2023 CBC PRO

17th Annual International Conference on Global Studies: Business, Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Aspects
Program (Athens Local Time)

18-21 December 2023
9 Chalkokondili Street, 10677 Athens, Greece

(Note 1: the program is organized along time slots and not according to common theme)
(Note 2: at the end of each session questions and discussions will follow)

Monday 18 December 2023


Opening and Welcoming Remarks:

  • Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER.
09:30-11:00 Session 1
Moderator: Gregory T. Papanikos
, President, ATINER.
  1. Sherwood Lane Lambert, Professor, University of West Florida, USA.
    Kevin Krieger, Professor, University of West Florida, USA.
    Nathan Mauck, Professor, University of Missouri – Kansas City, USA.
    Title: Predicting Operating Income via a Generalized Operating Leverage Model.
  2. Ai Xu, Professor, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, China.
    Title: A Portfolio Pricing Model and Contract Design of the Green Supply Chain for Chinese Home Appliances Industry with Manufacturer’s Collection and Retailer’s Promotional Efforts.
  3. Crina Pungulescu, Associate Professor, John Cabot University, Italy.
    David Stolin, Professor, Toulouse Business School, France.
    Haim Levy, Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
    Ilanit Avioz, PhD Student, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
    Title: Linking Asset Prices to News without Direct Asset Mentions.



11:00-12:30 Session 2
Moderator: Utku Özer
, Research Fellow, ATINER.
  1. Ramzi Suleiman, Professor Emeritus, University of Haifa, Israel.
    Title: What is a Fair Salary?
  2. Noelle Hunter, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA.
    Title: International Child Abduction: A Wicked Problem for Global Society.
  3. Kenneth Christie, Professor, Royal Roads University, Canada.
    Title: Conceptualizing Human Security; Promoting Peace.
  4. Dusanka Slijepcevic, Senior Teaching Assistant, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Ewa Dabrowska/Prokopowska, Assistant Professor, University of Bialystok, Poland.
    Dusko Vejnovic, Full Professor, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Title: Social Control of Everyday Life and Political Construction of (Montenegrin) Identity.



12:30-14:00 Session 3
Moderator: Sherwood Lane Lambert
, Professor, University of West Florida, USA.
  1. Nathalie Homlong, Professor, Volda University College, Norway.
    Elisabeth Springler, Professor, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, Austria.
    Title: Ghana: Path to Increase Public Debt Sustainability.
  2. Milen Zhelev, PhD Student, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria.
    Title: 2023 Economic Reform Programmes of the Western Balkans: Carrot and Stick.
  3. Raquel Cristina de Caria Patrício, Associate Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
    Title: China`s Growing Presence in Latin America – New Centre-Periphery Economic Structure and Re-Peripheralization of Major Industrialized Latin American Economies.
  4. Carlo Klein, Economics Teacher / Independent Economist, Lycée Hubert Clément Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.
    Title: The ECB’s Monetary Policy Review: A Post-Keynesian Twist?


14:00-15:00 Discussion + Lunch

15:00-16:30 Session 4
George Zouridakis, Research Fellow, ATINER.
  1. Nina Weimann-Sandig, Professor, University of Applied Sciences for Social Work, Education and Nursing, Germany.
    Title: Future Skills! Actively Shaping the World of Tomorrow.
  2. Nellie Munin, Associate Professor, Zefat Academic College, Israel.
    Title: The Money or Your Life? Enhancing Poor States’ Accessibility to Medicines and The Money or Your Life? Enhancing Poor States’ Accessibility to Medicines and Vaccines in Global Pandemics.
  3. Shynar Aitimova, PhD Student, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan.
    Sholpan Abikenova, General Director, REM «Republican Research Institute for occupational safety and health of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan», Kazakhstan.
    Title: Accounting for Occupational Safety and Health Costs in Hazardous Production Environments: Key Features and Characteristics.
  4. John Naslund, Instructor, Harvard Medical School, USA.
    Title: Barriers and Challenges to the Implementation and Scale up of Treatment for Depression in Primary Care Clinics in Rural Madhya Pradesh, India: Findings from a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of an Enhanced Coaching Support Strategy.



16:30-18:00 Session 5
Moderator: Nathalie Homlong
, Professor, Volda University College, Norway.
  1. Bronwyn Mauldin, Director of Research and Evaluation, Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, USA.
    Title: Pandemic Recovery in the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Sector: Impact of US Policy in Los Angeles County, California, and Ramifications for Local Tourism.
  2. Allaire Fahy, Co-Founder/CEO, Bloomx2FM, USA.
    Aarna Nair, Co-Founder/President, Bloomx2FM, USA.
    Nikos Mourtos, Professor, San Jose State University, USA.
    Title: Nurturing the Frontier: Space Farming’s Role in Accelerating Space Economy Growth and Advancing Deep-Space Exploration.
  3. İrem Enser, Lecturer, Yasar University, Turkiye.
    Ece İpekoğlu, Assistant Professor, Yasar University, Turkiye.
    Title: Destination Marketing Through Local Foods: Aegean Destinations Situation Analysis.
  4. Paulette Hebert, Professor, Oklahoma State University, USA.
    Title: Survey of Historic Sims in Thailand: An In-situ, Inter-institutional Lighting Study.


