Algeria's CaseAbdelhafid AimarPDF
1353ARC2014-1353Strata and Topographies. The Arduous Interweaving of Archaeology, Architecture and the City in the Case of the Thermal Baths of Neptune in PozzuoliPasquale Miano, Giorgia Aquilar and Bruna Di PalmaPDF
1352HEA2014-1352Economic Analysis of ART Task Shifting in Limited Resource Setting Using Econometric Model: Ethiopia Case StudyElias Asfaw, Naod Mekonnen, Benjamin Johns, Wendy Wong, Abebe Bekele, John Palen, Amha Kebede, Shara Domin and Yibeltale AssefaPDF
1351HIS2014-1351“Who Let The Dogs Out?” The Film Gladiator’s Battle with the Germans Compared to a Contemporary Roman Cavalry Scene from the Portonaccio SarcophagusRobert B. KebricPDF
1350MDT2014-1350Lifestyle Migrations in Mediterranean Context. The Future for Depopulated Areas?Fatima Velez de CastroPDF
1349SOS2014-1349Understanding the Reasons for Malaysian Youth Participation in Volunteering ActivitiesSiti Raba' ah Hamzah, Turiman Suandi, Ismi Arif Ismail, Jasmin Arif Shah and Azimi HamzahPDF
1348TUR2014-1348A Spatial Analysis of the Plateau Settlements and Semi-Nomadic Life in the Taurus Mountains of TurkeyKemal Reha Kavas and Ibrahim BakırPDF
1347BLE2014-1347The Impact of Knowledge Sharing Systems on Strategic Integration between Business and Information TechnologyAdel Al-HashemPDF
1346ARC2014-1346New Designs in Circulation Areas and MuseumsNihan Canbakal AtaogluPDF
1345ECL2014-1345Structural Configurations of Social Representations about Climate ChangeMarshaley Baquiano and Ana Joy MendezPDF
1344CBC2014-1344How Comfortable are Malaysian Users in Utilizing Webpages of Small Businesses?Moha Asri Abdullah, MD Fardous Alom, Nurita Juhdi, Noorihsan Mohammad, Muhammad-Bashir Owolabi Yusuf and S. M. Ferdous AzamPDF
1343ARC2014-1343Structural Specifications of Turkish Bath's and Collapse Analysis Scenario of Ismail Bey Bath, Iznik-TurkeyKerimcan ApakPDF
1342ECL2014-1342Social Representations of Climate Change: A Cross-Cultural InvestigationMarshaley Baquiano and Ana Joy MendezPDF
1341ARC2014-1341The Changing Social Responsibilities of the 21st Century Architect and the Implications for the Profession and Education of ArchitectureDerya YorganciogluPDF
1340COM2014-1340Parameter Estimation of Non-linear Dynamical Models – A Web Based ApplicationPiotr Grzywocz, Gabriela Matusik, Krzysztof Łakomiec and Krzysztof FujarewiczPDF
1339EDU2014-1339Core Values of Educational Leadership – How School Leaders Understand Concepts of Development and LearningRoman DorczakPDF
1338HEA2014-1338Health Economics Analysis – Individual Cost Estimation Models in Practice for Type 2 Diabetes in HungaryAnita Antal and Monika Lambertne KatonaPDF
1337PHI2014-1337An Ontic Conception of Chance in Monod's Non-Teleological Evolutionary Biological TheoryAlessandra MelasPDF
1336ENV2014-1336Environmental Aspects in Designing Spaces and Furniture for ChildrenPavlina VodenovaPDF
1335ARC2014-1335Italian and Spanish Architecture in the PostwarSimone CensiPDF
1334ARC2014-1334Willem Marinus Dudok in Hilversum. The Primary Role of the School in the Construction of Urban Space. Idea and MethodAlessandro Dalla CanevaPDF
1333PHY2014-1333Quantum to Cosmological Phenomena in Gravity Induced ElectromagnetismShubhen BiswasPDF
1332CBC2014-1332An Investigation into the Factors affecting Adoption of E-procurement in Saudi Arabian SMEs (An evaluation of Gunasekaran and Ngai 2009 Model)Ahmed AltayyarPDF
1331PHA2014-1331Starch Pickering Emulsion: A Safe Vehicle for Topical Drug DeliveryJoana Marto, Luis Gouveia, Lidia Goncalves, Aida Duarte, Pedro Pinto, Teresa Cidade, Eduardo Oliveira, Antonio Almeida and Helena RibeiroPDF
1330SOS2014-1330Bolsa Familia Program and its Implementation in Brazilian MunicipalitiesMarcia Pastor and Angelica Cristina BetioliPDF
1329MED2014-1329A Study on the Decision Making Process in Public and Private Broadcast Newsrooms in MalaysiaRoslina Abdul LatifPDF
1328PSY2014-1328Black - White Intergroup Relations in France. The Impact of Social Desirability and Antiracist Norm in Interethnic Relations Using the RepMut ToolCarlos Roberto Velandia Coustol, Caroline Perrin, Philippe Castel and Marie Francoise LacassagnePDF
1327SOS2014-1327Sleepless No More: Techniques and Interventions for Sleep DisordersJoanna Katsanis and Katharine C. Newman-SmithPDF
1326COM2014-1326Air Traffic Data Integration using Semantic Web ApproachMarcin Klauza, Piotr Czekalski and Krzysztof TokarzPDF
1325PHA2014-1325Scale up of a Low Energy Process for the Production of Oil in Water EmulsionsSara Raposo, Manuela Urbano and Helena RibeiroPDF
1324CBC2014-1324The Greek Sovereign Debt: Are there Really any Options?Gregory T. PapanikosPDF
1323HEA2014-1323Athens’ “Nephos”: A Heating Oil Tax Hike, Particulate Matter, and Public HealthSappho Zoe GilbertPDF
1322MDT2014-1322Greek Mythology at the Service of the Portuguese Inquisition: The Case of Hercules and the Hydra of LernaMilton Dias PachecoPDF
1321SME2014-1321Measuring Export Marketing Strategy of SMEs in Mauritius: An Export Preparedness PerspectiveOupendranath AmorooPDF
1320EDU2014-1320Why Fix something that is not Broken? The Implementation of School Choice Policy and Parental Attitudes towards Equality and Uniformity of Comprehensive School System in FinlandHeikki Silvennoinen, Mira Kalalahti and Janne VarjoPDF
1319SMC2014-1319Female Micro-enterprises in Rural Central Chile. Construction and Reconstruction of the Role of Women in Agriculture. A Case StudyJulia Fawaz, Paula Soto and Rosana VallejosPDF
1318POL2014-1318Political Crisis in Western Balkans: Challenges and Perspectives the Day AfterJonuz Abdullai and Afrim TresiPDF
1317MED2014-1317The Role of Opinion Leaders in Influencing Consumer Behaviors with a Focus on Market Mavens: A Meta-analysisYoung-Sung KwonPDF
1316LAW2014-1316There are no Bitcoins, Only Bit Payers: Law, Policy and Socio-Economics of Virtual CurrenciesMichael P. MalloyPDF
1315LIT2014-1315Brazilian Gothic: Allegories of Tradition in Gilberto Freyre and the Catholic Novelists of the 1930sFernando Monteiro de BarrosPDF
1314LIT2014-1314The Novel O Guarani: A Cultural Multimedia ProductDouglas Ricardo Herminio ReisPDF
1313ARC2014-1313Agricultural Urbanism: Lessons from the Cultural Landscape of MessiniaSteven ClarkePDF
1312SMC2014-1312Local Rural Gastronomic Traditional Tourism. A Strategy for Local and Regional Development, at the South of the State of M?xicoJesus Gaston Gutierrez Cedillo, Jose Isabel Juan Perez and Elsa Mireya Rosales EstradaPDF
1311ARC2014-1311Continuities and Discontinuities in the Vernacular ArchitectureMaria PhilokyprouPDF
1310EDU2014-1310Does Ethnicity Moderate the Longitudinal Change in Adolescent Educational Expectations for University Study between ages 14-16? Understanding Differences among White, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Black Caribbean Pupils in EnglandMichael TzanakisPDF
1309SOS2014-1309Improving the Teacher's Evaluation Methods and Tools in Abu Dhabi schools - Case StudyGhanem Al BustamiPDF
1308LNG2014-1308Spellbound: Experimenting with Alternative English OrthographyGregory BontragerPDF
1307AGR2014-1307Economic Aspects of Milk Production in Organic and Conventional Specialised Dairy Farms in PolandMarcin ZekałoPDF
1306CHE2014-1306Novel 1,3-Dichalcogeno-2-phospholanes with an Annelated 1,2-Dicarba-closo-dodecaborane(12) Unit. Synthesis, Structures and ReactivityBernd Wrackmeyer, Elena Klimkina and Wolfgang MiliusPDF
1305COM2014-1305TIARA Tutor for Time Efficiency Analysis of Recursive AlgorithmsIrena PevacPDF
1304PSY2014-1304Empathy's Importance in Social Work PracticesErgun Hasgul and Ayse Sezen SerpenPDF
1303ART2014-1303Global Jazz: Pushing its Boundaries with Harmonic, Metric, and Instrumental DevicesHank HehmsothPDF
1302MED2014-1302A Brave New World Music: An Ethnographic Study on Music and Cross-Cultural CommunicationMurad OzdemirPDF
1301ECO2014-1301Human Capital, Social Capital and Economic GrowthWeiqiu YuPDF
1300ART2014-1300Malaysian Traditional Healing Performance Practices: Issues and ChallengesNurul Farhana Low Abdullah, Solehah Ishak and Mohd Kipli Abdul RahmanPDF
1299SME2014-1299The Role of Science Parks in Sustaining Innovative Entrepreneurship: Evidences from ItalySimona Castellini, Francesco Lamperti and Roberto MaviliaPDF
1298AGR2014-1298Adaptation of Hungarian Guinea Fowl to Tropical Underprivileged Regions of South VietnamDong Xuan Kisne Do Thi, Istvan Szalay and Lan Phuong Thieu NgocPDF
1297LIT2014-1297Brazilian Literature and the Classroom: How do we Teach the Literary Reading?Adair de Aguiar Neitzel and Carla CarvalhoPDF
1296PHI2014-1296Jurgen Habermas: The Communicative Action and the Strategic ActionEnkelejda HamzajPDF
1295AGR2014-1295Preliminary Results of the Study on Food and Nutrition Safety in the Border Zone of Costa Rica and NicaraguaRigoberto Rodriguez Quiroz, Wilfrido Paniagua Madrigal, V. Larumbe Galech, T.J. Guzman Hernandez, Freddy Aleman Zeledon, B. Mendieta Araica, Sandra Lovo Jerez,PDF
1294EMS2014-1294The Use of an Interactive Website as an Assistive Technology in University Calculus Courses: A Synergist for Teaching and Learning?Nina Hayfa and Hiba OthmanPDF
1293TUR2014-1293TV Broadcasting in Turkey. The Turkish Television Audience in the Frame of Uses and Gratification ApproachMihalis KuyucuPDF
1292SME2014-1292Social Currency: The Raconteur's Investment PortfolioDemos Vardiabasis, Natalie Moshiri, Yury Adamov and Samuel L. SeamanPDF
1291EDU2014-1291Phenomenon of Bullying: A Case Study of Jordanian Schools at TafilaAbdulraheem AlmahasnehPDF
1290SOS2014-1290Towards a New Conceptual Framework: National Genetics Theory and the Unraveling of Korea’s Imagined Communities Theoretical MaelstromÉtienne GirouardPDF
1289HIS2014-1289Reciprocity Problem between Greece and Turkey: The Case of Muslim-Turkish and Greek MinoritiesAli Dayıoğlu and İlksoy AslımPDF
1288SOS2014-1288Health Care Practices by Mothers in the Limpopo Province of South Africa: Modelling the Case of the Mopani DistrictKwabena A. KyeiPDF
1287SOC2014-1287Opportunities and Differences of Open Government Data Policies in EuropeGiuseppe RealePDF
1286PHI2014-1286Reviewing of Neuroethics as an Applied and Fundamental EthicsDaniel Pallarés-DomínguezPDF
1285PHI2014-1285Virtue Epistemologies and Epistemic ViceEric KraemerPDF
1284SOS2014-1284The Democracy as a Regime that Promotes Human Rights!Rakel MucajPDF
1283TUR2014-1283Intensity of Perception: Thresholds of Seeing in Vüs’at O. Bener’s Stories “Dost,” “Kömür” and “Yazgı”Munire Sevgi SenPDF
1282HIS2014-1282The Greek Military Golpe into the Italian Communist Newspaper “L’Unita” ReportagesMarzia NocilliPDF
1281HSC2014-1281Is Irisin a Miracle to Weight Loss?Hale Ergin and Seyfullah HalilogluPDF
1280PHY2014-1280The Physics of Clusters in Real GasesBoris SedunovPDF
1279LAW2014-1279From a Professional Tribe to a Business Neo-Tribe: Towards a Theory of Consumer-based Lifestyles in the Legal ProfessionAnna ChronopoulouPDF
1278HIS2014-1278Relationship Aspects of State-church in the Habsburg Empire during Emperor Joseph the Second's Reign (1780-1790)Ana Maria Roman Negoi and Ioan Cristinel Roman NegoiPDF
1277ECL2014-1277The Effect of Global Climate Change on the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh: The Identity Crisis of Environmentally Displaced PeopleMozharul IslamPDF
1276PHI2014-1276Communication, Expression, and the Justification of PunishmentAndy EngenPDF
1275POL2014-1275The Problems Confronted by the EU IntegrationZhi-jie ChengPDF
1274PHI2014-1274Where are Poets in Plato's Political Philosophy?Mai Oki-SugaPDF
1273PHI2014-1273On Identity and SimultaneityJonas CiurlionisPDF
1272TUR2014-1272A Study on Ankara Citadel AreaKadriye Burcu YavuzPDF
1271PHI2014-1271Aesthetics in the Age of Austerity: Building the Creative ClassChristine JamesPDF
1270ECO2014-1270Venture Capital as a Source of Innovation's FinancingRymkul Ismailova and Nurgul IsmagulovaPDF
1269PHI2014-1269B. L. Whorf on Cosmos, Individual and LanguageSvetlana ShibarshinaPDF
1268PHI2014-1268Action, Activity, AgentSebastián BriceñoPDF
1267BLE2014-1267National Minimum Wage of 2011and Labour Market Situation in NigeriaEkwoaba Joy Onyinyechi and Olusanya Olasunmbo AyanfeoluwaPDF
1266PHI2014-1266The Transformation of the Ancient Worldview in the Consciousness of a Medieval ManElena AkhmaevaPDF
1265AGR2014-1265Do Consumers Fully Benefit from the Richness of Dietary Contribution to Human Health offered by Tomato?Elena Balacheva, Mariana Radkova, Elena Shopova and Nasya TomlekovaPDF
1264ARC2014-1264Hybrids for a Space under Construction: The Intervention of Jorge Oteiza in the Chamber of Commerce of C?rdoba (1953-54)Emma Lopez-BahutPDF
1263MED2014-1263Gezi Park Protests in the Context of Activism/Online Activism and "Disproportionate" use of HumorAybike Pelenk ÖzelPDF
1262TUR2014-1262The Relation between Rumination and Emotional Reactions to Infidelity in Romantic RelationshipsSelin Onaylı, Ozgur Erdur-Baker and Panos KordoutisPDF
1261PHY2014-1261An Improvement of the Impact of the Marangoni Effect on the Polymer Thin Film Thickness Profile after Drying Polymer Solution Coated on a Flat Substrate through Temperature, Evaporation and Concentration Management during DryingHiroyuki KagamiPDF
1260EDU2014-1260The Impact of Class Size on the Academic Achievements of StudentsBarzan Hadi Hama KarimPDF
1259PHY2014-1259Circadian Characteristics of Special GlazingJozef Hraska, Paulina Sujanova and Peter HartmanPDF
1258STA2014-1258Inference based on Unified Hybrid Censored Data from a Weibull DistributionArezou Habibi Rad and Fatemeh YousefzadehPDF
1257LAW2014-1257“Impoverished Families” Have Been Guaranteed the Human Right to Adequate Food in the Brazilian Legal Amazon RegionClaudia Ribeiro Pereira NunesPDF
1256STA2014-1256On a Recursive Procedure for Parameter Estimation in Linear Model with Possibly Singular CovarianceHong Son Hoang and Remy BaraillePDF
1255STA2014-1255Parametric versus Semi-parametric Mixed Models for Panel Count DataVandna Jowaheer and Brajendra SutradharPDF
1254MKT2014-1254Exporting B2B Solutions: The Impact and Contribution of Using Social MediaZiad Abdelmoety and Spiros GounarisPDF
1253PHY2014-1253On Direct Measurements of the Angular Sizes of Stars by Lunar Occultation ObservationsEugene TrunkovskyPDF
1252ARC2014-1252Swedish Theory of User Centred Lighting DesignAnders Liljefors, Hakan Franson and Monica SaterPDF
1251ARC2014-1251Genesis and Epicenter of Renaissance: Florence versus IstanbulFatih RifkiPDF
1250TUR2014-1250‘The Sentence Cannot Hold’: Language and Trial in Yusuf Atılgan's Anayurt OteliDuygu ErgunPDF
1249EDU2014-1249Teaching and Learning in Geosciences for Citizenship: From the Margins of Knowledge to the Central Tasks of Forming TeachersJosé Roberto Serra Martins and Celso Dal Re CarneiroPDF
1248LNG2014-1248Anakanak is Hero, Ongkor is Villain: Incorporating Culture into the teaching of Kadazandusun as a Foreign LanguageVeronica Petrus AtinPDF
1247SOS2014-1247Research Policy and the Social Sciences: De-theorising Social Research?Wendy BastalichPDF
1246ENV2014-1246Environmental Degradation and its Impact on Water Pollution of Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka State – India: A Geographical ApproachGhanshyama PatankarPDF
1245CIV2014-1245Assessment of Residual Stresses due to Cold Bending Structural Steel Girders using Finite Element ModelingIssam Tawk, Jihad Rishmany and Antoine GergessPDF
1244SOS2014-1244Why Youths Choose to Become Volunteers: From the Perspective of BeliefJasmin Arif Shah, Turiman Suandi, Siti Raba’ah Hamzah and Ismi Arif IsmailPDF
1243HIS2014-1243Using Video Games for Teaching History. Experiences and ChallengesLaura Radetich and Eduardo JakubowiczPDF
1242ECO2014-1242Agroenergy and Familiar Agriculture in the Brazilian Northeast Semiarid RegionGustavo Bittencourt MachadoPDF
1241SME2014-1241Micro-Entrepreneurship: Tendency towards Precarious Work? Empirical Findings for AustriaDieter Bogenhold and Andrea KlinglmairPDF
1240FIT2014-1240Effect of Competitive Marathon running on the Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Status and Lung Function (FEV1) of Professional and Recreational RunnersKrishnamurthy DommalapatiPDF
1239LIT2014-1239Tradition of Serial Novels in Ottoman/Turkish LiteratureAli Serdar and Reyhan Tutumlu SerdarPDF
1238LNG2014-1238Correct Me if I'm Wrong, but Do It Right - Observation of Error Correction and Learner Uptake in University-level EFL ClassroomsJelena MilicevPDF
1237SOC2014-1237?mile Durkheim, Criminology and the Collective Consciousness of SocietyKenneth SmithPDF
1236ARC2014-1236Global Interaction into the Traditional Design Studios through BlogsJill Bouratoglou and Lia DikigoropoulouPDF
1235ARC2014-1235Architecture Program Accreditation a Pathway to Graduates International MobilitySawsan Saridar Masri and Hisham ArnaoutyPDF
1234AGR2014-1234Physiological Seed Quality and Fungi Incidence in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Seeds Treated with Microwave RadiationJuan Martinez Solis, Ana Nieves Flores and Margarita Gisela Pena OrtegaPDF
1233FIT2014-1233Special Breathing Exercises in Persons with SCI and Evaluate their Effectiveness by Using X-ray of Lungs and Other TestsArtem Vetkasov and Blanka HoskovaPDF
1232CIV2014-1232Determination of Mechanical Properties on Different Mexican Composite Portland Cements by Atomic Force Microscopy NanoindentationMelissa Maria Monroy-Hernandez, Lorena Romero-Salazar, Reza Mirshams and Juan Carlos Arteaga-ArcosPDF
1231ARC2014-1231Open-Plan Offices – Design and Psycho-Emotional and Health AspectsZuzana HumajovaPDF
1230SOS2014-1230Turkey since 1950Ahmet Salih IkizPDF
1229SMC2014-1229Habits of Consumption in Low-Income Rural Communities in Brazil: Challenges and OpportunitiesDenise de Abreu Sofiatti Dalmarco, Julia Christina Cortes Ara?jo and Kavita Miadaira HamzaPDF
1228WAT2014-1228Water Scarcity and Climate Change: The Search for an Optimal and Sustainable ManagementAbdelhafid Aimar and Hana ErabtiPDF
1227HSC2014-1227Paediatric Emergency Care: Improving Service Provision in the United KingdomCarol Chamley and Jason PritchardPDF
1226PHA2014-1226An Insect-Based Ex Vivo Blood Brain Barrier Efflux AssaySonia Al-Qadi, Morten Schiott, Steen Honore Hansen, Peter Aadal Nielsen and Lassina BadoloPDF
1225ARC2014-1225Space Making: The Concept of Re-interpreting + Re-shapingPelin Dursun Cebi, Ozan Avci and Gulsun SaglamerPDF
1224FIT2014-1224“Panoptic Differential Training: Bio-Dynamics Approach for Sprint Time Trial Cycling Performance” – A Critical PerspectiveRajasekhar Kali VenkataPDF
1223ARC2014-1223The Crucible of Construction: Designing and Building the UNLV Solar Decathlon HouseEric WeberPDF
1222ARC2014-1222007 and Contemporary Sacral ArchitectureRiitta NiskanenPDF
1221FIT2014-1221Status of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and Lung Function due to acute Half Marathon running among Male Recreational RunnersSamson MallavarapuPDF
1220HEA2014-1220Healthcare Networks in Metropolitan Areas - The Case of the Health System in BrazilJuliana Pires de Arruda Leite and Ana Maria Alves Carneiro Da SilvaPDF
1219EDU2014-1219An Analysis of the Teachers' Climate Change AwarenessBurckin Dal, Nilay Ozturk, Umut Alper, Duygu Sonmez and Aytekin CokelezPDF
1218AGR2014-1218Vanilla Protoplasts: Isolation and ElectrofusionWayner Montero-Carmona and Victor M. JimenezPDF
1217ARC2014-1217Performance of Passive Solar Systems in a Case of Retrofitted BuildingsAndrea Giachetta, Adriano Magliocco and Chiara PiccardoPDF
1216LAW2014-1216Minority Rights Protection in India and Greece - A Comparative Study of Recent DevelopmentsDwarakanath SripathiPDF
1215AGR2014-1215Exploration of Genetic Variability of Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Landraces through ISSR MarkersMargarita Gisela Pena-Ortega, Juan Enrique Rodriguez-Perez, Luis Manuel Serrano-Covarrubias and Juan Martinez-SolisPDF
1214LAW2014-1214Citizenship and Civil Procedure Law (Act I of 1991) in HungaryNorbert VargaPDF
1213MKT2014-1213Surrogate Advertising in India: Concept and Regulatory MeasuresRuchi GuptaPDF
1212POL2014-1212The Orthodox Church in Albania and Greek-Albanian Relations 1919-1922Ardit BidoPDF
1211AGR2014-1211An FPGA based Computer System for Greenhouse ControlNonel Thirer and Igor UchanskyPDF
1210LAW2014-1210Civilian Casualties in Modern Warfare: The Death of the Collateral Damage RuleValerie EppsPDF
1209STA2014-1209Discriminant Analysis with High Dimensional von Mises - Fisher DistributionsMario RomanazziPDF
1208ECO2014-1208The Political Game for U.S. RMB Currency Policy towards ChinaHuichao Han and Kangning XuPDF
1207MGT2014-1207Teamwork: Crucible for Learning about Collaborative LeadershipLisa DeAngelis, Sherry H. Penney and Maureen A. ScullyPDF
1206LAW2014-1206The Golden Rule in the Course of Time: Charitable Foundations in England, Germany and the EU Philanthropic Governance Perspective – of Altruism and CalculationNina Christiane LückPDF
1205MGT2014-1205GlencoreXstrata… The Profitable and Untethered March to Global Resource Dominance!Nina Aversano and Titos RitsatosPDF
1204SOS2014-1204Technology Assessment of Elite Sport. A Systems Theoretical Approach to Doping of the Next SocietySwen Körner PDF
1203POL2014-1203Liberation Theologies, Periphery Existence, and Global Challenges: Towards a Transcultural Ideology of LiberationBettina KochPDF
1202TOU2014-1202Capture of Events: Contributions of the FIFA World Cup 2014 to Brazilian Cities that will not Host Football GamesSavanna da Rosa Ramos and Fabiane NagabePDF
1201LIT2014-1201Characters and Identity Formation: An Ecocritical Reading of some Italian Short StoriesNikica MihaljevićPDF
1200LIT2014-1200“A Watch Dropped in the Desert”: Journey to a War and the New Life MovementQiang ZhangPDF
1199ARC2014-1199The Role of Personal Characters on the Residential Space ListBahram Siyavashpor and Somayeh BakhshabadiPDF
1198PHY2014-1198Electromagnetic Interactions in an Atomic NucleusBernard SchaefferPDF
1197ENV2014-1197Effect of Gypsum on the Chemistry of Saline – Sodic Soils of Sangamner Area, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, IndiaKeshav DeshmukhPDF
1196EMS2014-1196Development of Distance Education in Teaching Mathematics and StatisticsAbdujabar Rasulov, Matyokub Bakoev and Nilufar MannanovaPDF
1195HIS2014-1195Lessons Learned: Successes and Flaws in Hong Kong's New-town PlanningPayap PakdeelaoPDF
