Heads of Units

TitleFirst NameLast NamePositionAffiliationCountryCV
Dr. Nicolas Abatzoglou Head, Environment Unit, ATINER & Professor Department of Chemical & Biotechnological Engineering-Université de Sherbrooke and Chair Pfizer-PAT in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Director GREEN-TPV and GRTP-C & P Canada cv
Dr. Stephen Andrew Arbury Head, <a href="/ARTS-UNIT">Arts & Culture Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor Radford University USA cv
Dr. Sharon Claire Bolton Head, <a href="/MANAGEMENT-UNIT.htm">Management Unit</a>, ATINER & Dean, The Management School University of Stirling UK cv
Dr. Carol Anne Chamley Head, <a href="/NURSING-UNIT.htm">Nursing Unit</a>, ATINER & Associate Professor School of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University UK cv
Dr. Jayoung Che Head, <a href="/HISTORY.htm">History Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Research Professor Institute for the Mediterranean Studies-Pusan University of Foreign Studies South Korea cv
Dr. Ellene Tratras Contis Head, <a href="/CHEMISTRY-UNIT.htm">Chemistry Unit</a>, ATINER, & Professor Eastern Michigan University USA cv
Dr. Paul Contoyannis Head, <a href="/HEALTH-UNIT.htm">Health Economics & Management Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Associate Professor McMaster University Canada cv
Dr. David A. Frenkel Head, <a href="/LAW-UNIT.htm">Law Unit</a>, ATINER & LL.D., Emeritus Professor, Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, and School of Law Israel cv
Dr. Patricia Hanna Head, <a href="/PHILOSHOPHY-UNIT.htm">Philosophy Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor University of Utah USA cv
Dr. Christopher Janetopoulos Head, <a href="/BIOLOGY-UNIT.htm">Biology Research Unit</a>, ATINER, & Associate Professor University of the Sciences USA cv
Dr. Pascal Jollivet Head, <a href="/computer-unit">Computer Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Associate Professor University of Technology of Compiegne/Sorbonne University France cv
Dr. Valia Kasimati Head, <a href="/TOURISM-UNIT.htm">Tourism, Leisure & Recreation Unit</a>, ATINER & Researcher, Department of Economic Analysis & Research Central Bank of Greece Greece cv
Dr. Bettina Koch Head, <a href="/politics-unit">Politics & International Affairs Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Associate Professor Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University USA cv
Dr. Maria Konstantaki Head, <a href="/SPORTS-UNIT">Sport, Exercise, & Kinesiology Unit</a>, ATINER & Senior Lecturer Buckinghamshire New University UK cv
Dr. Peter Koveos Head, <a href="/ACCOUNTING-UNIT.htm">Accounting & Finance Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor Syracuse Universit USA cv
Dr. Ilja A. Luciak Head, <a href="/anthropology-unit">Anthropology & Demography Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University USA cv
Dr. Domenico Maddaloni Head, <a href="/SOCIOLOGY-UNIT.htm">Sociology Unit</a>, ATINER & Associate Professor University of Salerno Italy cv
Dr. Bala Maheswaran Head, <a href="/ELECTRICAL-UNIT">Electrical Engineering Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor Northeastern University USA cv
Dr. Alexander Makedon Head, <a href="/EUCATION-UNIT.htm">Education Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Independent Researcher cv
Dr. Andriana Margariti Head, <a href="/MEDICINE-UNIT.htm">Medicine Unit</a>, ATINER & Lecturer Centre for Experimental Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast UK cv
Dr. Nikos Mourtos Head, <a href="/MECHANICAL-UNIT.htm">Mechanical Engineering Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor San Jose State University USA cv
Dr. Thanos Patelis Head, <a href="/PSYCHOLOGY-UNIT.htm">Psychology Unit</a>, Research Scholar Fordham University USA cv
Dr. John Pavlik Head, <a href="/MEDIA-UNIT.htm">Mass Media and Communication Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor Rutgers University USA cv
Dr. Ketan Ruparelia Head, <a href="/pharmaceutical-unit">Pharmaceutical Unit</a>, ATINER & Research Fellow & Part-time Lecturer De Montfort University U.K. cv
Dr. Chris Sakellariou Head, <a href="/ECONOMICS-UNIT">Economics Unit</a> and Vice President of Administration and Finance, ATINER & Associate Professor Nanyang Technological University Singapore cv
Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku Head, <a href="/TRANSPORTATION-UNIT.htm">Transportation Engineering Unit</a>, ATINER, & Associate Professor The University of Alabama at Birmingham USA cv
Dr. Valia Spiliotopoulos Head, <a href="/language-unit">Language & Linguistics Unit</a>, ATINER and Associate Professor of Professional Practice & Academic Director Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching, and Research (CELLTR), Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University Canada cv
Dr. Codruta Simona Stoica Head, <a href="/MATHEMATICS-UNIT.htm">Mathematics & Statistics Unit</a>, ATINER & Associate Professor Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad Romania cv
Dr. Cleopatra Veloutsou Head, <a href="/MARKETING-UNIT.htm">Marketing Research Unit</a>, ATINER & Professor of Brand Management Department of Business and Management, University of Glasgow UK cv