THEMES ON HEALTH CARE: Challenges and Future Actions

Edited by Zoe Boutsioli

ISBN: 978-960-6672-54-5, 442 pages

First published in 2009 by ATINER

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Table of Contents


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Health Care Systems: Challenges and Future Actions –

An Introduction

Z. Boutsioli


Section 1: Health Insurance

Chapter 2

Development of Lists and Referred Prices for Assistive Devices for Persons with Disability:

Thai National Health Security System

K. Chunthai, K. Turner, C. Haruthai and P. Jirojanakul


Chapter 3

Introducing the Fixed Standard Price System and Co-payment System into the Provision of Assistive Devices for Persons with Disability in Thailand

P. Jirojanakul, K. Chunthai, C. Haruthai and K. Turner


Chapter 4

Public Utility Corporation Model for Providing Comprehensive Health Insurance in the State of Idaho, USA

U. Reischl


Chapter 5

Health Insurance and Access to Care:

The Plight of the USA Immigrant Population

L. Paringer


Section 2: Public Health

Chapter 6

The Longevity gains of Education

Y. Sanchez


Chapter 7

Perception and Awareness of ’Healthy Eating’: Is there any Difference between Developed and Developing Countries?

J. Puspa and R. Kühl


Chapter 8

Employing an Excise Tax as Part of an Anti-obesity Strategy

G. Hawley


Chapter 9

The Socio-economic Determinants of Health Outcomes: Evidence from 23 OECD Countries

D. BaŞar, Z. ÇaliŞkan and S. KiliÇ


Chapter 10

Prediction of Daily AMI Incidence based on the Weather Forecast: A Case Study of Finland

N. Schreier, E. Moltchanova, O. Kuik, N. Lammi and

M. Karvonen


Chapter 11

A Method of Finding Target Groups for Controlling the Cost of Lifestyle-related Diseases

T. Kojo, I. Innami and T. Kuroshima


Chapter 12

Designing Efficient Organizational Structure for Rare Diseases: The Case of Centre of Reference for Rare Diseases in France

I. Hirtzlin, A. Le Chaffotec, C. Staropoli and L. Zhou


Chapter 13

Families: What makes them Functional and Dysfunctional?-

A Comparative Study of Normal with Young Substance Abusing  Families

M. Mohanty


Chapter 14

New Challenges emerging from Polish Health Economics Studies performed in Accordance with the Requirements of One of the American Schools of Public Health

M. Bryla, W. Stelmach and I. Maniecka-Bryla


Section 3: Hospitals

Chapter 15

Situations of Burnout among the Managers and Health Employees who Work in Clinics at Three Hospitals in Ankara                                                      

Ö.R. Önder, A.R. Demirbaş and N. Sarp


Chapter 16

Determining Conflict Management Strategies of Managers at Ministry of Health Hospitals in Ankara

A. Ezel Esatoglu, S. Karagoz, I. Agirbas and G. Yenimahalleli-Yasar


Chapter 17

Types of Disasters that Hospitals faced in Ankara-Turkey

N. Sarp


Chapter 18

Scents in a Paediatric Service: Stakes and Prospects

M. Naja


Chapter 19

Procurement of Intermediary Services:

Interpreters in the Dutch Health Care

F. Felsö


Chapter 20

The Cost Efficiency of Hospitals in Poland

J. Rój 


Section 4: Health Care Economics

Chapter 21

The Impacts of Public Health Care financing on Income Redistribution

I. Honekamp and D. Possenriede


Chapter 22

Fudning Health Care in Turkey: Will the General Health Insurance Act be Able to solve the Efficiency and Sustainability Problems?

G. Yenimahalleli-Yasar


Chapter 23

Costs of Patients with and without Nosocomial Infections in Surgery Wards at Shariati Hospital in 2004 in Isfahan City, Iran

S. Ajami, M. Bolokian and M. Ataee


Chapter 24

Elaboration of Therapeutic Protocols in an Intensive Care Unit - Impact on Medical Practices and Costs

D. Tonduangu and F. Jungfer Bouvier


Chapter 25

International Law and Optimal Antiretroviral Drug Access                                                  

C.E.S. Warburton


Chapter 26

Incompatible Logics of Competing Stakeholders in Biotechnology Clusters

E. Kasabov


Chapter 27

Economic Analysis of Autologous Blood Transfusion considering a Utilisation Coefficient

K. Gäbler, M. Leben, H. Hofmann and C. Trautner


Section 5: Health Policy

Chapter 28

Policy Change and Institutional Isomorphism in Health Care

G.E. Randall 


Chapter 29

Boston or Berlin – A Decision for Irish Health Care

S. Ni Luasa