1194TEN2014-1194Channel Classification with Hidden Markov Models in Mobile NetworksRafiaa BoujbelPDF
1193EMS2014-1193The Math Book as an Ideological Dilemma in Elementary School?Kristina Holmberg and Lisbeth Ranag?rdenPDF
1192EMS2014-1192The Effect of DIMLE on Computer Literacy Level of Pre-Service TeachersZerrin Ayvaz Reis and Sebnem OzdemirPDF
1191EMS2014-1191A Measure of the Influence of Affective Variables on Mathematics Performance at Lower SecondaryKhemduth Singh Angateeah, Kaviraj Sharma Sukon and Preethee Nunkoo-GonpotPDF
1190ARC2014-1190Industry and Policy Recommendations for the Improvement of Embodied Energy and Carbon Accounting, Based on a Study during Construction StageEfstratios Gavotsis and Alice MoncasterPDF
1188ARC2014-1188Analogies as Creative Inspiration Sources in the Design Studio: The TeamworkHernan Casakin and Arjan van TimmerenPDF
1187CHE2014-1187Rare Earth Complex Catalysts Transforming CO2 into Cyclic Carbonate under Mild ConditionsWen-Zhen Wang, Dan Zhao, Lei-Jie Yang and Xin-Gang JiaPDF
1186LIB2014-1186Engaging Gen Z through Service Innovations in an Arts School LibrarySoo Chin FooPDF
1185AGR2014-1185Development of Turf-type Poa pratensis L. Germplasm for Seed Production without Field BurningWilliam Johnston, Richard Johnson, Charles Golob, Kathleen Dodson, Matthew Nelson, Gwen Stahnke and Elizabeth GuertalPDF
1184PHI2014-1184Socrates, the Greatest Sophist?Luiz Paulo RouanetPDF
1183ARC2014-1183Endogenous Spatiality in Architecture and Art: Blurred Boundaries since the First Artistic and Architectonic Vanguards of the Twentieth Century to ContemporaneityGabriela RaposoPDF
1182CIV2014-1182Assessment and Proposal Structural Repair Strategies for Damaged Bridges in VelipojaIralda Xhaferaj and Idlir DervishiPDF
1181AGR2014-1181Starch, Proteins and Minerals Content of Papua New Guinea Taro (Colocasia esculenta) CormsAndrej Mergedus, Cyril Atung, Birte Nass-Komolong, Kristl Janja, Anton Ivancic and Vincent LebotPDF
1180LNG2014-1180Syntactic Functions of Gerunds in Mexican SpanishSara Quintero RamirezPDF
1179LAW2014-1179Pragmatism and Judicial RestraintMatthew LewansPDF
1178LIT2014-1178Dancing in Circles: The Truth, the Lie, and Displacement of Lacan and DerridaLarry GriffinPDF
1177TUR2014-1177The Policy Inherited by Democrat Party from Republican People's Party: The Fear of CommunismZehra ArslanPDF
1176LNG2014-1176The Youth from Brasilia in an Online NewspaperVirginia MeirellesPDF
1175PHY2014-1175Optical Properties of LiNbO3:Ru in the Near IR Spectral RegionDarina Bachvarova, Spasova Kornelia, P. Petkova and P. VasilevPDF
1174ARC2014-1174Three Greek Lessons on Louis I. Kahn's Late WorkRuben Garcia RubioPDF
1173EMS2014-1173Constants of Lotka-Volterra DerivationsJanusz ZielinskiPDF
1172LNG2014-1172Adverbs Denoting Time in Sanskrit and Old Irish Language: Major FunctionsKsenia KharitonovaPDF
1171EMS2014-1171Surprising Properties in the Triangle Obtained by Different Representations of Ceva's TheoremVictor Oxman, Moshe Stupel and Avi SiglerPDF
1170LIB2014-1170Academic and Professional Needs of Professors belonging to disadvantagedJyoti BhabalPDF
1169EDU2014-1169The Real Life Experience of Visual Art in Czech Extracurricular and Cocurricular EducationZuzana PechovaPDF
1168HIS2014-1168Mobility of Artists and Employment Policy in Classical AntiquityMargit LinderPDF
1167LIB2014-1167The Challenges of Technology for Information ProfessionalsMiriam Vieira da CunhaPDF
1166MDT2014-1166Dynamics of Turkish Media in 21st Century between the Lines: Ownership, Concentration and CensorshipTolga YazıcıPDF
1165HEA2014-1165Do Patients use Quality Information in their Hospital Choice? Results from a Survey among 479 Patients in a Dutch HospitalChristian Lako and Hans DortantPDF
1164MED2014-1164Use of Twitter as a Tool of Dialogical Communication for Politicians in 2014 Local Elections in TurkeyMihalis KuyucuPDF
1163TOU2014-1163French Case of Educational Programs on International Tourism and Air TransportJocelyne NapoliPDF
1162LNG2014-1162V. Woolf's Literary Interpretation of the Body Without Limits: A Conceptual StudyIryna GalutskikhPDF
1161LIT2014-1161Sophocles, Shelley, Emerson, and the Necessity of LiteratureAndrew M. SidlePDF
1160WAT2014-1160Validation of SALTMED Model under Different Conditions of Drought and N Fertilizer for Snap BeanHani Mehanna, Abdel-Salam El-Noemani and Sabreen Khlil PeparsPDF
1159MED2014-1159Public Relations of a Strike: A Case Study on the “Turkish Airlines 305 Resistance and Strike”Nuray Yılmaz SertPDF
1158AGR2014-1158Comparison between Slow, Programmable Freezing and Fast Freezing Protocol of Hungarian Guinea Fowl SpermatozoaLan Phuong Thieu Ngoc, Eva Varadi, Barbara Vegi, Krisztina Liptoi and Judit BarnaPDF
1157COM2014-1157An Approach to Safety Analysis of Clinical WorkflowsLamis Al-Qora’n, Neil Gordon, Septavera Sharvia, Martin Walker and Yiannis Papadopoulos
1156LAW2014-1156A Modern Variant of Justice: The Right over One's Own Body in Time of DiseasePaola ChiarellaPDF
1155DEM2014-1155Demographic and Socio-Economic Conditions of the Restructuring of Family Policy in PolandJoanna Szczepaniak-SienniakPDF
1154WAT2014-1154Improving Water Supply System Components Visualization into GPR ImagesDavid Ayala-Cabrera, Silvia J. Ocana-Levario, Joaquin Izquierdo and Rafael Perez-GarcíaPDF
1153POL2014-1153Strange Bedfellows: What Really Defines Coalitions in International Climate Change Negotiations?Bryndís Arndal Woods and Daði Már KristóferssonPDF
1152ARC2014-1152The Historiography of Modern Architecture: Twenty-five Years LaterMacarena De la Vega de LeonPDF
1151ART2014-1151Returning to Water: Understanding Place as Cultural LensDiana HooverPDF
1150ARC2014-1150Energy Retrofits with TES Energy Fa?ade as an Opportunity for Architectural RegenerationYrsa Cronhjort and Frank LattkePDF
1149ART2014-1149Metatheatre in Aeschylus' OresteiaRobert L. SmithPDF
1148ARC2014-1148The Recovery of Historic Buildings: A Tradition Full of New FoundingsDomenico Chizzoniti, Letizia Cattani, Luca Preis, Klizia Beggiora and Monica MoscatelliPDF
1147LAW2014- 1147Romanian Constitutional Jurisdiction. Suspension and Impeachment of the PresidentCristina CojocaruPDF
1146ART2014-1146Art and Cultural Practices: Environmental Dilemmas and Difala Vessels Production in Capricorn District Municipality, Limpopo ProvinceMathodi Freddie MotsamayiPDF
1145TOU2014-1145The Effects of Hotel Environmental Factors on Consumers' Emotions and Attitudes-The Moderating Effect of LifestyleMan-Ting Wang and Yu-Hua SunPDF
1144EDU2014-1144Equity, Diversity and Internationalization in Indigenous and Intercultural Higher Education in Latin AmericaSylvie Didou AupetitPDF
1143PLA2014-1143Transformation and Modification of Historical Building Use, and Owner Motivation for Urban Conservation in the Nineizaka and Sanneizaka Preservation District, Kyoto, JapanNaphasinee Suebsuk and Osamu NakagawaPDF
1142IND2014-1142Tactics for Stimulating the Creative Search in Conducting Intensive Student Modules (Workshops)Desislava Ivanova AngelovaPDF
1141PHI2014-1141Epicurean PleasureAndrew AlwoodPDF
1140PHY2014-1140Materials for High-Speed Transport SystemsNataliya KazantsevaPDF
1139ARC2014-1139Feasibility of Recycling CDW as Raw Material in Gypsum CompositesAlicia San-Antonio-Gonzalez, Rocio Santos Jimenez, Mercedes del Rio Merino Mariano Gonzalez Cortina and Carmen Vinas ArrebolaPDF
1138EDU2014-1138Self-narratives as a Complex Instrument of Cognition/subjectivity ConstructionNize Maria PellandaPDF
1137TOU2014-1137‘Walkabout Tourism’: Is there an Indigenous Tourism Market in Outback Australia?Andrew Taylor, Dean Carson and Doris CarsonPDF
1136DEM2014-1136Decomposing the Effect of Population Ageing on Labour SupplyJohann FuchsPDF
1135ART2014-1135Field of Art in Indian Art TheoryBarbara BanasikPDF
1134EMS2014-1134Statistical Study on the Perception of Professional Accountants Regarding the Existence and the Manifestation of Creative AccountingCodruta Stoica and Lucian CernuscaPDF
1133EDU2014-1133The Brandeis Science Posse: Using the Group Model to Retain Students in the SciencesIrv Epstein, Kim Godsoe and Melissa Kosinski-CollinsPDF
1132DEM2014-1132Effects of Romanians' Migration Abroad: Poisoned Apple or Fulfilled DesireRaluca-Ioana Horea-SerbanPDF
1131LNG2014-1131Borrowing in Youth Speech in Scandinavia. The Oslo Case StudySarah HarchaouiPDF
1130DEM2014-1130Study Change the Demographic Situation in Egypt Between Employment and Unemployment (2002-2012)Mohamed El KhouliPDF
1129AGR2014-1129A Research on Adaptation and Determination of Some Characteristic with Grafted Dwarf M9 Apple Rootstocks onto Some Standart Apple (Malus comminus L.) Cultivars in EastHalil Ibrahim Oguz, Deniz Erogul and Cuneyt UyakPDF
1128EDU2014-1128Faculty and Students' Perception towards Outcome Based Education in Teaching Engineering Courses at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the PacificJose Jr Barlis, Carol Dacwag, Josefin Iii Fajardo and Erdy AganusPDF
1127EDU2014-1127Back to Basics in Early Years Teaching and Learning in South AfricaOna Janse van RensburgPDF
1126COM2014- 1126Information Estimate of the Mass of Universe's Initial HeterogeneityIgor GurevichPDF
1125EDU2014-1125New Approach to Teaching CosmologyJan Novotny and Jindriska SvobodovaPDF
1124EDU2014-1124The Relationship between Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement in Adult LearnersMaria de Fatima GoulaoPDF
1123EDU2014-1123Non-Cognitive Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Fourth Year College Students of a Private College in ManilaMaria Pamela Magpily and Joseph MercadoPDF
1122TOU2014-1122Impact of travel Information search behavior on the Image of Tanzania as a Tourist DestinationVictor Gideon WilsonPDF
1121SPO2014-1121The Impact of Sport on Community Development in Greater August Town, JamaicaOlivene Burke, Tarik Weekes and Wanda CostenPDF
1120EDU2014-1120Implementation of the Ethical Knowledge in the Higher Economic EducationDaphne VidanecPDF
1119EDU2014-1119Conditions of Intellectual Production among Researchers from the Autonomous University of TamaulipasTeresa Guzman and Josefina GuzmanPDF
1118AGR2014-1118Influence of the Fibrolytic Enzymes of Cellulase and Xylanase on in Vitro Gas Production Kinetics of Five Diets of Different Concentrate and Forage RatiosAbdelfattah Z. M. Salem, Ahmed E. Kholif and Mona M. Y. ElghandourPDF
1117EDU2014-1117Marketing Communication as an Element of Public Communication at SchoolsJoanna KołodziejczykPDF
1116PLA2014-1116Urban Renewal in Historical Cities in China: Exploring Methods based on Urban Form StudiesHao Wu and Wenyong TanPDF
1115LIT2014-1115Considerations on Multimedia Installation based on the Sophocles' Tereus: Appropriations on Cultural MemoryCelina Figueiredo LagePDF
1114STA2014-1114Generalized Matrix T Distribution through Generalized Multivariate Gamma DristributionAnis Iranmanesh, Mohammad Arashi and Sara ShokriPDF
1113DEM2014-1113The Family Policies and their Impact on the Evolution of Fertility in Post-Communist RomaniaMarinela Istrate and Ionel MuntelePDF
1112MGT2014-1112Responsible Global Humanism as a New Model for Business SchoolsCarlos Rabasso and Javier RabassoPDF
1111COM2014-1111Enhancing the EAST-ADL Error Model with HiP-HOPS SemanticsSeptavera Sharvia, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Chen DeJiu, Martin Walker, Yuan Wenjing and Henrik LonnPDF
1110POL2014-1110Policy-making Process in the Local Level from Gender Perspectives Issues in FYROM (Republic of Macedonia)Ali Pajaziti and Memet MemetiPDF
1109ARC2014-1109Enhancing Urban Heritage: Industrial Culture and Cultural IndustryEsther Giani and Giancarlo CarnevalePDF
1108PHI2014-1108Is Aristotelian Concept of Phronesis Empirically Adequate?Natasza SzuttaPDF
1107PLA2014-1107An Analytical View on Resilience Urban Planning, Focusing on Urban Transport Systems and Climate ChangePeyman Khodabakhsh, Samira Mashayekhi and Behzad Malekpour AslPDF
1106MGT2014-1106Public-Private Partnership Projects in the Construction of Public Schools: A Selected South African CaseRozenda Hendrickse and Emmanuel MashaPDF
1105AGR2014-1105Some Physicochemical Properties of White Mulberry (Marus alba L.) Genotypes from Southeast Anatolia Region of TurkeyDeniz Erogul, Halil Ibrahim Oguz and Fatih SenPDF
1104LAW2014-1104Sovereignty Conflicts as a Distributive Justice IssueJorge Emilio NunezPDF
1103PLA2014-1103Patterns of Socio-Economic Deprivation and its Impact on Quality of Life: Case of a Less Developed Region in West Bengal, IndiaBasudatta Sarkar, Haimanti Banerji and Joy SenPDF
1102AGR2014-1102Effect of Sowing Technology on Winter Oilseed Rape Density in Autumn and Plant OverwinteringEdward Wilczewski, Grazyna Harasimowicz-Hermann and Grzegorz LemanczykPDF
1101LAW2014-1101Is the UK heading towards Protection of Image Rights?Corinna CoorsPDF
1100ART2014-1100The Hidden Appeal. Anthropomorphic, Biomorphic and Narrative Aspects of Visual Perception in Spatial Arts, Architecture & DesignMichael HeinrichPDF
1099LAW2014-1099Contractual Freedom and the Corporate Constitution; Á Study on Where Greek Law Stands in a Comparative Context and the Way ForwardGeorgios ZouridakisPDF
1098ART2014-1098Savage Gardens, Original Sins: An Anarcho-Primitivist Reading of Wagner's ParsifalLisa BurnettPDF
1097ART2014-1097Archetypal Congruencies between Number and Mysticism found in the sacred Ålectro-acoustic Ìusic of Charon's PantheonJennifer LoganPDF
1096POL2014-1096Place-based Strategic Planning: The Politics of ParticipationMegan AlessandriniPDF
1095ARC2014-1095The Western Sardinian Coast Defensive Towers (16th-17th Century): An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Chronological Definition of MasonriesCaterina Giannattasio, Silvana Maria Grillo and Stefania MurruPDF
1094ARC2014-1094Stupa, Pagoda and Chorten – Origin and Meaning of Buddhist ArchitectureWah Sang WongPDF
1093LAW2014-1093Medieval Emergencies and the Contemporary DebateGuy LuriePDF
1092PHI2014-1092The Aristotelian Principle in Mill and KantWilliam O'MearaPDF
1091PLA2014-1091Urban Environmental History of an Anatolian City: Destroying the Riverscape of KayseriMethiye Gul CoteliPDF
1090POL2014-1090The Relationship between the Euro Zone's Crisis and the EU Integration-From the Perspective of European IdentityWan WangPDF
1089PLA2014-1089Shared Space in Conflict Areas: Exploring the Case of Nicosia's Buffer ZoneZinovia FokaPDF
1088LNG2014-1088Two Discourses of Old Age at Work in Contemporary English Language TextsBrian PoolePDF
1087ARC2014-1087Graphic Representation and Military Architecture: The Trace of the Fuenterrab?a Fortifications in the Current CityVictor Echarri Iribarren, Roberto Tomas Yanez Pacios, Angel Benigno Gonzalez Aviles and Maria Isabel Perez MillanPDF
1086ART2014-1086Disappearing the American Dream... Fire Sales and Emergency Managers in the HeartlandJulie JohnsonPDF
1085ARC2014-1085Searching of the Concept on the 21st Century ArchitectureZafer SagdicPDF
1084EMS2014-1084Mathematics Education and Mathematics CompetitionYouyu PhillipsPDF
1083PLA2014-1083The Social Perspective of Flood Infrastructure DesignSarah Louise Fitton, Alice Moncaster and Peter GuthriePDF
1082LIT2014-1082The Trojan Women: Teaching History with EuripidesJosé Maria Gomes de Souza NetoPDF
1081ENV2014-1081Bio Invasion thought Ballast Water Discharge – A Review of the International Legal FrameworkAditya Prasad and T.V. PrasadPDF
1080EDU2014-1080Curricula, Technologies and Innovations in the Contemporary WorldRoseane Albuquerque RibeiroPDF
1079EMS2014-1079A Study of Ramsey Numbers as an Introduction to Computational MathematicsKung-Kuen TsePDF
1078LIT2014-1078Travel Writing and Representation: Africa in William J. Hemminger's African SonManyaka Toko DjockouaPDF
1077PHI2014-1077An Attempt to Undermine the Extreme ClaimSinem Elkatip HatipoğluPDF
1076PHI2014-1076The Dimension of Silence in the Philosophy of WittgensteinIlse SomavillaPDF
1075POL2014-1075Whither the Solidarity? Opportunity in Crisis: The Eurozone Crisis and the Future of European IntegrationChristianna Nichols LeahyPDF
1074LAW2014-1074South African Law Regarding Employees Resignation due to Employers ConductMotseotsile Clement MarumoagaePDF
1072LAW2014-1072Prospect of Policy of Foreigners of Chinese Origin and Chinese Citizens Who Reside in Foreign Country: From the Perspective of Mass InfluxGuofu LiuPDF
1071PLA2014-1071Urban Environment and Social Health of the Elderly: A Critical Discussion on Physical, Social and Policy EnvironmentsSara Alidoust, Gordon Holden and Caryl BosmanPDF
1070LAW2014-1070How the Macroeconomic Theories of Keynes influenced the Development of Government Economic Finance Policy after the Great Depression of the 1930's: Using Australia as the ÅxampleElfriede SangkuhlPDF
1069ARC2014-1069John Nolen and Raymond Unwin: Garden City CollaboratorsMichael O'BrienPDF
1068LAW2014-1068Consumer Right of Withdrawal: Towards an Implementation of Consumer ProtectionMaria Luisa ChiarellaPDF
1067HEA2014-1067The Potential and Outcomes of Clustering in Healthcare – Expectations of Polish Health Care ProvidersPiotr Romaniuk and Tomasz HoleckiPDF
1066TEN2014-1066Profitability and its Leading Determinants of Listed Construction Firms in Hong KongTsang Yick Tat and Ng S. ThomasPDF
1065BLE2014-1065Customer Relationship Bank's Management in CroatiaAnita Pavković and Ivana GalićPDF
1064CIV2014-1064Evaluation of Treatment Choice, User Cost and Fuel Consumption of Two Roadways in Hamilton County Tennessee using HDM-4Mbakisya Onyango, Trisha Sen, Ignatius Fomunung, Joseph Owino and James MaxwellPDF
1063ARC2014-1063Bruno Taut and the First World WarDeborah Ascher BarnstonePDF
1062PLA2014-1062Location-Based Social Media and Urban Analysis. Using Foursquare Data to Map City EmotionsAbel Silva Lizcano and Laura Silva LizcanoPDF
1061MKT2014-1061The Role of Attitudes and Ethicality on Branded Video Games (Advergames) AcceptanceJoaquin Aldas-Manzano, José Martí-Parreño, Carla Ruiz-Mafe and
Carla Ruiz-Mafe
1060POL2014-1060The Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union: A Political Power GameAuke R. LeenPDF
1059TOU2014-1059Key Considerations for Planning the European Capital of Culture – The Case of Veliko TarnovoHannah PayerPDF
1058TOU2014-1058Ecotourism in Amazonas: Future Prospects through SenariosEdinelza Macedo Ribeiro and Elimar NascimentoPDF
1057TOU2014-1057Ecotourism in the Reserva de la Biosfera de Los Tuxtlas (Veracruz, Mexico)Isis Arlene Díaz-Carrión and Christoph NegerPDF
1056TOU2014-1056Study of the use of Handheld Devices for Tourist NavigationStanislav Frangeš and Robert ŽupanPDF
1055MDT2014-1055On the Origin of Early Christian Artistic Tradition in Byzantine ChersonesosAnna Litovchenko, Michail Fomin and Aleksey ChekalPDF
1054IND2014-1054Rethinking Morphological Analysis Application for Concept Synthesis in Engineering DesignJan Erik Heller, Manuel Loewer and Joerg FeldhusenPDF
1053TOU2014-1053Places, Spaces and Bodies: Male-to-male Sex Tourism in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)Crist?bal MendozaPDF
1052SPO2014-1052Institutional System of the State and Public Policy: The Structure of Sports Management in BrazilAlessandra Dias Mendes and Adriano Nervo CodatoPDF
1051ART2014-1051From Page to Stage: Creating Original Theatre in KuwaitKathleen Downs and Kendall DownsPDF
1050ART2014-1050Penelope's Odyssey: Film Form as MeaningAndrea EisPDF
1049BLE2014-1049Obligations and Rights of Licensor and Licensee in a Patent LicenceMohamed SaehPDF
1048LNG2014-1048Some Sociolinguistic Reflections on the Aegean-Anatolian Interference in the 2nd Millennium BCMarianna Pozza and Valentina GasbarraPDF
1047ART2014-1047Environment as Learning InstructorsMohammad AliPDF
1046ART2014-1046Fail again. Fail better.: Failure in the Creative ProcessSarah ColePDF
1045SOC2014-1045Science and Society in Biotech Enterprises: New Organisational Frameworks and Knowledge-Sharing ProcessesSabrina Moretti and Francesco SacchettiPDF
1044LIT2014-1044Texts in Dialogue: Domesticating the PastAleksandra TrynieckaPDF
1043ACC2014-1043The Rate of Adoption of Strategic Marketing Planning (SMP) By The Libyan Commercial Banks (LCBs). An Exploratory StudyFthia Ramdan .M. AbusafritaPDF
1042PHI2014-1042The Relationship between Health and Ethical Conduct in Philosophical Perspective of Ayurveda (an Ancient Indian Medical Science)Rajyashree YadavPDF
1041HSC2014-1041Kidney Involvement: The Most Important Predictor in Lupus ErythematosusErgeta Ktona, Myftar Barbullushi, Teuta Backa, Alma Idrizi, Elizana Petrela, Enkelejda Sina and Vjollca NdreuPDF
1040MDT2014-1040Pablo Picasso and the Truth of Greek ArtEnrique MallenPDF
1039IND2014-1039EN 13445 – Unfired Pressure Vessels - A Useful Standard for Europe?Peter BoehmPDF
1038CIV2014-1038Edathuruthu Bridge: A Novel Art of ConcreteCini Ambika and Mohammed Sherin C.P.PDF
1037PHI2014-1037Historicity and Postmodernity. Towards the Positive Reflection of Contemporary Human SituationAlexey LyzlovPDF
1036DEM2014-1036Synthesizing Risk Factors for Child Health: The Case of Mosquito-Borne Diseases in DakarIulia RautuPDF
1035MDT2014-1035Climate Change: Implications for Urban Planning in Kenya in the 21st CenturyFredrick Okoth OkakaPDF
1034MED2014-1034Studies in a Dying Culture: Kemalist Columnists’ Coverage of the Kurdish Peace InitiativeAysun Akan and Zafer Fehmi YörükPDF
1033MED2014-1033The Liberation Struggle in Cyprus and the Greek-Cypriot Press: The Positions of the Leading Greek-Cypriot Press in 1957-1960. The Case of “Eleftheria” NewspaperEuripides AntoniadesPDF
1032EDU2014-1032Towards Reading Acquisition: Bridging the Gap in Literacy Knowledge among At-Risk Arab childrenBaha MakhoulPDF
1031MED2014-1031Digital Cinematography: The Medium is the Message?Sarah SparkePDF
1030PHI2014-1030The Theory of the AntonymsSander WilkensPDF
1029HEA2014-1029Quality Management in Hospitals: Does it Contribute to High Quality of Care?Viktor Dombradi and Sandor GodenyPDF
1028MED2014-1028Biennial as a Tool of Broadcast the Historic Identity of the City: The Experience of YekaterinburgLiudmila StarostovaPDF
1027CIV2014-1027Comparison of Interferometry Techniques of Identification of Structures of Solid MediaCarlos Orlando Jimenez Gonzalez, Juan Alejandro Vazquez Feijoo and Jose Navarro AntonioPDF
1026MED2014-1026Violence and Social MediaMurat Mengü and Seda MengüPDF
1025MED2014-1025The Role of Alternative Media in Strengthening, Preserving, and Promoting Identity and Culture: A Case Study in Eastern ThailandPisapat YoukongpunPDF
