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List of Papers to be Presented
This list includes only those who have registered for the conference (i.e. those who have paid the registration fee). It does not include those who have received an acceptance letter but who have not yet sent in their registration form. The list will be updated weekly. This current version was produced on 24 May 2023.
  1. Gulzat Akmatbekova, Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan.
    Title: Transforming Tourism Experience. Focusing on the Tourism Practices of Soviet Era Experienced People in the Post-Socialist Country of Kyrgyzstan.
  2. Masooma AlBalushi, Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.
    Title: Accessing the Accessibility Provisions of City Center Muscat and the On-Premises Food and Beverage Outlets.
  3. Raquel Camprubi, Associate Professor, University of Girona, Spain.
    Title: The Use of Social Networks for Travel Purposes by Youth: A Study of Gen X and Gen Y.
  4. Chien-Yu Chen, Professor, Chihlee University of Technology, Taiwan.
    Title: How Does STARA Awareness Influence Proactive Customer Service Performance: The Role of Work Engagement in the Hospitality Industry.
  5. Gian Luigi Corinto, Associate Professor, University of Macerata, Italy.
    Title: The Tourist Economy as Embedded in Social Networks in Tuscan Versilia.
  6. Andrea Giachetta, Associate Professor, University of Genoa, Italy
    Linda Buondonno, PhD Student, University of Genoa, Italy.
    Title: SOFIA: An Interreg Italy-France Project to Promote Accessible Tourism.
  7. Murat Hancer, Professor, University of Central Florida, USA.
    Title: How Do Hotel Customers Evaluate Service Personalization Provided By Service Robots? The Mediating Role of Perceived Effort.
  8. Noemi Ilyes, PhD Student, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.
    Title: Using Mobile Phone Cell Data to Explore Satellite Tourism in the Agglomeration Zone of Budapest.
  9. Oliver Kesar, Professor University of Zagreb, Croatia.
    Danijela Ferjanic Hodak, Associate Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
    Ema Roginic, Expert Associate, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
    Title: Identifying New Special Interest Tourism Development Opportunities in Croatia: A Generation Z Perspective.
  10. Haiyan Kong, Professor, Business School, Shandong University, China.
    Naipeng Bu, Associate Professor, Business School, Shandong University, China.
    Xinyu Jiang, Master Student, Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China.
    Title: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.
  11. Peter Osiako, PhD Student, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary.
    Victoria Szente, Professor, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hungary.
    Title: Public Open Spaces as Recreational Centres for Domestic Tourists: The Case of Machakos People’s Park – Kenya.
  12. Maria Paola Pasini, Lecturer, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Italy.
    Title: From the exclusive to the Excessive. Lake Garda’s long history of TFrom the Exclusive to the Excessive. Lake Garda’s Long History of Tourism from the Belle Époque to Overtourism.
  13. Akram Rawashdeh, Professor, Yarmouk University, Jordan.
    Title: The Role of Muslim Hajj Caravans in Enhancing the Tourism Services.
  14. Maria Eduarda Soares, Assistant Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
    Title: Work-Family Balance in the Hotel Industry: An Exploratory Study on the Relationships with Perceived Organizational Support, Intention to Leave, Performance, and Job Satisfaction.
  15. Daiana Ivis Suarez Ordaz, PhD Student, Pablo de Olavide University, Spain.
    Victor Ernesto Perez Leon, Professor, University of Seville, Spain.
    Ignacio Contreras Rubio, Professor, Pablo de Olavide University, Spain.
    Title: Composite Indicator for Comparison of Tourism Development in European Countries.
  16. Thi-Hoang-Anh Tran, Lecturer, Can-Tho University, Vietnam.
    Title: Factors Influencing Tourist Satisfaction In The Restaurant Industry at Can Tho City, Vietnam after the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  17. Michael Allen, Professor, East Tennessee State University, USA.
    Title: Gandhi and Hegel on Civilization.
  18. Lynne Audrey Armitage, Associate Professor, Bond University, Australia.
    Johari Hussein Nassor Amar, Lecturer, Bond University, Australia.
    Daniel O’Hare, Associate Professor, Bond University, Australia.
    Title: Built Heritage Management Systems: Australia and Germany Compared. 
  19. Maria-Irini Avgoulas, Academic Member & Cultural Counselling and Consultancy, Australia.
    Rebecca Fanany, Senior Lecturer, CQUniversity, Australia.
    Title: The Greek Language in Diaspora: Perception’s Across Three Generations of Greek Australian Woman.
  20. Tamara Bodor, Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
    Title: Life Path of Gvido Saganić, a Croatian Emmigrant.
  21. Nathan Bowman, Assistant Professor, Benedictine College, USA.
    Title: Classical Continuity: Tragedy and Revolution in the Greek Nation-State.
  22. Chloe Bradwell, PhD Student, University of Exeter, UK.
    Title: Creating from Embodied Memories: an Example of Distanced-practice in Care Home during COVID-19.
  23. Francesca Cecarini, Professor, Macerata Academy of Fine Arts, Italy.
    Title: Light Art as a Tool for Enhancing and Redeveloping an Urban Space.
  24. Noah Christilles, Lecturer, University of Franche-Comté, France.
    Title: Warnings from the Past: Giraudoux, Troy, and a Lion at the Gates.
  25. Gabriela Hristova, Associate Professor, University of Michigan-Flint, USA.
    Erin Colwitz, Associate Professor, Northern Michigan University, USA.
    Title: Context and Cultural Appropriation in the Performance of African American Spirituals.
  26. Phil Kafcaloudes, Researcher, La Trobe University, Australia.
    Title: Going English: Anglicisation of Names in Greek Migrant Communities in Australia.
  27. Mark Konewko, Professor, Marquette University, USA.
    Title: Synchronization: Social Cohesion through Place-Based Music.
  28. Eva Loreng, Assistant Professor, Central University of Gujarat, India.
    Title: Diaspora, Display of Cultural Connect and Impact on Foreign Relations of the Home State.
  29. Guiqiang Qiao, Senior Lecturer, Zhejiang International Studies University, China.
    Zhouying Yuan, Professor, Zhejiang International Studies University, China .
    Sijia Zhou, Professor, Zhejiang International Studies University, China.
    Title: Understanding the Resilience of Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Life Story Analysis of a Traditional Tea Master in China. (CUL)