Education Paper Series

Education Paper Series
(Note: This list includes papers presented at the Annual International Conferences on Education
and at other conferences organised by ATINER and relate to Education. This list started in 2012).
Paper Series Number
2121507EDU2015-1507The Promise of Pre-Service Teachers in AlbaniaJeannette Ford and Gerda Sulapdf
2111506EDU2015-1506Teacher Survey on Reading Competence and Reading Competence Promotion in Turkish Primary SchoolsOrhan Hanbay and Yakup Tekinpdf
2101499EDU2015-1499Identity Construction at Brazilian Public Universities in the Context of Recent Struggles and PoliciesVera Helena Ferraz de Siqueira, Gloria W. de F.Arrigoni, Daiane Agostini and Lucas de Almeida Britopdf
2091477EDU2015-1477Rural Education and Rural Extension: Paulo Freire Contributions to the Agrarian Residence ProgramLourdes Helena Silva and Elida Lopes Mirandapdf
2081473MDT2015-1473Education as a Factor Influencing the Development of National EconomyVitalijs Jurenoks, Liga Kamola, Vladimirs Jansons, Konstantins Didenko and Viktors Nesporspdf
2071461NUR2015-1461Nursing Education Focused on Healthcare WorkersLucimare Ferraz, Vanderleia Muller and Leticia De Lima Trindadepdf
2061459EDU2015-1459Challenging Analogical Encoding under Real Conditions in Business EducationChristian Mayer and Oliver Gansserpdf
2051454EDU2015-1454Education to Vocation: Considerations for Curriculum, Outcomes and Practices Leading to Greater Employability for Undergraduate StudentsJulia Underwood and Roxanne Helm-Stevenspdf
2041450SOC2015-1450Lifelong Learning Universities and Social Inclusion PoliciesGiuseppe Luca De Luca Picione and Lucia Fortinipdf
2031448EDU2015-1448Nip & Tuck: The Humanities and Social Sciences under the KnifeCarolyn Kingpdf
2021440EDU2015-1440Facilitative Training of Community Care Workers who Support Young Children Affected by Maternal HIV and AIDSMichelle Finestone and Irma Eloffpdf
2011433EDU2015-1433Alternative Learning and Research Leading to DevelopmentJaime Jimenez- Guzman and Monica Velascopdf
2001432MDT2015-1432An Overview Focusing on the Relationship between Vocational Education and the Necessities of Turkish BusinessTolga Yazicipdf
1991429NUR2015-1429Development of Managerial Competencies of Nurses by Permanent Education ServicesPriscila Meyenberg Cunha Sade and Aida Maris Perespdf
1981425EDU2015-1425Can Education resolve Nursing Shortage in China?Junhong Zhu and Sheila Rodgerspdf
1971422EDU2015-1422Literary TherapeuticsJuan Eliseo Montoya Marínpdf
1961409HUM2015-1409The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Education in EgyptSally Faridpdf
1951400CBC2014-1400Comparison of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Practices Used GloballyShani D. Carterpdf
1941386EDU2014-1386Technological Specialization Courses in Higher Education: Reflecting on Students’ Motivations and ExpectationsCatarina Doutor, Carlos Miguel Ribeiro, Antonio Fragosopdf
1931373HUM2015-1373Developing Motivation to Learn among Arab Students in Arab Colleges and Mixed CollegesBasma Jarjourapdf
1921339EDU2014-1339Core Values of Educational Leadership –How School Leaders Understand Concepts of Development and LearningRoman Dorczakpdf
1911320EDU2014-1320Why Fix something that is not Broken? The Implementation of School Choice Policy and Parental Attitudes towards Equality and Uniformity of Comprehensive School System in FinlandHeikki Silvennoinen, Mira Kalalahti and Janne Varjopdf
1901310EDU2014-1310Does Ethnicity Moderate the Longitudinal Change in Adolescent Educational Expectations for University Study between ages 14-16? Understanding Differences among White, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Black Caribbean Pupils in EnglandMichael Tzanakispdf
