In its establishment year the CHEF will undertake the following major initiatives:

1) Design and deliver a professional development workshop

The workshop will address curriculum and assessment design contextualised to meet to the changing higher education landscape and the challenges of emerging from the shadow of the pandemic.

The workshop will engage participants in activities and discussions on the following topics:

  • how to harness the rapid growth in digital technologies to enhance teaching approaches and learning;
  • how to optimise the capacity of Online Learning Management Systems to support high-level teaching and learning outcomes;
  • how to reconfigure traditional face-to-face teaching to include online and blended models;
  • how to engage students in meaningful learning and ensure they develop the knowledge and skills to become life-long learners;
  •  how to  design and deliver curriculum and assessment which has its foundations in academic integrity and scholarship while meeting the current needs of students, employers and contemporary workplaces.

2. Create and commence population of an Online Moodle site for the Centre for Higher Education Futures

Initially the aim would be to provide the following features:

  1. A Welcome message and basic information about the Centre.
  2. An Events section including proposed HE workshop.
  3. A Resource section of relevant reports, journal articles, books and online materials such as Pod casts. Videos, conference presentations.
  4. A Discussion forum.
  5. An Ideas section.
  6. A Contact list.
  7. A HE special interest members list (optional).

3. Evaluation

  1. The initial workshop will also be used to flush out other challenges and issues faced by various stakeholders within the higher education sector. The intention will be to unpack these issues and provide further workshops and resources in response to these needs.
  2. In addition, an annual cycle of monitoring and review will be adopted to measure the effective of what is being offered by the CHEF and to identify future topics for workshops, professional development activities and resources.