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20th Annual International Conference on Law, 10-13 July 2023, Athens, Greece
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10-13 July 2023
Comparative Federalism and Regional Integration
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Athanasios Mihalakas, Director, Center for Federalism and Regional Integration & Global Professor of Law, University of Arizona USA
Considering the transformations Latin American countries have been living since the beginning of the XXI century, according to which elections follows one to another as well as subversive processes, it is of extreme importance and relevance to reflect on the Latin American democratic and political processes throughout a symposium dedicated to the issue. Indeed, if in 2011 the left turn was in full swing, during 2010 and 2018 the number of democracies with left wing presidents could be counted in one hand. Moreover, from 2018/2019 onwards it has been witnessed to a different phenomenon in Latin America. The right-wing governments that appeared so powerful seem now to be giving their places to left-wing governments. Or, in other words, it seems that exists both right-wing and left-wing governments with a predominance of these last ones. This means that from 2018/2019 onwards there is a cohabitation in the region with right-wing and left-wing governments, with a possible new turn to the left. In this sense, another possibility is that the region is experiencing a less ideologically coherent anti-incumbent turn (Loxton, 2021, p. xi), whose one of the characteristics if the populism.
Deadline: 30 May 2023
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