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Special Sessions organized as part of the
11th Annual International Conference on Health & Medical Sciences
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1-4 May 2023
HEART: Health, Exercise, Art
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Maria Kosma Head, Sports Unit, ATINER & Associate Professor, Louisiana State University, USA

In this special session, we welcome scholarly papers and presentations related to current trends in the field of Kinesiology, including different types of movement (e.g., physical activity, exercise, sports, dance and physical theater) and their relation to health, embodiment, and wisdom in decision making (e.g., phronesis) regarding how to live the good life. Embodied, holistic and expressive action will be explored within different exercise settings, including sports, recreation, rehabilitation, skill acquisition and learning, dance, and physical theater. Interdisciplinary, scholarly work (e.g., data-based research, concept-based papers, reviews, and commentaries) that can be applicable to a variety of populations, such as children and adolescents, adults, and older adults of different cultural backgrounds and ability levels is highly encouraged.
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