If you would like to become a member please fill in the form here

Membership is open to anyone who:

  • is Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada with a university degree.
  • supports the aims of ATINER-CANADA

Membership will begin as soon as the membership form and first annual payment has been received.
There will be an annual membership fee which will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will be payable by all members.
A list of all members will be kept by the membership secretary.

Ceasing to be a member
Members may resign at any time in writing to the secretary. Any member who has not paid their membership fee for one year will be contacted by the committee, who will then decide whether that member is deemed to have resigned. Any offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist or inflammatory remarks, will not be permitted. Anyone behaving in an offensive way or breaking the equal opportunities policy may be asked not to attend further meetings or to resign from the group if an apology is not given and the behaviour is repeated. The individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the management committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

Benefits of members of ATINER-CANADA

  • All members of good standing can participate in any event organized by ATINER and/or ATINER-CANADA throughout the year for free if they do not present a paper. If a paper is presented, the fee must be paid for the first paper presentation of the year.
  • Members of ATINER-CANADA can present online paying half of the regular fee if online presentations are permitted.
  • Pending availability, members of ATINER-CANADA are provided with office space and basic administrative and secretarial assistance if they want to carry out research in Athens. This applies only for academic members whose permanent academic affiliations are located outside Greece and for short periods of time (up to three months-one academic term) and particular days of the week. The research project needs official approval by ATINER-CANADA and ATINER. ¬†
  • Pending availability ATINER-CANADA provides rooms for small meetings in Athens.
  • E-mail and business cards can be provided upon request. The cost of printed business cards will be covered by the member.