Biology Panels & Streams

Panels and Streams organized as part of the
5th Annual International Conference on Biology, 15-18 July 2019, Athens, Greece
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15-18 July
Stem Cells Biology
Stream Leaders:
-Dr. Andriana Margariti, Head, Medicine Unit, ATINER & Senior Lecturer in Stem Cells and Vascular Diseases, Centre for Experimental Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast, U.K.
-Dr. Sophia Kelaini, Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

The aim of the stream is to bring together academics and researchers of pluripotent stem cells, adult stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, differentiation towards vascular cells, cardiac cells, neurons, adipocytes, pancreatic etc, cell based therapies, drug screening, regenerative medicine, clinical applications and trials, and related disciplines.
Deadline: closed
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