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List of Papers to be Presented
This list includes only those who have registered for the conference (i.e. those who have paid the registration fee). It does not include those who have received an acceptance letter but who have not yet sent in their registration form. The list will be updated weekly. This current version was produced on 15 June 2023.
  1. Berna Bridge, Lecturer, Oxford International Study Centre, UK.
    Title: Is Collegiality an Attainable Ideal in the Turkish Culture?
  2. Kenneth Chau, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada.
    Bushra Usman, Αssociate Professor, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Pakistan.
    Title: Green Venturing: What to Learn.
  3. Paul Davidson, Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
    Title: Managing Trust and New Technology: Lesons from the History of Military Decision Making.
  4. Mehmet Gençer, Professor, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.
    Title: Data Literacy in Business Curriculum: A Case Study of Student Reception and Success Factors.
  5. Dihya Hessas, PhD Student, University of Mouloud Mammeri, Algeria.
    Title: Change Management in the Face of ICT Integration within Organizations.
  6. Lihang Liu, PhD Student, Shanghai International Studies University, China.
    Zheng Fan, Professor, Shanghai International Studies University, China.
    Peihua Fan, Associate Professor, Shanghai International Studies University, China.
    Title: How does Cultural Distance affect Chinese Companies’ Outward Foreign Investment? Evidence from the Belt and Road.
  7. Jamal Maalouf, Assistant Professor, American University of Sharjah, UAE.
    Title: Perpetual Crisis and Small Business Survival: SME Experiences and Strategies from Beirut, Lebanon.
  8. Yohann Mauger, Assistant Professor, Jing Liu, Assistant Professor, USA.
    Richard Gilson, Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University, USA.
    Denise Luethge, Professor, Northern Kentucky University, USA.
    Title: A Minimum Viable Product Approach for Innovation and New Program Launch in Business Education.
  9. Alireza Nazarian, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster, UK.
    Title: Cultural Perception toward Leadership Style and Its Impact on OCB Please.
  10. Siphiwe Ndlovu, Lecturer, University of Zululand, South Africa.
    Angelo Nicolaides, Professor, University of Zululand, South Africa.
    Title: Karl Jaspers and the Eastern Orthodox View of Transcendence: A Comparative Analysis.
  11. Arthur Pantelides, Associate Professor, Virginia Wesleyan University, USA.
    Title: Utilization of the SOT Hierarchical Framework for Successful Strategic Implementation Management.
  12. J. Stagliano, Professor, Saint Joseph’s University, USA.
    Title: Did Firms with “Lean” Management Fare Better than Others in the COVID-19 Pandemic? Some Recent Empirical Evidence on Profitability.
  13. Andreia Vitória, Assistant Professor, University of Aveiro, Portugal.
    Carolina Carlos, PhD Student, University of Aveiro, Portugal.
    Title: The Impact of Servant Leadership Perceptions on Employees’ Job Burnout Levels.
  14. Florence Dzame, United States International University Africa, Kenya.
    Title: A Study of Gender-based Institutional Barriers to Progression into Leadership Roles for Women Journalists in Kenya.
  15. Simona Stan, Professor, University of Montana, USA.
    Liviu Rosca, Professor, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania.
    Title: Effectiveness of High-Impact Study-Abroad Programs: A USA-Romania Case Study.
  16. Christina Anderl, Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University, UK.
    Title: Forecasting Inflation with a Zero Lower Bound and Negative Interest Rates: Evidence from Point and Density Forecasts.
  17. Demetra Arsalidou, Associate Professor, Cardiff University, UK.
    Title: Bonus Caps, Deferrals and Clawbacks: A Banking Regulation Quandary.
  18. Alessandro Ganoulis, PhD Student, The University of Law, UK.
    Title: Decoy Effects from memory and Loss Aversion.
  19. Claudia Garcia-Garcia, Assistant Professor, University of Madrid, Spain.
    Catalina B. Garcia-Garcia, Full Professor, University of Granada, Spain.
    Román Salmeron-Gomez, Full Professor, University of Granada, Spain.
    Title: Interactions in Environmental Studies: A New Approach for Mitigating Potential Multicollinearity.
  20. Eylem Gevrek, Assistant Professor, Catolica Porto Business School, Portugal.
    Title: What Explains the Gender Gap in Gender Role Attitudes? Evidence on Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Social Norms among Immigrants.
  21. José-Manuel Giménez-Gómez, Professor, University of Rovira i Virgili, Spain.
    Title: Allocating Remaining Carbon Budgets and Mitigation Costs.
