Program ETH

5th Annual International Forum on Ethics
2-5 May 2022, Athens, Greece
Program (Athens Local Time)
(Notes: (1) each presentation includes at least 10 minutes for questions and discussions if available;
(2) some sessions are jointly organized with the sociology unit of ATINER)

Monday 2 May 2022


Opening and Welcoming Remarks:

  • Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER.
  • Michael P. Malloy, Director, Business, Economics and Law Division, ATINER & Distinguished Professor & Scholar, University of the Pacific, USA.
  • Domenico Maddaloni, Head, Sociology Unit, ATINER & Professor, University of Salerno, Italy.


  • Domenico Maddaloni, Head, Sociology Unit, ATINER & Professor, University of Salerno, Italy.
    Title: Escaping the Crisis, Seeking a Better Future, Living Global Lives: Italians in Athens, Madrid and Bogota. 
  • Aina Dobele, Professor, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Latvia.
    Title: Economic and Social Prerequisites for Craft Development in Latvia.
  • Natja Lavric, Lecturer, MLC Management and Law College, Slovenia.
    Tatjana Devjak, Full Professor, MLC Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    Title: Digitalization in Higher Education.  
  • Danijela Brečko, Assistant Professor, MLC Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    Title: The Influence of Fixed and Growth Mindset on Study Performance. 


  • Gerhard Speckbacher, Professor, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria.
    Title: Values, Performance or Both? How Values-focused Work Benefits from Results-based Management. 
  • Mostafa Aboelsoud, Associate Professor, The British University in Egypt, Egypt.
    Dimitrios Paparas, Associate Professor, Harper Adams University, UK.
    Ourania Tremma, Assistant Professor, Harper Adams University, UK.
    Title: Price Transmission: The Case of Chinese and World Agricultural Markets.
  • Rene Drumm, Professor, University of Southern Mississippi, USA.
    Title: We Were Just Stunned:” Christian Parent’s Reactions to Their Child’s Coming-Out.

Student poster section is organized in parallel by ATINER & MLC College in Ljubljana. (Program)


  • Carolina Facioni, Research Assistant, ISTAT-Italian National Institute of Statistics, Italy.
    Title: Why the World Needs Futures Studies: A Social and Methodological Challenge. 
  • Ali Shehab Ahmed, Assistant Professor, University College Iraq.
    Abbas Fadhil Mohammed, Professor, Alqalam University College, Iraq.
    Title: The Extent of Effectiveness of the Alternative Means in Settling Contracts Partnership Disputes on the Goals of Sustainable Development.

Claudiu Coman, Professor, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania.
Doina Drăguinea, PhD Candidate, University of Craiova, Romania.
Title: The Role of Online Media Channels in Portraying the Positive and Negative Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

Maria Cristina Bularca, Master Student, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania.
Radu Tudorica, PhD Student, University of Craiova, Romania.
Title: The Process of Communication and Promotion of European Universities on Social Networks during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Miguel Farinha Dos Santos Da Silva Graça, Senior Researcher, University Coimbra, Portugal.
Title: Lockdown Democracy or A New Era of Digital Citizenship? Online Civic And Engagement and Participatory Budgeting on Pandemic Times. 

Chinwe Egbunike-Umegbolu, Lecturer, University of Brighton, UK.
Title: The Functionality of the Election Tribunal in Nigeria concerning Election Petition. 

Marta Picchi, Associate Professor, University of Florence, Italy.
Title: The “one in, one out” Approach in the New Communication on the Better Regulation. 

Larisa Hrzic
, Assistant Professor, University of Split, Croatia.
Marija Loncar, Associate Professor, University of Split, Croatia.
Zorana Suljug Vucica, Associate Professor, University of Split, Croatia.
Title: Aspect of Housing of the Youth in Split (Croatia). 

Joseph Michalski, Professor, King’s University College at Western, Canada.
Title: An Integrated, Multi-Level Approach to Interpersonal Aggression and Violence. 

Greek Night

Tuesday 3 May 2022

08:00-11:00 Urban Walk

Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
, Fellow, Deakin University, Australia.
Title: Mobs and Wogs: Stories of Strength, Survival, and Suitcases. 


  • Wim Vandekerckhove, Professor, University of Greenwich, UK.
    Title: Rethinking Moral Ontology for Business Ethics.
  • Marc Roux, Chair, Association Française Transhumaniste – Technoprog, France.
    Title: Transhumanism in Greece?
  • Virginia Jureniene, Professor, Vilnius University, Lithuania.
    Title: Peculiarities of Social Development: Aspect of Gender Equality. 
  • Daile Lynn Rung, Research Fellow, Charles Darwin University, Australia.
    Title: Exploring the intersections of temporary migration, COVID-19 support policies, and migrant men’s wellbeing in Australia.  
  • Ingrida Veiksa, Head, Turiba University, Latvia.
    Title: Use of Copyrighted Content in Businel. 

14:00-15:00 Lunch


  • Andra Zvirbule, Professor, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Latvia.
    Title: Interaction between Staff Motivation and Loyalty at Consulting Companies. 
  • Gyula László Florian, Assistant Professor, Partium Christian University, Romania.
    Title: Priorities and Strategic-Tactical Perspectives of the Romanian Management in the European Context Strongly Marked By the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Derya Guvenir, Research Assistant, İzmir University of Economy, Turkey.
    Title: Minority Shareholder’s Right to Request the Postponement of General Meetings of Joint Stock Companies in Turkish Law.

Sabrina Moretti, Associate Professor, University of Urbino, Italy.
Title: Patient Engagement in the R&D Process of Biotech Firms. 

Luca Serafini, Adjunct Professor, Lumsa University of Rome, Italy.
Title: Redefining the Concept of ‘Parajournalism’ in the Age of Social Media.  

Elena-Otilia Țiroiu, PhD Student University of Craiova, Romania.
Title: School Climate Improvement Programs.  

Almudena Moreno, PhD Student, Public University of Navarra, Spain.
Title: Trend in Mortality from Diabetes in Rural and Urban Areas in Spain. 

Denis Bernardeau-Moreau, Professor, University of Lille, France.
Title: The Professionalization of Associations in France. 


Wednesday 4 May 2022
Educational Islands Cruise
Mycenae Visit

Thursday 5 May 2022
Delphi Tour