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3rd Annual International Symposium on Leisure & Recreation, 14-17 May 2018, Athens, Greece
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14-17 May
A Stream on “Digital Leisure and its Experiences”
Stream Leader:
Dr. Guliz Mugan, Academic Member, ATINER and Associate Professor & Vice Dean, Okan University, Turkey.

It is possible to define leisure through many approaches. Even in many languages, it is hard to find a term which is equivalent to leisure. After all, it has a long history. Starting from classic Greek philosophy, the concept has taken considerable attention. It might be defined in a number of ways: as activity, primarily for the experience itself; as time beyond obligations, maintenance, rest and necessities of living; as a state of mind connotes self-actualization; as a quality of action for doing something in a real time and place. In other words, leisure is a dimension of life and a transaction between individuals and their environments; it is personal stories with spatial qualities (Stewart 1998). It is an obvious fact that we live in a world that is changing in almost every day. In this respect, the nature of leisure has radically undergone considerable transformation and will continue to change more in the future. The “digital age” is rapidly making this transformation faster, cheaper, wider and pervasive. Contemporary technological developments expand markets for different products, services and activities; printed media, visual media, auditory media and many other forms of entertainment are on the edge of even more dramatic changes, which has changed and will eventually change our time use behaviors and leisure experiences. Accordingly, this stream aims to bring together the papers that investigate the interconnection between the changes in digital age and transformation of leisure experiences.
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