1. The small Symposiums is a replica of the Ancient Athenian Symposiums, as these are described in Plato’s and Xenophon’s Symposiums. Please click to contrast the old and the new venue-setting. ATINER recently organized such a Symposium on  Philoxenia. More details can be found at:
  2. All academic members and friends of ATINER can host such a Symposium, i.e., play the role of Agathon in Plato’s Symposium or of Kallias in Xenophon’s Symposium. ATINER’s Administration Staff will play the role of “Douloi” (workers; it does not mean slaves), “Aulitrides” (Flute-playing Girls), “Mousikoi” (Musicians) and a “Chorous” (Dancers).
  3. As in Ancient Symposiums ATINER’s Symposium will start with a meal and then each rhetorician will have less than 15 minutes to develop his/her thesis.
  4. A minimum of 15 attendees and a minimum of 5 speakers from the World Academic Community is required for the Symposium to take place. International students are more than welcome.
  5. The Symposium could have a specific theme or can be a general one, e.g., synchronous themes on epistemes and paideia. The theme is chosen by the host/hostess.
  6. It is the responsibility of the host/hostess to find and invite the 5 international speakers (which was the case in Ancient Symposiums). It is ATINER’s responsibility to provide speakers from Greece and attendees.
  7. The host/hostess does not pay any fee but for his/her travelling to the venue. Unfortunately we cannot provide any other compensation to the host/hostess of the symposium. In all cases the academic members responsible for an event are able to get funding from their own Universities because they get the academic recognition through ATINER’s huge membership and friends list.  
  8. All participants (speakers and attendees) pay a fee of 500 Euro, which includes hotel accommodation for 2 nights, 6 meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners); one of the dinners will include performances by (a) Aulitrides, (b) musicians and (c) Chorous. The fee includes all the Symposium material.
  9. The Symposium will start on Friday afternoon (after lunch) and finish on Saturday evening. The date is chosen by the host/hostess at least three months before.