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Research Unit: Mathematics & Statistics

Head: Dr. Vladimir Akis, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, California State University, Los Angeles.

Upcoming Annual Conferences of the Mathematics & Statistics Research Unit:

  1. (Information) 16-19 June 2013, 8th Annual International Conference on Mathematics & Computer Science, Athens, Greece.
  2. (Information) 30 June & 1-3 July 2014, 8th Annual International Conference on Statistics, Athens, Greece.

3.      (Information) 30 June & 1-3 July 2014, 8th Annual International Conference on Mathematics Education & Statistics Education, Athens, Greece.

Other Conferences Sponsored by the Research Unit of Mathematics & Statistics:

1.    (Information), 1st Annual International Conference on Industrial and Systems Engineering, 24-27 June 2013, Athens, Greece.

2.    (Information), 1st Annual International Conference on Demography and Population Studies, 16-19 June 2014, Athens, Greece

Publications of the Mathematics & Statistics Research Unit: Click Here

Academic Members of the Mathematics & Statistics Research Unit:


  1. Dr. Roberto Oscar Aquilano (C.V.), Researcher, Instituto de Fisica Rosario - Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.
  2. Dr. Michael Aristidou (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Barry University, USA.
  3. Dr. Ivan G. Avramidi (C.V.), Professor, New Mexico Tech, USA.
  4. Mr. Weibao Chang (C.V.), Associate Research Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  5. Dr. Constantine Georgakis (C.V.), Associate Professor, DePaul University, USA.
  6. Dr. Dominique Haughton (C.V.), Professor, Bentley University and Toulouse School of Economics, USA.
  7. Dr. Jose Roberto Iglesias (C.V.), Professor, University Federal of Rio Grande of Sul, Brazil.
  8. Dr. Upali W. Jayasinghe (C.V.), Senior Research Fellow, University of New South Wales, Australia.
  9. Dr. Boo Cheong Khoo (C.V.), Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  10. Dr. Nikolaos Liodakis (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.
  11. Dr. Anne Ndidi Meremikwu (C.V.), Lecturer, University of Calabar, Nigeria.
  12. Ms. Irini Papaieronymou (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, Michigan State University, USA and PA College, Larnaca, Cyprus.  
  13. Dr. Nikolaos Rachaniotis (C.V.), Seasonal Lecturer, University of Piraeus, Greece.
  14. Dr. Salazar Raquel (C.V.), Professor-Researcher, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, Mexico.
  1. Dr. Nasrollah Saebi (C.V.), Senior Lecturer, Kingston University, U.K.
  2. Dr. Rachad Mounir Shoucri (C.V.), Professor, Royal Military College of Canada Kingston, Canada.
  3. Dr. Orpha Ongiti (C.V.), Director & Senior Lecturer, Africa Nazarene University, Kenya.
  4. Dr. Codruta Simona Stoica (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania.
  5. Dr. Maria Siopsis (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Maryville College, USA.  
  6. Dr. Budi Suitarjo (C.V.), Bojor Agricultural University, Indonesia.
  7. Dr. Tin Lam Toh (C.V.), Associate Professor, National Institute of Education, Singapore.
  8. Dr. Allison Joye Tracy (C.V.), Senior Research Scientist and Methodologist, Wellesley Centers for Women, USA.
  9. Dr. Theodore Trafalis (C.V.), Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The University of Oklahoma, USA.
  10. Dr. Tzvetalin Vassilev (C.V.), Associate Professor, Nipissing University, Canada.
  11. Dr. Evgeny Vostokov (C.V.), Professor, St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication named after M.A. Bonch-Bruevich, Russia.
  12. Dr. Jeffrey George Williams (C.V.), Professor, Brandon University, Canada.
  13. Ms. Zalihe Yarkiner (C.V.), Doctoral Researcher, Kingston University, U.K.
  14. Mr. Jun Yin (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, University of Oslo, Norway.
  15. Dr. Barbara Zagaglia (C.V.), Assistant Professor of Demography, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy.