28 June 2024


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Dr. Haiduke Sarafian (Head, Natural Sciences Unit, The Athens Institute &
Professor of Physics, Pennsylvania State University, USA
) has published two new articles


Dr. Haiduke Sarafian (Head, Natural Sciences Unit, The Athens Institute & Professor of Physics and Endowed Chair of John T. and Paige S. Smith Professor of Science, Pennsylvania State University, USA) has published two new articles in the American Journal of Computational Mathematics:

    • Impact of a Bumpy Nonuniform Electric Field on Oscillations of a Massive Point-Like Charged Particle’
    • ‘Revealing the Hidden Mathematical Beauties of the Cayley-Hamilton Method.’

Dr. Sarafian has been serving as the Head of the Unit since 2022 and is responsible for all the academic meetings organized by the unit (click here). Dr. Sarafian will be in Athens on 22-23 July 2024, chairing the conference of the Natural Sciences Unit. If you want to contribute to the conference please send us an email to information@atiner.gr

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