Friday May 24, 2002


08:00-08:30  Registration  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)


08:30-08:35  Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos, Director, ATINER


08:35-09:30  KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor and Member of the Greek Parliament George Psacharopoulos on Education Policy Challenges Today


09:30-11:00  SESSION I   (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson: Gregory T. Papanikos, ATINER, Greece.


1.      Allen, G., University College of St. Mark & St. John, Plymouth, UK. Trust in Higher Education. New Dimensions in the Economics of Trust Relations in Higher Education.

2.      Barbaro, S., Gottingen University, Germany. The Distributional Impact of Subsidies to Higher Education Empirical Evidence from Germany.

3.      Weiss, M., University of Erfurt, Germany. The institutional context of schooling: the role of school structure.

4.      Telhaj, S., Stafforshire University Business School, UK. Dysfunctional Effects of Performance Indicators in English Education: A Principal-Agent Framework.


11:00-12:30 SESSION IIa    (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson:  Garth Allen, University College of St. Mark & St. John,   Plymouth, UK


1.      Karagiozis, N., University of Ottawa, Canada. Weighing the Ethical Importance of Researchers Cultural Identification and Self Awareness.

2.      Cooper Mayasami, R., Nanyang Business School, Singapore. Cultural and Educational Re-Engineering to Enhance Entrepreneurship in Singapore.

3.      Eliophotou-Menon, M., University of Cyprus, Cyprus. The Vocational Paradigm in Education: A Critique.




11:00-12:30 SESSION IIb  (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson:  Manfred Weiss, University of Erfurt, Germany


1.      Grin, A., Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia. Financial Management as a component of business administration at a higher educational establishment.

2.       Leen, A., Research Centre and Leiden University, The Netherlands. The Why Behind and the Education of the Simplest Tax System of Them All.

3.      Zamani, B., University of Iran, Iran. Factors affecting the success of educational technological innovation in the developing countries.

4.      Aniftos, M., Office Administration Campus Programme Coordinator, Limassol, Cyprus. An Ancient Profession with a Contemporary Institutional Function: An Overview of the Development of Records Management.


12:30-14:00 SESSION IIIa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson:  R. Cooper Mayasami, Nanyang Business School, Singapore


1.      Beddoes-Jones, F., Louridas, A. & Halstead, A., Coventry University, UK. Thinking Styles: A New Psychometric Instrument for Personal and Professional Development.

2.      Burgess, H. & Shelton Mayes, A., The Open University, UK. E-conferencing in Support of Primary Trainee Teachers Mathematical Subject Knowledge.

3.      Basco, L., University of Avignon, France. Change in the Willing to Teach in the First Degree in France.

4.      Ryan, S. & Williams, S., University of Gloucestershire, UK. Experiences of delivering guidance on Personal Development Planning (PDP) for undergraduates: an exploration of tutors as role models.


12:30-14:00 SESSION IIIb  (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson:  Bibi Eshrat Zamani, University of Iran, Iran


1.      Moriarty, V., University of London, UK. Preliminary Analysis from a Study to Investigate the Acquisition, Activation and Transformation of Social Capital by Individuals Taking Part in Family Learning Programmes and the Implications for Individuals, Children, Schools and the Local Community.

2.      Clements, M., Staffordshire University, UK. Widening learner access with off-campus granular e-learning.

3.      Doyle, C. Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK  & Comberford, A., Reidkerr College, Paisley, UK. Support Mechanisms and Social Inclusion: The Scottish Educational Perspective.

4.      Douvis, Y., University of Connecticut, USA, Yiannakis, A., University of Connecticut, USA & Douvis, S., University of Athens, Greece. Factors Associated with Nonattendance at Greek BB Games.


14:00-15:30 LUNCH  (TITANIA HOTEL, 52 Panepistimiou str., Vergina Restaurant, Mezzanine Floor, between ground floor and 1st floor)


15:30 17:00 SESSION IVa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson: Elda Nikolou-Walker, Queens University, Belfast, Ireland


1.        Silineveca, I., Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Latvia. New Requirements and Opportunities for Higher Education in Latvia.

2.         Droussiotis, A., Intercollege, Limassol, Cyprus. The Importance of Higher Education in Reducing Ethnic Dominance in the Workforce : The Case of the USA.

