About the Center

The Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) was established in 2023 in response to the changing higher education landscape post pandemic and the need for urgent reform of the sector world-wide.

The Center aims to stimulate conversations, new approaches and applied research on quality higher education leadership, management, learning, teaching and assessment practices which support academic integrity,  multiple modes of learning, greater engagement with industry, business and communities, and practices and policies which engage and create confident, capable and inclusive communities of life-long learners.

In keeping with ATINER’s vision and mission the Centre’s has adopted the ancient Athenian symposium format to provide a forum for small group engagement in discussions and academic pursuits related to teaching and research  in higher education institutes across the globe.

In its establishment phase, the Centre will focus on stimulating discussions and sharing practices through short podcasts, seminars and online activities and resources. The Centre’s website is designed to spark new ideas and be a sounding board for creativity and innovation in higher education.

The professional development activities of the Centre will be co-ordinated jointly by the Director and Dr Lorraine Bennett who has several decades of experience in higher education, leading major learning and teaching projects and designing and delivering higher education teaching qualifications. Dr Bennett currently manages her own Learning and Teaching Consultancy which provides a range of academic governance, curriculum and assessment design professional development and review programmes.