Directors of Divisions

TitleFirst NameLast NamePositionAffiliationCountryCV
Dr. Mary Ellis Director, Human Development Division, ATINER & Senior Lecturer National Institute of Education (Nanyang Technological University) Singapore cv
Dr. Victoria Hughes Director, Health & Medical Sciences Division, ATINER & Assistant Professor School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University USA cv
Dr. Anthony Koutoulis Director, Natural & Formal Sciences Division, ATINER & Associate Dean Research College of Sciences and Engineering, University of Tasmania Australia cv
Dr. Michael P. Malloy Director, Business, Economics and Law Division, ATINER & Distinguished Professor & Scholar University of the Pacific USA cv
Dr. Yorgo Pasadeos Director, Social Sciences Division, ATINER & Professor Emeritus University of Alabama USA cv
Dr. Theodore Trafalis Director, Engineering & Architecture Division, ATINER, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Director, Optimization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory The University of Oklahoma USA cv
Dr. David Philip Wick Director, Arts and Humanities Division, ATINER & Professor Gordon College USA cv