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Special Sessions organized as part of the
20thAnnual International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science
20-23 May 2024, Athens, Greece
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20-23 May 2024
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Computer Science
Academic responsible: Dr. Thomas Fehlmann, Senior Researcher, Euro Project Office, Switzerland
ChatGPT has become famous for being able to answer all sorts of questions, even do programming when given well specified requirements, and even help with writing scientific papers. However, ChatGPT is nothing else than a Generative Pretrained Transformer, thus it recombines existing knowledge and presents them in a flawless English, or Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and some more. Proficiency may vary. Undoubtedly, computer scientists can benefit from this help when writing papers or invitations to publish, because it gathers references much faster than humans can with a library; but does it also help when writing formal proofs? When working with rewrite rules, for example, it is likely to be much less error-prone and faster than humans, and so can do a lot of the work? Maybe it helps in preparing exercises and exams for students? Or in evaluating answers and proposed solutions? We encourage computer scientists and educators to submit their experiences with ChatGPT or another AI tool and present them in this special track.
Deadline: 9 April 2024
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