Friday May 25, 2001


9:00-10:00  Registration


10:00-10:10            Gregory T. Papanikos, Director, AT.IN.E.R.

Welcome and Opening Remarks


10:10-12:00          SESSION I: Education and Human Capital


Chairperson: Papanikos, G.T., ATINER


1.     Clark, R. & d’Ambrosio, M., North Carolina State University, USA. Financial Education and Retirement Savings

2.     Leen, A.R., Wageningen University, The Netherlands. The Marginal versus the All-for-Nothing Demand Curve

3.     Florczak, W., Welfe, W. & Sabanty, L., University of Lodg, Poland. Human Capital – Estimates for Poland



12:00-14:00 SESSION II: Growth and Development


Chairperson:  Yiannakis, A., University of Connecticut, USA.


1.     Gylfason, T., University of Iceland, Iceland. Education, Social Equality and Economic Growth

2.     Bitsakakis, G., London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, U.K., Government, Innovation and Endogenous Economic Growth

3.     Papanikos, G.T., ATINER, Greece. The Wealth of Nations in Olympic Medals

4.     Laszlo, K., Lazlo, A., Campos, M. & Romero, C., EGADE ITESM, Campus Monterrey, Mexico. Evolving Development: An Evolutionary Perspective on Development for an Interconnected World



14:00-15:00 LUNCH BREAK



15:00 – 17:00 SESSION III: Research, Innovation and Technology


Chairperson: Sakellariou, C., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


1.     Murphy, J., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Providing Electronic Delivery Advice to Aid Innovation Success

  1. Naghavi, A., University College Dublin, Ireland. Strategic Intellectual Property Protection Policy and North-South Technology Transfer
  2. Tsalikis, J., International Florida University, USA, Tomaras, P., Technological Educational Institute, Greece and Seaton, B., International Florida University, USA, The Effects of Measure Type in Ethical Research
  3. Arabsheibani, R., University of Wales Aberystwyth, Wales. If not Computers then what? Returns to Computer Use in the UK Revisited



17:00 – 19:00 SESSION IV:  Labour Market


Chairperson: Tsalikis, J., International Florida University, USA


1.     Fukushima, Y., Stockholm University, Sweden. Active Labour Market Programmes, Education and Unemployment

2.     Johnes, G., Lancaster University, U.K. Curriculum

3.     Sakellariou, C., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Residual Wage Differences by Gender in Canada and Singapore: Does Comparable Worth Legislation Matter?


20:00: DINNER

Saturday May 26, 2001



10:00 – 12:00 SESSION V: Teaching, Learning and Research


Chairperson: Bitsakakis, G., London School of Economics and Political Science, U.K.


1.     Anastasiou, S., TEI of Epirus, Greece. Greek Language Teaching in the U.K.: An Overview.

2.     Jonson, P., University of Technology, Australia. Play and Enjoyment: Their Role in Teaching and Learning

  1. Murphy, N., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Two Models of Research Higher Degree Supervision: Pragmatic and Conceptual
  2. Yiannakaki, M-S., University of Strathclyde, U.K. School Based Management and the Implementation of Innovative Programs





12:00 – 14:00 SESSION VI: Social and Cultural Aspects

Chairperson: Andrew Yiannakis, Professor, University of
   Connecticut, USA.


1.     Leuthold, M., Institute for Advanced Studies, Austria. The Need for Improved Skilled Trades Qualifications for the Implementation of Innovative Technologies in the Renovation of Old residential Buildings – QUINTEC

2.     Lall, A. & Sakellariou, C., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Does Affirmative Action Matter? Some Evidence from Canada and Singapore

3.     Meagher, N., Newcastle University, U.K.  Rhetoric and Reality: Using Chaos Theory to Explain the Progression Experiences of Disadvantaged Young People in the North East of England

4.     Tsalikis, J., International Florida University, USA and Tomaras, P., Technological Educational Institute, Greece. Chaos Theory: Implications for Business Ethics




14:00 - 15:00 LUNCH BREAK




15:00-17:00 SESSION VII: Education


Chairperson:  Yiannakaki, S—M., University of Strathclyde and ATINER, UK.


  1. Levacic, R., University of London, U.K. An Institutional Economics Analysis of Regulated School Based Management and its Development in England from 1988
  2. Eliophotou-Menon, M., University of Cyprus, Cyprus. The Economic Value of Education: Human Capital Theory Versus Credentialism
  3. Quick, S.P., University of Technology, Australia. Postgraduate Sport Management Education: Comparing the Australian and the Hellenic Experience
  4. Kriemadis, T., University of Thessalia, Greece. Method of Implementation of a Quality System Within an Educational / Training Organization


17:00 – 17:10 CONCLUSIONS