1024EDU2014-1024Children, Things and Culture. Observations in a FabLabChristina SchachtnerPDF
1023PSY2014-1023Distinguishing Between Self-Classified Religious and Spiritual Emerging Adults: Conceptual and Operational ChallengesPaul Handal, Chelsi A. Creech, Travis J. Pashak, Lea Caver, Eunice Joy G. Perez, Michael G. Schwendeman and Christopher GriebelPDF
1022EDU2014-1022Is Liberal Education Valuable? Undergraduate Students Raise their OpinionsHilda Patino DominguezPDF
1021EDU2014-1021Leadership and Management in the Definitions of School HeadsJakub KolodziejczykPDF
1020DEM2014-1020Trade-off between Employment and Job Quality: Ethnic Penalty in Italian Regional Labour MarketsMaurizio AvolaPDF
1019LIT2014-1019Modernist Turkish Short Story: 1950s Generation of Turkish Short StoryJale Özata DirlikyapanPDF
1018LIT2014-1018Animals as an Element of Balance in the Novels of Yasar KemalMurat DirlikyapanPDF
1017LIT2014-1017How Twentieth Century Greek Scholars Influenced the Works of Nineteenth
Century Greek Translators of ‘The Poems of Ossian’ by James Macpherson
Kathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
1016LIT2014-1016The Trace of The ladder of Divine Ascend by John Climacus in Shota Rustaveli's The Man in the Panther's SkinIrma MakaradzePDF
1015CIV2014-1015Grey Correlation Analysis on Sensitive Formation of Open-Pit SlopeZhen-Hua Xie, Bing-Bing Fan and Dong YangPDF
1014MED2014-1014Nuclear Threat Narratives: Preconditions to WarCatherine Ann CollinsPDF
1013PLA2014-1013Speed/Walking: From the Flâneur to the Ferrari: How the Acceleration of the Modern City has Resulted in a Shift in Urban PerceptionKristen GagnonPDF
1012ART2014-1012Art Process with At-risk and Underprivileged Children and Youth: A Reflexive Overview of a Short-Term and a Long-Term Out-of-School Programme in Canada and SingaporeVincent Twardzik ChingPDF
1011MED2014-1011The Role of New Media in Multicultural Australia: A Study of Thai, Rohingya and Hmong CommunitiesNatcha KrisneepaiboonPDF
1010EDU2014-1010Processing of Alternated and Inverse Fonts in Word Recognition by Native and Nonnative Speakers of EnglishHye K. Pae and Yong-Won LeePDF
1009HEA2014-1009Opportunism of Public Policies as an Underlying Determinant of Health Inequalities in HungaryEva Orosz and Zsofia KollanyiPDF
1008DEM2014-1008Poor Immigrants! Evidence from the Italian CaseStefania Maria Lorenza Rimoldi and Elisa Barbiano di BelgiojosoPDF
1007MED2014-1007How can the Egyptian News Organizations get Benefits from the Readership Researches?Soheir Osman Abdel HaleemPDF
1006MED2014-1006Consumption and Citizenship Media Construction in Fictional Television DiscoursesMarcia Perencin TondatoPDF
1005MED2014-1005Sexual Content in Chinese and British Television Commercials: A Cross-Cultural ComparisonYe HaoPDF
1004HSC2014-1004Eating and Lifestyle Behaviors among 14-18 Years Old School - Age Children, Vlore, May 2013, AlbaniaFatjona Kamberi and Anila SkendoPDF
1003EDU2014-1003Quality of Services with Respect to their Unique Characteristics – The Field of EducationPeter Madzik and Miroslav HrnciarPDF
1002COM2014-1002A Framework for Business IT Alignment in Turbulent EnvironmentsFabrizio AmarilliPDF
1001SPO2014-1001Pitching Baseball across the Globe: The World Baseball Classic as MLB MarketingRoberta J. NewmanPDF
1000LIT2014-1000The Basil the Great's Treatise Address to Young Men on the Right Use of Greek LiteratureTamar MelikidzePDF
999PHI2014-0999Hume’s “Former Opinions”Emily Marie KelahanPDF
998EDU2014-0998Implementation in Class of a Theory Stemming from a Research: A Question of Didactical TranspositionChristine Del NotaroPDF
997PLA2014-0997Patterns of Communicating Spatial Change in Polish MunicipalitiesLukasz DamurskiPDF
996PHI2014-0996The Ideal Origins of Natural RightsDario PaganoPDF
995PSY2014-0995The Greek Diaspora of Melbourne, Australia through the Eyes of the Second Generation Greek AustralianMaria-Irini Avgoulas and Rebecca FananyPDF
994ART2014-0994The Impermanence of Art and BeautyLaura OsterweisPDF
993EDU2014-0993Kindergarten Study-Unit: Development and Nurturing Awareness of the Existence of the Arab ‘other’ and the Existence of the Jewish ‘other’ by Means of the Arts at the Preschool Level Luda KrigerPDF
992ART2014-0992Beuys, Hardt and Negri: One World ? One ConsciousnessAlexandria PiercePDF
991EDU2014-0991Engaging Students in Learning: Lessons from Short-Term Study Abroad Experiences in ItalySusan H. Peet, Deborah Wooldridge and Michael SturmPDF
990LIT2014-0990The Initials of João Guimarães Rosa in Tutaméia’s StoriesMaryllu De Oliveira CaixetaPDF
989LIT2014-0989Age-related Variation in Code-switching between Italian and DialectGiovanna AlfonzettiPDF
988EDU2014-0988Public Private Partnership in Higher Education in the Indian ContextSuhas Pednekar, Anushree Lokur and Sonali PednekarPDF
987LIT2014-0987The ‘Kakalidis Method’ for Literature Analysis: A Synthesis ApproachFevronia Christodoulidi and Paraskevi KostopetrouPDF
986MDT2014-0986The Social Position of the Hoplites in Classical Athens: A Historical StudyAhmed Ghanem HafezPDF
985ART2014-0985Traditional Crafts Communities in the Amazon, Designers and Art EducatorsAna Mae Tavares Bastos BarbosaPDF
984EDU2014-0984Cognitive and Affective Aspects of SMS Based Learning at the University LevelYaacov J. KatzPDF
983SOC2014-0983A Study on Academic Writing: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Coaching Program at Alice Salomon University Berlin (ASH)Ingrid Kollak, Rosaria Chirico and Nils LahmannPDF
982SOC2014-0982Being Genetically At-risk for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: How Women “At-risk” Deal with the Paradox of Certainty and UncertaintyMaya UygunPDF
981EDU2014-0981A Model of Formative Assessment in Music EducationUrban Kordes, Barbara Sicherl Kafol and Ada Holcar BrunauerPDF
980EDU2014-0980Location-Based Games Enhancing Education: Design and Implementation Lessons LearntMichaela Buchtova and Zdenka SimkovaPDF
979EDU2014-0979Analysis of eLearning Courses with the help of a Learning Analytics ToolMargarita ElkinaPDF
978EDU2014-0978Females’ Perception of the Role of Fathers in Caring for ChildrenShahrokh Shafaie, Gloysis Mayers, Fatima Yousef Al-Maadadi, Chris Coughlin and Deborah G. WooldridgePDF
977PHA2014-0977In Vitro Safety Evaluation of Caffeic AcidCaroline Magnani, Bruna Galdorfini Chiari, Vera Lucia Borges Isaac, Marcos Antonio Correa and Herida Regina Nunes SalgadoPDF
976ENV2014-0976The Damage to the Environment: A View from the LawAngelina-Isabel Valenzuela-RendonPDF
975CIV2014-0975Numerical and Economical Study of Thermal Insulation in Multi-layer Wall Exposed to Real Climatic ConditionsYoucef Tamene, Said Abboudi and Cherif BougriouPDF
974CIV2014-0974Effect of Powdered Scoria Rocks on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of High Performance ConcreteGalal Fares, Abdullrahman Alhozaimy, Abdulaziz Al-Negheimish and Omer Abdalla AlawadPDF
973CIV2014-0973Assessment of the ACI-DAfStb Database of Shear Tests on Slender Reinforced Concrete Beams without Stirrups for Investigations on the Shear Capacity ScatterFilippo Sangiorgio, Johan Silfwerbrand and Giuseppe ManciniPDF
972PLA2014-0972Use of GIS Spatial Analysis to Identify Food Deserts in the State of AlabamaVirginia Sisiopiku and Natalia BarbourPDF
971CIV2014-0971Non-linear FE Modelling of CFRP-Strengthened RC Slabs under Cyclic LoadingRaid Daud and Lee CunninghamPDF
970EDU2014-0970Towards to an Education for Citizenship: Case of a Learning Experience in a Business SchoolAlexandra Jochims Kruel and Elieti Biques FernandesPDF
969CIV2014-0969A Study of Mechanical Strength of Concrete Mixed Cotton Dust Ash as Replacement of Ordinary Portland CementBorvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya, Yothin Unkoon and Preecha ChantawongPDF
968ENV2014-0968Geotechnical, Chemical and Structural Characterization of Waste Clay from Boron ProductionDerya Ulutas, Eren Bayrakci, Zerrin Cokaygil, Aysun Ozkan, Yucel Guney and Mufide BanarPDF
967CIV2014-0967Shear Behavior of RC Slender Beams with Corrosion-Damaged StirrupsAhmed El-Sayed, Raja Hussain and Ahmed ShuraimPDF
966MED2014-0966How do Turkish People use the Media Content of the Health Issues?Fatma Ucar, Erkan Yuksel, Yalçın Kaya, Abdullah Kocak and Sinan Aydin PDF
965CIV2014-0965Using On-line Testing for Civil Engineering StudiesAnita MeldrumPDF
963TOU2014-0963Tourism, Culture and the Lebanese Diaspora: Culturing Tourism through MigrationAli AbdallahPDF
962SOC2014-0962People's Lawyers, People's Justice and Neoliberal GlobalizationGill H. BoehringerPDF
961MDT2014-0961Diet and Healthy Mode of Life (Greek Salad and Global Problems of Health)Viacheslav RudnevPDF
960PHI2014-0960Socrates’ Rhetorical Strategy in Plato’s ApologyKazutaka KondoPDF
959EDU2014-0959A Critical Role of the Student Teaching on Instructional Beliefs: An Example of Early Childhood Student and Cooperating TeachersNesrin Isıkoglu ErdoganPDF
958PSY2014-0958Stages of Sensomotor Correction in Self-Regulation Development of Junior SchoolchildrenEkaterina Sedova and Tatiana GoryachevaPDF
957EDU2014-0957Copyright Issues on Multimedia Production in Distance EducationMaria Rafaela Junqueira Bruno Rodrigues, Dilermando Piva Jr., Angelo Luiz Cortelazzo and Simone Telles Martins RamosPDF
956EDU2014-0956Initial Education in Colombia: Using Digital Learning Environments to prepare on-the-job PractitionersAlvaro GalvisPDF
955EDU2014-0955The Effects of Instruction on 5th Grade Students’ Conceptual Understandings about Light ConceptAyberk Bostan SarioglanPDF
954EDU2014-0954Mobile Technology: Brazilian Case Study from the Perspective of Educational and Socio-digital InclusionLucila Maria Costi Santarosa, Debora Conforto and Fernanda Chagas SchneiderPDF
953FIN2014-0953Relationship between R&D efforts and Firm Value in the Pharmaceutical IndustryJong Oh Kim, Joung Hwa Choi and Seng Ho JeonPDF
952CIV2014-0952Mobility Study in the Metropolitan Area of Cluj-NapocaRozalia Melania Boitor and Mihai IliescuPDF
951PHI2014-0951Arbitrariness, Choice and Practical ReasonPatrick FlemingPDF
950CIV2014-0950The Effect of Supplemental Elastic Stiffness on Reduction in Superstructure Displacements in Seismic Isolated Bridges under Near-Field EarthquakesHamid Reza Ebrahimi Motlagh and Alireza RahaiPDF
949ENV2014-0949Capability of Vicia faba L. in Evaluating Surface and Waste Waters Toxicity of Shkodra Lake, AlbaniaDitika Kopliku and Anila D MesiPDF
948CIV2014-0948Experimental Behavior of Rectangular Shear Walls Subjected to Low Axial LoadsBahadir YukselPDF
947ENV2014-0947Toxic Potency Evaluation of Metal-doped River Water (Cr, Cu and Pb), on Allium cepa L. - An Albanian CaseAnila D Mesi and Ditika KoplikuPDF
946EDU2014-0946Struggling International Students in the United States: Do University Faculty Know How to Help?Susan UnruhPDF
945PSY2014-0945Motor Knowledge Modulates Attentional Processing during Action JudgmentChristel Bidet-Ildei and Cedric BouquetPDF
944PSY2014-0944Regulation of Children-Parent Interactions and Psychomotor Development of Prematurely Born Children: A ReviewMonika ZarębaPDF
943COM2014-0943Exploring an Educational System's Data through Fuzzy Cluster AnalysisErind Bedalli and Ilia NinkaPDF
942EDU2014-0942Practical Application of Social and Environmental Marketing Assisting Local Needed CommunityElieti Biques Fernandes and Alexandra Jochims KruelPDF
941COM2014-0941A DSM for a Modeling RESTful SensorWeb NetworkVladimir Vujovic, Mirjana Maksimovic and Branko PerisicPDF
940EDU2014-0940The Cross-Curricular Role of School Geography in Education for Sustainable FutureKarmen KolnikPDF
939COM2014-0939Using Text Highlight and Page Reviews to Improve Search Engine Result PageVimala Balakrishnan and Xinyue ZhangPDF
938CIV2014-0938Construction of Hydrant Fuelling System in Relation to the Airport SizeMartin HromadkaPDF
937SOC2014-0937Post-Graduation Internship between Exploitation and Training: A Research on the Italian ExperienceDavide ArcidiaconoPDF
936CIV2014-0936Microhardness of Ceramics Obtained by Different Methods from Nanopowders of Different OxidesVladimir Lysenko, Vyacheslav Mali and Alexander AnisimovPDF
935EDU2014-0935Laptop in use at the School: Perceived Relations in the Student Development as seen by TeachersMaria Elizabeth Bianconcini de Almeida and Nelson Morato Pinto de AlmeidaPDF
934SOC2014-0934The Pyrrhic Triumph of Finance Capital and the Return of PolanyiTrevor W. HarrisonPDF
933FIN2014-0933Debt-Creating Capital Flows and their Macroeconomic Implications in UkraineTetiana BogdanPDF
932PHI2014-0932Carbon-based Brain, Consciousness and Cognition: Understanding Cognitive States in Context of the KK ThesisTennyson SamrajPDF
931EDU2014-0931Reflection in Action: A Key to Developing Competences for the Teaching of ScienceAntonio Fernández-Crispín, María Estela Ruiz Primo, Ana Cecilia Tapia Lobatón, José Praxedis Amaro Olivera and Armando Noé Rodríguez GalvánPDF
930MDT2014-0930How Great Expectations in Brussels are dashed in Tunis? A Bottom-up approach to the Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in TunisiaIole FontanaPDF
929EDU2014-0929Socrates: Philosophy applied to Education – Search for VirtueGustavo Araújo BatistaPDF
928HSC2014-0928Living with Dialysis. Elements to Improve the Quality ïf Life (QoL)Vjollca Ndreu and Enkeleda SinajPDF
927MDT2014-0927Rediscovering the 19th Century of a Port Town in Levant: Smyrna/IzmirBurcu Taşcı, Büke Özden, Fatma Davras and Hümeyra Birol Akkurt PDF
926SPO2014-0926Corporate Investment in Sport Sponsorship and its EvaluationAbdullah Demirel and Irem Eren ErdogmusPDF
925MDT2014-0925Socio-Political Significance of Herodotos' Hybris and Phthonos and Thucydides' Rule of Power and TycheJayoung ChePDF
924MDT2014-0924The Tortuous Path to a New Economic Agenda in Egypt and TunisiaKaren PfeiferPDF
923EDU2014-0923Comparison of the Applicability of Two University Selection Methods, the Common Currency Index Method and the Zscore Method from Curriculum based Public Examinations over Several YearsPadma S. Yatapana and Roshini SooriyarachchiPDF
922MDT2014-0922The Scottish Poems of Ossian and the Democratic Eastern Federation (1870-84)Kathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
921EDU2014-0921Developing a Marketing Strategy for Private Higher Education Colleges in South AfricaLouise van ScheersPDF
920HSC2014-0920Enhancing Leadership Skills in Clinical Practicum: A Medical Surgical Nursing Class ExperienceGisela SchmidtPDF
919MED2014-0919Web Series as an Heterotopic Space. An Analysis about Black Mirror and the Italian Web Series Lost in GooglErika D'AmicoPDF
918EDU2014-0918Education of the New Generation Computer Science StudentsEstelle Taylor and Martin ParkPDF
917COM2014-0917Using a Sensor Network for Energy Optimization of Paper Machine Dryer SectionsTill Hänisch and Dominik MaiPDF
916PHA2014-0916Impact Evaluation of Changes in the Manufacturing Line of Cyproterone Acetate through Analysis of Comparative Dissolution ProfileTerezinha de Jesus Andreoli Pinto, Rogério Takao Okamoto and Daniela Dal Molim GhisleniPDF
915EDU2014-0915Discovering the Worlds of Living Things, Objects and Substances in Nursery Schools: Teaching Practices and Training PropositionFrédéric CharlesPDF
914EDU2014-0914Role of Preschool Education in Early Support of Prematurely Born Children: A ReviewMonika ZarębaPDF
913BLE2014-0913Health Investments in the Social Supply Chain - The Case of Bayer CropScienceRegina Moczadlo, Harald Strotmann and Jürgen VolkertPDF
912COM2014-0912Study on Task scheduling Algorithms in Grid ComputingAbdulaziz Omar Alsadhan and Mohd Mudasir ShafiPDF
911COM2014-0911Modeling Process of Traffic Safety Terminology with the Iglos SoftwareAyşe Yurdakul and Eckehard SchniederPDF
910EDU2014-0910Curriculum of Visual Arts on Basic Education: Classrooms’ Everyday Life and Teachers’ FormationAldo Victorio Filho and Inês Barbosa de OliveiraPDF
909EDU2014-0909Higher Education Access and Success through Distance English Language LearningMaureen Snow AndradePDF
907HSC2014-0907The Effects of Neuromuscular Taping as Integrative Therapy in Patients with Frozen Shoulder: A Comparative StudyEnkeleda SinajPDF
906HSC2014-0906DNA Hypermethylation Detected in Invasive Breast CancerRepiska Vanda, Zmetakova Iveta, Kajabova Viera, Smolkova Bozena, Krivulcik Tomas, Danihel Ludovit, Gbelcova Helena, Daniel Bohmer and Fridrichova IvanaPDF
905HSC2014-0905Preventing Parasitic and Gastrointestinal Infections in Central Java: The ‘Balatrine InterventionMJ Park, Budi Laksono, Soeharyo Hadisaputro, Darren Gray, Archie Clements and Donald E. StewartPDF
904BLE2014-0904Facts on the Horizon: Future German Ink and Mineral Oil Ordinance. A National Approach and its European Spill Over: Risk Management, Compliance and Avoidance of LiabilityMatthias von Juterzenka and Thomas HeupelPDF
903MED2014-0903Transformation: Examining the Implications of Emerging Technology for Journalism, Media and SocietyJohn V. PavlikPDF
902MED2014-0902Science being done”: The French Medias Implication about BiotechnologyJean-Philippe De OliveiraPDF
901BLE2014-0901The Role of Financial Indicators in Rationalizing of Investors' Decisions in the Jordanian Stock Exchange MarketOsama Samih Shaban and Ziad Al-ZubiPDF
900BLE2014-0900Are we Talking the Same Language? Challenging Complexity in Country Brand ModelsFabiana Mariutti and Ralph TenchPDF
899SOC2014-0899Uses and Consequences of Social Risk and Social Vulnerability Concepts in Judicial DiagnosisCarolina González LaurinoPDF
898HSC2014-0898Toward a Typology of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Healing TextsSteven M. OberhelmanPDF
897HUM2014-0897Reformulating the Homeric Question: The Point of View of the Poems' Reception in Visual Arts and LiteratureCelina Figueiredo LagePDF
896MDT2014-0896Community Radio Broadcasting: Use of Community Radio for Turkish and Greek in TurkeyMihalis KuyucuPDF
895HUM2014-0895The Impact and Influence of Carroll's World of Alice on Video Game DesignMarcello Arnaldo PicucciPDF
894CBC2013-0894The Transformation of Traditional Newspaper to New Global Media with the QR CodeMihalis KuyucuPDF
893CBC2013-0893A Recruitment-Based Explanation of Person-Job Fit for Employee SatisfactionAlev ÖzerPDF
892CBC2013-0892Cambodia’s Textile and Garment Industry – A Showcase for Social Sustainability, or not Better than its Neighbors?Nathalie Homlong and Elisabeth SpringlerPDF
891CBC2013-0891Relationship between Corporate Image and Customer Loyalty in the Mobile Telecommunication Market in KenyaPaul Mensah Agyei and James M. KilikaPDF
890CBC2013-0890National Impacts and Responses to Global Challenges: Matrices of Coloniality in GlobalityJohannes TsheolaPDF
889CBC2013-0889Regionalism and Regionness Framing: Whither the BRICS Crossvergence?Johannes Tsheola, Cebelihle Mabila and Solomon MtsweniPDF
888CBC2013-0888South Africa in the BRICS: Wither the Economic Freedom Policies and Inequality?Johannes Tsheola, Cebelihle Mabila and Solomon MtsweniPDF
887CBC2013-0887Entrepreneurial Education and Entrepreneurial Culture among University of Cape Coast Students in GhanaNina Afriyie and Rosemond BoohenePDF
886CBC2013-0886Empirical Valuation of Relationship between Freight Index and Economic PerformanceOlga V. Mezentseva and Ann V. MezentsevaPDF
885CBC2013-0885Between Production Capitalism and Consumerism: The Culture of Prosumption and Discovering the Mechanisms of its FunctioningPiotr SiudaPDF
884CBC2013-0884Managing Service Innovation in Albania: Banking Sector and TelecommunicationDorjana Feimi and Vasilika KumePDF
883SME2013-0883External Brand Communication: A Literature Review of the Antecedents to Word-Of-MouthOleksandra Pasternak, Cleopatra Veloutsou and Anna Morgan-ThomasPDF
882PHY-CHE-2013-0882Deciphering the Kinetic and Gating Properties of Purinergic P2X7 Receptor ChannelsLaurent Mackay, Arthur Sherman, Stanko S. Stojilkovic and Anmar KhadraPDF
881PHY-CHE-2013-0881Ampere's Law Operating in O, B and A StarsRaphael SteinitzPDF
880PHY-CHE-2013-0880Teaching Green Chemistry Principles to Undergraduate StudentsMariya Rozov, Tyler K. Brescia, Lyanne Valdez and Rita K. UpmacisPDF
879PHY-CHE-2013-0879Prophylaxis and Treatment of Generalyzed Infection Induced by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in Vivo with Hypothalamic Proline Rich Peptides Galarmin and D-15 GalarminMargarita Matevosyan, Andranik Durgaryan and Armen GaloyanPDF
878PHY-CHE-2013-0878Imaging Processes Using Core-Shell Particle Colloid Solutions for Medical DiagnosisYoshio Kobayashi, Kohsuke Gonda and Noriaki OhuchiPDF
877LAW2013-0877Unwritten Lawyers: A Comparative Approach on Representations of Women Lawyers in the Anglo-American and European LiteratureAnna ChronopoulouPDF
876LAW2013-0876Changing Property Rights in Fresh Water in South AfricaDalita RamwellPDF
875LAW2013-0875The Judges of the European Court of Human Rights as a Specific Socioprofessional Group of International Legal InfluenceAnatoli BayashouPDF
874LAW2013-0874The Global Taxation of CorporationsElfriede SangkuhlPDF
873LAW2013-0873The Public-Private Divide in Prosecutions and Obtaining of Evidence: Towards a Code?Claire de Than and Jesse ElvinPDF
872LAW2013-0872The Taxation of Interest Earned in Customer Loyalty Award Programmes in South AfricaPieter BritsPDF
871LAW2013-0871Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making: the Implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the Case-law of the Compliance CommitteeAndrea SabaPDF
870CIV2013-0870Evaluation of High-Deformation Capability and High-Strength Steels as Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete MembersArcan Yanik, Ercan Yuksel and Cem YalcinPDF
869BUS2013-0869Level of Consumer Involvement and New Product Development: A Conceptual Framework for the Moderating Role of Product TypeNicholas GrigoriouPDF
868ART2013-0868Postmodern Performances of Ancient Greek Tragedy
(Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Euripides’ Electra)
Małgorzata BudzowskaPDF
867ARC2013-0867Rural Architecture in Sorrento-Amalfitan Coast. Constructive Tradition and Prospect for PreservationMaria Falcone, Arianna Spinosa, Luigi Veronese and Mariarosaria VillaniPDF
866ARC2013-0866Identity-shaping Landscape: People's Houses in Eretz Israel as a Case StudyEsther GrabinerPDF
865LAW2013-0865Patents’ Choice Problem in Pharmacy: Legal and Economic AspectsValeryia StukinaPDF
