Private Law, Public Law and Human Rights

Edited by David A. Frenkel

ISBN: 978-618-5065-25-6, 196 pages

First published in 2014 by ATINER

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Table of Contents


List of Contributors                                                                                      3


Introduction                                                                                                   5

David A. Frenkel



Part I: Private Law




A Case of Scarlet Fever                                                                                15

Andrew Percy Ross



Contracts of Employment


Contracts of Employment: A Preliminary Study of the                            29

Interaction between Relational Norms and Formal Agreements

Penny-Ann F. Cullen and Richard J. Hickman



Property Rights


Property and Fundamental Rights between Court Judgment and          49

Constitutional Norms

Maria Luisa Chiarella




Part II: Criminal Law and Justice


Private Prosecution


The Public-Private Divide in Prosecutions and Obtaining of                   65

Evidence: Towards a Code?

Claire de Than and Jesse Elvin



International Criminal Justice


International Criminal Justice and the American System of                    79

Criminal Procedure

Johan D. van Vyver




Part III: Public Law




Social Security for the Immigrants and New Perspectives of                   115


Paola Chiarella



Public Participation in Decision Making


Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making: the                  127

Implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the Case-Law of

the Compliance Committee

Andrea Saba



Part IV: Women in Literature


The Author and her Work: Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley as a                    141

Therapeutic Experience

Aleksandra Tryniecka



Unwritten Lawyers: A Comparative Approach on the                             157

Representation of Women Lawyers in the Anglo-American and

European Literature

Anna Chronopoulou



Part V: European Court of Human Rights


Are the New Filtering Measures of Applications by the European          169

Court of Human Rights Effective?

Taixia Shen



The Judges of the European Court of Human Rights as a Special          181

Socio-professional Group of Global Influence

Anatoli Bayashou