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8th Annual International Symposium on “Higher Education in a Global World”, 8-11 July 2024, Athens, Greece
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8-11 July 2024
Global Legal Education
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Anna Chronopoulou, Academic Member, ATINER & Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster, UK.

The buzz word describing and undercutting legal education at Universities on both sides of the Atlantic is the word “global”. A “global” legal education is produced and consumed by legal academics and law students in the US and the UK. Several questions stem from the use of the word “global” within the context of legal education. Firstly, what does the term mean in this context? Secondly, is global legal education achievable? How can it be achieved? What is it based upon? How do we assess and measure global legal education and how is it incorporated in the law schools’ syllabuses. Do we produce global lawyers? Does it expose hierarchies amongst Universities in the US and the UK. Where does it leave legal education in European and other countries? The purpose of this session is to address these questions. This session invites abstracts on these issues.
Deadline: 19 March 2024
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