864LAW2013-0864Are the New Filtering Measures of Applications by the European Court of Human Rights Effective?Taixia ShenPDF
863TOU2013-0863Young Travelers Different Perspective on a Muslim Destination Image and Travel ConstraintsHuei-Ju ChenPDF
862SPO2013-0862Revenues from Related Parties Transactions and UEFA Financial Fair Play. The Search for an Alternative Solution to Fair Value Measurement for the Break-Even Result AssessmentSalvatore CinciminoPDF
861LAW2013-0861The Author and her Work: Charlotte Bronte's Shirley as a Therapeutic ExperienceAleksandra TrynieckaPDF
860LAW2013-0860Contracts of Employment: A Preliminary Study of the Interaction between Relational Norms and Formal AgreementsPenny-Anne F. Cullen and Richard J. HickmanPDF
859SME2013-0859The Moderating Impact of Brand Attitude on the Effectiveness of Product Recall MeasuresFrancesca MagnoPDF
858SME2013-0858What Capability-Building Programs Entrepreneurs Are TakingIan Jester de VeraPDF
857SME2013-0857The Relationship of City Branding and Tourist Promotion: The Case of Plymouth (UK) and Malaga (Spain)Daniel Barrera Fern?ndez and Kevin MeethanPDF
856SME2013-0856Establish the Constraints in Growing a Spaza Shop in the Soweto AreaLouise Van Scheers and Carly PrinslooPDF
855SME2013-0855An Approach to the Design of a Scale for Measuring Happiness at Work of Iberian CompaniesJulio García Del Junco, Francisco Espasandin Bustelo, Georg Michael Jeremias Dutschke and Beatriz Palacios FlorencioPDF
854SME2013-0854Corporate Communication as a Key to Corporate Success – Key Findings to be Adapted by SMEsAnabel Ternès, Francesca Gursch and Giulia GurschPDF
853PSY2013-0853Magnitude Estimation of Brand and Taste related to Chocolate Buying DecisionMarcelo Fernandes Costa and Lucas Renne CopelliPDF
852LAW2013-0852An Economic Analysis of Lifting the Cuban EmbargoFrank J. Vandall and Emily QuanPDF
851POL2013-0851Superman without Borders: The Controversial Renunciation of US-Citizenship and the Political Implications on it under the Perspective of the NarrativeIuri Andréas Reblin and Kathlen Luana de OliveiraPDF
850PLA2013-0850Experiences in Participatory Design Processes: Assessing the Headland Park DesignGabriela Quintana VigiolaPDF
849PLA2013-0849Agglomeration Economies and Wellbeing: Evidence from IndiaArup MitraPDF
848PHI2013-0848Temporal Being and the Authentic SelfJoseph NaimoPDF
847PHI2013-0847Naive Realism and the Explanatory GapTakuya NiikawaPDF
846PHI2013-0846On the Philosophical Possibilities of a Constructive Theology of selfPaul T. LewisPDF
845PHI2013-0845Paraesthetics: Irvine School of Aesthetic Theory and CriticismEwa BobrowskaPDF
844PHI2013-0844Bohm's Paradox and the Conscious ObserverDonald PoochigianPDF
843PHI2013-0843Plea Bargaining's Moral ControversiesDavid HeisePDF
842MDT2013-0842Brides of the Dead in Ancient EgyptSamar Mostafa KamalPDF
841MDT2013-0841Roman Ruins in Works by P. P. Rubens: the Attribution of the Three Goddesses DisrobingMika YamaguchiPDF
840LNG2013-0840Study on the Sentiment Polarity Types of Collocations for too and veryMohamed Yassine Frej and Jeesun NamPDF
839LNG2013-0839Phonetic Means of Expressing Contrast in Poetical TextsElena TitovaPDF
838LNG2013-0838Interactional Negative Feedback in Foreign Language Immersion ClassroomsLeticia Vicente-RasoamalalaPDF
837LNG2013-0837True and Pseudo-Instrumental Verbs in English and Romanian and the Verb-Framed /Satellite-Framed DistinctionBleotu Adina CameliaPDF
836LNG2013-0836Course in General Linguistics by Ferdinand De Saussure in Azerbaijani Language. Problems of Recovery of Meta-LanguageSaida IbrahimovaPDF
835LNG2013-0835Cardinal Directions in Sanskrit and Old Irish LanguageKsenia KharitonovaPDF
834LNG2013-0834To What Extent Does Split Intransitivity of the Adult Target Affect Children's Emerging Verb Patterns?John M. RyanPDF
833LNG2013-0833Automatic Survey of Customer Sentiments from Chinese Social MediaWei Li, Lei Li and Tian TangPDF
832LIT2013-0832War, Death and What Remains in the Poetry of Joy HarjoSally Michael HannaPDF
831LIT2013-0831Greek-Romanian Cultural Relations in the 18th Century through Laic TranslationsEugenia DimaPDF
830LIT2013-0830The Western Model of 'Ienăchiţă’s Song'Gabriela E. DimaPDF
829LIT2013-0829The Features and Criteria of Existenitialist NovelTuğba ÇelikPDF
828LIT2013-0828Tracing a Heroic Journey in a Mystic TaleMaryam Nemat TavousiPDF
827LIT2013-0827D. H. Lawrence's Theatre: Identity and Naturalism in A Collier’s Friday NightJuan Tomás Matarranz-AraquePDF
826LIT2013-0826The Concept of Open Language in Cergoly's Collection Opera 79 Noun in LoveEliana Moscarda MirkovicPDF
825LIT2013-0825The Gaticanea (Cattydoggymachia), by João Jorge de Carvalho, a Portuguese Mock-heroic Narrative Poem of the 18th Century:Between Intertextuality, Pastiche and ParodyManuel FerroPDF
824LIT2013-0824Literature and Theory: Lady Chatterley and D.H. Lawrence's MetaphysicsNina HaritatouPDF
823LIT2013-0823Postmodern Melancholia: An Analysis of In the Country of Last ThingsLúcia RibasPDF
822LIT2013-0822Greece as a Spiritual Home: Gerhart Hauptmann’s Travel Diary Griechischer FrühlingJennifer E. Michaels, Samuel R. and Marie-Louise RosenthalPDF
821IND2013-0821Modeling of Biotransformation of Crude Glycerol from Biodiesel Production by Using Dynamic Artificial Neural NetworkElisaveta Kirilova, Sophia Yankova, Bilyana Ilieva and Natasha Vaklieva-BanchevaPDF
820IND2013-0820The Use of Scatter Plots for Finding Initial Solutions for the CRAFT Facility Layout Problem AlgorithmJerzy Grobelny, Rafał Michalski, Joanna Koszela and Marcin WierciochPDF
819IND2013-0819Optimally Adaptive Oleo Strut Damping for Aircraft and UAV Using MR FluidAjinkya A. Gharapurkar, Chandra B. Asthana and Rama B. BhatPDF
818IND2013-0818Non-Linear Control of Robot aided Belt Grinding Manufacturing ProcessesRoland Anderegg and Max EdelmannPDF
817IND2013-0817Real-time Production Visibility Protocol using Radiofrequency Identification Technology at a Blinds Manufacturing CompanyRodolfo Ramírez-Hernández and Guillermo Cuamea-CruzPDF
816IND2013-0816Damage Analysis on a Broken Crank Shaft of a High Power PumpPeter BöhmPDF
815MAT2013-0815A Comparison of the Impact of Natural Language and Manipulatives on Students’ Performance on Word ProblemsKhemduth Singh Angateeah, Hurryramsingh Hurchand, Kaviraj Sharma Sukon and Preethee Nunkoo-GonpotPDF
814HUM2014-0814Iconic Bodies/Exotic Pinups: The Mystique of Rita Hayworth and Zarah LeanderGalina BakhtiarovaPDF
813HUM2014-0813A Digital Image, as a Holistic Mediator, of the Barbed Relooking of the Urban Landscape (Tunis, 2013)Natacha Drobnjak TouatiPDF
812HUM2014-0812Theonome Reciprocity as Key for Interpreting the Phenomenon of Declining Numbers in Protestant Mainstream Churches – A South African StudySophia van HeldenPDF
811HUM2014-0811Traffic Connectivity in Croatia in the Past: The Dubrovnik Region CaseMarija Benić PenavaPDF
810HIS2013-0810The Political and Social Conflict between Orthodox Christianity (Constantinople and Rome) and Eastern MonophysitismJayoung ChePDF
809HIS2013-0809Turkey and Greece: Friends or Enemiesİlksoy AslımPDF
808HIS2013-0808Human Flows, Trade and Security: The Changing Role of the Chumbi Valley in the Himalayan RegionKarubaki DattaPDF
807HIS2013-0807The Implementation of the Roman Principate: Between Human and DivineAndrés Cid ZuritaPDF
806HIS2013-0806A New Contribution to the Hittite Historical Geography: Pertaining to the Location of an Important Cult Centre KatapaÖzlem Sir GavazPDF
805HIS2013-0805Do Animals Go to Heaven? Medieval Philosophers Contemplate Heavenly Human ExceptionalismJoyce E. SalisburyPDF
804HEA2013-0804Challenges of Qualitative Health Services Research in Saudi ArabiaKhadija Nowaira Abdullah, Omar Zayyan Al-Sharqi and Muhammad Tanweer AbdullahPDF
803HEA2013-0803Decision Making in Healthcare OrganizationsSebnem Aslan, Adnan Çelik, S. Anıl Toygar and Demet AkarcayPDF
802HEA2013-0802The Effect of Market Versatility in Health Institutions on Organizational CommitmentZührem Ergün and Mahmut TekinPDF
801FIT2013-0801Correlates of Health Behavior among School-based EmployeesWynn Gillan, Millie Naquin, Marie Zannis, Ashley Bowers, Julie Brewer and Sarah RussellPDF
800FIT2013-0800Effect of Muscular Strength on landing Error Scoring System Score amongst Track and Field AthletesStevan Stojanović, Dolika Vasović, Mina Čobeljić, Jelena Ćuk and Lazar StijakPDF
799FIT2013-0799Sport Profile of the Junior Male Kwa-Zulu Natal Provincial Soccer Team, South AfricaTerry J. Ellapen, Senthil Narsigan, Sumaya Abrahams and Hendrik J. Van HeerdenPDF
798FIT2013-0798The Effect of Variable and Uniform Densities on the Inertial Properties of Cadaver Segments, a Comparison of Frozen and Thawed Densities, and Segment Densities Related to Endomorphy and EctomorphyS. Alan Lephart, John H. Bolte, IV and Christopher AlberyPDF
797EDU2013-0797Volunteering in Non-Formal Art based Education for Adults: View Point of the TrainerLina MiliūnienėPDF
796ECO2013-0796Claims of Business Ideology to University EducationPrzemysław ChmieleckiPDF
795ECO2013-0795Competitive Advantage of Nations and Multilateral Trade System: How can Lebanon Benefit from Trade Liberalization without Enhancing its Strategic Industries?Georges Nehme and Eliane NehmePDF
794ECO2013-0794Does Loan Maturity Matter in Risk-based Pricing? Evidence from Consumer Loan DataGabriela PásztorováPDF
793ECO2013-0793Model for Qualitative Static and Dynamic Evaluation of Performance of the Export Sectors in Romania during 2009 - 2012Cezar Mereuţă, Lucian Liviu Albu, Ionuţ Pandelică, Marioara Iordan and Mihaela-Nona ChilianPDF
792ECO2013-0792A Fundamental Interpretation of the 2009-2012 Crisis of the EurozoneRoberto J. Santillán-SalgadoPDF
791ECO2013-0791A BVAR-DSGE Model for Forecasting the Spanish EconomyManuel Sánchez SánchezPDF
790ECO2013-0790Analyzing the Effect of Government Intervention on Private DonationsLuis NunesPDF
789ECO2013-0789Multiproduct Mine Output and the Case of Mining Water UtilizationJose Saavedra-Rosas and Daniel J. PackeyPDF
788ECO2013-0788Functional Foods, Health Benefits and Health ClaimsStavroula Malla, Jill E. Hobbs and Eric Kofi SogahPDF
787COM2013-0787Evaluating the Energy Efficiency of Modern VoIP ApplicationsAthanasios Paraskelidis, Mo Adda and Thilina P.R. Manana DewagePDF
786COM2013-0786A Conceptual Framework for Information Society Measurement (An on-going D-Tech. Research Project)Emmanuel Babatunde Ajala, S. O. Ojo and O. OlugbaraPDF
785CIV2013-0785Geotechnical Investigation of Ban Koum Dam Site, LPDR-Thailand BoardersUba Sirikaew, Supoj Srinil, Arnonporn Suwannaplai and Somchai SantinawaPDF
784CIV2013-0784Stormwater Quality Management - Design Criteria and SustainabilityMichael H. WooPDF
783BUS2013-0783Relationship Management Function of Corporate Communication: Long-Term Relationship or Short-Term ImpactSelcan Yesilyurt and Idil K. SuherPDF
782BUS2013-0782Valuation Model of Project Portfolio under UncertaintyFenmay Liou and Borliang ChenPDF
781BUS2013-0781Conceptualising the Corporate Cultural Fit - A Global Account Management PerspectiveHolger Wendt, Richard Anderson and Katja KuhnPDF
780BUS2013-0780Hospital Managers’ Sense of Corporate Reputation and the Interaction between Corporate Reputation Practices and Organizational Culture:
An Example from the Central Anatolian Region of Turkey
Emrah Aydemir and Mustafa ŞekerPDF
779BUS2013-0779Marketing Concept Comprehension and Recall through Imagery – The Case of International StudentsJane Edwards and Ronald DonatoPDF
778BUS2013-0778The History of Corporate Social Responsibility in Turkey:
Analysis of Koç Holding and Turkcell’s Social Responsibility Practices
Elif Engin and Burcu Eker AkgözPDF
777ART2013-0777A Double-Sided Drawing by Thomas Eakins of an Antique Cast and a Male ModelFrances Van Keuren and Kristen Miller ZohnPDF
776ART2013-0776White Mythology White PaintingsMehrdad HadighiPDF
775AGR2013-0775General Status of Mushroom Production Buildings and View of the Neighboring Families Mushroom Production Buildings – The Case of KorkuteliHasan Oz, Atilgan Atilgan, Zekai Gumus and Orhan KurtPDF
774AGR2013-0774Influence of Mycorrhiza Inoculation on Plant Growths of Triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack) and Clover (Medicago sativa) in Sterile and non-Sterile SoilsOnder Ozal, Ali Ozden and Ali CoskanPDF
773AGR2013-0773Drinking Water Distribution Systems Characteristics on Biofilm Development: A Kernel based ApproachEva Ramos-Martínez, Manuel Herrera, Joaquín Izquierdo and Rafael Pérez-GarcíaPDF
772AGR2013-0772Crop Architecture: Investigating ‘Strigolactones’ in Different Horticultural Species having Different Branching PhenotypesSarina Manandhar, David J. Woolley and Keith A. FunnellPDF
771AGR2013-0771The Edible Home Landscape: Nutritious, Sustainable, Aesthetic, FeasiblePete Melby, Sylvia H. Byrd, David Nagel and Andrew D. FrugéPDF
770AGR2013-0770Use of Rhizobacteria for the Management of Soft Rot Disease of PotatoAhmad Ali Shahid, Saira Yasin, M.Inam-ul-Haq, Muhammad Ali and M. Saleem HaiderPDF
769AGR2013-0769The Impact of Virtual Water Trading on the Water and Agricultural Policies in the Semi-Arid Regions; The Case Study of CyprusNora Fayssal and Christos AnastasiouPDF
768AGR2013-0768Using Vigor Tests for Predicting Seedling Emergence of Vegetable Seeds under Greenhouse ConditionsJuan Martínez Solís, M. Gisela Peña Ortega and J. Enrique Rodríguez PérezPDF
767AGR2013-0767Copper-Citrate as a Possibility for Control of Some Phytopathogenic BacteriaTatjana Popović, Zoran Milićević, Predrag Milovanović, Nenad Dolovac and Žarko IvanovićPDF
766AGR2013-0766Antimicrobial Activity of Bacillus Spp. in the Biocontrol of Different Phytopathogenic Agrobacterium IsolatesŽarko Ivanović, Veljko Gavrilović, Tatjana Popović, Svetlana Živković, Jovana Blagojević, Slaviša Stanković and Đorđe FiraPDF
765AGR2013-0765Exploration of Genetic Variability of 'Mirasol' chili (Capsicum annum L.) Accessions through ISSR MarkersMargarita Gisela Peña-Ortega, Juan Enrique Rodríguez-Pérez and Juan Martínez- SolísPDF
764ARC2013-0764Proposal for a New Architectural Theory: How to Establish a Renewed Balance between Man and NatureNadia BertolinoPDF
763ARC2013-0763Designing the Muse of the SpaceLuz Jim?nezPDF
762ARC2013-0762Implementing Inclusionary Zoning into Canada's Affordable Housing MarketSam Moshaver and Samim MehdizadehPDF
761ARC2013-0761Method for a Human based Design ProcessTine Van HerckPDF
760ARC2013-0760Towards an Experimental Approach in Design Research: Urban Archiscapes StudioNur Çağlar, Adnan Aksu and İrem YılmazPDF
759ARC2013-0759Cave Houses as Arcetypes of Shelter Formation in Capadoccia Region, TurkeyPelin YildizPDF
758ARC2013-0758Architectural and Structural Development of Tall BuildingsM. Alaghmandan, N. A. Pehlivann and M. ElnimeiriPDF
757ARC2013-0757Eindhoven as an Example of Pragmatic Sustainable Design: Preparing the Period of the Post Carbon CityAntonio Zumelzu, Kees Doevendans and Bruno de MeulderPDF
756ARC2013-0756The Comparison of the Space usage in Turkish Cinema from Past to NowadaysSerpil Ozker and Elif Suyuk MakakliPDF
755ARC2013-0755Ancient Material and Steel: Project Strategies on the Content and the Container of the Museums in the Period of the Italian ReconstructionLaura CiammittiPDF
754PLA2013-0754Effect of Nature Protection on Urban Planning in the Protected Landscape AreasDaniela Šovarová and Marek JanatkaPDF
753MAT2013-0753Finding the Ratio of Two Percentiles by Way of Non Parametric MethodsLi-Fei HuangPDF
752ARC2013-0752Álvaro Siza and the Fragmented CityCarlos MachadoPDF
751ENV2013-0751Monitoring the Antarctic Stratosphere after the Montreal ProtocolS.Genco, D.Bortoli, I. Kostadinov, M. Premuda, S. Masieri, G.Giovanelli and F. RavegnaniPDF
749LAW2013-0749A Case of Scarlett FeverAndrew Percy RossPDF
748ART2013-0748The Preacher and the Actor: Bach, Handel and the “Passionate” ListenerGerald NeufeldPDF
747ARC2013-0747Influence of the Regeneration of Large Housing Estates on Sustainable Urban Living Conditions -Benefits or Threats?Jean Marie Corneille Meuwissen, Elham Madadi Kandjani and Christian Kersten HofbauerPDF
746MDT2013-0746Discussing Demographic Transitions in Southern Mediterranean CountriesBarbara Zagaglia and Eros MorettiPDF
745CIV2013-0745Comparison of Ground Motion Pulse Models for the Drift Response of Seismically Isolated BuildingsHatice Gazi, Seda Öncü-Davas and Cenk AlhanPDF
744CIV2013-0744Comparison of Ground Motion Pulse Models for the Acceleration Response of Seismically Isolated BuildingsSeda Öncü-Davas, Hatice Gazi and Cenk AlhanPDF
743IND2013-0743Enhanced Function Structure Applicability through Adaptive Function TemplatesJan Erik Heller and Jörg FeldhusenPDF
742BUS2013-0742Competition Analysis of Mortgage Housing Credit Market in RussiaLiudmila GuzikovaPDF
741SME2013-0741Assessing Organizational Learning Culture in the Context of Business Excellence: A Case StudyPrabir Kumar BandyopadhyayPDF
740SME2013-0740Profit and its Impact on the Development of Foreign Trade on the Example of a Small BusinessMichal Pružinský and Richard KerekešPDF
739SME2013-0739Marketing of New Bio-Energy DrinksZhanna N. Zenkova and Inna V. KrakovetckaiaPDF
738SME2013-0738Detremination of the Dimensionality of Factors in Time Management: The Perspective of Entrepreneurs in NigeriaAliyu MammanPDF
737ARC2013-0737Walkability and Attachment to Tourism Places in the City of Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaNorsidah Ujang and Zulkifli MuslimPDF
736ARC2013-0736The Visibility Graph and Syntactical Analysis of Spatial Organisation in Traditional Buca HousesDeniz Erinsel Onder, Sevde Korkmaz and Deniz Erinsel OnderPDF
735ARC2013-0735Reviving the Design of Contemporary Masonry VaultsShaghayegh Rajabzadeh and Mario SassonePDF
734ARC2013-0734Reinterpreting the Contemporary Architectural Practice in Turkey in Light of the Context DebateEsin KömezPDF
733ARC2013-0733A Discussion of the Writings on Architectural History under Cultural EssentialismLiang-Ping YenPDF
732ARC2013-0732The Phalanstery Paradigm. Paradoxes of Architectural DeterminismStefan Dragos Dascalu, Sebastian Ionescu and Teodora BalanPDF
731ARC2013-0731Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Architectural Research: A Dialogue with MusicClara Germana GonçalvesPDF
730ARC2013-0730The Re-writing Hi-story Project; or Running a Studio for a History CourseAngeliki SioliPDF
729ARC2013-0729The Architecture of the Ancient Caunus City TheatreYasemen Say Özer and Nevzat Oğuz ÖzerPDF
728MAT2013-0728Integration of Nonverbal Channels in Peer Argumentation: Early Learning of Geometry in a Problem-Solving ContextNaomi Prusak, Rina Hershkowitz and Baruch B. SchwarzPDF
727POL2013-0727The Current Kurdish Iraqi Governments Relations: An AssessmentShak HanishPDF
726POL2013-0726Religion, Democracy and Human Rights: Thoughts since Latin American TheologyKathlen Luana de OliveiraPDF
725ARC2013-0725Emperor's New Architecture: The Spatial Experience of Wireless CommunicationSelena Savić and Jeffrey HuangPDF
724ARC2013-0724Lighting Design a Natural Part of Architecture with Strong Connections to Important Goals in SocietyMonica SäterPDF
723ARC2013-0723Reuse of Historical Train Station Buildings: Examples from the World and TurkeyH.Abdullah Erdogan and Ebru ErdoganPDF
722ARC2013-0722Contemporary Housing in Central and Eastern Europe: Product versus Preference—The Polish CaseEwa Stachura and John DeePDF
721ARC2013-0721The Field in the Object: Three Case Studies on Interactive AssembliesJason ScrogginPDF
720ARC2013-0720Cultural Content of Lighting for the Discovery of Archaeological HeritageSantina Di SalvoPDF
719ARC2013-0719Requisites of Architectural Languages in the Case of Scientific Types of Design ProceduresPasquale LoveroPDF
718LIT2013-0718A Comparative Approach to Fictions Named Malone Dies and to Lie DyingElmas SahinPDF
717ARC2013-0717Social Dissolution's Reflection on Housing in Post-war Bosnia and HerzegovinaLejla KreševljakovićPDF
716LAW2013-0716International Criminal Justice and the American System of Criminal ProcedureJohan D. van der VyverPDF
715ARC2013-0715Thai Concept of Forms: A Case Study of the Ordination Hall ‘Sim’ or ‘Ubosot’ through Platoian AnalysisPimwadee EomthurapotePDF
714MAT2013-0714Anomalies of the Magnitude of the Bias of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator of the Regression SlopeDiarmuid O’Driscoll and Donald E. RamirezPDF
713ARC2013-0713Experimental Research in Urban Spatial Cognition by Using Virtual Reality TechnologySinan Yuan, Shuang Song and Yukun ZhangPDF
712ARC2013-0712Museum and Exhibition Design in the Digital AgePaola La ScalaPDF
711LNG2013-0711The Usage of Turkish Grammatical Morphemes by Learners of Turkish as a Second LanguageEsra Altunkol and Berna BalciPDF
710POL2013-0710Sustaining Human Rights and Responsibility: The United Nations Global Compact and MyanmarKenneth Christie and Robert James HanlonPDF
709IND2013-0709The Impact of a Word of Mouth Mechanism on an Adoption of Changes in the Industrial OrganizationAgnieszka Kowalska-StyczeńPDF
708ARC2013-0708Methods of Identifying the Values of the Historical Centers and their Potential for Future DevelopmentAlexandru Tiotiu and Adriana MateiPDF
707ARC2013-0707Out of RuleSebnem Cakalogullari and Melis BalogluPDF
706ARC2013-0706Reinforced Concrete in Anastylosis: The Establishment of a New TechniqueElisa FainPDF
705ARC2013-0705Placemaking as Common Ground for Diverse Alternative Town Planning ApproachesConstantino MawromatisPDF
704PLA2013-0704Interrogating Challenges for Planners and Urban Designers in Territories Undergoing Transformation Due to Contemporary Social and Economical Changes - Suggesting Adoptive Methods and Strategies for Analyzing the Changes for Bhopal CityArti Jaiswal and Prashanti RaoPDF
703POL2013-0703Did the Euro Harm the Greek Economy?L. Jan ReidPDF
702ARC2013-0702Material Autograph: Rethinking on the Design of Qiqiaoweng Wooden Pavilions from a Tectonic PerspectiveXiaoming HuPDF
701ARC2013-0701Architecture and Technology: Architect's Expression Language in Design ProcessSerap Durmus and Nilgun KulogluPDF
700ARC2013-0700Material That Talks: Material Use of Architectural Surface in Semiotic ImplicationsNan-Wei Wu and Chao-Ching FuPDF
699ARC2013-0699Quantitative Analyses of Street Network Density in Diverse Urban ContextsSinan YuanPDF
698ARC2013-0698The Ineffable in Contemporary ArchitectureIrina Ioana Voda, Adriana Matei and Anne CostePDF
697LNG2013-0697Specificities of Hypertext Links in the News Internet ReportsAdel UtyashevPDF
696ART2013-0696Is Criticism Really Dead?Firat ArapoğluPDF
695MAT2013-0695Global Positioning System as it is Related to Trisecting AnglesFrantz OlivierPDF
694LAW2013-0694Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision: New Concepts and ChallengesMichael P. MalloyPDF
693SPO2013-0693The Responsibility of Professional Football Clubs under the Organizational Model RulesGiuseppe LiottaPDF
692SPO2013-0692Broadcasting Market's Developmental Change after European Court of Justice, October 4th 2011Laura SantoroPDF
691ARC2013-0691Architecture of Electronic RevolutionSerbülent Vural and Selin OktanPDF
690PLA2013-0690Industrial Heritage as Qualifying Elements in Urban LandscapesGrete Swensen and Rikke StenbroPDF
689MAT2013-0689Impact of Knowledge of Symbols on Mathematics Learning Among the Secondary School Students of Morigaon District (Assam, India)Simarekha Bhagowati and Jnanjyoti SarmahPDF
688ARC2013-0688Le Corbusier: Of the Plasticity of ExcessAlessandro Rossi and Nugroho UtomoPDF
687LNG2013-0687The Importance of Positive Evidence in Universal Grammar-Second Language Acquisition StudiesSinan ÇakırPDF
686CIV2013-0686Basic Characteristics of Anappropriate Waste Fillers for Solvent Free and Water-Borne Industrial Polymer Floors and their UtilizationJana Kosikova and Michaela VyhnankovaPDF
685MAT2013-0685Slow Does It!Sophie Chrysostomou and Mahinda SamarakoonPDF
684HEA2013-0684Health Costs and Benefits of DDT Use in Malaria Control and PreventionBrian Blanklespoor, Susmita Dasgupta, Abdelaziz Lagnaoui and Subhendu RoyPDF
683POL2013-0683Racial Context and the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential ElectionsBaodong LiuPDF
682MAT2013-0682Interactive Linear Models in Survey SamplingPulakesh MaitiPDF
681MAT2013-0681Studies in Exceptionality and the Connectivity of MathematicsGeoff WoolcottPDF
680ARC2013-0680Modelling. Network. Code.Paul Mihai Moldovan, Anne Coste and Adriana MateiPDF
679PHI2013-0679Kierkegaard and Moral Guilt: Can the Ethical Forgive Significant Ethical Failure?William O’MearaPDF
678POL2013-0678International Law, War and Human Rights: The Humanitarian Response against the State of EmergencyFederico ZumpaniPDF
677POL2013-0677Religion and Politics in Brazil: A Case Study from the Point of View and Influence of American ReligionsFabio Augusto DariusPDF
676LIT2013-0676The Manipulation of Simulacra to Create a Public Image in Salman Rushdie's Novel ShameJūratė RadavičiūtėPDF
675LIT2013-0675Lifting the Veil off the Intimate in Jordanian Women's LiteratureOmnia AminPDF
674PSY2013-0674The Experience of Occupational Stress in Bus Drivers: Contributions from the Psychoanalytic PerspectiveVanessa Carine Gil De Alcantara, Rose Mary Rosa Costa Andrade E Silva, Eliane Ramos Pereira and Marcos Andrade E SilvaPDF
673HEA2013-0673Cost Analysis in Health Institutions: A Sample ApplicationOzlem Ozer and Ilkay Sevinc TuracPDF
672MAT2013-0672Markovian- Fuzzy Model for Manpower PlanningAdnan-Sh-JaberPDF
671ARC2013-0671The Fictional Representation of Modern Urban Concentration in the Work of J.G. BallardZeynep Tuna UltavPDF
670ENV2013-0670Processing of the Pig Manure into Solid Multi-Component Mineral-Organic FertilizersZygmunt Kowalski, Józef Hoffmann, Agnieszka Makara and Krystyna Hoffmann
669SOC2013-0669A Microparadigm and a Scientific Microcommunity – Kuhn RevisitedAleksandra KoltunPDF
668SOC2013-0668Children's Rights and Early YearsDiana DidilicăPDF
667ENV2013-0667Air Pollution Monitoring Using GIS, GPS and Gas Sensors for Chennai CityPartheeban Pachaivannan, H. Prasad Raju and R. Rani HemamaliniPDF
666ARC2013-0666Alvar Aalto and Álvaro Siza. Construction of Place and LandscapeCatarina Gomes SampaioPDF
665PLA2013-0665Proposals for Designing Chinese Open Spaces Attracted by Different Age GroupsXiaofei HanPDF
664EDU2013-0664Toward a View of Classroom Social Psychology: Examination of Real Life Classroom SituationsGamze Inan KayaPDF
663EDU2013-0663High School Students "Other ID Detection Formats: Case of Ankara Eryaman High SchoolAssiye Aka and Kezban Demir YaziciPDF
662MAT2013-0662Cocycles over Non-Autonomous Dynamical Systems in Banach SpacesCodruta StoicaPDF
661SOC2013-0661Minorities, Majorities and Truly Finnish Finns: An Analysis of Political Rhetoric Concerning Minority RightsÖsten WahlbeckPDF
660EDU2013-0660Social Representations that Teachers in São Paulo Public Schools Create Regarding their Decisions to Choose and Stay in the ProfessionFrancisco Alves de Souza and Maria Laura Puglisi Barbosa FrancoPDF
659MED2013-0659Moral Politics of Journalism in Turkey: Making of Scandals and Journalistic Responsibility in the Age of Media(ted) PoliticsOğuzhan TaşPDF
658COM2013-0658Dynamic External Merger Sort for Partial Group-by in OptimizationSon Pham and Thu PhamPDF
657MAT2013-0657Mazur-Orlicz Theorem and Moment Problems on Concrete SpacesOctav OlteanuPDF
656MED2013-0656Quest for Identity: Representation of Ottoman Images in the Turkish Mass MediaBahar Senem ÇevikPDF
655MED2013-0655The Progress of the Multi-theoretical Scheme of Uses and Gratifications and the Experience on the Model of "Values of Media Gratification"Raquel Marques Carriço FerreiraPDF
654ENV2013-0654Carbon Footprint of Straw Mushroom: A Case Study in ThailandPhairat Usubharatana and Harnpon PhungrassamiPDF
653MED2013-0653Peer Reviewed Journals and the Challenges of Open Publishing: A Portuguese Case StudyAnabela GradimPDF
652PSY2013-0652Type a Behavior and Body Postures among Mechanical Lower Back Pain PatientsRajendra S. MhaskePDF
651CIV2013-0651Applications of Reliability Analysis in Structural EngineeringVazul Boros, Balthasar Novák and Ahmed El-ShennawyPDF
650PHI2013-0650Peirce's Theory of Continuity and the Vindication of Universals against NominalismPaniel Reyes-CárdenasPDF
648TOU2013-0648Social Entrepreneurship - Its Importance in the Tourism IndustryNuno Miguel Castanheira AlmeidaPDF
647LNG2013-0647Phrasal Verbs: Usage and AcquisitionEmilie RiguelPDF
646LAW2013-0646Social Security for Immigrants and New Perspectives of CitizenshipPaola ChiarellaPDF
645CIV2013-0645Deflection Analysis of Reinforced Concrete T-beam Prestressed with CFRP Tendons ExternallyLe Huang, Lihua Xu, Feng Xu and Jian DingPDF
644EDU2013-0644Causes of Ethnic Tension and Conflict among University Students in EthiopiaAbebaw Yirga AdamuPDF
643PHI2013-0643The Standard of the Reasonable Person: An Avoidability ApproachMichelle CiurriaPDF
642PSY2013-0642Development of Self-Immunity ScaleOraphin ChoochomPDF
641MED2013-0641Juvenile Offenders’ Audience PreferencesBlerina GjeraziPDF
640EDU2013-0640Philosophy, Science and Education in Francis Bacon?s ThoughtGustavo Araújo BatistaPDF
639CIV2013-0639Practices, Barriers and Challenges of Risk Management Implementation in Albanian Construction IndustryJulinda Keçi and Enea MustafarajPDF
638MED2013-0638An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Sports Sponsorship among Football Fans in EgyptLabiba Abdel-Naby IbrahimPDF
637TOU2013-0637An Evaluation of Alternative Tourism Opportunities in the Turkish Destination of FethiyeÖzgür Özer, Mehmet Avci and Nihat KarakuşPDF
636ART2013-0636The Movements of Environmental Fıber Art and Three-Dimensıonal Sculptural TextilesN. Rengin OymanPDF
635CIV2013-0635Development of Masonry Blocks with Thermal InsulationJitka Hroudová, Jiří Zach and Martin SedlmajerPDF
634PSY2013-0634Imperatives of Planned Behaviour Upon Implicit Social Cognition on the Development of Malaysian Career Factor Inventory (MyCFI)Ina Md. Yasin, Mohamad Ibrani Shahrimin Adam Assim and Shamsul Amri BaharuddinPDF
633ART2013-0633Studying Fashion with New Method: IntervestimentalitySafiye SariPDF
632PLA2013-0632Urbanization Trends and Urban Planning in West Bengal, IndiaMahalaya ChatterjeePDF
631TOU2013-0631Does a Destination have Personality? Personality and Image Issues of a DestinationYasin Bilim and Mebrure Boydemir BilimPDF
630LAW2013-0630Property and Fundamental Rights, between Courts Judgements and Constitutional NormsMaria Luisa ChiarellaPDF
629CBC2013-0629An Examination of Factors Affecting Liquidity Management in Indian Financial SystemShyam Bhati and Anura DeZoysaPDF
628EDU2013-0628Challenges in the Acquisition of Reading in Arabic: Linguistic and Didactic AspectsBaha MakhoulPDF
627EDU2013-0627Using Modern Informatics Tools for Smart Decision-Making in Education ProcessTadeusz Wibig, Michał Jaszczyk and Punsiri Dam-oPDF
626BUS2013-0626Investigating the Relationship between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and Internal Control: A Exploratory StudyHani Shaiti, Yanqing Duan and Magdy Abdel-kaderPDF
625IND2013-0625The Use of Scatter Plots for Finding Initial Solutions for the CRAFT Facility Layout Problem AlgorithmJerzy Grobelny, Rafał Michalski, Joanna Koszela and Marcin WierciochPDF
624SOC2013-0624Poverty in Latin America and some Proposals to Confront itPaulo Lourenço Domingues JuniorPDF
622EDU2013-0622Higher Education Institutions as Drivers of Economic Growth in Serbia and JapanLjiljana MarkovićPDF
621EDU2013-0621Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage as a Prerequisite for Distance LearningAleksandra VranešPDF
620PSY2013-0620Marginal and Unauthorized Grief, Denied and Omitted RitesSonia Sirtoli FarberPDF
619PHI2013-0619Thaumazein in Ancient Greek Philosophy and Wonder in the Writings of Ludwig WittgensteinIlse SomavillaPDF
618EDU2013-0618Training Excellent Teachers Innovation, Involvement and Educational LeadershipTamar KetkoPDF
617EDU2013-0617Credential-based Meritocracy and Failure of System in Controlling Organised CrimePrashant Tripathi, Chitra Awasthi and Tarinee APDF
616PHI2013-0616Semantic Intentionality and Intending to ActDale JacquettePDF
615ENV2013-0615Incorporating a ‘Friendly Environmental CSR Model’ for Sustaining Future Dimension: Needs and DemandZeittey Karmilla Kaman, Salina Daud and Zaleha OthmanPDF
614ENV2013-0614Adsorption of Cu & Ni on Bentonite Clay from Waste WaterSaad A. Aljlil and Fares D. AlsewailemPDF
613EDU2013-0613Classroom Management Strategies Preferred by Teachers in the ClassroomErten Gökçe and Aliye ErdemPDF
612ENV2013-0612Evaluating the Quality of Socio-Economic Features in Isfahan's Urban EnvironmentNasim Sharifianpur and Shahrzad FaryadiPDF
611PHI2013-0611What is “good”?Bettina MüllerPDF
610EDU2013-0610Constructivist Practices in Teaching Chemistry: A Cross-National StudyIliya EmilovPDF
609MED2013-0609The Final Countdown Apply Dis(ease)Ability: Teaching Methodology and Innovative Media Education in Function Solution/Communication with DisabilityRaffaella Conversano and Gaetano ManzulliPDF
608MED2013-0608Henriksen and Flora (1999) Revisited – A Literature Review on Third-Person Effects and Children/AdolescentsGabriella SandstigPDF
607FIT2013-0607Isokinetic Evaluation and Objective Stability of the Knee after Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionMatjaž Sajovic, Katarina Skaza, and Simona Pavlič ZaložnikPDF
605ECO2013-0605Was the Participation in Second Pillar Successful in Lithuania?Tadas Gudaitis and Teodoras MedaiskisPDF
604ENV2013-0604Assessment of the Mobility of Chromium in a Quality Assured Electric Arc Furnace SlagAlexia Aldrian, Johann G. Raith, Renato Sarc, Patrycja Czyzykiewicz, Daniel Höllen and Roland PombergerPDF
603EDU2013-0603How to Support Students’ First-Year Experience at University with ICTManabu Murakami, Ken Takeuchi, Hirotaka Honda and Ki-ichiro SatoPDF
602EDU2013-0602An Academic ‘Glass Cliff’? Exploring the Increase of Women in Swedish Higher Education ManagementHelen PetersonPDF
601EDU2013-0601Poetry for Young Readers in their ResponsesJaroslav ValaPDF
600EDU2013-0600Private Tutoring and Educational Inequalities in Canton Ticino - SwitzerlandGiovanna ZanollaPDF
599EDU2013-0599The Epistemological Crisis in Physical Education: Implications for Teaching WorkClaudio Pellini Vargas and Antonio Flavio Barbosa MoreiraPDF
598EDU2013-0598Phenomenon Called LearningMerja Meriläinen and Maarika PiispanenPDF
597COM2013-0597Information Laws (Informatics Laws) ïf NatureIgor GurevichPDF
596COM2013-0596A Mathematical Information Algorithm for the Analysis of ECG ComplexityDovile Karaliene, Zenonas Navickas and Agne SlapsinskaitePDF
595COM2013-0595Topological Proof of the Computability of the Algorithm based on the Morphosyntactic DistancePedro G. GuillénPDF
594COM2013-0594Tourist's Group Knowledge Representation and the Role of E-Wom for the Choice of Tourist DestinationFrancesca Di Virgilio and Loredana Di PietroPDF
593COM2013-0593Latency Evaluations and Reduction Techniques in Authentication Phase of Centralized WLAN Hotspot NetworksHasbullah Mazlan, Shariq Haseeb, Mohammed Abobakr Ahmed Balfaqih, Siti Norhaizum Mohamad Hasnan and Muhammad Faheem Mohd EzaniPDF
592ARC2013-0592Urban Design as a Method for the Reevaluation of Historical Environments:
The Case Study of Beşiktaş Akaretler Row Houses
Bilge Ulusay Alpay and Pelin GökgürPDF
591ARC2013-0591Architecture as Inauguration of ‘Das da Sein’Marc BelderbosPDF
590ARC2013-0590Moved by Water. The Architecture of a Minga in Southern ChileEmil Osorio SchmiedPDF
589ARC2013-0589Parameters VS Algorithms: The New Urban ParadigmNina TolevaPDF
588ARC2013-0588Non-Staircase Multi-Family HousesJan PalladoPDF
587ARC2013-0587The Representation of Virtual/Real Architecture and Perspective SpaceMatteo G. RomanatoPDF
586ARC2013-0586The Belly of ArchitectureRenato BocchiPDF
585ART2013-0585The Architectural Analysis of Tabernacle and TemplesBengi Su ErtürkmenPDF
584ART2013-0584The State Theatres in Turkey: Analyses on Valuation and the Management ModelYesim TongaPDF
583ART2013-0583Re-Presenting Architectural Space in Terms of the Literal Existence of Linear Perspective: “Perspectiv-Ated Spaces” in the Case of Middle East Technical University (METU) Faculty of Architecture BuildingBilge Beril KapusuzPDF
582BUS2013-0582Accounting "Gaps": Empirical Evidence from a Case StudyAlessandro GhioPDF
581CIV2013-0581Rheological Properties of Polyethylene-Modified Asphalt BinderKhalid A. Ghuzlan, Ghazi G. Al-Khateeb and Yazeed QasemPDF
580AGR2013-0580Effects of Different Growing Mediums on Nutrient Concentration of Eggplant in Soilless CultureIbrahim Erdal, Hakan Aktas, Zeliha Kucukyumuk, Selda Daler, Özden Özen and Kemal GencerPDF
579ARC2013-0579Education through ArchitectureAndrea Monteiro Vicente and Miguel SantiagoPDF
578CIV2013-0578Comparative Study on Seismic Vulnerability of the Bucharest BuildingsAndrei-Gabriel Bica and Gabriel DanilaPDF
577CIV2013-0577PSI Models for Urban Highway Flexible Pavements in JordanGhazi G. Al-Khateeb and Riyada F. Al-SmadiPDF
576LNG2013-0576Stephen King’s Body Worlds: Language Conventions and Creativity in Depicting the Inner BodyAlexandra NagornayaPDF
575PSY2013-0575Coping Strategies as a Measure of Personal IntegrationEva Sollárová and Tomáš SollárPDF
574MAT2013-0574A Case Study Focusing on the Motivational Factors Affecting Vocational Students in Mathematics LecturesŞule ŞahinPDF
573MAT2013-0573Singular Sublinear Polyharmonic Problems in an Exterior DomainImed BacharPDF
572MAT2013-0572Various Efforts to Improve Motivation to Learn MathematicsMichihiro Sakai and Toshihiko MiyajiPDF
571PHI2013-0571Amendments to the Theory of RecognitionSander WilkensPDF
570PLA2013-0570British and French Urban Policies: Two Different Approaches 1980-2008Inès HassenPDF
569ARC2013-0569Architectural Style and Decoration of the Industrial Buildings from the Late 19th Century and the Early 20th CenturyVeronika KvardováPDF
568ARC2013-0568An Environmentally Conformed Settlement in Salve (Lecce, Italy) a Model of Bioclimatic Approach, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability in the Mediterranean SeaSalvatore Dierna, Fabrizio Tucci, Franco Cipriani, Marco Cimillo, Valeria Cecafosso and Rosanna Maria MorleoPDF
567ARC2013-0567Didactic Evaluation of the Notion of Revelation in a Self-Critical Approach to the Plastic-Conceptual Decision of an Architectural StudentNatasa Drobnjak TouatiPDF
566ARC2013-0566Sustainable Architecture in Rapidly developing Gulf Cities: A Search for IdentityMohamed El Amrousi and Sadeka ShakourPDF
565ARC2013-0565User Participation - An Essential and Practical Way to Flexible HousingShanshan LiPDF
564ARC2013-0564Light as a Metaphor of Dwelling: A Few 20th Century ExamplesVladimir MakoPDF
563ARC2013-0563Development of a Shading Devices Efficiency Verification Method using Software SimulationsEmilio AntoniolPDF
562ARC2013-0562Tourism-Dominated Spaces – The Strategic Potential of Hotel Lobbies Jens Christian PasgaardPDF
561ARC2013-0561Designing Ecological Urban Shapes Water as Conductive WireCaroline LecourtoisPDF
560ARC2013-0560How to Save the Memory – The Case of the Round Tower in VyborgRiitta NiskanenPDF
559ARC2013-0559The Future of a Metropolis - Planning 100 Years Ahead!? Were the Predictions and Considerations of Constantinos Apostolos Doxiadis about the Future of Copenhagen Only Academic?Jan FuglPDF
558ARC2013-0558The Cognitive Methodology of the Porto School: Foundation and Evolution to the Present DayEduardo FernandesPDF
557ARC2013-0557Seismic Vulnerability of Building Heritage in Aggregate, Civita Di Bagnoregio Study CaseGiulia CampaniniPDF
556ARC2013-0556Daylighting inside Glass Box: Responsiveness of Interior Design to External FacadeAshikur Rahman Joarder and Zebun Nasreen AhmedPDF
555ARC2013-0555The Fictional EnvironmentLineu CastelloPDF
554MED2013-0554The Contemporary Communicator: A 21st Century RhetoricianInmaculada Berlanga Fern?ndez and Almudena Gonz?lez del Valle BrenaPDF
553ECO2013-0553A Complicated Formation of Warm Glow GivingYasuhiro NakamotoPDF
552LNG2013-0552‘English Manner of Speaking Verbs and their Italian Translations:
A Cross-linguistic Comparison’
Roberta MastrofiniPDF
551MED2013-0551General Strike through the Social Media Looking Glass: November 14th Strike Coverage by Spanish Mass Media Profiles in FacebookJesús Díaz del Campo and Francisco Segado BojPDF
550ARC2013-0550City Scans. For an Emotional Survey Formula: Walking, Stumbling, Detecting, Drawing, Measuring and MappingMarta MagagniniPDF
549MED2013-0549Intercultural Communication and Modern Media EducationAlevtina A. Kolosova and Natalia V. PoplavskayaPDF
548MAT2013-0548Time Series Trend Analysis of the Singapore Monthly Temperature DataWai Kwong CheangPDF
547SME2013-0547A Model for Proactively Insuring SMEs in the Supply Chain against Cyber RiskRichard HensonPDF
546PSY2013-0546Use of Inter-Observer Reliability Measures for Applied Behaviour Analysis: Two Case StudiesIshhita Gupta, Shefali Thaman and S. P. K. JenaPDF
545PLA2013-0545Technology Based Architectural Potentials in Future Sustainable Concrete InfrastructureJohannes Rauff Greisen, Lars Nyholm Thrane, Thomas Juul Andersen, Ulla Egebjerg and Jens TejsnerPDF
544SOC2013-0544Problems and Perspectives of Accessible Professional Education for Disabled People in RussiaOlga BorodkinaPDF
543PSY2013-0543Measuring Ethnic Attitudes: Tolerance and Social Distance from Cross-cultural PerspectiveNino Javakhishvili, Johann F. Schneider, Ana Makashvili and Natia KochlashviliPDF
542PSY2013-0542Economic Identity and Professional Self-DeterminationNatalya AntonovaPDF
541PSY2013-0541Counterproductive Work Behaviors in Relation to Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy among University StaffMüge Ersoy-Kart, Metin Pişkin, Özgür Güldü and İlkay SavcıPDF
540PSY2013-0540The Family Environment, Satisfaction with Family Life and Identity Crises of Female University StudentsAivis DombrovskisPDF
539POL2013-0539The Regional Repercussions of Turkey-Syria RelationsJülide Karakoç and Fulya DoğruelPDF
538POL2013-0538The 2011 Commission Proposal for a Revision of the Generalised System of Preferences: Articulating Trade, Development and Foreign Policy ObjectivesAnne-Claire MarangoniPDF
537POL2013-0537Family Reunification: The Case of the Muslim Migrant Children in EuropeRita DucaPDF
536PHI2013-0536Moral Explanation in Aristotle's Nichomachean EthicsPritika NehraPDF
535PHI2013-0535On Individual and State in Bentham and Mill's UtilitarianismRafael Lucas de LimaPDF
534PHI2013-0534Scope of Semantic InnocenceJaya RayPDF
533PHI2013-0533Does Epistemic Justification Come in Degrees?M. AlipourPDF
532PHI2013-0532The Token Condition and Consciousness without Self-ConsciousnessSinem Elkatip HatipoğluPDF
531PHI2013-0531Al-Kindi's and W. L. Craig's Cosmological ArgumentsDrago DjuricPDF
530ARC2013-0530Development of Wood-Crete Building Materials from Wood-Waste and Inorganic BinderEboziegbe Patrick Aigbomian and Mizi FanPDF
529SME2013-0529Financial Administration and Small and Medium Enterprises: A Study Conducted in South AfricaThea Visser, Gideon Nieman and Emsi van HeerdenPDF
528COM2013-0528Automatic IP-Address Configuration Converting For Public NetworkPhongphan Danphitsanuphan and Pathompong HirunpongPDF
527PHY2013-0527Multidisciplinary Reactor Safety Studies: Application of First Principles CalculationsBarbara SzpunarPDF
526SOC2013-0526Articulation of Resistance Strategies and Processes of Consent among White Collar Workers in TurkeyAyça YilmazPDF
525ARC2013-0525Hybridized Pedagogies: Architectural Education in MotionAnthony TitusPDF
524LAW2013-0524Technology and Communicative Action Theory – Paths to an Effective DemocracyMiriam Azevedo Hernandez PerezPDF
523SPO2013-0523The Prevention of Ageing in the French Political Agenda: The Role of Sports and Physical ActivitiesCécile Collinet, Pierre-Olaf Schut and Jérémy PierrePDF
522TOU2013-0522Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study of Employee Communication in the Balearic Premium HotelsM. Trias Vilar and M.A. Garcia SastrePDF
521PSY2013-0521Follow-Up Study of a Chronic Pain Patients: A Clinical and Health Psychology ApproachOrsolya Heincz, Zsuzsanna Mirnics, Noémi Császár, NatáliaPataki and Szabolcs BolczárPDF
520PSY2013-0520Development of Emotion Recognition Ability by Focused ObservationTomáš Sollár, Jana Turzáková, Martina Romanová and Andrea SolgajováPDF
519EDU2013-0519Business Students’ Perception of their Critical Thinking Abilities in an Offshore CampusSusan SolimanPDF
518MED2013-0518Business School Students’ Perception of Internet AdvertisingAtılım OnayPDF
516MED2013-0516The Problems of the Minority Media: Sample of the Greek Minority Media in IstanbulMihalis KuyucuPDF