1891309SOS2014-1309Improving the Teacher’s Evaluation Methods and Tools in Abu Dhabi schools - Case StudyGhanem Al Bustamipdf
1881297LIT2014-1297Brazilian Literature and the Classroom: How do we Teach the Literary Reading?Adair de Aguiar Neitzel and Carla Carvalhopdf
1871294EMS2014-1294The Use of an Interactive Website as an Assistive Technology in University Calculus Courses: A Synergist for Teaching and Learning?Nina Hayfa and Hiba Othmanpdf
1861291EDU2014-1291Phenomenon of Bullying: A Case Study of Jordanian Schools at TafilaAbdulraheem Almahasnehpdf
1851260EDU2014-1260The Impact of Class Size on the Academic Achievements of StudentsBarzan Hadi Hama Karimpdf
1841249EDU2014-1249Teaching and Learning in Geosciences for Citizenship: From the Margins of Knowledge to the Central Tasks of Forming TeachersJosé Roberto Serra Martins and Celso Dal Re Carneiropdf
1831243HIS2014-1243Using Video Games for Teaching History. Experiences and ChallengesLaura Radetich and Eduardo Jakubowiczpdf
1821238LNG2014-1238Correct Me if I'm Wrong, but Do It Right - Observation of Error Correction and Learner Uptake in University-level EFL ClassroomsJelena Milicevpdf
1811219EDU2014-1219An Analysis of the Teachers’ Climate Change AwarenessBurckin Dal, Nilay Ozturk, Umut Alper, Duygu Sonmez and Aytekin Cokelezpdf
1801207MGT2014-1207Teamwork: Crucible for Learning about Collaborative LeadershipLisa DeAngelis, Sherry H. Penney and Maureen A. Scullypdf
1791196EMS2014-1196Development of Distance Education in Teaching Mathematics and StatisticsAbdujabar Rasulov, Matyokub Bakoev and Nilufar Mannanovapdf
1781193EMS2014-1193The Math Book as an Ideological Dilemma in Elementary School?Kristina Holmberg and Lisbeth Ranagårdenpdf
1771192EMS2014-1192The Effect of DIMLE on Computer Literacy Level of Pre-Service TeachersZerrin Ayvaz Reis and Sebnem Ozdemirpdf
1761191EMS2014-1191A Measure of the Influence of Affective Variables on Mathematics Performance at Lower SecondaryKhemduth Singh Angateeah, Kaviraj Sharma Sukon and Preethee Nunkoo-Gonpotpdf
1751186LIB2014-1186Engaging Gen Z through Service Innovations in an Arts School LibrarySoo Chin Foopdf
1741170LIB2014-1170Academic and Professional Needs of Professors belonging to disadvantagedJyoti Bhabalpdf
1731169EDU2014-1169The Real Life Experience of Visual Art in Czech Extracurricular and Cocurricular EducationZuzana Pechovapdf
1721163TOU2014-1163French Case of Educational Programs on International Tourism and Air TransportJocelyne Napolipdf
1711144EDU2014-1144Equity, Diversity and Internationalization in Indigenous and Intercultural Higher Education in Latin AmericaSylvie Didou Aupetitpdf
1701138EDU2014-1138Self-narratives as a Complex Instrument of Cognition/subjectivity ConstructionNize Maria Pellandapdf
1691133EDU2014-1133The Brandeis Science Posse: Using the Group Model to Retain Students in the SciencesIrv Epstein, Kim Godsoe and Melissa Kosinski-Collinspdf
1681128EDU2014-1128Faculty and Students’ Perception towards Outcome Based Education in Teaching Engineering Courses at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the PacificJose Jr Barlis, Carol Dacwag, Josefin Iii Fajardo and Erdy Aganuspdf
1671127EDU2014-1127Back to Basics in Early Years Teaching and Learning in South AfricaOna Janse van Rensburgpdf
1661125EDU2014-1125New Approach to Teaching CosmologyJan Novotny and Jindriska Svobodovapdf
1651124EDU2014-1124The Relationship between Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement in Adult LearnersMaria de Fatima Goulaopdf