  22. Daniel Gomez Abella, Lecturer, University of La Sabana, Colombia.
    Title: Ex-post Evaluation of RTAs of Colombia: A Partial Analysis with Structural Gravity Model.
  23. Leonard Grebe, Research Assistant, Technical University of Darmstdt, Germany.
    Title: Day-of-the-week Effect – A Meta-Analysis.
  24. Mohsen Javdani, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada.
    Title: Economics Students and Ideological Bias: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Experiment.
  25. Ioannis Kallianiotis, Professor, University of Scranton, USA.
    Title: Exchange Rate Forecasting: The Fundamental Forecasting Model.
  26. Ainara Rodriguez-Sanchez, Professor, UNED-National Distance Education University, Spain.
    Román Salmeron-Gomez, Professor, University of Granada, Spain.
    Catalina Garcia-Garcia, Professor, University of Granada, Spain.
    Title: Multicollinearity Problem in Economic Models with Panel Data.
  27. Norman Sedgley, Professor, Loyola University Maryland, USA.
    Title: The Skilled Worker Premium and Labor’s Share of Income: Recent Trends in US Manufacturing.
  28. Akira Shimada, Associate Professor, Nagasaki University, Japan.
    Title: Study Migrants’ Skilled Human Capital Formation under Deregulated Immigration Policies in an Overlapping Generations Economy.
  29. Konstantinos Spanos, Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University, UK.
    Title: Dynamic Instability and Solvency Condition of Public Debt within a Panel of Euro Area Countries.
  30. Lina Vyas, Associate Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong, China.
    Title: Hong Kong Civil Service Work from Home Arrangement and Work-Life Balance: The Policy Responses to the Pandemic.
  31. Jan Peter Wogart, Research Fellow, German Institute For Global And Area Studies, Germany.
    Title: Highs and Lows of Brazilian Developmentalism in The 20th and 21st Centuries.
  32. Masayuki Yao, Lecturer, Hakuoh University, Japan.
    Title: The Envelope Theorem for Optimization Problems with Composite Modeling Structure.
  33. Mihai-Florin Bacila, Associate professor, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania.
    Title: Enhancing the RFM Based Segmentation for Telecommunications Companies.
  34. Oksana Domina, Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland.
    Title: Modern Stage of Marketing Development in Ukraine.
  35. Mahmood Hussain, Professor, San Francisco State University, USA.
    Title: From Financial Socialization to Independent Decision: A Cross-Cultural Study of US Millennials’ Financial Behavior.
  36. Frédéric Jallat, Professor, ESCP Business School, France.
    Title: Evaluating Standardization of Marketing Operations & Performance.
  37. Radmila Janicic, Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia.
    Title: The Experience Marketing in Promotion of Countries’ Cultures, Art and Literature.
  38. Warveni Jap, Assitant Professor, Thompson Rivers University, Canada.
    Title: China’s BRI: Modern Global Connectivity, Prosperity, and Harmony.
  39. Nadia Jimenez, Associate Professor, University of Burgos, Spain>
    Sonia San Martín, Full Professor, University of Burgos, Spain.
    Paula Rodriguez-Torrico, Assistant Professor, University of Burgos, Spain.
    Francisco Liebana-Cabanillas, Full Professor, University of Granada, Spain.
    Cristina Torrego, Student, University of Burgos, Spain.
    Title: Consumer Perception of Metaverse Experience.
  40. Sami Kajalo, Senior Lecturer, Aalto University, Finland.
    Title: A Psychological Inquiry into Consumers’ Motivations to Participate in the Sharing Economy.
  41. Maria Kalyvaki, Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University, USA.
    Title: A Study on Crisis Communication in the Food Industry and its Impact on Marketing.
  42. Ceren Koksal, Master Student, Istanbul University, Turkey.
    Eda Yilmaz Alarcin, Associate Professor, Istanbul University, Turkey.
    Title: The Effects of Cultural Values on Word-of-Mouth Marketing in Health Services.
  43. Eva María Murgado-Armenteros, Associate Professor, University of Jaen, Spain.
    Sergio Valdelomar-Munoz, PhD Student, University of Jaen, Spain .
    Elisa Garrido-Castro, Assistant Professor, University of Jaen, Spain.
    Title: Biodiversity as a Term for Improving Environmental Awareness: An Exploratory Analysis.
  44. Tianjiao Qiu, Professor, California State University, USA.
    Title: Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Country Risks on Entrepreneurial Market Expansion.
  45. Cansu Yildirim, Assistant Professor, Dokuz Eylül University, Turkiye.
    Title: The Effect of Failure and Stability on Satisfaction, Negative WOM and Repurchase Intention: Insights from an Online Retailer’s Service Failure.