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17th International Conference on Finance, 8-11 July 2018, Athens, Greece
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8-11 July 2019
Human Resource Accounting
Stream Leader: Dr. Joseph VanVo, Adjunct Professor, College of Business Administration, California State University, Sacramento, USA.
Human resource accounting (HRA) is basically a cost accounting system which quantifies the worth and expenses of human resources on the employees (knowledge, experience, motivation, creativity, leadership, etc.) and the organization (recruitment, training, development, promotion, transfer, relocation, termination, etc.). It is thus, the organizational measurement of the cost and value of human resource characteristics and activities. From its inception in 1960’s through 1970’s, numerous HRA methods of valuing human resources and accounting cost models were used in various organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico; then spread to Asia. By 1980’s, however, HRA interests significantly dropped worldwide with only limited applications presently due to limited HRA interests and lack of supporting financial and accounting cost systems. Effective application of accounting and finance in human resources can indeed ensure both short-term and long-term benefits to the employees and the companies; though, to date, various multi-national corporations provide different schools of thought about their practices of human resource management with different financial analysis and cost reporting systems. Recent introduction of human capital analytics, on the other hand, generates more HR data – financial, customer and supplier information – for indepth HR costing application. The purpose of this HRA Stream Proposal is three-fold (i) call for participation from interested scholars and practitioners who have done researches and/or published journals on human resource accounting, human resource management, and human capital analytics; (ii) identify interested companies where HRA cost and valuation models can be applied; and (iii) together, resurrect HRA back to the business forefront to help companies ‘walk their talk’ in treating their employees not as expenses, rather assets.
Deadline: 11 March 2019
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