515SOC2013-0515The Formation of Hybrid Identities in an Ethnically and Religiously Diverse SocietyJūlija StarePDF
514ARC2013-0514Montage and Composition. The Conception of Architectural SpaceDomenico Chizzoniti, Letizia Cattani and Gaia PretaPDF
513PSY2013-0513An International Lost Letter Study: Measuring Attitudes Toward Middle-EasternersWilliam Phillips, Afshin Gharib and Matt DavisPDF
512LNG2013-0512Usage of some Non-finite Constructions in Czech and RussianNatalia KlyuevaPDF
511MAT2013-0511Evaluation of the Use of Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Theses and Dissertations of Some Higher Education InstitutionsMaria Aparecida Gouvêa and Leandro Campi PrearoPDF
510SOC2013-0510Attitude of Estonian People to Economic InequityLea KivipõldPDF
509MAT2013-0509Curriculum Independence of Self Assessment: Implications for Mathematics & Statistics EducationBetty McDonaldPDF
508SOC2013-0508Towards a multi-layered construct of identity by the Greek Diaspora, an examination of the films of Nia Vardalos, including My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) and My Life in Ruins (2009). Part 2Mersina Tonys-Soulos (Papantoniou)PDF
507SPO2013-0507Preserving Canada's National Sport: Socio-Cultural and Demographic ChallengesGeorge KarlisPDF
506TOU2013-0506The ‘Road’ Less Travelled: Commemorating those who Lie in Sea GravesPatrick O’Leary and Caroline WinterPDF
505PSY2013-0505Quality of Working Life – What’s Important to you?Katherine Blackford, Andrew Weyman and Elizabeth HellierPDF
504PSY2013-0504Maintenance of Cultural IdentityMaria-Irini Avgoulas and Rebecca FananyPDF
503PSY2013-0503Structure of the Death Obsession Scale among South African University StudentsS Moripe and S MashegoanePDF
502PSY2013-0502The Role of Dispositional Aggressiveness and Organizational Injustice on Deviant Workplace BehaviorSusan M. StewartPDF
501LIT2013-0501Students' Attitudes towards Bilingual Children's Literature in Hebrew and ArabicLea Baratz and Hannah AbuhatziraPDF
500POL2013-0500The Subterranean Politics Blues; Contesting Third Wave Consolidation in Portugal and GreeceChristianna Nichols LeahyPDF
499POL2013-0499The Prohibition of Persecution: A Regime-based Analytical FrameworkDeon GeldenhuysPDF
498POL2013-0498New Approaches to Promote Overseas VotingPaul S. Herrnson, Claire M. Smith, Ho Youn Koh and Michael J. HanmerPDF
497POL2013-0497Democracy v. Capitalism: An Inquiry into the Role of Government in the EconomyDaniel BoylePDF
496POL2013-0496The Return of the Value Added Tax A New Own Resource to Finance the Budget of the European UnionAuke R. LeenPDF
495ART2013-0495(Non)-Discursive Space of the Body: In-between Discipline and PlayAline Veiga Loureiro and Kathleen CoessensPDF
494POL2013-0494Men and Media: Friends or Enemy of Women Parliamentarians? Under-Representation of Women in PoliticsDorota Urszula OpydPDF
493PLA2013-0493Liveable Public Open Spaces According to Users and Professionals: Case Study of Muscat, OmanHanan Aljabri and Harry SmithPDF
492PLA2013-0492Eco-logics: A New Paradigm for the Design of Urban EnvironmentsMark MisturPDF
491PLA2013-0491Fragmentation of Land: Urban Transport PerspectiveEmilio Bravo Grajales and Pedro Lina ManjarrezPDF
490PLA2013-0490Addressing Food, Water, Waste and Energy Locally Yields in Urban Regenerative EnvironmentsEleni KatriniPDF
489CIV2013-0489Digital Roadside Advertising and Traffic SafetyVirginia P. Sisiopiku, Daniel Hester, Albert Gan, Despina Stavrinos and Andrew SullivanPDF
488ENV2013-0488The Significance of Green Open Areas for the Quality of LifeKatarina Ana Lestan, Mojca Golobič, Ivan Eržen and Brabara Goličnik MarušićPDF
487COM2013-0487Seismic Analysis using Cloud Computing (Windows Azure)Mihail MateevPDF
486HSC2013-0486Linking the Academic and Helping Communities into a Best-Practice Community to Improve the Health Outcomes for Isolated FamiliesSandra M. ReillyPDF
485MED2013-0485Competing Narrative Frames to Account for Random Public ShootingsCatherine Ann CollinsPDF
484MED2013-0484The Press, the 2002 Miss World Protests in Nigeria and Counter-discourses of GlobalizationVitalis TorwelPDF
483MED2013-0483Filming the Memory that RemainsJeanne E. ClarkPDF
482PHI2013-0482The Ancients, the Vulgar, and Hume's SkepticismMaria Magoula AdamosPDF
481PHI2013-0481Nous and Phantasia in Aristotle's On the SoulIoannis S. ChristodoulouPDF
480PHI2013-0480Two Dogmas of Reductionism: On the Irreducibility of Self-Consciousness and the Impossibility of NeurophilosophyJoseph ThompsonPDF
479PHI2013-0479Russian Modernism or Mysticism? Vladimir Solovyev as PhilosopherTrina MamoonPDF
478PHI2013-0478Colour Perception and Conceptual ContentsTae-Kyung KimPDF
477BUS2013-0477On the Textual Economy of Brand Equity: Accounting Semiotically for the Difference between Axiology and Linguistic ValueGeorge RossolatosPDF
476MAT2013-0476Some insights about PL(7, 2) codesCatarina Maria Neto da Cruz and Ana Maria Reis d’Azevedo BredaPDF
475MAT2013-0475Connectivity between Various Representations of Sets and the Relations between them among Teachers-Training StudentsAmal Sharif-Rasslan, Fathi Saleh and Elias AbboudPDF
474MAT2013-0474Development of Logical Think among StudentsGohar MarikyanPDF
473MAT2013-0473Linear Algebra in New Environments (LINE) – An AssessmentLaurel Cooley and Draga VidakovicPDF
472MAT2013-0472Bilingual Mathematics Education and Mathematical OlympiadsYouyu PhillipsPDF
471MAT2013-0471Integrating Community Outreach Research and Learning (CORAL) Projects in Teaching Graduate Statistics in the Social SciencesCarla J. ThompsonPDF
470PSY2013-0470Depressive Symptoms and the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Greek Australians: Preliminary Findings from the Mediterranean Islands (MEDIS-Australia) StudyTania Darmos-ThodisPDF
469CBC2013-0469Global Financial Crisis and Women’s Labour in TurkeySenem Çakmak ŞahinPDF
468EDU2013-0468High School Students’ Views of Mathematics as a Tool for Social CritiqueAnastasia BreliasPDF
467MED2013-0467Towards a Sequential, Integrated, Sustainable Organization-Stakeholder Relationship (Sisosr) Model: A Strategic Perspective for Building Stakeholder PartnershipsYolandi SlabbertPDF
466LNG2013-0466Spelling Proficiency of Novel Phonemes in Arabic among Native Hebrew Academic StudentsAlon FragmanPDF
465LNG2013-0465Causality and its Interactions: Culture, Semantics, and Pragmatics in Hobongan and EnglishMarla PerkinsPDF
464EDU2013-0464The Critical Voice of Successful Students in the Strategies of Resolving the High Drop-out Rate in Engineering StudiesDudu MkhizePDF
463EDU2013-0463Effects of Day-Lighting in Schools on Student Performance and Well-BeingErica Cochran, Kristen Magnuson, Nivedita Papi Reddy and Angela KoloskyPDF
462EDU2013-0462Theatre in Education, Democracy and Greek National Celebration PerformancesAspasia SimpsiPDF
461EDU2013-0461Multicultural Education: Suggestions for Implementation and School TransformationAmy M. Williamson and Latasha JonesPDF
460BUS2013-0460Marketing a City Library in the Face of Negative AttitudesSarah Keller, A.J.Otjen and Kim YoungPDF
459BUS2013-0459Booms, Crashes and Early Investment Experiences in a Laboratory ExperimentDimitra Papadovasilaki, Federico Guerrero, Amanda Safford, James Sundali and Gregory R. StonePDF
458BUS2013-0458An Analysis of Accounting Academics’ Awareness of, and Ability to Deliver, Pervasive Qualities and SkillsMonique KeevyPDF
456ARC2013-0456Tectonic Modalities in Baroque Architecture: An Alternative HistoriographyGevork HartoonianPDF
455AGR2013-0455SEBAL Methodology for estimating Crop Evapotranspiration in CyprusG. Papadavid, S. Perdikou, N. Neophytou, M. Hadjimitsis and D. HadjimitsisPDF
454AGR2013-0454Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Escherichia Coli: Farm Trends and Implications for Raw Dairy Products ConsumptionAlvaro GarciaPDF
453ART2013-0453iPads in the Visual and Performing ArtsScott FiskPDF
452ART2013-0452Jekyll and Hyde in the Middle EastKathleen R. DownsPDF
451ART2013-0451Introducing ‘Re-coupling’: The Compositional Appropriation of Instrumental Physicality to disrupt Pattern-based Musical MaterialsMatthew SergeantPDF
450ART2013-0450The Instrument as a Roughened Canvas: Embracing Timbral Indeterminacy in Composition and PerformanceEmma Lloyd and Matthew SergeantPDF
449ART2013-0449Homiletics: The Art of preaching in a Post-modern, Post-Apartheid, Post-colonialism South AfricaMias van JaarsveldPDF
448ART2013-0448Self-Representation in Upper Paleolithic Female Figurines Examined Through Contemporary Applied Studio PracticeLeRoy McDermott and Melanie JohnsonPDF
447ART2013-0447The JUSTICE Project: The Ideology of Social Shifting Through Physical Engagement, Collaboration and Authentic PerformanceDarla Johnson and Nicole WesleyPDF
446ART2013-0446Assessment towards Innovation: Examining Feedback Methods in the Design StudioLisa PhillipsPDF
445ART2013-0445Through Hard Rain: The Most Controversial Battle of WWII and its Representation in the Magazines of the TimeViviana BucarelliPDF
444ART2013-0444Puccini's WomenMichael M. EismanPDF
443SOC2013-0443Comparative Study of the Impact of Social Networking Sites in Two Recent Mass Movements in Egypt and IndiaPrashant Tripathi and Sanjay ChandaniPDF
442MDT2013-0442Women's Strategic Needs in Outdoor Recreational Spaces, the Case of Nablus, PalestineMokarram AbbasPDF
441MED2013-0441Implications of the ‘Arab Spring’ on Turkish Media: Newspapers ColumnsBanu DağtaşPDF
440TOU2013-0440Promoting the Spa Tourism Industry: Focus on Coastal Resorts in KenyaRoselyne N. OkechPDF
439CBC2013-0439Smallest Space Analysis (SSA) of Feelings of Majority and Minority Population Groups in IsraelYaacov B Yablon and Yaacov J KatzPDF
438EDU2013-0438Assessment in Teacher Education: North & South [ATENS]Geraldine Magennis and Tracey ConnollyPDF
437EDU2013-0437Research Design and Methods of a Pilot Study in a Primary School in Athens: How do Teachers Experience and Understand the Current Situation of Socioeconomic Crisis and Rising Xenophobia in Greece?Maria ChalariPDF
436EDU2013-0436Building Trust in E-LearningY. Diana WangPDF
435EDU2013-0435Decision-Making by School Principals and Education Researchers: The Dilemma of Reverse Coding in Structural Equation Modeling and its Resolution in a Study of Risk-Taking in Decision-Making for School PrincipalsKaren TrimmerPDF
434EDU2013-0434Novices Teachers Mentors – What do they contribute to the Intern's professional development in the Bedouin and in the Jewish sectors? Orly MichaelPDF
433EDU2013-0433The Professional Staff – Student Outcomes Framework: Investigating the Contributions of Higher Education Professional Staff to Student OutcomesCarroll GrahamPDF
432EDU2013-0432The Relationship between High School Students' Participation in Sporting Activity and Personality VariablesMiri Shachaf and Yaacov J KatzPDF
431EDU2013-0431Using Technology to Engage Students and Build Learning Communities to Inform Instructional DecisionsCarol Todd, Victoria Anyikwa, Nancy Ryan, Patricia Tobin and Nancy WoodPDF
430MED2013-0430Covert Consolidation? Media Ownership in the U.S.Danilo YanichPDF
429HSC2013-0429Anatomical Votive Reliefs as Evidence for Specialization at Healing Sanctuaries in the Ancient Mediterranean WorldSteven M. OberhelmanPDF
428COM2013-0428The Use of Honeytokens in Database SecurityPenny Ross and Amanda PeartPDF
427COM2013-0427Quality of Service in WiMAX: Real World Aspects of Social & Environmental influences on MobilityAmanda Peart and Mo AddaPDF
426CIV2013-0426Variability Analysis and OC Curves for Assessing Contractor and Agency Risks Associated with Construction Materials AcceptanceDimitrios G. Goulias and Sahand Sasha KarimiPDF
425ENV2013-0425Assessment of Hypoxia and its Relationship with Nutrient Loads and Wind, and Implication to the Chesapeake Bay ManagementPing Wang, Harry Wang and Lewis LinkerPDF
424ARC2013-0424Hidden in Plain Sight: The Plight of the Population of Nthabaseng Village, South AfricaNico Kotze and Gwen MatekaPDF
423SOC2013-0423Sociological Study of the African DiasporaJualynne E. DodsonPDF
422SOC2013-0422Cultural and Social Changes in Education: A Canadian Case StudyRichard D. ChristyPDF
421ARC2013-042110 out of 10 for Scottish School Design? - Providing an accessible, sustainable environment for 21st century educationClaire Hyland, David Grierson, Sue Sadler, and Zeynab AsgariPDF
420ARC2013-0420Environmental Airport Design: Towards a New Design and Urban ApproachAthanasios AthanasopoulosPDF
419ART2013-0419Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the University Arts DepartmentAriel Baron-RobbinsPDF
418PSY2013-0418Sex and Substance Use within a Prohibitionist University SettingHerbert W. Helm Jr. and Duane C. McBridePDF
417PSY2013-0417A Re-reading of the Oedipus Complex in the Light of Ogden’s Re-reading of Loewald’s Reading: Oedipus RevisitedZelda G KnightPDF
416CIV2013-0416Tornado Debris Impact Tests of a New Composite Storm Shelter Room SystemKittinan Dhiradhamvit, Hongyu Zhou and Thomas L. AttardPDF
414TOU2013-0414Post-Event Leverage and Olympic Legacy: A Strategic Framework for the Development of Sport and Cultural Tourism in Post-Olympic AthensVassilios Ziakas and Nikolaos BoukasPDF
413ENV2013-0413Catalytic Activity of Mesoporous SBA-15 modified with Pt and Ti in a Deep Methane, n-hexane and CO OxidationHristo Kolev, Silviay Todorova, Anton Naydenov, Ramona Ene, Georgi Ivanov, Viorica Parvulescu and Georgi KadinovPDF
412SOC2013-0412Patterns of Environmental Culture in EuropeMarco CarradorePDF
411SOC2013-0411Is Transnational Higher Education a Good Way to Reduce Brain Drain? Evidences from AustraliaAntonina LevatinoPDF
410SOC2013-0410Social Attitudes Towards Trafficking in Women in Hong Kong: An Attitudinal ScaleAngie NgPDF
409SOC2013-0409Multiple Nationality and the (Ab) Use of Citizenship: Identity Opportunity and RiskAnna TsalapatanisPDF
408SOC2013-0408Incremental Knowledge: Legitimation of Cooperative Knowledge GenerationShing-Chung Jonathan YamPDF
407EDU2013-0407Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) in Flemish Higher Education. Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Future PracticePieter Spooren and Francis Van LoonPDF
406EDU2013-0406Becoming a Teacher in the United States: Are Attitudes of Incoming Candidates Malleable?Sheryl O’SullivanPDF
405EDU2013-0405A Moving Target: The Problem of Defining Teacher QualityDeborah Zuercher, Jon Yoshioka and Joseph ZillioxPDF
404EDU2013-0404The Relationship Between Students’ Perceptions of the Classroom Assessment Tasks and Academic AchievementHussain Alkharusi, Said Aldhafri, Hilal Alnabhani and Muna AlkalbaniPDF
403MED2013-0403Challenges and Complexities of Media Regulation: A Comparative Study of Media Practices in Emerging DemocraciesUfuoma Akpojivi and Modestus FosuPDF
402MED2013-0402Information or Promotion? Medication Coverage in the Israeli PressAnat Klin and Yovav EshetPDF
401MED2013-0401Influence of the Blogosphere on Media Agenda: The Case of Swiss French Journalists Covering International EventsKatarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, Vittoria Sacco and Yoann SchenkerPDF
400ENV2013-0400Environmental and Health Considerations for Utilization of Treated Wastewater for Agricultural IrrigationNirit BernsteinPDF
399HSC2013-0399Decreasing Prescription Drug Abuse in the Clinical SettingRachel MackPDF
398ENV2013-0398Evaluating the Oversight of Shale Gas Production for Ideas to Manage RisksTerence J. CentnerPDF
397MDT2013-0397A Portuguese Literary View of the Mediterranean Culture(s): Peoples in Dialog under Manuel Teixeira Gomes’ Point of ViewManuel FerroPDF
396ENV2013-0396The Management of Vilnius’ Rainwater Runoff System: Achievements, Problems, ProspectsAlgimantas Vilūnas, Rimantas Kupliauskas and Sigita SvedienėPDF
395EDU2013-0395Happiness Education – Τhe Role of Education in Boosting HappinessIlona SuojanenPDF
394CBC2012-0394Composite Indicators – An Assessment of Development Really Multidimensional?Sandrina B. Moreira and Nuno CrespoPDF
393MED2012-0393Structural Transformation Analysis of Weekday Daytime Programs in Turkish Televisions between 2000-2010 YearsEce Karadoğan Doruk, Murat Güreşçi and Habibe ÖngörenPDF
392MDT2013-0392Competing Constructions of Masculinity in Ancient GreeceScott RubarthPDF
391MDT2013-0391A Pagan and Christian interpretation of the 387 Riot of the StatuesJustin StephensPDF
390MDT2013-0390Scottish Literature in the South Eastern Balkans and Alexandria: 1863-69 the Poems of Ossian by James MacphersonKathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
389MDT2013-0389Communication Methods of Sexual Education at Albanian SchoolsDorina Zenelaj and Dritan ShorajPDF
388MDT2013-0388“Her Husband Went Overseas”: The Legal and Social Status of Abandoned Jewish Women in Medieval Provence and LanguedocNadezda KoryakinaPDF
387MDT2013-0387Bad Latins: Fascist Italy’s Visual Representations of FrancePeter Andrew NovickPDF
386MDT2013-0386Cultural Assimilation Shown in the Concepts of Justice. Labor. War in the Ancient Greek Epics and the Old Testament. - Centering the Hesiod' Works and Days -Jayoung ChePDF
385MDT2013-0385Uyghur Turkic Women and Cultural Change: Young Moslem Women Face the FutureDavid MakofskyPDF
384MDT2013-0384The Private landed Property and Servile Labour in Hellenistic CreteAdam PałuchowskiPDF
383MDT2013-0383Deconstructing the Discourse of Models: The 'Battle of Ideas' over the Post-Revolutionary Middle EastOğuzhan GökselPDF
382MDT2013-0382Estimating Money Demand Function by a Smooth Transition Regression Model: An Evidence for TurkeyAfsin SahinPDF
381MDT2013-0381New Modalities of Category ManagementMilan Gasovic and Darko VaselicPDF
380CBC2012-0380Welfare States at Hard TimesAngela BesanaPDF
379CBC2012-0379Investigation of Relations between Investment to Technologies and Economical Development of a CountryRuta Adlyte and Loreta ValancienePDF
378LAW2012-0378Witches and the Law in the 21st CenturyCelia RumannPDF
377SME2012-0377A Sectoral Hierarchical Clustering Analysis of Smes in Turkey with Respect to General Support ProgramsAli Kemal Çelik, Emrah Talaş and Ahmet İlker AkbabaPDF
376ECO2012-0376Antitrust and Development: Reassessing the Role of Competition Policy in Economic GrowthRadu Cristian Mușetescu and Octavian Dragomir JoraPDF
375TOU2012-0375Recognition of Sport Tourism Capacities in Loresan Province of IranJamshid Hemmati and Sedigheh EslamiPDF
374MED2012-0374Greek Image in the Turkish Printed MediaGüven Büyükbaykal and Murat MengüPDF
373MED2012-0373Sakura Trees and Ottoman Gardens: Two Cultures in One PlaceArzu Toğuşlu Kizbaz and Murat GüreşçiPDF
372MED2012-0372Work in Progress - Designing Dis(Ease)Ability with Apps Aiming at Communicative Autonomy with People with DisabilitiesRaffaella Conversano, Gaetano Manzulli and Maurizio BinacchiPDF
371MED2012-0371Film Censorship during the Portuguese Dictatorship (1926-1974)Leonor ArealPDF
370SOC2012-0370Western Immigrants Opening Western Restaurants in Taiwan: Beyond Ethnic EconomyRueyling TzengPDF
369SOC2012-0369Modern Military IdentityDini Dewi HeniartiPDF
368POL2012-0368An Essay on the Relation between Democracy and the Modern State: The Case of TurkeyFatih Duman and İsmail SeyrekPDF
367POL2012-0367U.S. Policy in the Middle East Faces the Arab Spring: Is U.S. Influence Waning?Maria do Céu PintoPDF
366ENV2012-0366Mercury Contamination in Pelagic Fishes of the Gulf of MexicoLigita Kuklyte and Gilbert T. RowePDF
365ENV2012-0365Influence of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Vehicle Transport Sector of New ZealandJonathan D. Leaver and Luke H. T. LeaverPDF
364LAW2012-0364Indigenous Corporate Governance in Australia and BeyondMarina NehmePDF
363LAW2012-0363Arab Spring to American Winter: The Need to Embrace “Structured Spontaneous Disorder” in 21st Century Social RebellionMichael P. O’ConnorPDF
362LAW2012-0362Inchoate Offences in Cyberspace – A Moveable Feast or the End of Harm?Maureen C. JohnsonPDF
361LAW2012-0361The Construction of Precontractual Liability as a Link between Social Contact and Objective Good Faith in the Brazilian Legal SystemChristian Sahb Batista Lopes and Luciana Helena GonçalvesPDF
360LAW2012-0360Technology and Assessment in the Legal Classroom: An Empirical StudyFernando Colon-NavarroPDF
359LAW2012-0359Citizenship as a Primary Legal Aspect of Self-Identity (Or Just Self-Labeling)?Iryna SofinskaPDF
358EDU2012-0358Computer-mediated Communication as Input for Polish Teenage Learners of EnglishAleksandra WachPDF
357EDU2012-0357Lessons Learned: A Longitudinal Case Study of Transnational Distance EducationDeborah Zuercher and Jon YoshiokaPDF
356EDU2012-0356Do Schools Make a Difference: A Two Year Study of High School Effects and First Year College SuccessWade Smith, Jason Droddy, A.J. Guarino and Esenc M. BalamPDF
355PSY2012-0355Self-concept and Depression Levels of Students with Dyslexia in SingaporeHuiyi Eve Tam and Russell HawkinsPDF
354SME2012-0354Marketing Activity of the Hungarian SMEs Working in the Food Processing IndustryZsolt Polereczki and Zoltán SzakályPDF
353SME2012-0353Forecasting of Small Business Development in the Russian Regions on The Basis of Simulation ModelsEvgeny VostokovPDF
352SME2012-0352Access to Competitive Strategy, Medium-Sized Enterprise in the Dairy Sector in the Slovak RepublicMichal Pružinský and Richard KerekešPDF
351SME2012-0351Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in African Economies: The Case of NigeriaAdebimpe LincolnPDF
350HEA2012-0350Poverty vs. Health of WomenSeda KocabacakPDF
349HEA2012-0349The Relationship among Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Stress and Intention of Leaving the Job of Health PersonnelEce Ugurluoglu Aldogan, Ozgur Ugurluoglu, Pinar Doganay Payziner and Yonca OzatkanPDF
348HEA2012-0348Contracting Out in Hospitals: Evaluation of Hospital ManagersCagdas Erkan Akyurek and Sukru Anil ToygarPDF
347AGR2012-0347Feasibility of Biological Control of the Hawkweeds Hieracium Pilosella and H. Patagonicum with the Cecidomyiid Macrolabis Pilosellae in the XII Region of ChileJ. Sallés, A. Undurraga, T. Cortés and J.E.Araya
346AGR2012-0346In Vitro Rooting of Apple MM106 (Malus domestica Borkh.) and Pear (Pyrus calleryana) RootstocksMosleh M. S. Salih Duhoky, Mobasher S. Omar and Sua’ad A.H. YaseenPDF
345AGR2012-0345Assessment of Organic Fertilizer Use in Cagayan ValleyMila T.Benabise and Hermana K.BancilesPDF