3.        Zepalska, A., Lewis College of Business, Huntington, USA. Business Education in Non-traditional Setting Via The WEBCT Course.



15:30 17:00 SESSION IVb    (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson: John Gardner, Queens University, Belfast, Ireland


1.      Vejleskov, H., The Danish University of Education, Denmark. Education, Social Welfare or Educational Necessity: Pre-School Education in Denmark for 150 Years.

2.      Jones, D.,  Brunel University, UK. Male student teachers and Female gatekeeping: practice and perceptions in infant schooling.

3.      Murray, J., Brunel University, UK. Professionalism and Teacher Educators: the Gender Politics of Pedagogy in Initial Teacher Education.


17:00 18:30 SESSION Va  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Maria Eliophotou-Menon, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


1.      Bredo, E., Curry School of Education, Virginia, USA. Reconstructing Educational Theory.

2.      Gardner, J. & Nikolou-Walker, E. Queens University Belfast, Ireland. Work Based Learning: a new dimension to Lifelong Learning.

3.      Kullas, S., University of Turku, Finland. Craft Educational Readiness &  Development in Network-Based-Learning.

4.      Virta, K., University of Turku, Finland. Improving metacognitive skills in technology education.


17:00 18:30 SESSION Vb   (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson: Dan Soen, Judea and Samaria College, Ariel & Kibbutzim School of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel


1.      Rubinstein, I., Kibbutzim School of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel. The Saga of Article 2 in the Israeli Education Law.

2.      Soen, D., Judea and Samaria College, Ariel & Kibbutzim School of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel. Lets beat the hell out of them! School Violence and its prevention in Israel.

3.      Shachar, R., Judea and Samaria College, Ariel, Tel Aviv, Israel. Gender in the Israeli Society and the schooling system.


18:30 20:00 SESSION VIa  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Jean Murray, Brunel University, UK


1.      Bryant, S., Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong. Portfolio Assessment: A Case Study of Assessment Development in Hong Kong.

2.      Combrinck, M., University of Natal, South Africa. An International Comparative Perspective on Authentic Assessment. Implications for South Africa.

3.      Alano, C., Institute of Education, Hong Kong. Do you say what I say?



18:30 20:00 SESSION VIb  (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson: Hans Vajleskov, The Danish University, Denmark


1.      Hagan, M. & Thatcher, M., Stanmillis University College, Belfast, Ireland. Schooling in Northern Ireland: A Legacy of Division.

2.      Madsen, U., Danish University of Education, Denmark. Educational Ethnography and globalisation of education.

3.      Pukelis, K., Centre for Vocational Education and Research, Lithuania. Organizational Development of Vet School: Important Precondition for Improvement of Competence Based Vocational Teacher Education.




20:00 21:30 SESSION VIIa  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Shiponja Telhaj, Stafforshire University Business School, UK


1.      Crawford, K., Edge Hill College, UK. Frightened Government and the Teaching and Learning of Citizenship Education in the UK.

2.      Feinberg, W., University of Illinois, USA. New Models of Citizenship Education: Local Cultures/Cosmopolitan Values.

3.      Koopmann, F.C., University of Bremen, Germany. Experiential Learning in Civic Education.



20:00 21:30 SESSION VIIb  (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson: Martin Hagan, Stamnillis University College, Belfast, Ireland


1.      Norhaidah, S., University of Malaysia, Malaysia. The Ideals and Realities of Science Teaching in the Malaysian Context The Interplay of Epistemological Beliefs and Scientific Reasoning Prowess.

2.      Lyons, T., Mary Immaculate College, Ireland. The Institutionalisation of Popular Education in Ireland (in 1831).

3.      Talhah Idrus, M., School of Housing Building and Planning, Malaysia. Improving Environmental Literacy Among University Students: Using Car-free Campus as a Motivating Topic.

4.      Trkman, P. & Baloh, P., University of Lubljana, Slovenia. A model for planning and evaluation of educational process and its practical application.



22:00 DINNER - GREEK NIGHT (Dithyramvos, 11 Katsoni str. & Ippokratous str.)


 Saturday May 25, 2002

08:30-10:00  SESSION VIIIa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson: Stefania-Marina Yiannakaki, University of Strathclyde, UK


1.      Godiva, I.,  University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Higher education and small nations.

2.      Williams, M., Brunel University, UK. The Significance of Play and Metacognition in the Literacy Development of Young Able Children.

