Selected Essays on Current Legal Issues

Edited by David A. Frenkel and Carsten Gerner-Beuerle

ISBN: 978-960-6672-37-8, 409 pages, Hardback

First published in 2008 by ATINER

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Table of Contents



List of Contributors                                                                                       1


Introduction                                                                                                5

- David A. Frenkel & Carsten Gerner-Beuerle





Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property: Who Owns It?                                                         13

- John T. McDermott


Why the Law cannot fully protect the Franchisor’s Brand            31

- Thomas Burns



Business law


The Impact of American Lockean Constitutional Theory on

Economic Markets                                                                                       49

- Charles W. “Rocky” Rhodes


The European takeover Bid Directive: Does it Really Exists?                 59

- Thomas Papadopoulos


The Perils of Privatization: A Review of Recent Cases between

Foreign Investors and Host States                                                              77

- Bernard Bishop


European Gates and American Gatekeepers - The Influence

of the American Gatekeeper Theory on Regulating the European

Financial Market                                                                                          89

-  Carsten Gerner-Beuerle


The Law and Economics of the European Investment Fund

Industry and Capital Markets                                                                     101

-  Armin J. Kammel



Contract Law


The Concept of Force Majeure in European Community Law                  119

- Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz

The Interpretation of European Private Law and the Four

Market Freedoms                                                                                        131

- Michael Schillig


The Influence of Classical Interpretation on the Law of

Guarantees in the United Arab Emirates                                                   143

- Suhaimi Ab Rahman



Consumer Protection


Problems and Legal Measures of Consumer Protection for

Electronic Commerce in Thailand                                                             159

- Aunya Singsangob



Agency Law


Agency                                                                                                                    169

- Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos



Conflict of Laws


Law Applicable to Intellectual Property Contracts in the

Absence of Choice of the Parties                                                               179

- Gulenay Rusen


Foreign Plaintiffs, Forum Non Conveniens, and Consistency                 193

- Andrew R. Klein


American and European Approaches to Personal

Jurisdiction and the Internet                                                                    203

- Richard D. Freer





Criminal Law and Criminal Justice


Arrest Clearances for Homicide: National and International

Comparisons                                                                                             219

- Marc Riedel


Assessing Alternative Forms of Localised Justice in

Post-Conflict Societies - Youth Justice in Northern Ireland

and South Africa                                                                                      231

- Kerry Leigh Clamp

Tax Law


Transfer Pricing Principles and Economic Development:

The Taxman and a Changing Europe                                                     247

- Michael P. Malloy



Human Rights


The Application of the ‘Grave Breaches' Regime to

Internal Armed Conflicts                                                                         257

- Pieter G. Du Toit


Managing the Implementation of Socio-Economic Rights

as Conferred by the South African Constitution                                    267

- Antoinette Marais



Cultural Property


Protecting Newly-Discovered Antiquities: An Economic

Case for the State Ownership Approach                                              283

- Peter T. Wendel



Media Law


International Sharing in Radio Frequency Spectrum:

Historic Review of Regulations                                                            295

- Chun Hung Lin



Environmental Law and Land Planning


Sustainable Development in Europe: The Energy Policy

Dimension                                                                                               311

- Andrius Šimkus


Hill Slope Development Law in Malaysia: Looking at

the Federal Territory and Selangor                                                     325

- Rasyikah Md. Khalid, Siti Sarah Sulaiman, & Norha Abu Hanifah



Public International Law


Modern Security Threats: Challenging the Accepted

Understandings of the Right of Self-Defence                                        341

-  Kalliopi Chainoglou


The Law on Combat Immunity: Does Judicial Sense

Make Economic Sense?                                                                         355

- Rachel A. Nir





History of Law


The Classical Greek Tradition in English Law                                      373

- Klearchos A. Kyriakides



Legal Education


Law Schools Addressing the Training needs of

Expert Witnesses                                                                                   387

- Penny Cooper


Can Successful Lawyers Think in Different Languages?

Incorporating Critical Strategies that Support Learning

Lawyering Skills for the Practice of Law in a Global

Environment                                                                                            397

-  Katerina P. Lewinbuk