List of Conference Hotels Used by ATINER

This list does not by any means imply that ATINER endorses these hotels. As a matter of fact, there was not a single hotel about which some participants did not complain, regardless of the category of the hotel.

Five star hotels

Four star hotels

Three Star hotels

Please note that apart from the above hotels, Athens has close to 1000 hotels, and prices vary considerably according to supply and demand, the area of the hotel, and the category of the hotel. As we do not sponsor any hotel, please do not ask our opinion on any specific hotel. If you are very sensitive to price, please do not book with us. In Athens, there are many cheap hotels and/or last minute bargains. You may book at your own risk. However, please do not trust internet sites for hotel bookings in Athens based only on low prices or evaluations of the hotels based on previous “customers” reviews. As you may know, all around the world, these are manipulated.