Summer Courses

ATINER is pleased to offer the organization of two different course formats, those created independently as part of our own course program, and those created in collaboration with a university as part of programs containing study abroad portions. We welcome suggestions of either kind from individual professors and university administrations. For more information, please contact Miss Hannah Howard, Research Assistant, at

Upcoming Courses
June 2019
A Training Course on “Industrial Optimization and Advanced Analytics for Continuous Improvement”
in collaboration with University of Oklahoma & University of Tennessee
Course Leaders
Dr. Theodore Trafalis, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Director, Optimization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory, The University of Oklahoma, USA.
Dr. Timothy M. Young, Professor and Graduate Director, Center for Renewable Carbon, The University of Tennessee, USA.
Previous Courses
17- 25 March 2018
A Study Abroad Program on Sustainability & Infrastructure
in collaboration with University of Maryland
Course Leader
Dr. Dimitrios Goulias, Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, University of Maryland, USA.
18-26 November 2017
A Study Tour Program on "Education in Greece, the Impact of Historical and Cultural Contexts"
in collaboration with Georgia State University
Course Leader
Dr John Kesner, Associate Professor, Georgia State University, USA.
28 May-10 June 2017
An International Course on Arts and Architecture in Ancient Athens and Greece
Course Leaders
Dr Stephen Andrew Arbury, Professor of Art History, Radford University, USA.
Dr Nicholas N. Patricios, Professor & Dean Emeritus, School of Architecture, University of Miami, USA.
11-12 December 2004
A Business Study Mission on Global Business Developments and Issues
Course Leader
Dr Pelly Periasamy, Associate Professor, Nanyang Business School, Singapore (Thank you letter)
17-30 May 2004
A Summer Course in Hellenic Sudies in Athens
in collaboration with Sam Houston State University
Course Leader
Dr Nicholas Pappas, Honorary President, ATINER & Professor of History, Sam Houston University, USA.
16-30 May 1999
A Course on Policy Making in the Eropoean Union and a Course on International Management
in collaboration with the University of Ottawa
Course Leaders
Dr George Karlis, Department of Leisure Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada.
Dr Francois Gavelle, Department of Leisure Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada.