Communication, Philosophy, and Pedagogy

A Special Session on “Communication, Philosophy, and Pedagogy”
as part of the 22nd Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media
13-16 May 2024, Athens, Greece

The Mass Media & Communication Unit and the Philosophy Unit of ATINER are organizing a Special Session on “Communication, Philosophy, and Pedagogy” as part of the 22nd Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, 13-16 May 2024, Athens, Greece.

The interdisciplinary session brings together experts in communication, philosophy, and pedagogy with the central purpose of analyzing and deepening the relevance and evolution of communication in the contemporary world. The focus is to understand how communication, as the core of this gathering, is influenced and enriched by philosophical reflections and pedagogical practices. Participants will debate the need for more critical and reflective communication in the information age, and how philosophy can offer tools for a deeper understanding of messages and mediums. Furthermore, discussions will cover how pedagogy can provide strategies to effectively convey communicative skills and competencies in various contexts. Within this framework, challenges such as ethics in digital communication, media literacy education, and the role of pedagogy in the formation of critical and aware communicators will be examined. This session underscores the urgency to reevaluate and redefine our understanding and practice of communication in the 21st century, enriched by a philosophical and educational perspective. You may participate as a presenter of one paper and/or an attendee.

Please submit an abstract (email only) to:, using the abstract submission form by 23 January 2024 to: Dr. Laura Trujillo Liñán, Professor, Universidad Abierta, Mexico.

Abstracts should include the following: Title of Paper, Full Name (s), Affiliation, Current Position, an email address, and at least 3 keywords that best describe the subject of your submission. Decisions are reached within 4 weeks.

Fee structure information is available on

Special arrangements will be made with a local hotel for a limited number of rooms at a special conference rate. In addition, a number of special events will be organized which give a great opportunity to further discuss the issues presented at the conference. From ATINER’s long experience these events bring together scholars from different countries and disciplines which may result to research collaborations and joint publications. These events include a pragmatic symposium (as organized in Ancient Athens but fine-tuned to synchronous ethics), a special one-day educational island tour, a Mycenae and island of Poros visit, an Athens educational walking tour, a day trip to Delphi, and an ancient Corinth and Cape Sounion visit. Details of the social program are available here.

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