Athenian Early Evening Symposium (includes in order of appearance: continuous academic discussions, dinner, wine/water, music)

Tuesday 19 December 2023

08:45-10:30 Session 6
Moderator: Pratima Verma
, Professor, Alliance University, India.
  1. Melissa Wall, Professor, California State University, USA.
    Title: AI and Humanitarian Communications.
  2. Yulin Hswen, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco, USA.
    Title: Navigating the Intersection of Generative AI in Public Health: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations.
  3. Bonnie Robeson, Senior Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
    Title: Can Online Experiential Learning be Successful?
  4. Carolyn Schoenian, Instructor, Helix Opportunity, USA.
    Title: The Business Case for Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design.
  5. Lorraine Bennett, Managing Director, Lorraine Bennett Learning and Teaching Consultancy, Australia.
    Ali Abusalem, Director e-Learning: The Quest for Quality Education, Australia.
    Title: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generative Technologies on Assessment and the Reputation of Higher Education Institutions.



10:30-12:30 Session 7
Moderator: Noelle Hunter
, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA.
  1. Pratima Verma, Professor, Alliance University, India.
    Title: Struggle or Celebration: Mediocrity at Workplace.
  2. Abbas Fadhil Mohammed Al-Bayati, Professor, Al Qalam University College, Iraq.
    Hadiya Khalaf Ibrahim, Researcher, Iraq.
    Title: The Political Dimension in Turkey’s Water Policy towards Iraq.
  3. Gennadiy Chernov, Associate Professor, University of Regina, Canada.
    Title: The Political and Media Landscape in Greece: Populism and the Public Sphere.
  4. Adam Miller, Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies, Conestoga College, Canada.
    Title: Death, Dying, and Social Media: On Sharing the End in the Attention Economy.
  5. Inara Sarybayeva, PhD Student, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan.
    Gulnar Amanova, Head of the Department “Accounting and Analysis”, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan.
    Title: Development and Application of a Methodology for Analyzing Costs of Ensuring Safe Work in High-Risk Industries: Theoretical and Practical Aspects.
  6. Yunus Emre Ozigci, Deputy Head, Embassy of Turkiye in Nairobi, Turkiye.
    Title: On NATO’s Identities and Temporalisations.



12:30-13:15 Session 8
Moderator: Yulin Hswen
, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco, USA.
  1. Elise Papke, Assistant Dean, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.
    David Papke, Professor, Marquette University, USA.
    Title: The American Rejection of the International Right of Housing.
  2. Akram Al Matarneh, Associate Professor, American University in Dubai, UAE.
    Title: Assess the Significance of the Rights-Based Approach in Balancing the Individual Right to Religious Expression (of Beliefs) and Economic Rights in the Business World: A View from the United Arab Emirates.



13:15-14:00 Session 9
Moderator: Olga Gkounta
, Researcher, ATINER
  1. Ger Coffey, Associate Professor, University of Limerick, Ireland.
    Title: The First CJEU Judgment on Exceptions and Limitations to Article 54 CISA ne bis in idem (Double Jeopardy) Principle and Compatibility of Declarations Restricting that Principle with Article 50 CFR.
  2. Ronagh McQuigg, Reader, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.
    Title: Domestic Abuse and the Right to Life: Recent Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.


14:00-15:00 Discussion + Lunch

15:00-18:00 Session 10 – Old and New-An Educational Urban Walk

The urban walk ticket is not included as part of your registration fee. It includes transportation costs and the cost to enter the Parthenon and the other monuments on the Acropolis Hill. The urban walk tour includes the broader area of Athens. Among other sites, it includes: Zappion, Syntagma Square, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Roman Agora and on Acropolis Hill: the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and the Parthenon. The program of the tour may be adjusted, if there is a need beyond our control. This is a private event organized by ATINER exclusively for the conference participants.

Ancient Athenian Dinner (includes in order of appearance: continuous academic discussions, dinner with recipes from ancient Athens, wine/water)

Wednesday 20 December 2023
Visiting the Oracle of Delphi

Thursday 21 December 2023
An Educational Visit to Selected Islands

Conference Venue: 9 Chalkokondili Street, 10677 Athens, Greece

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