1641123EDU2014-1123Non-Cognitive Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Fourth Year College Students of a Private College in ManilaMaria Pamela Magpily and Joseph Mercadopdf
1631120EDU2014-1120Implementation of the Ethical Knowledge in the Higher Economic EducationDaphne Vidanecpdf
1621119EDU2014-1119Conditions of Intellectual Production among Researchers from the Autonomous University of TamaulipasTeresa Guzman and Josefina Guzmanpdf
1611117EDU2014-1117Marketing Communication as an Element of Public Communication at SchoolsJoanna Ko?odziejczykpdf
1601084EMS2014-1084Mathematics Education and Mathematics CompetitionYouyu Phillipspdf
1591080EDU2014-1080Curricula, Technologies and Innovations in the Contemporary WorldRoseane Albuquerque Ribeiropdf
1581032EDU2014-1032Towards Reading Acquisition: Bridging the Gap in Literacy Knowledge among At-Risk Arab childrenBaha Makhoulpdf
1571024EDU2014-1024Children, Things and Culture. Observations in a FabLabChristina Schachtnerpdf
1561022EDU2014-1022Is Liberal Education Valuable? Undergraduate Students Raise their OpinionsHilda Patino Dominguezpdf
1551021EDU2014-1021Leadership and Management in the Definitions of School HeadsJakub Kolodziejczykpdf
1541017LIT2014-1017How Twentieth Century Greek Scholars Influenced the Works of Nineteenth Century Greek Translators of ‘The Poems of Ossian’ by James MacphersonKathleen Ann O’Donnellpdf
1531010EDU2014-1010Lexical Processing in Native and Nonnative Speakers of EnglishHye Paepdf
1521003EDU2014-1003Quality of Services with Respect to their Unique Characteristics – The Field of EducationPeter Madzik and Miroslav Hrnciarpdf
151998EDU2014-0998Implementation in Class of a Theory Stemming from a Research: A Question of Didactical TranspositionChristine Del Notaropdf
150993EDU2014-0993Kindergarten Study-Unit: Development and Nurturing Awareness of the Existence of the Arab ‘other’ and the Existence of the Jewish ‘other’ by Means of the Arts at the Preschool Level Luda Krigerpdf
149991EDU2014-0991Engaging Students in Learning: Lessons from Short-Term Study Abroad Experiences in ItalySusan H. Peet, Deborah Wooldridge and Michael Sturmpdf
148988EDU2014-0988Public Private Partnership in Higher Education in the Indian ContextSuhas Pednekar, Anushree Lokur and Sonali Pednekarpdf
147984EDU2014-0984Cognitive and Affective Aspects of SMS Based Learning at the University LevelYaacov J. Katzpdf
146981EDU2014-0981A Model of Formative Assessment in Music EducationUrban Kordes, Barbara Sicherl Kafol and Ada Holcar Brunauerpdf
145980EDU2014-0980Location-Based Games Enhancing Education: Design and Implementation Lessons LearntMichaela Buchtova and Zdenka Simkovapdf
144979EDU2014-0979Analysis of eLearning Courses with the help of a Learning Analytics ToolMargarita Elkinapdf
143978EDU2014-0978Females’ Perception of the Role of Fathers in Caring for ChildrenShahrokh Shafaie, Gloysis Mayers, Fatima Yousef Al-Maadadi, Chris Coughlin and Deborah G. Wooldridgepdf
142970EDU2014-0970Towards to an Education for Citizenship: Case of a Learning Experience in a Business SchoolAlexandra Jochims Kruel and Elieti Biques Fernandespdf
141959EDU2014-0959A Critical Role of the Student Teaching on Instructional Beliefs: An Example of Early Childhood Student and Cooperating TeachersNesrin Is?koglu Erdoganpdf
140958PSY2014-0958Stages of Sensomotor Correction in Self-Regulation Development of Junior SchoolchildrenEkaterina Sedova and Tatiana Goryachevapdf
139957EDU2014-0957Copyright Issues on Multimedia Production in Distance EducationMaria Rafaela Junqueira Bruno Rodrigues, Dilermando Piva Jr., Angelo Luiz Cortelazzo and Simone Telles Martins Ramospdf
