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5th Annual International Forum on Ethics, 2-5 May 2022, Athens, Greece
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2-5 May
Academic Responsible
Mr. Marc Roux, Chair of the Association Française Transhumaniste – Technoprog & Affiliate Scholar, Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, France

Transhumanism is a movement of thought, cultural and philosophical, which has been gradually irrigating the contemporary world for over forty years. It invites us to reconsider our conceptions of the human being, seeing it as an open project. We can see it at work behind the reflections of personalities from the economic world such as Lary Page, Elon Musk or Klaus Schwab. It is also already being taken into account by the military. It has given rise to a great deal of philosophical and sociological controversy and has been the subject of numerous books. But what about the citizen debate? The questions it raises – the relationship between humans and technology, the possibility of choosing our biological evolution, the interests and risks of living much longer in good health, etc. – are often difficult and very sensitive at the same time. They go to the very heart of our identity. How can the academic community work to make these questions both accessible and clear, and the public debate they imply take place in a serene manner?
Deadline: 21 March 2022
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