Program PSY

16th Annual International Conference on Psychology
23-26 May 2022, Athens, Greece
Program (Athens Local Time)
(Note 1: the program is organized along time slots and not according to common theme)
(Note 2: at the end of each time slot questions and discussions will follow)

Monday 23 May 2022


Opening and Welcoming Remarks:

  • Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER
  • Thanos Patelis, Head, Psychology Unit of ATINER &, Director of Test Development and Assessment, Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth & Psychometrician, Achievement and Assessment Institute, University of Kansas, USA.


  1. Ralph Cash, Professor, Nova Southeastern University, USA
    Corin Osborn, PhD Student, Nova Southeastern University, USA.
    Alexis Tola, Psychology Student, Nova Southeastern University, USA.
    Taylor Rosenblat, Psychology Student, Nova Southeastern University, USA &
    Melody Schmaltz, Psychology Student, Nova Southeastern University, USA. Characteristics of Effective Interviewing: Exploratory Factory Analysis.
    Title: Characteristics of Effective Interviewing: Exploratory Factory Analysis.
  2. James Clark, Professor, University of Winnipeg, Canada.
    Title: How scientific are Applied Textbooks in Psychology?
  3. Michelle Newberry, Associate Professor, University of Southampton, UK.
    Title: Attitudes towards the Use of Illegal Wildlife in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  4. Andrew Johnson, Professor, Park University, USA.
    Title: Using Pixel Counts to Measure Confidence in Representations of Mental Maps.
  5. Simon Howard, Assistant Professor, University of Miami, USA.
    Title: Anti-Atheist Bias and Multiply Stigmatized Atheists.


  1. Ginny Zhan, Professor, Kennesaw State University, USA.
    Title: Explore Effective Strategies in Teaching Cross-Cultural Psychology Course.
  2. Ora Peleg, Head of School Counseling (MA) and Education (BA) Departments, The Academic College Emek Yezreel, Israel
    Title: The Relationship between Type 2 Diabetes, Differentiation of Self, And Emotional Distress: Jews and Arabs in Israel.
  3. Michael Galea, Senior Lecturer, University of Malta, Malta.
    Title: Covid-19, our Elderly and their Careers: The Way Forward.
  4. Eleonora Papaleontiou-Louca, Associate Professor, European University Cyprus, Cyprus.
    Constantina Demetriou, Lecturer, European University Cyprus, Cyprus.
    Title: Developing Flipped Classroom Teaching.



  1. Adi Mana, Senior Lecturer, Peres Academic Center, Israel.
    Title: What Coping Resources Enable People To Face The Covid-19 Crisis and Stay Well? International and Longitudinal Study.
  2. Paulina Michalska, Assistant Professor, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
    Title: Beliefs of Polish Drivers about Responsibility and Careful Driving In the Context of the Declared Values – Preliminary Research Results.
  3. Emrah Keser, Assistant Professor, TED University, Turkey.
    Title: Examining the Functions of Funeral Rituals in the Grief Process in the Sample of Turkish Bereaved Adults.
  4. Fabio D’Antoni, Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Family Therapy “Naven”, Italy.
    Title: Where You Look Affects How You Feel. A Pilot Study on the Efficacy of Brainspotting Psychotherapy.


  1. Malika Knissarina, Associate Professor, NJSC “West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University, Kazakhstan.
    Aliya Makasheva, Master of Public Health, Researcher, NJSC “West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University”, Kazakhstan.
    Aigerim Baikulova, Associate Professor, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan.
    Gulmira Zhumaliyeva, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer, NJSC “West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University”, Kazakhstan.

    Title: Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects of Projects on Social Responsibility of Students in E-Learning.
  2. Helen Liebling, Assistant Professor, Coventry University UK.
    Title: Social Justice Following Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and/or Torture amongst South Sudanese Refugees Living in Settlements in Northern Uganda.
  3. La Toya Patterson, Assistant Professor, Chicago State University, USA.
    Title: Code-Switching Among Black Counselors and the Psychological Implications.
  4. Grant Rich, Fellow, Walden University, USA.
    Title: Being in Flow vs. Going with the Flow: Unpacking a Motivational Concept.

Greek Night

Tuesday 24 May 2022


Time Slot 5a

Time Slot 5b

  1. Xiaosheng Chen, Post-Doctoral Student, China.
    Title: The Neural Precursor of Human Self-Initiated Action on Free -Operant Response Rates.
  2. Wenjie Wu, Lecturer, Lingnan Normal University, China.
    Title: Personality Trait Judgments across Realistic Conversations and Online Chatting.
  3. Catarina Senra, Master Student, University of Minho, Portugal.
    Title: Development of Visual Noise Mask for Human Point-Light Displays.
  4. Athena Mary Clayton, Lecturer, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Title: Exploring the Landscape of Cognitive Assessment of Children in South Africa.
  5. Efrat Hadar, Lecturer, The Academic College Emek Yezreel, Israel.
    Title: Parental and Familial Patterns of Mothers who experienced Ongoing Military Events during Childhood: A Mixed-Methods Study.
  6. Svenja Adamek, Section 2.1 ‘Fundamental questions, policy consultation and reporting on the world of work’, The Institute for Work Design of North Rhine-Westphalia (, Germany.
    Title: Advancing towards the New Normal: Implications for Healthy and Productive Telework from a Representative Employee Survey.
Old and New-An Educational Urban Walk
The urban walk ticket is not included as part of your registration fee. It includes transportation costs and the cost to enter the Parthenon and the other monuments on the Acropolis Hill. The urban walk tour includes the broader area of Athens. Among other sites, it includes: Zappion, Syntagma Square, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Roman Agora and on Acropolis Hill: the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and the Parthenon. The program of the tour may be adjusted, if there is a need beyond our control. This is a private event organized by ATINER exclusively for the conference participants. Some participants have videotaped the event. Click here for an example.


  1. Enrique Merino-Tejedor, Associate Professor, University of Valladolid, Spain.
    Title: The Assessment of Career Adaptability among College Students: Current Findings and Future Research.
  2. Parzheen Mohammad, Lecturer, Charmo University, Iraq.
    Title: Mental Health and Decisions of Women Seeking Protection from Intimate Partner Violence in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.
  3. Antonie Dvorakova, Senior Research Analyst, Czech National Grant Agency (GA Č R), Czech Republic. |
    Title: Native American, Roma Tradition Cultures Facilitate Individual Academic and Professional Success.
  4. Virginia Gonsalves-Domond, Professor, Ramapo College, USA.
    Title: Promoting Cross-Cultural Research in the Caribbean.


  1. Séverine Delaville, PhD Student, University of Tours, France.
    Title: Perceived Stress and Parent Empowerment in Families with a Child Protection Services’ Home-Based Intervention.
  2. Imen Mammar, PhD Student, University of Tours, France.
    Title: Does Screen Media Have an Impact on Students Reasoning Abilities?
  3. Nawal Ouhmad, PhD Student, Université de Tours France.
    Title: Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on Executive Functioning.
  4. Mia Athina Thomaidou, PhD Candidate, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
    Title: Mental Illness as a Sentencing Determinant: Comparative Analysis of New York and Kansas Case-Law Based on a Novel Machine Learning Methodology.
  5. Fatemeh Zekriyazdi, PhD Student, University of Tours, France.
    Title: Association between Attachment Styles, Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Emotion Related Impulsivity.


Greek Home-Made Dinner (includes the traditional Greek household hospitality and quality)

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Educational Islands Cruise
Mycenae Visit

Thursday 26 May 2022
Delphi Tour