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5th Annual International Symposium on Leisure & Recreation, 11-14 May 2020, Athens, Greece
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11-14 May
Sports and Leisure Activities in the South & East Mediterranean Countries
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Ken Roberts, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor Emeritus of Sociology, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool, UK.

In 2011 the events known as the Arab Spring drew international attention to discontents that simmered throughout the region: not enough jobs, too many poor quality jobs, over-priced housing, poor public services and lack of democracy. None of these discontents have gone away. In 2011 the cultural creativity of the region’s young people produced sounds and sights that amplified the public’s expressions of discontent. This symposium invites contributions which explore whether free time today is a domain in which discontents are ameliorated, or a site of resistance, or, for too many, where marginalisation and exclusion are amplified. Also, how do opportunities to engage in sport and other leisure activities vary by age, gender, educational backgrounds and employment status?
Deadline: 27 April 2020
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