138956EDU2014-0956Initial Education in Colombia: Using Digital Learning Environments to prepare on-the-job PractitionersAlvaro Galvispdf
137955EDU2014-0955The Effects of Instruction on 5th Grade Students’ Conceptual Understandings about Light ConceptAyberk Bostan Sarioglanpdf
136954EDU2014-0954Mobile Technology: Brazilian Case Study from the Perspective of Educational and Socio-digital InclusionLucila Maria Costi Santarosa, Debora Conforto and Fernanda Chagas Schneiderpdf
135946EDU2014-0946Struggling International Students in the United States: Do University Faculty Know How to Help?Susan Unruhpdf
134943COM2014-0943Exploring an Educational System’s Data through Fuzzy Cluster AnalysisErind Bedalli and Ilia Ninkapdf
133942EDU2014-0942Practical Application of Social and Environmental Marketing Assisting Local Needed CommunityElieti Biques Fernandes and Alexandra Jochims Kruelpdf
132940EDU2014-0940The Cross-Curricular Role of School Geography in Education for Sustainable FutureKarmen Kolnikpdf
131935EDU2014-0935Laptop in use at the School: Perceived Relations in the Student Development as seen by TeachersMaria Elizabeth Bianconcini de Almeida and Nelson Morato Pinto de Almeidapdf
130931EDU2014-0931Reflection in Action: A Key to Developing Competences for the Teaching of ScienceAntonio Fernández-Crispín, María Estela Ruiz Primo, Ana Cecilia Tapia Lobatón, José Praxedis Amaro Olivera and Armando Noé Rodríguez Galvánpdf
129929EDU2014-0929Socrates: Philosophy applied to Education – Search for VirtueGustavo Araújo Batistapdf
128923EDU2014-0923Comparison of the Applicability of Two University Selection Methods, the Common Currency Index Method and the Zscore Method from Curriculum based Public Examinations over Several YearsPadma S. Yatapana and Roshini Sooriyarachchipdf
127921EDU2014-0921Developing a Marketing Strategy for Private Higher Education Colleges in South AfricaLouise van Scheerspdf
126918EDU2014-0918Education of the New Generation Computer Science StudentsEstelle Taylor and Martin Parkpdf
125915EDU2014-0915Discovering the Worlds of Living Things, Objects and Substances in Nursery Schools:Teaching Practices and Training PropositionFrédéric Charlespdf
124914EDU2014-0914Role of Preschool Education in Early Support of Prematurely Born Children: A ReviewMonika Zar?bapdf
123910EDU2014-0910Curriculum of Visual Arts on Basic Education: Classrooms’ Everyday Life and Teachers’ FormationAldo Victorio Filho and Inês Barbosa de Oliveirapdf
122909EDU2014-0909Higher Education Access and Success through Distance English Language LearningMaureen Snow Andradepdf
121887CBC2013-0887Entrepreneurial Education and Entrepreneurial Culture among University of Cape Coast Students in GhanaNina Afriyie and Rosemond Boohenepdf
120880PHY-CHE-2013-0879Teaching Green Chemistry Principles to Undergraduate StudentsMariya Rozov, Tyler K. Brescia, Lyanne Valdez and Rita K. Upmacispdf
119815MAT2013-0815A Comparison of the Impact of Natural Language and Manipulatives on Students’ Performance on Word ProblemsKhemduth Singh Angateeah, Hurryramsingh Hurchand, Kaviraj Sharma Sukon and Preethee Nunkoo-Gonpotpdf
118797EDU2013-0797Volunteering in Non-Formal Art based Education for Adults: View Point of the TrainerLina Mili?nien?pdf
117796ECO2013-0796Claims of Business Ideology to University EducationPrzemys?aw Chmieleckipdf
116728MAT2013-0728Integration of Nonverbal Channels in Peer Argumentation: Early Learning of Geometry in a Problem-Solving ContextNaomi Prusak, Rina Hershkowitz and Baruch B. Schwarzpdf
