2023 BLE PRO

10th Annual International Conference on Business, Law & Economics
Program (Athens Local Time)

1-4 May 2023
9 Chalkokondili Street, 10677 Athens, Greece

(Note 1: the program is organized along time slots and not according to common theme)
(Note 2: at the end of each session questions and discussions will follow)
(Note 3:
Please note that many attendees including those who present a paper may choose the online option. However, ATINER will provide full-fledged services (lunches, dinners, excursions, etc.) for all those who present onsite.) 

Monday 1 May 2023


Opening and Welcoming Remarks:

  • Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER.
  • Michael P. Malloy, Director, Business, Economics and Law Division, ATINER & Distinguished Professor & Scholar, University of the Pacific, USA.
  • David A. Frenkel, LL.D., Head, Law Unit, ATINER & Emeritus Professor, Law Area, Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel.

09:30-11:00 Session 1
David A. Frenkel, LL.D., Head, Law Unit, ATINER & Emeritus Professor, Law Area, Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel.
  1. Michael Adams, Professor, University of New England, Australia.
    Title: The Role of Information Governance in Quality Corporate Governance.
  2. Massimo Bianchi, Professor, University of Bologna, Italy.
    Title: Network analysis and control system in Mega Projects. The case of PICASP Erasmus Project.
  3. Aleksander Maziarz, Professor, Kozminski University, Poland.
    Title: Gun Jumping In EU and US Competition Law.
  4. Danijela Brečko, Assistant Professor, MLC Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    Title: The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on the Effectiveness of the Decision-Making Process – A Comparative Analysis between Students of Law and Economics.


11:00-12:30 Session 2
Coordinator: Michael Adams
, Professor, University of New England, Australia.
  1. Torben Hansen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
    Title: Giving in to Unhealthy but Delicious Food Temptations.
  2. Joanna Kielin-Maziarz, Professor, Kozminski University, Poland.
    Title: Democratic deficit in the EU and the European Citizens Initiative.
  3. Moshe Eben-Chaime, Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
    Title: A Closer Look at the Relationships between Demand Models and the Resultant Revenue Curves.


12:30-14:00 Session 3
Coordinator:Ahmad Alomosh
, Professor, University of Sharjah, UAE.
  1. Bruno Madeira, Professor, University of Minho, Portugal.
    Conceição Meireles Pereira, Associate Professor, University of Porto, Portugal.
    Paula Grenha, Master Student, University of Minho, Portugal.
    Title: Austerity as Ideology and Morality: The Case of Portugal in the Eurozone Crisis (2011-2015)
  2. Marzia Coltri, Lecturer, Arden University, UK.
    Title: Ethical Dilemma with Open AI Chatgpt: Is it Right or Wrong to Prohibit It?
  3. Barbara Ambrogio, PhD Student, University of Calabria, Italy.
    Title: Industry 4.0 and Unproductive Labour.
  4. Marisa Almeida Araújo, Professor, Lusíada University, Portugal.
    Title: Designing Babies: Bioethical Queries Emerging from Gene Editing.

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-16:00 Session 4
Coordinator: Mr Konstantinos Manolidis
(ATINER Administrator).
  1. Ana Garcia-Arranz, Lecturer, Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain.
    Perello-Oliver Salvador, Professor, Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain.
    Title: Social Control in a Self-Medicated Society: A Systematic Review.
  2. Iulia Boghirnea, Lecturer, University of Pitesti, Romania.
    Title: Legislative Mechanisms of the European Union and of Transposition into the Romanian Legislation Concerning the Problem of Balance between the Professional and Private Life of Parents and Caregivers. Sociological Aspects of the Subject.


16:00-18:00 Session 5
Coordinator: Mr Konstantinos Manolidis
(ATINER Administrator).
  1. Francesco Allegri, Adjunct Professor, University of Siena, Italy.
    Title: What Moral Theory for Medical Ethics?
  2. Karen Parsonson, Associate Professor, University of Houston Victoria, USA.
    Title: The Dangers of Ethnocentrism in Research on Ethics.
  3. Ronagh McQuigg, Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.
    Title: Conceptualising Domestic Abuse – The Evolving Approaches of the European Court of Human Rights.
  4. Josë Manuel Castillo López, Professor, University of Granada, Spain.
    Title: Efficiency and Equity in the Digitalization Process of the Administration of Justice.


