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11thAnnual International Conference on Literature, 4-7 June 2018, Athens, Greece
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4-7 June
A Stream on “Echoes of Ancient Myths in Contemporary Literature”
organized by the Literature Unit of ATINER
Stream Leader: Dr. Marina Pelluci Duarte Mortoza, PhD in Ancient Greek Language and Literature, UFMG, Brazil.
This stream aims to investigate the survival of ancient myth, or parts of an ancient myth, in any piece of contemporary literature, be it a play, a novel, a short story, etc. Remains of any myths of any cultural system are welcomed, as long as those myths are what we call ancient, or old–socially registered as part of the culture of a society that existed in pre-modern times–and still remain in the societies that came after that Ancient one. The main objective of this stream is to analyze the uses Contemporary Literature makes of ancient myths in its stories, in the development of its themes, and in the appeal to its readers. Thus, this stream will consider any works that deal with the reception of Ancient Folklore, Mythology, Tradition and Culture by the literature that was produced from the 20th Century onward. In short, this stream is seeking papers that deal with reception of ancient culture in Contemporary Literature.
Deadline: closed
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