2nd International Conference



JULY 3-4, 2006, Athens, Greece


Organized by

       Academy of Tourism Research & Studies




Venue: St George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel

2 Kleomenous Street, Lycabettus, Athens.



Organizing Committee

  1. Marios Vasilopoulos, President, ATEM.
  2. Gregory T. Papanikos, Director, ATINER, Greece.
  3. Mike-Frank G. Epitropoulos, Head, Tourism Research Unit, ATINER.
  4. Cleopatra Veloutsou, Head, Marketing Research Unit, ATINER & Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK.
  5. John Kelvyn Richards, Head, Sports Research Unit, ATINER, Greece.
  6. Chris Sakellariou, Head, Economics Research Unit, ATINER and Associate Professor, Nanyang University, Singapore.
  7. Dimitrios N. Koufopoulos, Head, Management Research Unit, ATINER & Lecturer - Director of Post Graduate Studies, Brunel University, U.K.
  8. Vasilios Filios, Head, Accounting & Finance Research Unit, ATINER & Associate Professor, University of Ioannina, Greece.







Takis Chreppas, Thomas Papanikos, Sylia Sakka.


Conference Program


Monday July 3rd, 2006

(The time for each session includes a 10 minutes coffee break)



8:30-09:00 Registration


09:00-09:10 Welcome and Opening Speech


       Gregory T. Papanikos, Director, ATINER

       Marios Vasilopoulos, President, ATEM

       Mike-Frank G. Epitropoulos, Head, Tourism Research Unit, ATINER




09:10-10:30 SESSION I

Chairperson: Epitropoulos, M-K, G., Head, Tourism Research Unit, ATINER.


1.                  Ohl, C.M., Professor, California State University, Fullerton, USA & Guala, J., Associate Professor, Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, USA. Destination Tourism and Theme Park Entertainment.

2.                  Wen, Y.-C., Yu Ching, Wen, Taiwan & Lin, C. P., Yu Ching, Wen, Taiwan. An Empirical Study of the Relationship among Leisure Experiences and Destination Image: A Case of Janfusun Fancy World

3.                  Poole-Street, B., Professor, Charminade University of Honolulu, USA. Simple Needs, Deep PocketsA Neglected Market Segment.

4.                  Agosta, P., Assistant Researcher, Milano Bicocca University, Italy, Calcagni, P., Assistant Researcher, Milano Bicocca University, Italy & Cappiello, G., Professor, Milano Bicocca University, Italy. Positioning Cruise Vacation.



10:30-12:00 SESSION II

Chairperson: Ohl, C.M., Professor, California State University, Fullerton, USA


1.                   Huang, L., Associate Professor, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College, Taiwan & Chen, C-W., Graduate Student, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College, Taiwan. Developing Performance Measurement Model for Tour Guides.

2.                   Kaplanidou, K., Ph.D. Student, Michigan State University, USA & Karlis, G., Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada. Athens and Olympic Games: Distance and Image Congruency.

3.                   Liu, J.S., Instructor, Providence University, Taiwan & Li, C.J., Assistant Professor, Providence University, Taiwan. The Motivation and Involvement of Kite Players from the Perspective of Serious Leisure.

4.                   Yenipinar, U., Assistant Professor, The Aegean University, Turkey. Event Tourism, Mega Events and Development of the Cities (The 23rd Summer Universiade 2005 Izmir).



12:00-13:30 SESSION III

Chairperson: Kaplanidou, K., Ph.D. Student, Michigan State University, USA


1.             Caccomo, L., Manager of the Tourism Economics Team of G.E.R.E.M., Perpignan University Via Domitia, France. Essay of Application of the Concept of Permanent Regime Concept in the Analysis of the Tourism Flow: Tendencies and Impact of the Shocks on the Dynamics of the Tourism Trend.(Monday, 3rd July)

2.             Divino, J.A., Professor, UCB and CET/UnB, Brazil. Tourism and Development: Evidence from Brazil.

3.             Papageorgiou, G., Lecturer, University of Surrey, UK. The Greek Gene? Collaboration and Collective Action in Public Private Sector Interactions in Greece.

