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4th Annual International Symposium on Diabetes, 7-10 May 2018, Athens, Greece
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7-10 May
A Stream on “Shifting Diabetes Education and Prevention Program from Specialized Diabetes Centers to Community Structure”
Stream Leader: Dr. Pnina Vardi, Director (Retired), Laboratory for Diabetes & Obesity Research, Felsenstein Medical Research Centre, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
The rapidly world-wide growing frequency of diabetes, engulfing children with development of disease complications earlier than before, and the failure to achieve satisfactory glycemic control and prevention of secondary complications, despite huge efforts and investments, indicate an urgent need for a different approach toward diabetes management.
We would like to present our work using a novel diabetes strategy, which is based on gradual propagation of knowledge, through successfully managed diabetic patients and devoted medical teams, in order to widen the range of our novel diabetes approach to include whole families and communities. Such strategy is based on the belief that urbanic loneliness, loss of traditional family structure, and profound media effect have a major role in induction of diabetes and other chronic old age diseases. Thus, improving individual and family self estimation, increased community interaction, combined with education and change in life style, might support efforts to prevent diabetes development. Our diabetic center is located in northern Israel serving various ethnic groups with about 40% Arabs, living in towns and villages. Such population allows us to study behavior of Westernized patients, as well as traditional closed communities, and adapt education accordingly.
Our concern is the growing prevalence of undiagnosed T2DM among children and young adults, associated with early CVD morbidity and mortality. Recruitment of the adult group was obtained through their motivation to improve patient condition by increased family involvement, in particular by their understanding that overweight and insulin resistance accelerate aging processes in all age groups.
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