About the Center

The Center for Sustainable Tourism and Crisis Management was founded in 2022 to promote the study and research of the tourism ecosystem through the context of Sustainability and crisis management. The primary consideration is that Tourism Resilience is directly related to Sustainability, which is achieved through Risk and Crisis Management and Adaptive Capacity.

The Center’s Vision is to support and develop research and project initiatives that will deliver practical implications (theoretical and managerial) for better strategic approach  of Resilience in Tourism, Sustainability and the role of Crisis Management in this context.

The Center’s Mission is:

  • To strengthen the study and research of Tourism within the relationship framework of Sustainability, Resilience and Crisis Management
  • To explore innovative and effective methods to Monitor Sustainability and Resilience in Tourism
  • To identify through studies and research the elements that can secure the Tourism Adoptive Capacity
  • To extend the knowledge for Risk Assessment and Risk Management in the context of Crisis Management
  • To seek support and funding from International and National entities that will seek scientific support to adopt policies for a Resilient Tourism Ecosystem
  • To contribute to training and education platforms for the dissemination of Sustainability and Resilience in the Tourism Value Chain.

The Center supports individuals (students, researchers, professionals) and organizations (public & private) in any aspect of Sustainability and Risk/Crisis Management in Tourism.