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5th Annual International Conference on Demography and Population Studies, 18-21 June 2018, Athens, Greece
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18-21 June 2018
A Stream on “Demography of Race, Class, and Gender”
Stream Leader: Dr. Nicole Farris, Academic Member, ATINER & Assistant Professor, Texas A&M, USA.
This proposal is for the organization of a stream pertaining to the Demography of Race, Class, and Gender. The subject area of Demography, specifically as it relate to race, class, and gender, is important and relevant for scholars from a variety of disciplines and countries, and is not just limited to Sociologists in America. While demography is, at its core, the scientific study of human populations, there are more considerations that demographers and social scientists would be interested in aside from fertility, mortality, and migration. Race, class, and gender are all important demographic characteristics that have significant impacts on a variety of outcome variables. The purpose of this stream is to bring together demographers who have a major interest in the study of race, class, or gender, as it relates to demographic processes and procedures both within the United States and abroad.
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