3.      Woodcock, L.S., University of Leeds, England. The Performance Threshold for teachers in England and Wales: performance-related pay, pay-related performance - or what?


08:30-10:00  SESSION VIIIb  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Osmo Kivinen, University of Turku, RUSE, Finland


  1. Wagoner, J., University of Virginia, USA. Historical Context vs. Contemporary Relevance: A Reconsideration of Jeffersonian Educational and Political Theory.
  2. Walford, G., University of Oxford, UK. Separate Schools for Religious Minorities in England and the Netherlands: The Development and Implications of Policy.
  3. McClure, J., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Constructions of Learning: Experience of Chinese International Postgraduates.
  4. Canton, E., CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, The Netherlands. The Demand for Higher Education in the Netherlands, 1950 99.


10:00-11:30 SESSION IXa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson:  Yiannakis, A., University of Connecticut, USA.


1.      Kivinen, O. & Kaipainen, P., University of Turku, RUSE, Finland. How to distinguish between pseudo and real universities.

2.      Malacic, J., University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Tertiary Education Expansion in the Period of Transition in Slovenia: Causes, Consequences and Policy Lessons.

3.      Morphitou, R., Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus. The Peculiarities of Marketing Tertiary Education in Cyprus.

4.      Ryley, P., University of Hull, UK. From Extra Mural to Lifelong Learning/UK Universities and the New Lifelong Learning Agenda.


10:00-11:30 SESSION IXb  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson:  Leslie Woodcock, University of Leeds, UK


1.      Yiannakaki, M-S., University of Strathclyde, UK. Managing School Innovation: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Schools in Greece.

2.      Day, K., University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Doing a professionally oriented masters level dissertation: perspectives and experiences of students and supervisors.

3.      Gabriel, P., France. The Implementation of a computer and Internet certification, from intentions to realizations in the French secondary education.


11:30-13:00 SESSION Xa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson: Janez Malacic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


1.      Spencer, K., University of Hull, UK & Xing M., Harbin Institute of Technology, China. The Gift of Cadmus: The Alphabet, Literacy & Democracy.

2.      Yiannakis, A., University of Connecticut, USA, Morris, I., University of Manchester, UK, Douvis, S., University of Athens, Greece, Douvis, J. University of Connecticut, Tomporowski, P., University of Georgia, USA,  Madourou, K. University of Athens, Greece & Manoli, E.. University of Athens, Greece. Thermopylae and the Path of Betrayal.

3.      Berkley, R., Southampton University, UK. The Dolphin Measurement Tool: Issues and Challenges in the Education of Care Leavers.


11:30-13:00  SESSION Xb  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Peter Ryley, University of Hull, UK


1.      Narvaez, M., Ruiz, A. & Gomez, L., University of Malaga, Spain. Gender inequalities, education and job mobility in Spain.

2.      Hofstetter, R. & Schneuwly B., University of Geneva, Switzerland. Emergence of educational sciences and universitarisation of educational profession. The Genevan case in the first half of the 20th century.

3.      Karlis, G., University of Ottawa, Canada. Higher Education and Research in Leisure Studies: Current Satte of Condition.




13:00-14:30 SESSION XIa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson:  Ken Spencer, University of Hull, UK


1.      Kim, Y., Gongju National University of Education, Korea & Hughes, C.A., The Pennsylvania State University, USA. Effects of a Sentence Writing Strategy to Non-English Students with and without Learning Disabilities.

2.      Lowther, D. & Ross, S., University of Memphis, USA & Morrison, G.,.Wayne State University. When Each One Has One: The Influences on Teaching Strategies and Student Achievement of Using Laptops in the Classroom.

3.      Mfum-Mensah, O., University of Toronto, Canada. Fostering educational participation in marginalized communities: The contribution of non-formal basic education programs: A case study of two pastoral communities in northern Ghana.

4.      Zogla, I. & Kruze, A., University of Latvia, Latvia. Development of Pedagogical Ideas in Latvia.


13:00-14:30 SESSION XIb  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson:  George Karlis, University of Ottawa, Canada


1.      Pereira, E. & Cortelazzo, A., State University of Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil. University and curriculum flexibility: An Institutional Experience.