18:00-20:30 Session 6 – A Round-Table Discussion on The Post Pandemic World: Learning from Country Experiences
Coordinator: Gregory T. Papanikos
, President, ATINER.
  1. Domenico Maddaloni, Professor, University of Salerno, Italy.
    Title: A Sociological Perspective on Health and Welfare Policies in Italy During and After the Pandemic.
  2. Vickie Hughes, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
    Title: Experiences with the COVID-19 Pandemic — Strategies to Promote Resilience and Wellbeing.
  3. Ian Hyslop, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
    Title: A Distant Land at a Global Crossroad.
  4. Jean Davison, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, USA.
    Title: Health Inequality.
  5. Philip Candilis, Professor, George Washington University, USA.
    Title: Moral Injury and the US Experience.
  6. Michael Adams, Professor, University of New England, Australia.
    Title: How Australia Returned to a ‘New Normal’ For Law Schools, With A Strong Familiarity with the Old Normal!
  7. Seppo Poutanen, Senior Research Fellow, University of Turku, Finland.
    Title: Trust and Surveillance of Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Some Experiences from Finland.
  8. Bassam Banat, Associate Professor, Al-Quds University, Palestine.
    Title: Psychological Stress among Palestinians during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Greek Night

Tuesday 2 May 2023

08:45-10:00 Session 7
Coordinator: Mr Konstantinos Manolidis
(ATINER Administrator).
  1. Ioan Lazar, Associate Professor, “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania.
    Title: Competition Law, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  2. Igor Eterović, Assistant Professor, University of Rijeka, Croatia.
    Josip Guć, Research Assistant, University of Split, Croatia.
    Title: A Model of Evaluation of Bioethical Research in Scientific Production – Demonstration on The Example of Croatian Bioethical Journals.


10:00-12:00 Session 8
Coordinator: Werner Uys
, Senior Lecturer, University of South Africa, South Africa.
  1. Alissa Lefebre, PhD Candidate, KU Leuven, Belgium.
    Title: Second Time’s a Charm: Intervention of the EPO on Strategic Use of Divisional Applications.
  2. Katlego Arnold Mashego, Lecturer, Vaal University of Technology, South Africa.
    Title: The Full Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights in Africa: A Dream or a Reality?
  3. Vijitsri Sanguanwongse, Associate Professor, Kasetsart University, Thailand.
    Title: The Key Success Factors of the Agricultural Cooperative Associations of Japan.
  4. Clément Labi, PhD Candidate, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
    Title: Ethics and Executive Compensation.
  5. Robert Smith, PhD Candidate, University of New England, Australia.
    Title: Is An “Open Innovation” Policy Viable in Southeast Asia?: A Legal Perspective.
  6. Abbas Fadhil Mohammed AlBayati, Professor, Al Qalam University College, Iraq.
    Hadiya Khalaf Ibrahim, Researcher,  Iraq.
    Title: Voting by Foots: Non- Voting in the Iraqi Parliamentary Elections 2005-2022.


12:00-13:30 Session 9
Coordinator: Julia Meszaros
, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA.
  1. Philip Candilis, Professor, George Washington University, USA.
    Title: Antiracism Ethics & Research in the Refugee Crisis: A Greece/US Collaboration.
  2. Louis Kontos, Associate Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA.
    Title: White Collar Crime as Regressive Ideological Category.
  3. Nicole Farris, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, USA.
    Burchan Aydin, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, USA.
    Title: Attitudes toward Drones: Does Gender Matter?
  4. Inês Maia, PhD Student, University of Porto, Portugal.
    Title: Rites of Passage at University: Reflections on a Portuguese Case.


Student poster section is organized in parallel by ATINER & MLC College in Ljubljana. (Program)


14:30-16:00 Session 10
Coordinator: Mr Konstantinos Manolidis (ATINER Administrator).
Old and New-An Educational Urban Walk
  1. Elena Emilia Stefan, Associate Professor, “Nicolae Titulescu” University of Bucharest, Romania.
    Title: News and Perspectives of Public Law.
  2. Wei Song, Assistant Professor, Coventry University, UK.
    Title: Towards a Single Currency in Asia.
  3. Aleksejs Jelisejevs, PhD Candidate, Turība University, Latvia.
    Title: Good Faith as a Doctrinal Tool to Interpret Legal and Contractual Frameworks for Banks’ Rights to Close Accounts Unilaterally.

The urban walk ticket is not included as part of your registration fee. It includes transportation costs and the cost to enter the Parthenon and the other monuments on the Acropolis Hill. The urban walk tour includes the broader area of Athens. Among other sites, it includes: Zappion, Syntagma Square, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Roman Agora and on Acropolis Hill: the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and the Parthenon. The program of the tour may be adjusted, if there is a need beyond our control. This is a private event organized by ATINER exclusively for the conference participants.

16:00-17:30 Session 11
Coordinator: Mr Konstantinos Manolidis
(ATINER Administrator).
  1. Almudena Moreno, PhD Student, Public University of Navarre, Spain.
    Enrique Regidor, Professor, Public University of Navarre, Spain.
    Title: Trend in Avoidable Mortality According to the Area of Residence.
  2. Chinwe Egbunike-Umegbolu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Brighton, UK.
    Title: ADR and Workplace Conflict: a British-Nigerian Comparison.
  3. Victor Kogan, Professor Emeritus, Saint Martin’s University, USA.
    Title: Equality is Inequality Transformed by Justice.


Wednesday 3 May 2023
An Educational Visit to Selected Islands
Mycenae Visit

Thursday 4 May 2023
Visiting the Oracle of Delphi

Thursday 5 May 2023
Visiting the Ancient Corinth and Cape Sounio

Conference Venue: 9 Chalkokondili Street, 10677 Athens, Greece

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