News 6 June

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Dr. Jim Clark (University of Winnipeg, Canada) has accepted the offer from the
Athens Institute to serve as the next Head of theĀ Psychology Unit

Dr. Clark is interested in the basic cognitive processes, such as activation and inhibition, that underly complex behaviours such as memory and language. He also has diverse interests related to the psychology of knowledge production, culture, religious belief, and scientific skepticism.

Dr. Clark specializes in teaching courses that explore the intricate relationship between culture and psychology, with a particular focus on developmental aspects and research methodologies. Dr. Clark’s expertise is reflected in the diverse range of courses they offer, including “Culture and Psychology” (PSYC

-3050), which delves into how cultural contexts shape psychological processes, and “Adult Psychology” (PSYC-3220), which examines psychological development throughout adulthood. Additionally, Dr. Clark teaches “Topics in Psychology: Psychological Science and Religion” (PSYC-4025), a course that investigates the intersection of psychological science and religious beliefs, and “Intermediate Research Design and Data Analysis” (PSYC-4100), which equips students with essential skills in designing research studies and analyzing data.

As the Head of Unit, Dr Clark will be responsible for all the conferences (small symposiums) organized by the Psychology unit.


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