2.      Hoffman, D., University of Virginia, USA. National Cultures in Transnational Worlds: The future of Culture in Comparative.

3.      Juwah, C., The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. Enhancing Quality of Higher Education Teaching Through Staff Development: An Institutional Perspective.



14:30-16:00 LUNCH  (TITANIA HOTEL, 52 Panepistimiou str., Vergina Restaurant, Mezzanine Floor, between ground floor and 1st floor).



16:00 17:30 SESSION XIIa  (50 Akademias str., Ground Floor)

Chairperson: Diane Hoffman, University of Virginia, USA


1.      Derri, V.,  Demokritus University of Thrace, Greece. Learning  through movement.

2.      Middlewood, D., University of Leicester, UK. Developing the Assessment of Teachers in the Changing Context of Twenty First Century Learning.

3.      Ozmen, F., University of Firat, Turkey. The Views of English Teachers towards the Current Supervision and the Applicability of Clinical Supervision.

4.      Papanastasiou, E. & Zembylas, M., University of Kansas, USA. The Contradiction in the Math Performance for Twelfth Grade Cypriot Students on TIMSS. Is It Real?


16:00 17:30 SESSION XIIb (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Charles Juwah, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK


1.      Mantero, G. & Barandiaran, I., Altair College, Lima, Peru. Are Teachers Leaders?

2.      Bayliss, P., University of Exeter, UK & Avramidis, E., University of Bath, UK. Bringing the gap research methodologies in special education.

3.      Nezvalova, D., Palacky University, Chez Republic. Some Ways Towards School Improvement.


17:30 19:00 SESSION XIIIa  (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson: Phil Bayliss, University of Bath, UK


1.      Peltonen, J., University of Turku, Finland. Handicraft education and truth: considerations of truth as a basis for research oriented teaching in handicraft education.

2.      Prentice, R., University of London, UK. How Do Teachers Learn to Teach Art and Design Effectively?

3.      Vakeva, L., University of Oulu, Finland. Music in General Education: Rye Bread or Vanikka?

4.      Johnson, C., Brunel University, UK. Drama and Metacognition.


17:30 19:00 SESSION XIIIb (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: George Boletis, Attiko Metro


1.      Arcidiacono, F. & Maroni, B., University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy. The Conversation like Socialization in Educational Contexts.

2.      Lines, D. & Hornby, W., The Robert Gordon University, UK. Common Grading in Universities: Single Currency or Holy Grail?

3.      Alarcao, I. & Sa-Chaves, I., University of Aveiro, Portugal. Curriculum Development: The Impact on Teachers Professional Knowledge.

4.      Selepeng, D., University of Botswana, Botswana. Recommendations for Reform in Assessment at University Level.


19:00 20:30 SESSION XIVa  (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

Chairperson: Juhani Peltonen, University of Turku, Finland


1.      Roos, C., Gothenburg University, Sweden. Im not good enough. Semi structured interviews with deaf students.

2.      Bates, B., University of Central England, Birmingham, UK. Setting the Standard for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Further Education (FE).

3.      Kalyva, E., Developmental Psychology,  Thessaloniki, Greece. Adolescent smoking and health education in Greek schools.

4.      Rismark, M., Norwegian Institute for Adult Education, Norway. Being responsible for ones own learning in two institutional contexts students in school settings versus apprentices at the work place.


19:00 20:30 SESSION XIVb  (9 Vissarionos str. & Sina str., Fourth Floor)

Chairperson: Isabel Alarcao, University of Aveiro, Portugal


  1. Salite, I., Daugavpils University, Latvia. Developing curriculum for teacher education toward sustainability.
  2. Doncheva, A., Lekova, B., Peicheva, M., Georgieva, S., Angelova, T. & Stancheva, V.,  University of Thrace, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Intercultural Relationships in Language Education for Young Learners Through Games.
  3. Lichardus, B., Redro, J. &  Mason, S.,  City University, Bratislava and Trencin, Slovac Republic. Modernizing the Business Management Education in Slovakia.



20:30 20:45 CONCLUSIONS (50 Akademias str., First Floor)

 20:45 21:15 GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF ATINER - Members only

(50 Akademias str., First Floor)

 21:30: DINNER (Rozalia, 58 Valtetsiou str., Exarcheia Square)