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3rd Annual International Conference on Classical and Byzantine Studies, 1-4 June 2020, Athens, Greece
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1-4 June 2020
The Practices of Commemoration in Classical Antiquity
Academic Responsible:
Dr. Eduard Rung, Professor, Kazan Federal University, Russia.

This theme involves a discussion of commemorative practices in classical antiquity. Commemorative practices is understood as an activity of a certain human community aimed at perpetuating certain events of special significance to it. Thus, by means of the commemoration, the foundation was laid for the subsequent representation of historical experience, the preservation in the memory of subsequent generations of information about the events that became the reason for the commemoration. Within the framework of this theme, the ancient Greek and Roman practices of commemoration will be discussed, as well as their impact on the process of preserving historical memory in subsequent epochs. The main types of commemoration will be taken into consideration: the erection of monuments, commemoration of memorable dates, as well as the transfer of information about memorial events through the organization of festivals and special events aimed at educating the younger generation. The panel focuses on a concrete historical and theoretical treatement of the practices of commemoration in antiquity and modernity.
Deadline: 3 February 2020
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