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Symposium on Business Ethics, 7-10 May 2018, Athens, Greece
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7-10 May
A Stream on “Spirituality & Business Ethics”
Stream Leaders:
-Dr. Siddharth Mohapatra, Assistant Professor of Business Ethics, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Kerala, India.
-Dr. Pratima Verma, Professor, School of Business, Alliance University, India.

The aim of this stream is to discuss business ethics under the rubric of spirituality. Concepts like triple bottom-line, shared value, corporate citizenship, sustainability development goals, etc. presently are creating enough buzz across corporate corridors. Different names with a unifying theme—business also exists for a higher societal purpose (Freeman, 1984). Incidentally, Bouckaert and Zsolnai (2011, pp. 4-5) posit that spirituality is “an inner experience of deep interconnectedness with all living beings.” It entails moral values and appreciates the wholeness of the creation. Furthermore, business ethics is the rationalization of morality in business situations (Crane & Matten, 2010). Thus, business ethics has fundamental elements that are deep-seated in spirituality. However, spirituality is often cursorily mentioned in business ethics discussions. With this backdrop, we invite scholarly submissions in, but not limiting to, the following research themes: evolution of spirituality-based business ethics; spirituality-based business ethics and sustainable business; influence of spirituality-based business ethics on business systems like corporate governance, organizational culture, etc.; effect of spirituality-based business ethics on business objectives like stakeholder value creation; and the importance of spirituality-based business ethics in countries/cultures with religious importance.
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