115689MAT2013-0689Impact of Knowledge of Symbols on Mathematics Learning Among the Secondary School Students of Morigaon District (Assam, India)Simarekha Bhagowati and Jnanjyoti Sarmahpdf
114685MAT2013-0685Slow Does It!Sophie Chrysostomou and Mahinda Samarakoonpdf
113681MAT2013-0681Studies in Exceptionality and the Connectivity of MathematicsGeoff Woolcottpdf
112672MAT2013-0672Markovian- Fuzzy Model for Manpower PlanningAdnan-Sh-Jaberpdf
111664EDU2013-0664Toward a View of Classroom Social Psychology: Examination of Real Life Classroom SituationsGamze Inan Kayapdf
110663EDU2013-0663High School Students "Other ID Detection Formats: Case of Ankara Eryaman High SchoolAssiye Aka and Kezban Demir Yazicipdf
109660EDU2013-0660Social Representations that Teachers in São Paulo Public Schools Create  Regarding their Decisions to Choose and Stay in the ProfessionFrancisco Alves de Souza & Maria Laura Puglisi Barbosa Francopdf
108644EDU2013-0644Causes of Ethnic Tension and Conflict among University Students in EthiopiaAbebaw Yirga Adamupdf
107640EDU2013-0640Philosophy, Science and Education in Francis Bacon´s ThoughtGustavo Araújo Batistapdf
106628EDU2013-0628Challenges in the Acquisition of Reading in Arabic: Linguistic and Didactic AspectsBaha Makhoulpdf
105627EDU2013-0627Using Modern Informatics Tools for Smart Decision-Making in Education ProcessTadeusz Wibig, Micha? Jaszczyk and Punsiri Dam-opdf
104622EDU2013-0622Higher Education Institutions as Drivers of Economic Growth in Serbia and JapanLjiljana Markovi?pdf
103621EDU2013-0621Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage as a Prerequisite for Distance LearningAleksandra Vranešpdf
102618EDU2013-0618Training Excellent Teachers Innovation, Involvement and Educational LeadershipTamar Ketkopdf
101617EDU2013-0617Credential-based Meritocracy and Failure of System in Controlling Organised CrimePrashant Tripathi, Chitra Awasthi and Tarinee Apdf
100613EDU2013-0613Classroom Management Strategies Preferred by Teachers in the ClassroomErten Gökçe and Aliye Erdempdf
99610EDU2013-0610Constructivist Practices in Teaching Chemistry: A Cross-National StudyIliya Emilovpdf
98609MED2013-0609"The Final Countdown" Apply Dis(ease)Ability: Teaching Methodology and Innovative Media Education in Function Solution/Communication with DisabilityRaffaella Conversano and Gaetano Manzullipdf
97603EDU2013-0603How to Support Students’ First-Year Experience at University with ICTManabu Murakami, Ken Takeuchi, Hirotaka Honda and Ki-ichiro Satopdf
96602EDU2013-0602An Academic ‘Glass Cliff’? Exploring the Increase of Women in Swedish Higher Education ManagementHelen Petersonpdf
95601EDU2013-0601Poetry for Young Readers in their ResponsesJaroslav Valapdf
94600EDU2013-0600Private Tutoring and Educational Inequalities in Canton Ticino -  SwitzerlandGiovanna Zanollapdf
93599EDU2013-0599The Epistemological Crisis in Physical Education: Implications for Teaching WorkClaudio Pellini Vargas and Antonio Flavio Barbosa Moreirapdf
92598EDU2013-0598Phenomenon Called LearningMerja Meriläinen and Maarika Piispanenpdf
91579ARC2013-0579Education through ArchitectureAndrea Monteiro Vicente and Miguel Santiagopdf
90574MAT2013-0574A Case Study Focusing on the Motivational Factors Affecting Vocational Students in Mathematics Lectures?ule ?ahinpdf
89572MAT2013-0572Various Efforts to Improve Motivation to Learn MathematicsMichihiro Sakai and Toshihiko Miyajipdf
88549MED2013-0549Intercultural Communication and Modern Media EducationAlevtina A. Kolosova and Natalia V. Poplavskayapdf
87544SOC2013-0544Problems and Perspectives of Accessible Professional Education for Disabled People in RussiaOlga Borodkinapdf
86525ARC2013-0525Hybridized Pedagogies: Architectural Education in MotionAnthony Tituspdf