4.             Santana-Gallego, M., Ph.D. Student, University of Lalaguna, Spain, Ledesma-Rodriguez, F.J., Associate Professor, University of Lalaguna, Spain & Perez-Rodriguez, J.V., Associate Professor, University of Lalaguna, Spain. On the Relationship Between Trade and Tourism.



13:30 15:00: LUNCH (in Conference Venue)







 20:00-22:00 GREEK NIGHT

(Place: Tavern STAMATOPOULOS, 26 Lissiou Street,  PLAKA, Tel.: 210 3228722)



Tuesday July 4th, 2006


08:30-10:00 SESSION IV

Chairperson:  Katsiyannis, K., ex-Director, Greek National Tourism Organization, Greece


1.       Daskou, S., Lecturer, Deree College, Greece & Gavrili, D., Lecturer, Deree College, Greece. Conceptualising Relationship Marketing in the context of the Tourism Industry (1st Session on Tuesday).

2.       Bezirci, Z., Assistant Professor, University of Selcuk, Turkey & Akan, M., Assistant Professor, University of Selcuck, Turkey. Some Suggestions to Find and Improve Handicrafts that Help the Turkish Tourism

3.       Veloutsou, C., Senior Lecturer, Glasgow University, U.K. Brand Identity, Brand Image and Brand Reputation for a Country: Some Thoughts for Greece as a Brand.

4.       Yang, J.T., Assistant Professor, National Kaohsiung Hospitality, Taiwan & Standeu, P., Associate Professor, Edith Cowan University, Taiwan. The Influence of Individual Attitude on Knowledge Flow and Organizational Learning



10:00-11:30 SESSION V

Chairperson: Papageorgiou, G., Lecturer, University of Surrey, UK.


1.       Brida, J.G., Assistant Professor, Free University of Bolzano, Italy & Accinelli, E., Full Professor, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico. Preservation of Environmental Quality and Tourist Investments

2.       Celtek, E., Researcher, Anadolu University, Turkey, Ahipasaoglu, S., Associate Professor, Anadolu University, Turkey. Rural Tourism: The Profile of Eco-Agro Tourism Farm Businesses in Turkey.

3.       Chen, Y., Ph.D. Student, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan & Hsieh, T., Lecturer, Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism College, Taiwan. Analyzing and Measuring the Sustainable Development for the National Park by Applying Ecological Footprint.

4.       Epitropoulos, M-F, G., Head, Tourism Research Unit, ATINER, Greece. Agrotourism as a Sustainable Rural Development Tool



11:30-13:00 SESSION VI

Chairperson: Veloutsou, C., Head, Marketing Research Unit, ATINER & Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK.


1.       Anastasiou, S., Lecturer, TEI of Epirus, Greece, Moira, P., Reader, TEI of Piraeus, Greece, Milonopoulos, D., Assistant Professor, TEI of Piraeus, Greece & Nathanailides, C., Reader, TEI of Epirus, Greece. The Capacity of Hotel Rooms in Selected European Countries Correlates with the Internet Search Results for Hotel Accommodation.

2.       Such Devesa, M.J., Lecturer, University of Alcala, Spain. The Financial Structure of the Hotel Industry Companies: Designing Expansion Strategies.

3.       Filios, V., Associate Professor, University of Ioannina, Greece. The Distinctiveness of Hotel Accounting

4.       Lin, C.H., Assistant Professor, Diwan College, Taiwan, Lin, I.H., Assistant Professor, Lynn University, Taiwan & Lin, C.T., Assistant Professor, Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan. The Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty and Service Improvement in the Hotel Industry.



13:30-15:00 LUNCH (in Conference Venue)





19:00-20:30 DINNER (Place: Rozalia Tavern, 58 Valtetsiou str., Exarcheia Square, Tel.: 210-330-2933)


Wednesday July 5th, 2006

One-Day Cruise to the Aegean Islands (includes Lunch)

07:00 Bus Departure from the Conference Hotel to Piraeus
08:30 Boat Departure

20:30 Return to the Conference Hotel from Piraeus.