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8th Annual International Conference on Anthropology, 13-16 June 2022, Athens, Greece
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13-16 June 2022
Russian Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology
Academic Responsible
Dr. Viacheslav Rudnev, Researcher, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Moscow, Russia.

This symposium will discuss modern ethnological/anthropological investigations in Russia. The ethnological/anthropological investigation of society life in cultural areas (Siberia, Volga area and so on) is actual for now. Modern ethnological/anthropological investigations are based on a complex approach and pay a special attention to interdisciplinary study. We will focus attention on topics reflecting the scientific interests of Russian ethnologists/anthropologists: inter-ethnic relationships, ethno-gender studies, specific of local folk life in a context of nature using, migration, specific of urban life and other topics. We will also look at the diverse folk experience in nature using in context of wild nature keeping and proper management in nature using. The topics included in this symposium intend to contribute much to the debate of the role of folk empirical observation in nature and society life for providing a life-support activity. The goal of the symposium is to focus attention on the anthropological perspective of these investigations to future collaboration in interdisciplinary research.
Deadline: 2 May 2022
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