85519EDU2013-0519Business Students’ Perception of their Critical Thinking Abilities in an Offshore CampusSusan Solimanpdf
84511MAT2013-0511Evaluation of the Use of Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Theses and Dissertations of Some Higher Education InstitutionsMaria Aparecida Gouvêa and Leandro Campi Prearopdf
83509MAT2013-0509Curriculum Independence of Self Assessment: Implications for Mathematics & Statistics EducationBetty McDonaldpdf
82475MAT2013-0475Connectivity between Various Representations of Sets and the Relations between them among Teachers-Training StudentsAmal Sharif-Rasslan, Fathi Saleh and Elias Abboudpdf
81474MAT2013-0474Development of Logical Think among StudentsGohar Marikyanpdf
80473MAT2013-0473Linear Algebra in New Environments (LINE) – An AssessmentLaurel Cooley and Draga Vidakovicpdf
79472MAT2013-0472Bilingual Mathematics Education and Mathematical OlympiadsYouyu Phillipspdf
78471MAT2013-0471Integrating Community Outreach Research and Learning (CORAL) Projects in Teaching Graduate Statistics in the Social SciencesCarla J. Thompsonpdf
77468EDU2013-0468High School Students’ Views of Mathematics as a Tool for Social CritiqueAnastasia Breliaspdf
76464EDU2013-0464The Critical Voice of Successful Students in the Strategies of Resolving the High Drop-out Rate in Engineering StudiesDudu Mkhizepdf
75463EDU2013-0463Effects of Day-Lighting in Schools on Student Performance and Well-BeingErica Cochran, Kristen Magnuson, Nivedita Papi Reddy and Angela Koloskypdf
74462EDU2013-0462Theatre in Education, Democracy and Greek National Celebration PerformancesAspasia Simpsipdf
73461EDU2013-0461Multicultural Education: Suggestions for Implementation and School TransformationAmy M. Williamson and Latasha Jonespdf
72438EDU2013-0438Assessment in Teacher Education: North & South [ATENS]Geraldine Magennis and Tracey Connollypdf
71437EDU2013-0437Research Design and Methods of a Pilot Study in a Primary School in Athens: How do Teachers Experience and Understand the Current Situation of Socioeconomic Crisis and Rising Xenophobia in Greece?Maria Chalaripdf
70436EDU2013-0436Building Trust in E-LearningY. Diana Wangpdf
69435EDU2013-0435Decision-Making by School Principals and Education Researchers:  The Dilemma of Reverse Coding in Structural Equation Modeling and its Resolution in a Study of Risk-Taking in Decision-Making for School PrincipalsKaren Trimmerpdf
68434EDU2013-0434Novices Teachers Mentors – What do they contribute to the Intern's professional development in the Bedouin and in the Jewish sectors?Orly Michaelpdf
67433EDU2013-0433The Professional Staff – Student Outcomes Framework:  Investigating the Contributions of Higher Education Professional Staff to Student OutcomesCarroll Grahampdf
66432EDU2013-0432The Relationship between High School Students' Participation in Sporting Activity and Personality VariablesMiri Shachaf and Yaacov J Katzpdf
65431EDU2013-0431Using Technology to Engage Students and Build Learning Communities to Inform Instructional DecisionsCarol Todd, Victoria Anyikwa, Nancy Ryan, Patricia Tobin and Nancy Woodpdf
64422SOC2013-0422Cultural and Social Changes in Education: A Canadian Case StudyRichard D. Christypdf
63421ARC2013-042110 out of 10 for Scottish School Design? - Providing an accessible, sustainable environment for 21st century educationClaire Hyland, David Grierson, Sue Sadler,  and Zeynab Asgaripdf
62411SOC2013-0411Is Transnational Higher Education a Good Way to Reduce Brain Drain? Evidences from AustraliaAntonina Levatinopdf
