Engineering Division (ED)

Engineering Division (ED)

  • Director: Dr. Bala Maheswaran, Professor, Northeastern University, USA.
  • Deputy Director: Dr. Andres Tremante, Professor, Florida International University, USA.
  • Executive Division Assistant: Ms. Olga Gkounta (cv), B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), M.Sc. (Environment and Health) (contact)

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The Engineering Division (ED) consists of the following units:

  • Civil Engineering Unit (Head: Dr. Dimitrios Goulias, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, University of Maryland, USA.)
  • Electrical Engineering Unit (Acting Head: Dr. Bala Maheswaran, Professor, Northeastern University, USA.)
  • Industrial Engineering Unit (Head: Dr. Theodore Trafalis, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering & Director, Optimization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory, The University of Oklahoma, USA.)
  • Mechanical Engineering Unit (Head: Dr. Nikos Mourtos, Professor, San Jose State University, USA.)
  • Transportation Engineering Unit (Head: Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku, Professor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.)

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