344AGR2012-0344Evaluation of the Artificial Vision System to Diagnose Potassium Status in Maize PlantsLiliane Maria Romualdo, Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira Luz, Fernanda de Fátima da Silva, Mário Antonio Marin, Valdo Rodrigues Herling, Odemir Martinez Bruno and Alvaro Gómez ZúñigaPDF
343AGR2012-0343Measuring Irrigation Water Use Efficiency in the Oldman River Basin, Alberta, CanadaK. K. Klein, Robert Bewer, Md. Kamar Ali and Suren N. KulshreshthaPDF
342AGR2012-0342Guidelines for Integrating Sustainable Creative Tourism toward Collaboration of ASEAN Economic Community: A Case Study of Southern Coastal Subcorridor from Thailand to Kingdom of Cambodia and Socialist Republic of VietnamPaiboon Archarungroj, Supada Sirikudta and Varintra SirisuthikulPDF
341AGR2012-0341Training Needs Assessment of Mid-Career Agricultural Extension Officers: Evidences from Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE) Intervention in North-East NigeriaM. R. Ja’afar-Furo, J. S. Neils, D. I. Mojaba, A. Sulaiman and J. D. ShallPDF
340BUS2012-0340The Effect of Market-Orientation Culture on Business Economic Performance in Insurance Industry (Public Sector)Hamidreza Alipour, maryam ordokhani and Sanaz GhavidelPDF
339BUS2012-0339An Analysis of the Effects of External Shocks on Macroeconomic Fluctuations in ChinaLei Lianghai, Wu Fengyu and Huang ShanPDF
338BUS2012-0338Actors of Corporate E-Reputation: The Case of EmployeesC?line Fueyo, Jean-Marc Decaudin and Jacques DigoutPDF
337BUS2012-0337Brand Communities and Anti-Brand Communities: Similarities, Differences and Implications for PractitionersLaurence Dessart, Cleopatra Veloutsou and Anna Morgan-ThomasPDF
336BUS2012-0336The Foregrounding of Re-Branding in the Struggle for Survival: How One TSO has Responded to Austerity Measures in the UKBerrisford Lewis and Martin HaleyPDF
335BUS2012-0335A Strategic Thinking and Systems Analysis of Socially Responsible Business Models in the Telecommunications IndustryWen-Yun Li, Min-Ren Yan and Ya-Ying LiuPDF
334BUS2012-0334Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Entrepreneurial Activity: The Case of ChinaLi Shen and Peter KoveosPDF
333BUS2012-0333The Moderating Role of Self Efficacy on the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Entrepreneurial BehaviorsHakan Dilek, Ömer Turunç, İrfan Akkoç and Abdullah ÇalışkanPDF
332SPO2012-0332The Governance of the Football Sector in Italy. A Conceptual Framework for Overcoming Some PathologiesSalvatore Cincimino and Salvatore TomaselliPDF
331SPO2012-0331The Effect of Cooperative Learning and Traditional Exercise Method Used in Physical Education and Sports upon Social Skills of the StudentsZ. Bahadır and A.PulurPDF
330SPO2012-0330Outsourcing and Vertical Integration: FIFA's Strategy of Promoting the World Cup Broadcasting RightsJan Pieper and Erwin VerbeekPDF
329ECO2012-0329Assessing Health Claims in Canada and Around the WorldStavroula Malla, Jill Hobbs and Eric Kofi SogahPDF
328ECO2012-0328Fulfilling strengthened Stability and Growth Pact in the EU CountriesIwona Wojciechowska –TorunskaPDF
327ECO2012-0327Urban Economic Growth in Europe – Before and After the EU Enlargements of 2004/2007Uwe Neumann, Rüdiger Budde and Christoph EhlertPDF
326ECO2012-0326Long-Term Relationship between Misery Index and Stock Market: The Colombian CaseJulio César Alonso and Luis Eduardo JaramilloPDF
325ECO2012-0325The Piracy Phenomenon: Creation, Protection, DisseminationAnna Maria BagnascoPDF
324ECO2012-0324Sound and Unsound Public Policies Addressed to the Crisis of Modern Financial SystemsCristian Paun and Vladimir TopanPDF
323ECO2012-0323Industrial Policy on the Threshold of the XXI Century: Necessity and Comparative AspectAlla A. KirillovskayaPDF
322ECO2012-0322Economic Performance and Stock Market Activity in MexicoRamon A. Castillo-Ponce, Edgar David Gaytán-Alfaro and Maria de Lourdes Rodríguez-EspinosaPDF
321ECO2012-0321Political Factor Influence on Regional Development in Latvia: Political Business Cycle AnalysisIeva BrauksaPDF
320ECO2012-0320Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa and Import Substitution PolicyAna Paula Fontainhas Mendes, Mario Augusto Bertella and Rudolph TeixeiraPDF
319HIS2012-0319Dragons and Breastmilk: Reading Perpetua's Passion in the 21st CenturyAnnette Kleinkauf MorrowPDF
318HIS2012-0318Roman Catholic Theological Education in Russia. Case of Roman Catholic Academy of St. Petersburg (1842-1918)Irena WodzianowskaPDF
317HIS2012-0317The Clash of the Civilizations, or with the Civilization?Andrzej RozwałkaPDF
316HIS2012-0316Greco-Cypriot Relations in 1960-1974 in the Light of American Diplomatic Documentsİlksoy AslımPDF
315HIS2012-0315Proskynēsis and Kiss at Alexander’s CourtChiara MataresePDF
314HIS2012-0314The Transylvanian Relations with the Cossacks During the Second Northern War (1655-1660)Ciprian RadPDF
313HIS2012-0313Ancient Greek Poets as TeachersŞtefania VoicuPDF
312HIS2012-0312The Suffering of Orthodox Clergy in Romania during the Communist DictatorshipSergiu-Grigore PopescuPDF
311HIS2012-0311Maxim Grec (Maksim Grek) – The Preservation of (canonical) Christian TraditionNeža ZajcPDF
310HIS2012-0310Prince Michael the Brave in the History of the RomaniansGelu CălinaPDF
309HIS2012-0309“A Profoundly Gendered Experience at Almost Every Level”: The Reactions of Boer and British Women to the Gendered Character of the South African WarCharl BlignautPDF
308HIS2012-0308Border Fury! The Muslim campaigning tactics in Asia Minor through the writings of the Byzantine military treatise Περί παραδρομής του κυρού Νικηφόρου του βασιλέωςGeorgios TheotokisPDF
307HIS2012-0307The Power of the Word in Early Modern Greek Medical TextsSteven M. OberhelmanPDF
306LIT2012-0306Esp Course EvaluationGul Eksi and Meral Uzun BalciPDF
305LIT2012-0305Margaret Drabble's Affair with the Past in the Witch of Exmoor, the Peppered Moth and the Seven SistersMarta LupaPDF
304LIT2012-0304Literature; A Bridge to IdentityParastoo SalavatiPDF
303LIT2012-0303Development of the Language Use Inventory: An Assessment for Pragmatic Skills in PortuguesCristiana Guimarães, Anabela Santos and Leandro AlmeidaPDF
302LIT2012-0302Words-for-World: Language, Hermeneutics and the CosmosRuhtan YalçınerPDF
301LIT2012-0301Perspectives of In-service and Pre-service Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) toward the Teaching of Grammar: Focus on Form vs. Focus on FormSAna Paula de Araujo CunhaPDF
299LIT2012-0299Acquisition of Gender in Russian as L3 by Native Speakers of TurkishElena Antonova Unlu and Anna LozovskaPDF
298LIT2012-0298Mocking Epic and Tragic Patterns in Apollonius of Rhodes’ ArgonauticaMaria-Luiza Dumitru OanceaPDF
297LIT2012-0297Capacitating Community Newspapers: Effective English Language Techniques in the Training of Journalism Students at Walter Sisulu University – South AfricaAdele Moodly, Aniela Batschari and Keshina FishPDF
296LIT2012-0296Phonological Awareness in Two Transparent Languages: The Impact of Turkish Phonological Awareness on the Development of Greek Phonological AwarenessHelen Kyratji and Chryso PelekaniPDF
295LIT2012-0295The Impact of Awareness of Vocabulary Learning Strategies on Reading Comprehension among Pre-intermediate EFL LearnersBahman Gorjian, Abdolmajid Hayati and Farokh Lagha HeydariPDF
294LIT2012-0294A Tale of Expectations and Perceptions: A Case Study of Non-Native English Speaking Students in Masters Level TESOL ProgramBeidi LiPDF
293LIT2012-0293‘A Society’: An Aristophanic Comedy by Virginia WoolfLucía P. Romero MariscalPDF
292LIT2012-0292Indirect Modification in Situ: Non-Movement Analysis of Adjective OrderingYurie OkamiPDF
291LIT2012-0291Narrative Journalism in America and RussiaSvetlana BozrikovaPDF
290LIT2012-0290Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990: Inconsistency and HomographsFrancisco Miguel ValadaPDF
289LIT2012-0289Towards A Hermeneutic Pragmatics of Fictional CommunicationTahir WoodPDF
288LIT2012-0288Imperfect Blending for Intended Readers’s Mental Spaces: A Cognitive Approach to ReceptionElena Domínguez RomeroPDF
287LIT2012-0287A Literary/Creative Blog as a Active Tool to Teach LiteratureNatalia Gómez, Emily Fairless, Penney Johnson and Christine SauerPDF
286LIT2012-0286From the Myth of Translation to the Task of the Translator: A Multimedia Application for Translation Teaching and LearningGrace FangPDF
285LIT2012-0285Literature and the Effectiveness of EFL Students’ Writing and ThinkingPrapaipan AimchooPDF
284LIT2012-0284Poetry of F. Hölderlin in M. Heidegger’s visionAlena Apaeva YurievnaPDF
283LIT2012-0283Humiliation and Social Negotiation: A Study of Pride and PrejudiceTruska Muhamad AlaadinPDF
282LIT2012-0282English Learning Generators: Neurolinguistic Programming and Learning Styles in Foreign Language AcquisitionEva Zanuy PascualPDF
281LIT2012-0281Identifying and Classifying The Readability Levels of Turkish TextsGökhan Çetinkaya and Gülsün Leyla UzunPDF
280LIT2012-0280Comparison between Seven Stages of Mithraism and Seven Stages of Iranian Theosophy in Persian PoemsLatifeh Salamat BavilPDF
279LIT2012-0279Digital Portfolio. Improving Portfolio in High Education LevelsPedro Jesús Molina MuñozPDF
278LIT2012-0278The Motifs of Blindness and Invisibility within the Influence of Postwar Existentialism as Reflected in Invisible Man by Ralph EllisonYildiray CevikPDF
277LIT2012-0277Epistemological Holism and Meaning HolismAihua Wang and Binzizi DongPDF
276HIS2012-0276Organized Collective Violence in Twelfth and Thirteenth Century Tuscan Countryside: Some Case Studies from Central and North Eastern TuscanyTommaso CasiniPDF
275ECO2012-0275The Process Approach to Economic Systems Interaction ModelingVictor Lankin, George Kleiner and Diana ArutunovaPDF
274FIT2012-0274Recovery Ratio from Autonomic Orienting Response as Predictor of High Performance in CricketSoumendra Saha, Srilekha Saha, Debashis Chowdhury, Nazmul Abedeen Fahim, Mohammed Salah Uddin and Abu Sama BiplobPDF
273FIT2012-0273Impact of Accuracy in Anticipation on Decomposition of Autonomic Tonic and Phasic Responses as Predictor of Performance Excellence in Malaysian SwimmersSrilekha Saha, Soumendra Saha, Olexandr Krasilshchikov and Mohd. Saat IsmailPDF
272HEA2012-0272The Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviors of Adults towards Alternative Medicine: A Study in TurkeyDilaver Tengilimoğlu and Alper GüzelPDF
271HEA2012-0271Determining the Levels of Communication Skills of Faculty of Health Sciences StudentsTürkan Yıldırım, Bayram Göktaş and İ. H. CankulPDF
270LIT2012-0270“Pinkwomansmelling” and “Womanpinksmelling” Tell the Old Verities of the Heart. A Relevance-theoretic Approach to Faulkner’s CompoundsBaya BensalahPDF
269LIT2012-0269From Hesiod to Manuel de Galhegos: The Theogony vs. the GigantomachyManuel FerroPDF
268FIT2012-0268Physical Independence: Examining Older Adults’ Perceptions of Physical LimitationsAlicia T. Bryan, J. Matthew Green, Sheila Black and Phillip BishopPDF
267LIT2012-0267T.S Eliot's Mission of Salvation through MythsHe JiangshengPDF
266SME2012-0266Brain Drain and the Implications for Greek SMEs: An Untapped Repository of Talent or a Bleak Picture?Vlasios SarantinosPDF
265BUS2012-0265Effect of Some Impediments on Investment in Health Marketing in LibyaEl Sadig Abdelhakim SaadPDF
264BUS2012-0264Market, Hierarchy, and Network: Three Coordination Mechanisms in China’s Rural FirmsXun (George) Wang and Shanhe JiangPDF
263AGR2012-0263An Update of STIFDB Database: Insight into Additional Plant Stress–Responsive Genes and Stress-Specific Transcription FactorsMahantesha Naika, Khader Shameer, Oommen Mathew, Ramanjini Gowda and R. SowdhaminiPDF
262SPO2012-0262Investigating Competitive Intelligence Systems of Professional Football Clubs in Turkeyİskender VarolPDF
261COM2012-0261A Partitioned Stochastic Search Algorithm: Application to Multi-unit Winner Determination Problem in Combinatorial AuctionRaj Jog Singh, Anup Kumar Sen and Uttam Kumar SarkarPDF
260HEA2012-0260A Private Hospital Example for the Analysis of Unit Costs in Hospital EnterprisesAliye Asli Sonsuz and İsmail AgirbasPDF
259LIT2012-0259A List of Persian Mythical WomenSeyedeh Saideh SanjariPDF
258MAT2012-0258Discrete and Continual Energy-Momentum Tensor Distributions in Cylindrical Potential WellElena EvtimovaPDF
257ECO2012-0257Job Satisfaction Determinants of Tertiary-Educated Employees in European CountriesAlexander TarvidPDF
256ART2012-0256The Virtual Theater of Belief and Events: On Remnants of Beings in Yao, Jui-Chung’s Photographic Collection, Beyond HumanityEmily Shu-hui TsaiPDF
255ART2012-0255The Breadth of the Source-Code Becomes the Brush of the ArtistTerry TrickettPDF
254LIT2012-0254Patronage and Translation: A Case StudyLiping BaiPDF
253POL2012-0253Genetically Modified Food Global Governance – Theoretical ApproachMonika A. SzkarłatPDF
252CON2012-0252Optimisation of Infrastructure Systems for MelbourneKoorosh Gharehbaghi and Vincent RasoPDF
251ECO2012-0251Study on Workload of Public Health Nurses and Other Women Health Workers in IndiaSrinivasan Kannan and P.Sankara SarmaPDF
250POL2012-0250Masculinity and Religion in Southern BrazilEzequiel de SouzaPDF
249POL2012-0249Hannah Arendt, Political Judgement and Reconciliation in the Wake of an Abyss of Violence and InjusticeMaša MrovljePDF
248CON2012-0248Can Sustainable Housing Construction be Affordable?Kathryn RobsonPDF
247PSY2012-0247Experience and Self-Efficacy with Information Retrieval on the Web: Research Development Still Needed beyond the West Starting in ChinaCarole RodonPDF
246POL2012-0246The Ecumenical Constitution of Liberation Theology and its Reflections in the Construction of Human Rights in BrazilHelio Aparecido TeixeiraPDF
245MAT2012-0245Using Analogies in Geometrical LessonsWolfram EidPDF
244MAT2012-0244Mathematical Reality and Modelling – New Problems for Mathematical Classes and Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary SchoolHerbert Henning and Benjamin JohnPDF
243TOU2012-0243The Relationships between Perceived Value and Attitudinal Loyalty when Implementing a Client-Focused Philosophy in Travel AgenciesMaría Guijarro, Myriam Martí and Ruth FernándezPDF
242LIT2012-0242My Words + Your Words = Our World@Literature.globalGraciela BoruszkoPDF
241BUS2012-0241Developing Corporate Strategies to Successfully Conduct Business in an Uncertain EurozoneNorm BedfordPDF
240LIT2012-0240The Perspectives of Efl Learners on the Video Use in Language ClassroomsBurak Tomak & Dr. Gizem Verda FuruzanPDF
239LIT2012-0239Plato and Liberal EducationMaia ShukhoshviliPDF
238AGR2012-0238Storagability of Mango Fruits Improvement by Some Natural Preharvest ApplicationsThanaa M. Ezz, M. A. Aly and Rehab M. AwadPDF
237TOU2012-0237Adventure Tourism Activities Undertaken by International Tourists in Costa Rica: Socio-demographic and Travel IndicatorsDaniel Villalobos-Céspedes, Alfredo Tolón-Becerra and Emilio Galdeano-GómezPDF
236LAW2012-0236Governing Foolishness: A Comparative Analysis of Executive Compensation RulesMichael P. MalloyPDF
235LIT2012-0235The Massacre at Paris: Between English and French PerspectivesAbdulaziz Al-MutawaPDF
234LIT2012-0234Rhetoric of L. Sterne’s “A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy”Liudmila SalievaPDF
233CON2012-0233Academic Development and Sustainability Education within Higher Education: Case Studies of PracticeSarah Holdsworth and Ian ThomasPDF
232LIT2012-0232Impossible Balance: Textual Instability in The Handmaid's TaleYunling YuPDF
231BUS2012-0231Self-Employment as a Form of BusinessAlona IrmejaPDF
230LIT2012-0230Learning Strategies: Perceptual Styles and Brain HemisphericityIbrahim SabatinPDF
229MAT2012-0229Variance Estimation for Complex Survey DesignsRaghunath ArnabPDF
228EDU2012-0228The Language of Advertising and it's Portrayal of Older WomenTizreena IsmailPDF
227POL2012-0227The Evolution of the Senegalese Social Contract: Religious Leaders in PoliticsSébastiano D’Angelo PDF
226AGR2012-0226Fatty Acid Composıtıons of Seeds of Some Grape Cultıvar (Vitis vinifera L.) Grown in TurkeyAkin Aydin and Citil Ozcan BarisPDF
225FIT2012-0225Preliminary Research of Kinetic and Time Characteristics of GaitPavel Korvas, Martin Sebera, Radek Musil, Kateřina Kolářová, Jindřich Pavlík and Jan DošlaPDF
224BUS2012-0224A Risk Management Decision Model for Energy Service Companies by Using Real OptionsAhmet Can KutluPDF
223LIT2012-0223Analysis of Communication Strategies in EFL ContextHuei-Chun TengPDF
222SPO2012-0222Study of the Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Demographic Characteristics of Iran Sport Boards ManagersLoghman Keshavarz and Hamid BarazadehPDF
221LIT2012-0221Advanced Research Projects in the Humanities: New Trends on Literature, Languages & Linguistics StudiesCarlos CeiaPDF
220LIT2012-0220For Type A Syllabi: A Connectionist, Emergentist ViewSiamak MazloomiPDF
219ART2012-0219Roberto Rossellini's Compassion as Social EvaluationSimonetta Milli KonewkoPDF
218BUS2012-0218An Evaluation of Critical Project Management Disciplines for Improving Healthcare & Medical Services—The Perspective from Hospital PersonnelYin-Hsia Lo, Min-Ren Yan and Pin-Ru ChenPDF
217LIT2012-0217Cross-Cultural Poetry-Projects in a Japanese University EFL SettingWilliam Collins and James BrigantiPDF
216ART2012-0216The Body in John Cassavete's Filmmaking and its Consideration for the PerformanceRodrigo Desider FischerPDF
215BUS2012-0215The Effect of Internal Marketing on the Performance of Employee and the Mediating Role of Organizational CommitmentNeşe Acar, Mustafa Şeker, Ali Bayram and Tuncay Acar PDF
214FIT2012-0214How Can Future Talents of 8-14 Years Old be Identified in Different Sports’ DisciplinesF. Kovaçi, Dh. Skënderi, E. Kodra and A. BendoPDF
213ART2012-0213Google Street View; A Way to Contemporary Art MakingAnastasia Zoi SouliotouPDF
212LIT2012-0212Language Educational Policy in Mauritius: Nationalistic v/s Nationistic ChoiceYesha Devi Mahadeo DoorgakantPDF
211ART2012-0211Think Wrong: Ideational Strategies for a Wired WorldLouis BakerPDF
210PHI2012-0210The Identity, the Integration in Our Global Era. Education by the Intercultural CommunicationAgim LekaPDF
209ART2012-0209The Use of Karagoz Shadow Theatre as a Way of Teaching Traditional Turkish Theatre in Performing Arts TrainingErol IpekliPDF
208PHI2012-0208Hume’s Bundle Theory of the SelfAndrew WardPDF
207PHI2012-0207'Typhon was Vanquished but not Annihilated': The Metaphysics of Evil in Plutarch's De Iside et OsirideIvan FaiferriPDF
206LIT2012-0206Of Mice and Men and Other Irregular Plural FormsEugen Zaretsky, Benjamin P. Lange, Harald A. Euler and Katrin NeumannPDF
205ART2012-0205Actual Connections in a Virtual World: Social Capital of Eric Whitacre’s Virtual ChoirMark KonewkoPDF
204ART2012-0204Imitation, Inversion, and Identity in Kimiko Yoshida's New Photographic SeriesCynthia BlandPDF
203SPO2012-0203Contract Duration and Football Player Performance: The Empirical Evidence of Serie AGiambattista RossiPDF
202LIT2012-0202Hayy Ibn Yaqzan and Robinson Crusoe, Re-Reading Two Classic Survival NarrativesNabila MarzoukPDF
201ART2012-0201Transcending MortalityHuiting PanPDF
200POL2012-0200A Province for the Chaldo-Assyrians in Iraq: A Realist PerceptionShak HanishPDF
199ART2012-0199The Austrian Artist Maria Biljan-Bilger (1912-1997). On the 100th Anniversary of her Birth, 21st January 1912Alice ReiningerPDF
198PHI2012-0198Kant's Treatment of the Modality of Judgments (An examination of Lovejoy's Critique of Kant)Dipanwita ChakrabartiPDF
197PHI2012-0197Genuine Biological Autonomy: How can the Spooky Finger of Mind play on the Physical Keyboard of the Brain?Attila GrandpierrePDF
196PHI2012-0196The Role of Mimesis in Aristotle's Poetics: A Fundamental Cognitive SystemMariagrazia GranatellaPDF
195PHI2012-0195The Segregation of Applied Arts from Fine Arts and the Status of FashionM. Mirahan-Zedan PDF
194PSY2012-0194Quality of Learning in Higher Education: Students’ Conceptions of Learning as a Critical AspectMaria Luísa Grácio, Maria Elisa Chaleta and Glória RamalhoPDF
193BUS2012-0193Preparing Thai Private Universities for ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015Busaya VongchavalitkulPDF
192EDU2012-0192Arabic Communication Culture in the Context of CRMMoza Mohammed Ali Al-ShihiPDF
191PHI2012-0191Antichristian Christlichkeit and Athleticism in Nietzsche's Philosophy of LifeJoachim L. OberstPDF
190MAT2012-0190Muldowney Type Asymptotic Behaviors in the Study of Evolution EquationsCodruta StoicaPDF
189FIT2012-0189Sport and Society in the Czech RepublicAleš SekotPDF
188PHI2012-0188Expression and Authority. Reflections on the First Person Perspective in Wittgenstein, Zahavi and MoranIlaria RestoPDF
187ART2012-0187Teaching Dance as a Means of Intercultural Reconciliation: Devising HarambeMasedi Godfrey ManenyePDF
186PHI2012-0186A Concept of Images of HumansMichael ZichyPDF
185PHI2012-0185Revisiting the Radical Communitarian Defense of LibertyJ.O. FamakinwaPDF
184PSY2012-0184The Role of Self-Regulation in Moral Self-Determination of the Young PeopleAnastasia E. Vorobieva and Alla B. KupreychenkoPDF
183BUS2012-0183Towards a New Communication Framework for the Management of Email Selection and Usage – A Literature ReviewBenjamin SilverstonePDF
182CON2012-0182Integrating Sustainable Key Performance Indicators in Construction Company and Project SuccessZeynep Işik, Hande Aladağ and Durmuş AkkayaPDF
181AGR2012-0181Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) Germplasm for Non-burn Seed ProductionW.J. Johnston, R.C. Johnson, C.T. Golob, K.L. Dodson, D.A. Silbernagel and G.K. StahnkePDF
180PHI2012-0180Kant and the Categorical ImperativeWilliam O’Meara PDF
179ART2012-0179Playing Right – from the End. Basics and Application of Retro Sequential Practice (RSP)Frank LiebscherPDF
178MAT2012-0178Two Stones Kill One BirdGuanshen RenPDF
177FIT2012-0177Postural Control Deficit in Acute QTF Grade II Whiplash InjuriesChristoph Dehner and Michael KramerPDF
176MAT2012-0176Staging of Mathematical EducationAlexsey Kanel-Belov and Roman YavichPDF
175PHI2012-0175Is Perception Representational? Tyler Burge on Perceptual FunctionsBernardo AguileraPDF
174PHI2012-0174Retrieving Plato: The Dialogical Method in Nussbaum and Williams' ReadingsElisa RavasioPDF
173ART2012-0173Virtual Reconsecration of the Levelled ChurchyardDiony KypraiouPDF