61407EDU2013-0407Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) in Flemish Higher Education. Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Future PracticePieter Spooren and Francis Van Loonpdf
60406EDU2013-0406Becoming a Teacher in the United States: Are Attitudes of Incoming Candidates Malleable?Sheryl O’Sullivanpdf
59405EDU2013-0405A Moving Target: The Problem of Defining Teacher QualityDeborah Zuercher, Jon Yoshioka and Joseph Zillioxpdf
58404EDU2013-0404The Relationship Between Students’ Perceptions of the Classroom Assessment Tasks and Academic AchievementHussain Alkharusi, Said Aldhafri, Hilal Alnabhani and Muna Alkalbanipdf
57389MDT2013-0389Communication Methods of Sexual Education at Albanian SchoolsDorina Zenelaj and Dritan Shoraj pdf
56358EDU2012-0358Computer-mediated Communication as Input for Polish Teenage Learners of EnglishAleksandra Wachpdf
55357EDU2012-0357Lessons Learned: A Longitudinal Case Study of Transnational Distance EducationDeborah Zuercher and Jon Yoshiokapdf
54356EDU2012-0356Do Schools Make a Difference: A Two Year Study of High School Effects and First Year College SuccessWade Smith, Jason Droddy, A.J. Guarino & Esenc M. Balampdf
53341AGR2012-0341Training Needs Assessment of Mid-Career Agricultural Extension Officers: Evidences from Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE) Intervention in North-East NigeriaM. R. Ja’afar-Furo, J. S. Neils, D. I. Mojaba, A. Sulaiman and J. D. Shallpdf
52331SPO2012-0331The Effect of Cooperative Learning and Traditional Exercise Method Used in Physical Education and Sports upon Social Skills of the StudentsZ. Bahad?r and A.Pulurpdf
51318HIS2012-0318Roman Catholic Theological Education in Russia. Case of Roman Catholic Academy of St. Petersburg (1842-1918)Irena Wodzianowskapdf
50279LIT2012-0279Digital Portfolio. Improving Portfolio in High Education LevelsPedro Jesús Molina Muñozpdf
49244MAT2012-0244Mathematical Reality and Modelling – New Problems for Mathematical Classes and Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary SchoolHerbert Henning and Benjamin Johnpdf
48239LIT2012-0239Plato and Liberal EducationMaia Shukhoshvilipdf
47233CON2012-0233Academic Development and Sustainability Education within Higher Education: Case Studies of PracticeSarah Holdsworth and Ian Thomaspdf
46228EDU2012-0228The Language of Advertising and it’s Portrayal of Older WomenTizreena Ismailpdf
45212LIT2012-0212Language Educational Policy in Mauritius: Nationalistic v/s Nationistic ChoiceYesha Devi Mahadeo Doorgakantpdf
44210PHI2012-0210The Identity, the Integration in Our Global Era. Education by the Intercultural CommunicationAgim Lekapdf
43194PSY2012-0194Quality of Learning in Higher Education: Students’ Conceptions of Learning as a Critical AspectMaria Luísa Grácio, Maria Elisa Chaleta and Glória Ramalhopdf
42192EDU2012-0192Arabic Communication Culture in the Context of CRMMoza Mohammed Ali Al-Shihipdf
41178MAT2012-0178Two Stones Kill One BirdGuanshen Renpdf
40176MAT2012-0176Staging of Mathematical EducationAlexsey Kanel-Belov and Roman Yavichpdf
39165EDU2012-0165World View (Weltanshauung) in Vocational Education in LatviaInese Augskalnepdf
38161EDU2012-0161Employer’s and Teacher Cooperation in Development of Vocational Education Programs Content in Latvian Republic Vocationan Education System: Description of the SituationAnita Za?aiskalnepdf
37160EDU2012-0160Pre-Service Teachers Undertaking Classroom Research: Developing Reflection and Enquiry SkillsJane Medwel and David Wraypdf
36159EDU2012-0159Using Action Research for Verification that Technology Impacts Student AchievementJoel Levine and Gladys Aromepdf
35156EDU2012-0156Knowledge-management and Study Process of Medical CollegeJuris Firstspdf
