Athens Center for Classical & Byzantine Studies (ACCBS)

Director of the Center: Dr. Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers, Associate Professor, The University of Alabama, USA.

Welcome to the Athens Center for Classical & Byzantine Studies (ACCBS), a division of ATINER.

ATINER is proud to announce the foundation of an international center for Hellenic and Byzantine studies, where scholars from around the world can find a home-base for doing research in Athens. The Center, situated in the Kolonaki district and in the heart of Athens, offers an academic home to seasoned scholars as well as to graduate students and post-doctorate researchers, who wish to consult the wealth of resources located in its vicinity. The large number of Classical and Byzantine archaeological sites, monuments, museums, manuscript collections, numismatic collections, archives, conservation and restoration programs, as well as public, private, and university libraries (the National Library of Greece and the Gennadius Library among others), Greek and foreign Institutes, Societies, Associations, and Cultural Foundations (the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the Onassis Foundation, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, etc.), all make Athens an ideal hub for research, while offering numerous opportunities for grants and scholarships for research and projects associated with Ancient Greek and Byzantine cultures. Furthermore, availing from the variety of events that populate the cultural calendar of Athens throughout the year, such as public lectures, seminars, concerts, performances, and exhibitions, is a sine-qua-non in completing one’s experience in the city.

Besides supporting individual research, the Center also organizes collective events such as conferences and studies on literary and non-literary sources, manuscripts, archaeological collections, art, architecture, science, technology, medicine, and other topics, depending on interest and availability of study leaders.  

For more information on the Conference on Classical and Byzantine Studies, please visit the webpage at For other inquiries, please contact the ACCBS Director, Dr. Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers, at