172ART2012-0172Etheatre Project: The Director as ResearcherChristina PapagiannouliPDF
171BUS2012-0171The Effects of the Haptic Perception of Packaging Texture in Product PerceptionsBruno Ferreira and Sonia CapelliPDF
170BUS2012-0170A Study of the Problems in the Operation of Bureaucratic Structure in Turkish Public Administration and how to Overcome theseEmre AkcagunduzPDF
169CON2012-0169Non-Destructive Electrical Methods to Determine the Quality of ConcreteS. Das, W. Clements and G. RajuPDF
168ENV2012-0168Nanotechnology Safety Assessment: A Methodology Proposal for Environmental EvaluationKatia Regina Evaristo de Jesus, Odílio B.G. Assis, Vera Lúcia S. S. de Castro, Karen Cristina Massini and Carolina de Castro BuenoPDF
167COM2012-0167Distributed On-line Safety Monitor Based on Assessment Model and Multi-agent SystemAmer Dheedan, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Darryl DavisPDF
166HEA2012-0166Supporting Seniors at Home Through Integrated Health Care: Canada and France ComparedDouglas Angus, Corinne Grenier, Michèle St-Pierre, François Gambarelli and Alejandra DuboisPDF
165EDU2012-0165World View (Weltanshauung) in Vocational Education in LatviaInese AugskalnePDF
164MED2012-0164Funding Sources of Media in Catalan, Basque and Galician Languages: In Search of SustainabilityIñaki Zabaleta, Arantza Gutierrez, Carme Ferré Pavia, Itxaso Fernandez, Nicolás Xamardo and Santi UrrutiaPDF
163MED2012-0163College Students’ Use of Social Media: Site Preferences, Uses and Gratifications Theory RevisitedBellarmine EzumahPDF
162COM2012-0162Protection Piracy on Embedded SystemJosé Ivo Fernandes de Oliveira PDF
161EDU2012-0161Employer’s and Teacher Cooperation in Development of Vocational Education Programs Content in Latvian Republic Vocationan Education System:
Description of the Situation
Anita ZaļaiskalnePDF
160EDU2012-0160Pre-Service Teachers Undertaking Classroom Research: Developing Reflection and Enquiry SkillsJane Medwel and David WrayPDF
159EDU2012-0159Using Action Research for Verification that Technology Impacts Student AchievementJoel Levine and Gladys AromePDF
158POL2012-0158Conflict Prevention through Unresolved Dispute or How Pending Joint Gas Development Initiative Contributed to the Regime Building and Peace in the East China SeaVida MacikenaitePDF
157MED2012-0157Audiobooks: The Past Meets the Future in a Hybrid MediumLucy BednarPDF
156EDU2012-0156Knowledge-management and Study Process of Medical CollegeJuris FirstsPDF
155MED2012-0155Engaging the Apartheid Analogy in Israel/PalestineJeanne Ellen ClarkPDF
154MED2012-0154Analysis of Qatari Women Opinion and Attitudes towards Women's Satellite ProgramsSaadia Izzeldin MalikPDF
153EDU2012-0153Preparing Teachers of English Learners in the 21st Century: What Matters?Maria R. Coady, Ester J. de Jong and Candace A. HarperPDF
152MED2012-0152Importance and Reflections of Integrated Marketing Communication in Structuring of Turkish Brands (A Research Oriented to Real Estate Sector)Nilüfer Fatma GöksuPDF
151PSY2012-0151Perceiving Brand's Personality: Gender AspectsNatalya AntonovaPDF
150EDU2012-0150A Case Study on Integration of Different Reflective Methods in Teaching PracticeTeli Karaman and Ayşenur Yontar TogrolPDF
149PHI2012-0149The Reconfiguration of PhilosophySara FumagalliPDF
148MED2012-0148A Multi-Sphere Violence against Arab WomenMahmoud EidPDF
147EDU2012-0147Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) in French Higher EducationPascal Lafont and Marcel PariatPDF
146EDU2012-0146Determining Turkish Senior Science Student Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of ‘Environmental Chemistry’ Elective CourseTuncay Özsevgeç and Muammer ÇalikPDF
145CON2012-0145Experimental Assessment and Thermal Characterization of ETFE FoilEleni Anastasia Dimitriadou and Andrew SheaPDF
144PSY2012-0144Using Faith-Based and Community Organizations to Deliver Social and Behavioral Health Services: Are There Lessons from the US Experience for Other National Contexts?Fredrica D. KramerPDF
143MED2012-0143Internet Addiction of Online Gaming among College Youth in MalaysiaKaren Sabina FreemanPDF
142COM2012-0142e-LEAT: A Tool for the Evaluation of Online Learning EnvironmentsRhian Pole, Karen Jones, Stephen Hole and Adam FakherPDF
141EDU2012-0141The Impact of Family Background and Socioeconomic Status on University Admission in IranSeyed Bagher Mirashrafi, Georg Bol, Ebrahim Khodaie and Gholamreza NakhaiezadehPDF
140ART2012-0140A Strindbergian Foray into Ancient Greece: Hermione and HellasChristopher Joseph MitchellPDF
139EDU2012-0139Employability, Student Engagement via Dis Engagement with KnowledgePatricia Byrne-RobertsPDF
138EDU2012-0138Gender Differences in Acceptance by Students of Training Software for Office ToolsPatricia Byrne-RobertsPDF
137MED2012-0137Tactile Media: Factors Affecting the Adoption of Touchscreen Smartphones among Consumers with Vision LossSapora L. BradleyPDF
136EDU2012-0136Higher Education Biology Students’ Conceptions on Botany Teaching: A Brazil – Portugal Case Study João Rodrigo Santos da Silva, Fernando Guimarães and Paulo Takeo SanoPDF
135MED2012-0135Evolution of the TV News in FranceAlain Lamboux-DurandPDF
134MED2012-0134Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder:
Rachel GraingerPDF
133PSY2012-0133Adult Attachment, Conflict Behavior and Relational Outcomes: Delineating the LinksJudith A. FeeneyPDF
132POL2012-0132Libya and the Qaddafi Regime: The Quandary of Humanitarian InterventionBinoy KampmarkPDF
131EDU2012-0131Writing in the Cypriot Dialect: More History or More Phonology? Investigating Primary School Students’ Choices of Words, Morphemes and Graphemes when Writing Using the Cypriot DialectSimeon Tsolakidis and Nataly Loizidou IeridouPDF
130EDU2012-0130Determining Coping Styles of University Students with StressRumeysa Akgun, Gozde Terekli, Ece Ugurluoglu and Ozgur UgurluogluPDF
129MED2012-0129Broadcasting of the State on Ethnic Language and Seeking Political EmpathyVeli PolatPDF
128PSY2012-0128The Facilitation of Memory Performance in Emotional ContextsEugenia ChristoforouPDF
127COM2012-0127Markovian Algorithm for Vanilla Option ValuationEimutis ValakevičiusPDF
126EDU2012-0126Organization of Out-Of-Lesson-Time Activities at School and out of School: Analysis of Students’ Attitude Lina Miliūnienė PDF
125ENV2012-0125Estimating Marginal External Environmental Costs of Road Transportation in Iran Case Study Tehran-Qom Free WayRoohollah KazemiPDF
124ENV2012-0124Modeling the Removal of Stormwater Pollutants and the Mixing Mechanism of Stormwater RunoffMichael H. WooPDF
123FIT2012-0123The Position of the Center of Mass during the Support Phase of Forward Somersaulting Skills on the TrampolineS. Alan LephartPDF
122MED2012-0122Always Take the Weather with you, unless you want your Digital Signage advertising to be EffectiveNeal Van Loock, Iris Vermeir and Maggie GeuensPDF
121MED2012-0121Reproduction of Social Structure: A Comparative Study on Two Groups of Expatriate Minority Newspaper in Hong KongCindy Cheung-Kwan ChongPDF
120MED2012-0120A 9/11 Coloring Book: Islamaphobic Propaganda or Educating Kids About Freedom?Catherine Ann CollinsPDF
119MAT2012-0119On Some Experience with an Innovation of Initial Mathematics Teacher Training and its EvaluationPetr Emanovský and Bronislava ŠtěpánkováPDF
118EDU2012-0118English Language Education in Vocational High Schools in Taiwan: A Study from an English for Specific Purposes PerspectiveTzu-Ling HuaPDF
117TOU2012-0117Environmental Performance of Tourism Accommodations in the Protected Areas and Status of Tourism Ecolabels in TurkeyNazmiye ErdoganPDF
116TOU2012-0116Public Opinions of Stakeholders of Benidorm (Spain)Tomás Mazón and Elena Delgado LagunaPDF
115EDU2012-0115Greek Language Teacher Education for Teaching Greek as an Additional Language in Greek Secondary SchoolsCharalampia KaragianniPDF
114PHI2012-0114How to Resolve the Partiality-Impartiality Puzzle Using a Love-Centered Account of Virtue EthicsEric J. SilvermanPDF
113POL2012-0113From Erzurum to Sivas: Congresses Period in the Independence WarBaran DuralPDF
112EDU2012-0112A Staff Development Model for the Improvement of Science Content Knowledge and Teaching Practice for Elementary School TeachersCatherine L. Tannahill, Jeanelle Day, Hari Koirala, Xing Liu and Susannah RichardPDF
111ENV2012-0111The Diversity of Limestone and the Implication for Energy Efficiency of BuildingsEmma St?phan, Antoine Caucheteux, Richard Cantin, Pierre Michel and Sihem Tasca-GuernoutiPDF
110CON2012-0110Architectural Technology; Theories, Myths and LegendsNorman WienandPDF
109ENV2012-0109Recent Patterns and Trends of Hazardous Waste Management: A Case StudyN. Gamze Turan, Nükhet Konuk and Osman Nuri ErgunPDF
108POL2012-0108Can Turkish Migration be a Remedy for the Ageing European Population and Labour Market Needs?Yasin Kerem GümüşPDF
107ENV2012-0107Evaluation of Air Pollut?on Caused by the Uncontrolled Urbanization: A Case Study from Samsun, TurkeyNükhet Konuk, N. Gamze Turan and Osman Nuri ErgunPDF
106ENV2012-0106The Robustness of Ecological Measure Generalizing the Hill Index and its Application to Bacterial DataGebriel M. ShamiaPDF
105ART2012-0105Conceptual Approaches in Contemporary Ceramic ArtGokce OzerPDF
104ENV2012-0104Integral Development of a Project for the Improvement of Operation of Municipal Slaughterhouses, and the Technology of Sustainable Use of Their Waste and WastewaterAdrián Rodríguez, Jesús Cárdenas, Lucila García, Mario Villalón, Carlos H. Muñoz and José A. RamírezPDF
103MAT2012-0103On Millionschikov's Zero-Fourth Cumulant Hypothesis Applied to TurbulenceH. P. Mazumdar and C. MamaloukasPDF
102MED2012-0102Correlations between University Educators’ Communication and Learning StylesLucille Mazo and Ieo ThiraPDF
101SOC2012-0101The Greek Financial Crisis as Viewed by Four Major American and Canadian NewspapersTrevor W. HarrisonPDF
100MED2012-0100Daily Deal Promotions: An Explorative Research on Consumers’ Motivations in ItalyAriela Mortara and Antonella ArdizzonePDF
99ART2012-0099Dion Arivas’s Attikos’s Song Cycle Asmata: Greek Poetry and Music in the Service of New SingersGeorgia KatsiroumpaPDF
98MED2012-0098Reading Practices of Online Newspapers in PolandAnna TereszkiewiczPDF
97PHI2012-0097The Darwinian Theories of Instinct: from Lamarckism to SelectionThomas RobertPDF
96MAT2012-0096Mathematics Tutoring and Course CompletionJunalyn Navarra-MadsenPDF
95SOC2012-0095Policing and Reform in ThailandKrisanaphong PoothakoolPDF
94PSY2012-0094The Stressful Experience of Being Unemployed: Resources and Strategies that Facilitate Psychological and Physical Well Being during UnemploymentEvangelia FragouliPDF
93SOC2012-0093Factors Influencing the Professional Advancement of Women in the Social and Health Sector in GermanyEsther Ochoa Fernández and Edeltraud VombergPDF
92ART2012-0092Reflexive Capacity Building: Visual Art Education as a Culture of Thinking and LearningDelane Ingalls VanadaPDF
91SOC2012-0091Women Employment and Job Choices in a Middle-Eastern Gulf Society: Case of the UAEMusa Shallal and I. M.Abdalla AlfakiPDF
90PHI2012-0090Demarcation, Definition, ArtThomas AdajianPDF
89PSY2012-0089Religion as a Source of Resilience for Elderly Greeks in Melbourne, AustraliaMaria-Irini Avgoulas and Rebecca FananyPDF
88PHI2012-0088Whither Thomas Kuhn's Historical Philosophy of Science? An Evolutionary TurnJames MarcumPDF
87ART2012-0087The Conservator as a PerformerRita Macedo, Andreia Nogueira and Hélia MarçalPDF
86ART2012-0086Cosmography: A Hypothesis on the Origin of AlphabetGilah Yelin HirschPDF
85PSY2012-0085Mental Health Problems on Secondary School Students: A Multiethnic Study in Sabah, MalaysiaBalan Rathakrishnan, Balakrishnan Parasuraman and Joki Perdani SawaiPDF
84TOU2012-0084Determination of Ecotourism Potential of Igneada Region According to Rural DevelopmentM. Omer Azabagaoglu and G.CakirPDF
83ART2012-0083Art and Artists of a Sacred TownBijoy Kumar DuttaPDF
82SOC2012-0082Dynamics of Religious Tolerance in IndonesiaAgus Ahmad SafeiPDF
81PHI2012-0081On Identity and Indiscernibility. Against any Ontological ReductionRossana RaviolaPDF
80ART2012-0080How Can Dramatic Expression Promote Mental Health? The Use of Drama Therapy in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Insights from NeuroscienceLígia BatistaPDF
79SOC2012-0079Armenian's “National” and the “State” SymbolsYeva HambardzumyanPDF
78MED2012-0078Supply Chain Music Industry and Changing Business Models in ItalyAntonella ArdizzonePDF
77ART2012-0077Culture, Society and Politics interpreted through a Designer's Bilingual Filter. The City of Ethnos: My FilterAlma HoffmannPDF
76ART2012-0076Social Networking and Affinity Spaces - The Virtual AtelierJon Pengelly and Paul ThompsonPDF
75MDT2012-0075Putting Istanbul on the Map of Art World: Analysing Istanbul 2010 Cultural Capital of EuropeŞeyda Barlas BozkusPDF
74ENV2012-0074Effect of Pretreatment of Anodic Inoculum and Presence of Algae on the Performance of Microbial FuelM.M. Ghangrekar, T.K. Sajana, L.M. Mohapatra and A. MitraPDF
73MDT2012-0073Italian Influence in the Composition of Rubens’ Early Self-Portraits with FriendsMika YamaguchiPDF
72ART2012-0072Creative Activism as a Resolution of the Problem of Political Art as ArtChristopher JuryPDF
71PHI2012-0071Universal InterpretationSimon GlynnPDF
70ART2012-0070Speech Song: The Value of Using Foreign Language in Theatrical ProductionMelanie Dreyer-LudePDF
69ENV2012-0069Reducing Impacts of Poultry Litter on Water Quality by Developing Markets for Energy and Mine Land ReclamationJames T. Anderson, Cameron N. Eddy, Rachel L. Hager, Louis M. McDonald, Jonathan L. Pitchford, Jeffrey Skousen and Walter E. Veselka IVPDF
68PHI2012-0068Demonstrative Thoughts, Object Dependency and RedundancyManuel AmadoPDF
67EDU2012-0067Students' Natural Use of Technologies in Classroom LecturesLucia Zivcakova and Eileen WoodPDF
66SOC2012-0066Territorial Intelligence: A Driver of Socialization and DevelopmentElvira Martini and Francesco VespasianoPDF
65ART2012-0065The ‘Void Spaces’ in (between) CinemaNawel SebihPDF
64MED2012-0064The Relationship between Cinema and SemioticsRengin OzanPDF
63PSY2012-0063Aims of Treatment and Recovery Criteria for Eating DisordersGreta NoordenbosPDF
62EDU2012-0062Cross-cultural Curriculum Design in China: Reflections on Human Rights EducationRhona SmithPDF
61MDT2012-0061“Zero-Problems” in Current Turkish Foreign Policy: Cases of Syria and GreeceMuhammed Hüseyin Mercan and Nazlı UstaPDF
60MED2012-0060A Brief Analysis of Today's Turkish Cinema IndustryOkan OrmanlıPDF
59MED2012-0059Content and Style Changes in BBC Radio News Bulletins and the Radio NewsroomAnya LuscombePDF
58EDU2012-0058Evaluating Learning Management System (LMS)-facilitated Delivery of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Postsecondary EducationSarah E. Bryans Bongey, Trudie Hughes and Anne SchererPDF
57ENV2012-0057Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Fly AshSemra Çoruh, Feza Geyikçi and Osman Nuri ErgunPDF
56MED2012-0056Governmental Crisis Communication and Media Relations under Terrorist ThreatElena GryzunovaPDF
55EDU2012-0055Planning and Implementing the Daily Routine in Slovene Kindergartens and Reggio Emilia ConceptSanja Berčnik and Tatjana DevjakPDF
54EDU2012-0054Why are we here? An Investigation of Academic, Employability and Social Facets of Business Undergraduates’ Motivation Using Thurstone ScalingJohn BuglearPDF
53EDU2012-0053Preparing Teachers of English Learners in the 21st Century: What Matters?Maria R. Coady, Ester J. de Jong and Candace A. Harper,PDF
51PSY2012-0051A Study of Teacher Stress and Teaching Efficacy in a Sample of Special Education Teachers in BarbadosStacey Blackman and Arthur. G. RichardsonPDF
50EDU2012-0050An Evaluative Review of Evidence on the ‘Enactment’ of the Non-Statutory National Framework Agreement for Religious Education in England and WalesCarolyn KingPDF
49COM2012-0049A Multi-Level Hierarchical Biometric Fusion Model for Medical Applications SecuritySorin Soviany, Sorin Puscoci and Mariana JurianPDF
48EDU2012-0048Children in Crises. Problems: Solutions and HopeMarcel LebrunPDF
47EDU2012-0047Going Global: Preparing College Students for Travel AbroadMark A. SealsPDF
46COM2012-0046Comparative Performance Evaluation of Different TCP Derivatives over MANETZ. I. Dafalla and Mayyada HammoshiPDF
45ENV2012-0045Green(Ing) Economy: The Question of Environmental LiabilityAndjelka MihajlovPDF
44COM2012-0044Developing a Generic Workflow to Guide EMRs Implementation at Health Facilities in Developing Countries-A Kenyan CaseSamuel Gichohi Kang’aPDF
43EDU2012-0043Using Virtual Environments to Promote Teacher PreparationPetros Katsioloudis and Sharon JudgePDF
42EDU2012-0042Technology Lenses: Ways of Seeing the WorldRebecca P. Butler and Darryl DraperPDF
41EDU2012-0041Investigating Senior Science Student Teachers’ Conceptions of ‘Environmental Chemistry’ Issues: A Preliminary StudyMuammer Çalik and Tuncay Özsevgeç PDF
40CON2012-0040Process for Inhibiting Macro-Cell Corrosion during RC Construction MaintenanceRaja Rizwan HussainPDF
39MDT2012-0039Social Loneliness and Awaiting Danger for Europe: Anders Behring Breivik's CaseFatih Sezgin and Erdal GisiPDF
38ENV2012-0038Influence of Mineral Additives on Resistance of Concrete at Elevated TemperatureTayfun Uygunoğlu and Erhan KahramanPDF
37SPO2012-0037If you host it, will they come? Mega-Events and Tourism in South AfricaVictor Matheson, Thomas Peeters and Stefan SzymanskiPDF
36MDT2012-0036‘Defending the Christian Faith with Our Blood’. The Battle of Lepanto (1571) and the Venetian Eastern Adriatic: Impact of a Global Conflict on the Mediterranean PeripheryKlemen PustPDF
35MED2012-0035Teaching Broadcasting Policy: A Case Study in TransliteracyGeneviève A. BoninPDF
34MDT2012-0034The Study of Pre-School Teachers’ Practices for Preparation for LiteracyAdalet Kandir, Özgün Uyanik, Münevver Can-Yaşar and Gözde InalPDF
33EDU2012-0033The Development of a Teaching Observation Evaluation Instrument for Improving Hospitality Teachers’ Teaching Performance in TaiwanLi-Yia Feng, Ya-Hui Su and Chao-Chin YangPDF
32BUS2012-0032Back to Square One: How Patient Satisfaction Survey Flaws Bias Assessments of Health Care QualityMoses AltsechPDF
31MDT2012-0031Social and Physical Structure of the Towns in Kayseri Where Greeks LivedŞeyda Güngör AçıkgözPDF
30MDT2012-0030Urban Character of 19th Century Villages of Kayseri: A Study on the Physical and Social setting of Christian CommunitiesBurcu Ceylan and Pınar KoçPDF
29SOC2012-0029Measuring Nonsampling Errors: A Challenge to the Total Survey Error Future Research AgendaDarina PeychevaPDF
28ENV2012-0028Constitutional Problems that Occur when Environment Protection Policies are tried to be realized by Taxes in Turkish LawAyşe Nil TosunPDF
27ENV2012-0027A Review of Solar Thermal Applications using Polymer MaterialsGeorge Loumakis, Stas Burek and Bruce WoodPDF
26ENV2012-0026Catalytic Wet-air Oxidation as an Efficient Treatment Technique for Removal of Organic Pollutants and Detoxification of WastewatersMirjana Bistan, Tatjana Tišler, Boštjan Erjavec and Albin PintarPDF
25MDT2012-0025Nineteenth Century Cycladic Warriors: Celtic HeroesKathleen Ann O’DonnellPDF
24MDT2012-0024Demographic Transitions and Social Changes in Mediterranean CountriesBarbara Zagaglia and Eros MorettiPDF
23MDT2012-0023Sicily: Towards the End of an ‘Everlasting’ Problem of Category AscriptionStergios PardalisPDF
22EDU2012-0022Religion, Democracy and Schooling: Orientations Concerning Educational Practices of Austrian Religion TeachersUlrich KrainzPDF
21MDT2012-0021Core Values Matrix of the Philosophy of Basic Education in Oman (PBEO)Wajeha Thabit Al-AniPDF
20MDT2012-0020Heritage Resources Interpretation in the Guide Books: Content and Context Analysis of Jarash Travel related Guide BooksAbdelkader AbabnehPDF
19COM2012-0019Using Spatial Data in Windows Azure (SQL azure and azure blob storage)Mihail MateevPDF
18ENV2012-0018Carbon Footprint for the Petrochemical Industry in Qatar: A Case Study for the VCM ProcessAida Abuelela, Neima Doualeh, Samar Elkhalifa, Farid Benyahia and Majeda KhraishehPDF
17MDT2012-0017Regenerating Fener-Balat: A Short Analysis of the Area's Planned Transformation from A Human Security PerspectiveSelver B. SahinPDF
16SOC2012-0016Mentoring Program for Youth in Foster Care: An EvaluationMaria Scannapieco and Kristin PainterPDF
15COM2012-0015Comparing Agile and PMBOK® – Time ManagementNikolay Todorov and Tsvetelina KovachevaPDF
14MDT2012-0014Financial difficulties of Italian local authorities: a financial critical elements analysis to identify prediction and diagnosis modelsRenato CivitilloPDF
13ENV2012-0013Household Waste Management Practices in Charnwood Borough, EnglandChristine Cole and Mohamed OsmaniPDF
12MDT2012-0012Pilot Scheme of Assessment in E-learningEstela Núñez Barriopedro, Pedro Cuesta Valiño and Azucena Penelas LeguíaPDF
11ENV2012-0011Measuring Environmental Sustainability of Turkish Metropolitan MunicipalitiesYağmur Kara and Aylin Çiğdem KönePDF
10SOC2012-0010The Acephalic StageWilliam BusePDF
9MDT2012-0009Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Headaches in Cretan Healing ManualsSteven M. OberhelmanPDF
8MDT2012-0008Ancient Greek Illustrated Dioscoridean Herbals: Origins and Impact of the Juliana Anicia Codex and the Codex NeopolitanusJules Janick and John StolarczykPDF
7SOC2012-0007Perception of Incivility in the Turkish Urban Context: Youth PerspectiveGuliz Mugan AkinciPDF
6ENV2012-0006Analysis and Comparison of Pharmaceutical Waste Collection Data by Multiple Methods; USA, State of MaineHeather Stewart, Alexandra Malinowski, Kenneth L. McCall III, Meghan Sullivan and Stevan GressittPDF
5EDU2012-0005Higher Education Ambitions and Societal ExpectationsBéatrice Cabau PDF
4MDT2012-0004The Regional Security Complex of the Persian Gulf: Bahrain in a New Global Power Balance after the Arab SpringLars Erslev AndersenPDF
3MDT2012-0003Women's Work - A Way Out of the Global Economic Crisis? The Cases of EU, Turkey and IsraelNellie MuninPDF
2COM2012-0002Brazil of the Future: Strategizing with the Socio-technical Management AproachAntonio J. Balloni, Paulo J.P. Rezende, Andrew S. TargowskiPDF
1MDT2012-0001Background of the Values Essential for Human in Ancient Greek Texts on RhetoricBrigita AleksejevaPDF