34153EDU2012-0153Preparing Teachers of English Learners in the 21st Century: What Matters?Maria R. Coady, Ester J. de Jong and Candace A. Harperpdf
33150EDU2012-0150A Case Study on Integration of Different Reflective Methods in Teaching PracticeTeli Karaman and Ay?enur Yontar Togrolpdf
32147EDU2012-0147Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) in French Higher EducationPascal Lafont and Marcel Pariatpdf
31146EDU2012-0146Determining Turkish Senior Science Student Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of ‘Environmental Chemistry’ Elective CourseTuncay Özsevgeç and Muammer Çalikpdf
30141EDU2012-0141The Impact of Family Background and Socioeconomic Status on University Admission in IranSeyed Bagher Mirashrafi, Georg Bol, Ebrahim Khodaie and Gholamreza Nakhaiezadehpdf
29139EDU2012-0139Employability, Student Engagement via Dis Engagement with KnowledgePatricia Byrne-Robertspdf
28138EDU2012-0138Gender Differences in Acceptance by Students of Training Software for Office ToolsValérie Lefievrepdf
27136EDU2012-0136Higher Education Biology Students’ Conceptions on Botany Teaching: A Brazil – Portugal Case StudyJoão Rodrigo Santos da Silva, Fernando Guimarães and Paulo Takeo Sanopdf
26131EDU2012-0131Writing in the Cypriot Dialect: More History or More Phonology? Investigating Primary School Students’ Choices of Words, Morphemes and Graphemes when Writing Using the Cypriot DialectSimeon Tsolakidis and Nataly Loizidou Ieridoupdf
25130EDU2012-0130Determining Coping Styles of University Students with StressRumeysa Akgun, Gozde Terekli, Ece Ugurluoglu and Ozgur Ugurluoglupdf
24126EDU2012-0126Organization of Out-Of-Lesson-Time Activities at School and out of School: Analysis of Students’ Attitude Lina Mili?nien?pdf
23119MAT2012-0119On Some Experience with an Innovation of Initial Mathematics Teacher Training and its EvaluationPetr Emanovský and Bronislava Št?pánkovápdf
22118EDU2012-0118English Language Education in Vocational High Schools in Taiwan: A Study from an English for Specific Purposes PerspectiveTzu-Ling Huapdf
21115EDU2012-0115Greek Language Teacher Education for Teaching Greek as an Additional Language in Greek Secondary SchoolsCharalampia Karagiannipdf
20112EDU2012-0112A Staff Development Model for the Improvement of Science Content Knowledge and Teaching Practice for Elementary School TeachersCatherine L. Tannahill, Jeanelle Day, Hari Koirala, Xing Liu and Susannah Richardpdf
1996MAT2012-0096Mathematics Tutoring and Course CompletionJunalyn Navarra-Madsenpdf
1892ART2012-0092Reflexive Capacity Building: Visual Art Education as a Culture of Thinking and LearningDelane Ingalls Vanadapdf
1767EDU2012-0067Students' Natural Use of Technologies in Classroom LecturesLucia Zivcakova and Eileen Woodpdf
1662EDU2012-0062Cross-cultural Curriculum Design in China: Reflections on Human Rights EducationRhona Smithpdf
1558EDU2012-0058Evaluating Learning Management System (LMS)-facilitated Delivery of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Postsecondary EducationSarah E. Bryans Bongey, Trudie Hughes and Anne Schererpdf
1455EDU2012-0055Planning and Implementing the Daily Routine in Slovene Kindergartens and Reggio Emilia ConceptSanja Ber?nik and Tatjana Devjakpdf
1354EDU2012-0054Why are we here? An Investigation of Academic, Employability and Social Facets of Business Undergraduates’ Motivation Using Thurstone ScalingJohn Buglearpdf
1253EDU2012-0053Preparing Teachers of English Learners in the 21st Century:  What Matters?Maria R. Coady, Ester J. de Jong and Candace A. Harper,pdf
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